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  • lorraine70550 2


    I have been taking Sertraline for at least 5 years and many other antidepressants before these. i started off on 50mg and in no time at all was taking 200mg. My doctor thinks I have been taken them for too long and they have got used to me so decided I should reduce the dose over 4 weeks and then decide...

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  • julie89512 3

    Sertraline feeling fed up

    iv been on sertraline since 2nd Feb, it took me a good 8 weeks to get over the side effects my mood lifted and my anxiety level went down to, then I picked up my second lot, different manufacturer and I was back to square one again all the side effects for a few weeks, settles down again and iv felt...

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  • Guest M

    My experience of coming off sertraline

    I have found this site very helpful during the period that I was taking sertraline and felt I should share my experiences of coming off the drug, in the hope that they may be of help to others. I was diagnosed with depression last year and have been on 200mg of sertraline for approx 10 months. I also...

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  • lori49107 2
  • John03546 2

    Partner's "strange thoughts" about me with Sertraline

    I am wondering if anyone can offer any advice or reassurance.  My girlfriend began taking 50mg Sertraline about 1 week ago - mainly to help with anxiety. I have seen a marked change in her confidence and mood already so thought everything was going well. About 3 or 4 days into treatment she began mentioning...

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  • jimmywriddle 1

    Just changing from mirtazapine to sertraline

    Iv had straight swap from mirtazapine to seryraline today after 10 weeks . Although mirtazapine helped me sleep I can't cope with the weight gain and complete lack of motivation . I'm hoping the new tablet will help . Mirtazapine has not really helped with my depression at all and wondered if anybody...

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  • gemma78738 2

    Increased to 100mg

    I've been increased from 50mg a day to 100mg a day due to increased anxiety due to returning to work after a three month sickness absence. I work in a very stressful office and my anxiety horrible how long will it take to make me feel a bit better?

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  • bill50871 1
  • futanical 2

    Sertraline making me feel EXTREMELY anxious and jittery!

    I've read where this is a common side effect but how long does it last and is it anything I should be concerned about?  I feel like I just drank a whole pot of coffee!  I'm a very anxious person as it is so this side effect isn't exactly welcomed.  Any words of hope or wisdom out there?   I've been...

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  • Benjam1n 2

    SSRI withdrawal

    4 months off Serlife (Sertraline) and I have symptoms not present prior to my using SSRI's. Is my brain chemistry damaged? And has anyone read Scientific American article on SSRI efficacy being little better than a placebo?

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  • Brandon Lee 1

    Started Zoloft for about 2 weeks and quit feel horrible....

    Hello everyone my names Brandon and I'm 21 with two little boys and amazing wife. My story starts here about 4months ago I was taking hydrocodone everyday for about 2 months I ran out and ordered tramadol from India online. Took that for 2 months until I ran out and ended up in the ER cause my wife told...

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  • Jmk49a87 2
  • OM537732 1

    Sertraline Side Effects?

    Hi all,  I've been on antidepressants for over a year now, I was on citalopram for the first 4 or 5 months until they became non-effective in every sense.  I've found sertraline to be far far better at managing my depression, even though I had to up the dose a few months ago - currently on 150 mg per...

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  • Kayleigh0910 3

    Sertraline at 4 months

    Been on sertraline since Feb I'm now on 150mg and 40mg propanol had a brill few weeks but yesterday and today my anxiety has come back I'm dreading xmas and the cold months ahead and when Feb comes around as that's when this started, anyone else been on this long then felt there anxiety coming bk?...

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  • sandra59233 1

    Sertraline withdrawal

    Hi I'm new to this site just today. I've been taking a low dose of sertraline for nearly 2 years and feel I want to try and come off it now. I only take 20mg a day and would value any advice. Thank you

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  • Guest M

    not sure if to take sertraline PLEASE ADVISE!!

    Hello. i really need some advise....PLEASE! my doc has prescribed me with sertraline to beat \"the baby blues\". i suffer with anxiety quite badly and find it hard to maintain my emotions. after reading Alot of what has been said i just dont know if i should take them or not...feeling quite...

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  • Moonlight 1

    my withdrawall symptoms coming off sertraline

    I was diagnosed with bipolar in 1997. For the past 13 yrs I have been prescribed anti-depressants, including sertraline during past 5 yrs. I felt so sedated, slept most of the time, suicidal thoughts, no motivation.....My psychiatrist decided to change me to another SSRI anti-dep. I began weaning myself...

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  • jade000 2

    Upping to 150mg?

    Hi, I posted yesterday about not feeling as good as I did in the first few weeks on Sertraline 100mg... feeling a bit miserable again and a bit more sick than usual and I have been before. Ive been on this strength for 4 weeks. Does anyone think I would be better trying the 150mg? Worth asking my...

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  • meka28328 1


    I've been on Zoloft for 9 days. I have no appetite which is a problem because I am already thin. Can anyone give​ any advice to this. If anything I need to gain weight..not lost it...I don't know what to do...and I'm exhausted all the time. Helpppppp

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  • carol28579 2
  • Guest M

    sertraline & sexual dysfunction

    Hi everyone im a 31 year old male , so far been on sertraline for nearly 3 weeks , i was on mirtazapine for a while but all they did was make me eat and give me nightmares and before that i was on prozac which helped but messed my sex-life up , my question to anyone who reads this is has any other people...

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  • chris23342 3

    Coming up to 6 weeks on Sertraline

    Hello, its my firs ttime posting on here after reading many messages on the forum already.  I started Sertraline around 5 !/2 weeks ago.  I started with the horrible side effects of insomnia, heightened anxiety etc...both have subsided but am not yet feeling any real benefit.  My sleep and appetite have...

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  • hector83741 1
  • jamieajones 2

    Sertraline 100mg

    Hi I've been taking sertraline 50mg for 6wks and the first 2wks were horendous side affects. I was prescribed sertraline to help me deal with panic attacks and anxiety after I had a TIA mini stroke. I've now upped my dose to 100mg and feeling much better ,my only advice is try and stick with it early...

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  • lara54717 2

    Losing hope

    I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I want something to give me a quick fix but I know that's not possible. I was taking citalopram for a little over 4 months. Was on it before and it really helped so went back on it when my anxiety crept back again. This Time however it was horrific. Made me so much...

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  • The Globus Kid 3

    A month on Sertraline - My experience

    Hello, I am a 6 Year sufferer of Chronic Anxiety since my father was diagnosed with cancer then watching his 3 year decline to his passing then trying to manage the grief. I have kept a diary from day 1 of starting 50mg Sertraline for chronic anxiety and depression. Symptoms below will have been worsened...

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  • New-to-zoloft 2

    Insomnia and other symptoms?

    Hi,   I just started Zoloft yesterday, for OCD and anxiety.   I took it at 5:30 PM and felt fine but woke up at 1 AM and couldn’t  sleep for hours.   Should I skip today’s dose and then start taking it in the morning tomorrow? Or should I take it in the morning today (it’s about 7:30 AM here),...

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  • teresa65434 2

    Zoloft and dry 👄 mouth

    I've been on Zoloft for three weeks. 50mg a day. I've had extreme dry mouth. Headaches and fatigue in the afternoon. Anyone else had this. I've asked to be taken off.

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  • julie89512 3

    Itching is it the sertraline

    hi.  Iv been on 25mg of sertraline for 4 months. I'm managing on this dose at the moment, take it for health anxiety. but I don't know if it's the sertraline but my arm pits are driving me crazy because the itch so much, Iv tried different shower gels, deodorants but it's still itching. Anyone else have...

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  • mary norma68619 2

    Do I go back up?

    I was on Sertraline 100mg for six wks after being on 25mg I did it too quick I know now but just didn't feel right my brain seemed like 'mush' so last wk I dropped down to 50mg I was ik for 5 days but now all of a sudden I'm drifting in and out of sleep all day breaking out into a cold sweat when I wake...

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  • PaulMar 3

    Having a bad day and need some words of encouragement

    I'm having a bad day and I don't know if it the Zoloft, withdrawal from lorazapam or just a bad GAD day. I had a pretty good weekend but yesterday was awful and last night I didn't sleep well. Today is another bad day. Heavy breathing, scared, and tightness in my chest. I've been on 150mg Zoloft for...

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  • lumi 1
  • ls8069 1

    Dosage change

    Hi My partner is currently going through depression. It's all new to him and 4 weeks ago was prescribed 20mg of Prozac/fluoxetine after two weeks he spoke to the doctor who changed the medication to 50mg of sertraline. Today he saw the doctor who has now upped the medication to 100mg. I was just wondering...

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  • thomas96833 4

    Sertraline getting worse?

    Hello, So I am currently on day 5 of 25mg of Sertraline and I am struggling. Not entirely convinced these are for me. I haven't slept properly all week, when I do, it's very light and not refreshing. My sleep pattern is messed up as well, it's 5am and I am wide awake now. I am exhausted, everything...

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  • susannah 53292 2

    Been on 50mg sertraline for 4 weeks

    Hi there, ​I need some advice about 50mg sertraline tablets for my anxiety. I've been on 50mg sertraline for 4 weeks now. They improved my sleeping patterns and sleeping better now, but I still have issues with my dizziness/anxiety. My anxiety still worse in the mornings, but by afternoon comes i feel...

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