+My Prostrate Weighs 72 Gms ; PVR is 52 cc ; Need Advice pls

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I have been perusing the posts on this Forum since Last Two Years-- Very Useful ;

thankful to everyone who have shared their Knowledge and Experience here ;

Met My Urologist Yesterday with my Latest Uroflometry and Ultrasound Reports for BPH, ,, My Prostrate Weighs : 72 Gms ---- PVR is 52 cc ; while ( prevoid bladder Volume was 292 cc ) Max flow Rate is 8 ml / sec and Average Flow rate is 3 ml/ sec . ( PSA Results-- 1.27 ng/ mL ) ; Yesterday The Urologist has prescribed URIMAX-D tablets ( contains -- each tablet contains -- Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 0.4mg and Dutastearide 0.5 mg ) -- One tablet per day ; in addition to ALFUSOZIN -- 10 mg which I am taking since Last TWO Years ; ( one per day)

Prostrate Weight / Size has not grown since Last Two years ; ( fortunately ) --- However my max Flow Rate has REDUCED from 12 ml/ sec ( 2017) to 8 ml / sec ( 2019) ; and Average Flow rate has Reduced from 4.5 ml / sec ( 2017 ) to 3 ml / sec ( 2019) ; -- I get up Twice in the Night for Pee ; and several Visits during the Day ;

I have undergone surgery repair for Umblical hernia in 2013 ;

I am NOT Considering Surgery for BPH ; ( I am not based in USA or UK) ;


KIndly ADVISE / Offer Your Valuable Views -- Shall be Grateful ;;

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    Some men get relief from these drugs, but most don't. Side effects are more common than symptom improvement. You're all but guaranteed dry ejaculations and there is about a 20% chance of reduced sex drive - which is usually but not always reversable.

    Rezum/Urolift /PAE/FLA are your best options for BPH if your symptoms become unmanageable.

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    Taking dutasteride will reduce the size of your prostate from anywhere between 20 to 30% nominally (the larger the initial size of the prostate then, generally, the more % reduction). So with any luck you might get down to around 50 grams or so after 6 months to a year.

    I just passed the 8 month mark on dutasteride and have seen improvement in my symptoms. I'm also taking alfuzosin. But I am seeing loss of sexual desire although not the dry ejaculation that old buzzard mentions. My prostate was 100 grams as measured by TRUS prior to starting dutasteride. I'm getting a 3T prostate MRI in about 10 days so we'll see where it is now. I did have a transabdominal ultrasound (TAUS) prior to starting dutasteride and a couple of months ago with a result of 145 and 70 grams, respectively. Although TAUS is not as accurate as TRUS or prostate MRI, there is a significant difference. If you're wondering why TAUS, it's because it is quick and easy with nothing stuck up the rectum. However, I am expecting a prostate volume as determined by 3T MRI of around 70 grams, because that is a 30% reduction from the 100 gram TRUS measurement.

    What technique was used to measure the size of your prostate?

    In terms of deciding whether or not you might want to undergo a procedure, if it were me, I would consider the quality of surgery available and the experience of the urologists who will implement any procedure that you choose (you mentioned that you were neither in the UK nor USA so maybe it is a consideration).

    Good luck.

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      If he is in India there are some big hospitals that specialise in prostate surgery. On the old BPH NG quite a few posters travelled there with good results.

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      oldbuzzard: I disagree with your statement that dutasteride reduces the prostate size in a minority of people. Studies show otherwise. However, I would agree that reducing the size of the prostate by 20 to 30% won't necessarily improve symptoms that much in a number of people.

      But more and more, I think some of it is because the bladder has lost some of its function in those of us suffering from BPH. The BPH often goes on for years before we do anything about it. The bladder has been under stress for a long time. I think Jim James is a prime example. After taking stress off of his bladder by self cathing, he is now able to void (and IIRC he only self caths occassionally). However, it seems like it can take years before one notices the improvement in the bladder.

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      It's a nasty drug:

      and with so many more benign options, I would avoid it. The chances of getting significant relief without nasty side effects are too low to be worth it.

      Bladder issues often accompany BPH. I had both and while Rezum helped me a lot, I never got that pee like a teenager result some men do because years of BPH damaged my bladder. But over time, my bladder improved some too.

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      Dear rdemyan

      Thank you for sharing your Knowledge and Experiences ;

      Very Useful ; --- To Reply to your Query ; My Prostrate Size of 72 Gms was reported through an Ultrasound , conducted by a qualified doctor ; I am based in New Delhi ,, India ; After perusing your responses I am inclined to seek more CLARITY on the following :

      a) Consequent to consuming Dutastearide ( 0.4 mg)-- for reasonable period of time / say --upto 6 to 10 months , the Prostrate SIZE may REDUCE by 20 % ; So in case the SIZE OF PROSTRATE reduces then Logically there should be some improvement / relief in the symptoms / like : Reduction in frequency of Trips to the Bathroom , Reduction in the number of Night time Visits ,etc

      Second Query : Have you observed/ experiencecd any Side effects pls ;

      in the last six-- eight months ;

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      I've been on dutasteride and alfuzosin now for about 8.5 months. All in all, urination difficulties are less than they were prior to starting this combination. However, recently, I've been getting up 3 times per night instead of 2. It's odd because I urinate prior to bedtime and then am waking up about an hour later to urinate again. After that I usually sleep about 2.5 to 3.5 hours before waking up.

      I did stop taking dutasteride and alfuzosin for about a week recently, and noticed a difference in urine output per trip (about 20 mL less during the daytime than previously, but still better than last year). That's probably due to not taking the alfuzosin.

      With regards to sexual side effects, they seemed to have increased somewhat. Libido is lower and if I am ready to go, it better be quick because it is harder to maintain an erection. I do not have dry ejaculations.

      Pelvic floor discomfort only occurs now very rarely, so that is very nice. However, I am still having some blood in ejaculate most of the time. Also, my PSA is only slowly going down and I believe that it is because the prostate is irritated/inflamed (as evidenced by the blood in the ejaculate).

      I'm having a 3T MRI in about a week and that will provide me with more information such as a good estimate of the volume of my prostate, whether or not I have a median lobe problem and, of course, information about possible prostate cancer.

      As I said in my original post, I am looking to get off of the pills because I am now or will be very soon in the maintenance phase. I'm still doing some research, but I think there may be a promising idea or two.

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      Thank you ! I I shall certainly peruse Your detailed Comments / experience in the Post --through the above Link and revert ;

      Good Luck for the 3T MRI next week ; Rgds

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