’m very worried? Left sided gallbladder pain

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Hi I’m 31 years old. I started having a pain in my right side beneath my ribs about a year ago. I used to drink a few beers every day after work so I thought the pain was my liver and booked to have a private fibroscan  done and it came bk 6.1. A perfect score. So I can rule the liver out. I had i ultra sound about a year ago it showed I had a polyp on my gallbladder but have have been to busy with work to really do any thing about it.

 Three days ago I went out for a Christmas meal we had an Indian had lots of beer and i woke up the next  morning with this pain. It feels like trapped wind in the Center of my chest Across to the left side going towards my left nipple as well as beneath my right ribs. I’d say. It’s more chest pain than abdominal but not unbearable just a dull ache. This is scaring me as I thought gallbladder pain was only on the right side!  is left sided gall bladder pain possible? I’ve Had this pain constantly for  3 days. I normally only get this pain in the right side Beneath my ribs after I drink beer or eat loads 

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    Just to add I’m not over weight adverse build 
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    my pain was across my ribs on both sides and then in my back ... 

    Try not to worry if you only get this with eating or drinking .. as that means you can manage it and avoid surgery ..

    when you have it constantly for months no matter how much you alter your diet is when to worry ..

    to calm your gallbladder down you need to consume foods that don’t require extra bile .. fat requires extra bile 

    red meat too 

    Cheeses, butters, rich foods all require extra bile to digest ..

    then some drinks and foods cause the gallbladder to contract .. caffeine does , as does chocolate ., and spicy food .. 

    if you avoid these totally for a few days the pain if it is gallbladder should settle down

    basically your gallbladder stores and concentrates bile from the liver when you stomach requires extra bile the gallbladder contracts sqeezes extra bile out if you have stones they  rub together and inflame the lining hence the aching pain.. you have a polyp I am not sure if this would cause inflammation .. you need to ask a specialist .. but whatever inflames the gallbladder lining diet can give it time to heal ..

    if you have stones they can get stuck in the bile duct when sqeezing occurs this is agony absolute agony and vomiting and sickness and misery ..thankfully you haven’t got those symptoms and the scan would of shown stones ..

    hope this helps .

    i had mine removed 3 years ago .. after years of agonising attacks .. undiagnosed..since removal pain free .. the diet always helped mine to settle down .. 

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      Thank you sally for the reply it’s a relief to here you had it on both sides and great to hear you are now pain free.  I also agree with you I should see a specialist thanks 
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    Pain in left side can actually be caused by pancreatitis from gallstone blocking the pancreatic duct. Drinking too much alcohol can cause this as well. Suggest you go see your doctor about this to rule some things out! You probably need another ultrasound as well. Try to limit the amount of fat you’re eating and eat as low fat as possible. Also eating little and often is better than eating too much at the one time. Would definitely go see your doctor as your symptoms have changed xx
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    Hi Danny,

    It sounds like a gallbladder attack.  One doesn't have to be overweight to experience a gallbladder attack. I did not have major pain either until I needed to go into the hospital for emergency surgery.  I strongly suggest you get this checked out.  A cat scan and an ultra sound will help determine if you are having problems with the gallbladder.  Don't wait on this one like I did.  By the time they got to me, I had sepsis, a gangrenous necrotic gallbladder. Had I waited another day, I would not be here to tell you this.

    Some of the symptoms of a bad gallbladder is a fever, dull ache in the upper right abdomen radiating around to the back.  If you lay on your left side, it can feel like it's on the left.  Like I said, do not wait.  Better to put your mind at ease.  If it has to be removed, keyhole surgery is much easier than before.  The recovery is about five weeks.  

    In the meantime, lay off of high fat foods, alcohol, and high acid foods which can all aggravate a gallbladder.  Call your doctor and get in to be checked. exclaim

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      Hi Margret thanks for the reply. I do some times feel a bit dizzy I definitely get right sided dull ache nut it often moves to the Center and often to the left  I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow I will let you know how I get on thanks again 
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    I'm glad you're going to the doctor to get it checked out.  You're doing the right thing! biggrin

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