Anyone doing well on sertraline 75mg’s for anxiety and stayed at that dose?

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After experiencing most side effects known to this drug, I’m finally doing fairly well on 75mg’s.  

Started with 25 x 10 days, 50 x 5 weeks and now at 75mg for 10 days.

GP’s plan was to go to 100mg expecting that to be the maintenance dose but I think i’ll stay at 75.

Is it too early to know?

Thoughts, experiences ?


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    Hi Tammy..well done firstly to sticking with it.what side effects did you have please x
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      Hi Laura,

      It was this forum that convinced me to hang in there as it gets worse before it gets better.

      I had nausea, extreme physical anxiety  that felt like an elephant was on my chest with adrenalin surges like being shoved off a cliff (day and night),  terrible insomnia, headaches, and drop in mood with dark thoughts (never have I experienced low mood this extreme in my life).  

      Incredible really that I am now sleeping better (also take amitriptyline 10mg), and anxiety is almost nil.  

      I also have taken up yoga, mindfulness with meditation and try to walk daily.  Started a gratitude journal too- it takes minutes to jot down 3 things you’re grateful for each day.

      That’s my recipe so far!  Xx 

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      Thanku so much Tammy that is so good to hear and I’m  pleased you have improved..I just thought after 8 weeks I’d be improving and this diareah is worrying me because  it has only just started.just getting to the point wwhere I wake up and think I can’t deal with another day if this weird scared feeling all the time x
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      Hi Laura,

      I did have loose bm’s  at first and then again when I had a few drinks.

      Are you having abdominal pain?  Is the diarrhea all the time?  Are you sure it’s the drug?  If it is the drug it should settle down but if it continues for weeks then I suspect it’s not the right drug and you should revisit your Doctor.

      I have a sensitive gut too- most meds bother my stomach and in fact that’s why my GP chose sertraline so we could adjust it slowly.  

      How’s your diet?  Since my appetite wasn’t great I started having smoothies- easy to drink nutrients. 

      I load it with spinach, frozen fruit protein powder etc.

      Since you’re feeling fearful it’s certainly not helping yet but hang in there it takes several weeks and it does work!!

      I hope you’re checking in with your Doctor regularly xx smile

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      This post has given me so much hope! I increased to 100mg on Wednesday.... Ohh my gosh. Thursday, Friday, Saturday I had never felt sooo nauseas.... plus a massive headache. Friday I had never felt sooo low and depressed in my life. I just laid in bed and cried. It was awful! Yesterday (Sunday) the nausea let up and so did headache for most of day..... Today I’ve noticed I’m just more anxious! Praying these side effects subside soon! So ready to feel better! Thank you so much for the hope! 

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      Hi Abby,

      I’m glad you feel supported and have hope- this forum is like a virtual support group smile

      How long in total have you been on sertraline?  It can take months for many to stabilize.  

      Keep on hanging in there!  Xx Tammy

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      Hi Tammy..yes saw doc today she wants to send my stools off to check out..I’ve had bloods done whilst stools being loose and they are all pain atall just gurgling now and’s as soon as I wake and sometimes after Ive eaten..vicious circle cos all the time I’m worrying it’s probobly upsetting my stomach more..I felt fine couple of weeks ago good days were showing and since loose stools I’m now feeling crap keep thinking what if what if lolol’s so silly but I can’t help it..I was ready to up my dose as 1 doc said 50mg is quite low dose as most people on 100mg but now I’m thinking after all these tests I should maybe consider changing them xx 
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      It’s been about 3 months.... but I waited a very long time to increase because I was so afraid of side effects. If definitely gotten better, but I still have trouble with everyday things. And constantly feel on edge. I just can’t wait to feel normal again!
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      There’s a lot of room to adjust this Med, some need 150 or even 200mg’s especially if there’s combined anxiety and Depressed mood.  So hang in there!  What dose were you at before increasing to 100mg’s.  If it was 50mg then I suspect you’ll continue to improve.  

      For me the treatment is for anxiety not depression.  

      Xx Tammy 

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      I was on 50 then 75! 75 for like 11 weeks because I was so scared to go up..... I ended up going up to 87.5 with minimal side effects for maybe a week in a half then added the addition 12.5mg to hit 100 on Wednesday. I think from only being on the 87.5 for a week and a half then adding the additional increase may be why I’m feeling these yucky side effects. I’m sooo sensitive to medication. 

      I am also on it for anxiety. It was awful to begin with. So I know there’s been improvement. Just not enough!

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      It’s definitely the increased dose then and I’m sure your body will readjust.

      Feel better soon xx

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      Laura, I take a good probiotic daily,  just a thought if you don’t already.  I did that even before the sertraline.  Experts call the gut the 2nd brain, so if our brains are wired with excess anxiety guess where it goes next?  

      Mindfulness, yoga, excercise, good nutrition including a probiotic if you don’t already may be things to consider.


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      Thanku for the advice soon as I get results Im sure my mind will ease abit ..I went through this 4 years ago without medication and I did yoga too it helped me a was a health anxiety and I know logically this is what this is now becoming again..I’m on a waiting list for yoga and i attended one last week as someone dropped out and I really enjoyed it..thanku for your support it really does help xx
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    If 75mg works well for you now, then stick with it?

    If your anxiety creeps back, you then have 100mg as an option

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      I may have jumped the gun- today is day 10 post increasing to 75mg.  Today more anxiety and fatigue despite a decent night sleep.

      How long should I wait before increasing to 100mg?

      I’m now at total duration of 7 weeks.


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