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  • emil54651 2

    Focal Laser Ablation for BPH treatment

    After reviewing the different procedures I am inclining for the FLA to treat my problem with BPH. Do any men have experiences to share, as for the surgery itself and the recovery thereafter? Thanks to all!

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  • iqbal 45667 3

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    At my age one normally visits bathroom 3-4 times. Though I stop all liquids before 6 PM still night visits to bath room are there. At one web site I read that one should control it as long as possible so that bladder gets used to longer intervals. I apprehend that it may do more harm than good if

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  • jimjames 6

    Self Catherization: Issues and Problems

    Self catherization (CIC) is a proven and tested method of emptying your bladder completely. And while most people find it an easy and painless procedure, understandably some have problems, especially in the beginning. This thread then deals with problems and issues people may encounter with CIC.

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  • mark23925 3

    Prostate Enlargement BPH

    What I do not understand is why the medical doctors do not really understand why the prostate reacts to something in the body whether it is testosterone or DHT and just grows out of control after a certain age. What is the cascade; what starts it all off? Any in the know? It happens to guys who are thin,...

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  • charles40613 3

    The Urolift procedure; patient views and questions

    Would it be possible to keep this thread purely about Urolift and a means of sharing experiences from those who have undergone the process and invite debate from those considering it. The Urolift process plus pros and cons are accurately described at many a website. Other very long threads discuss

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  • ChuckP 4
  • david 94301 2

    is there any hope for postatisus

    had this postatisus new 11 week been back doctor told to stop antibiotic and take paraceltemol for next ten day as there no infection and there no cure it a wait a see if it go away or if it go what the point of carry on fed up of beening in pain with my bottom

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  • j12080 4

    Going with Focal Laser Ablation for BPH

    Ok, I have decided, I am going in the next 21 days for FLA. I have picked dr. k if the schedule of my wife's treatments can allow it along with his schedule. He is busy with some complicated PCa cases as well as talking about a partially self funded clinical trail scenario for BPH patients.  If I

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  • pty10 2

    Turp experience and questions

    Hi there, JUst wanted to share my experience with my turp surgery. I'm 45yrs old, too young some say for me to having prostate issues but I put it down to my father side of the family (my father and uncles all currently suffer from enlarge prostates)  For the last couple of years been suffering

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  • kenneth1955 6

    Stubborn Men or Pushy Doctors

    Good Morning all.  I am pist off today and I just have to write this because I hope no other men go through this. It is a mans right to have any procedure he picks if he is well informed.  Well I have a friend that he daughters boyfriend is having surgery on Tuesday.  I ask her what kind is he

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  • gmoney 3

    PVP Greenlight 12/6/16 My experience!

    Over the next few weeks, I intend to chronicle here my experience following my PVP surgery.  I will attempt to as brief as possible.  I have heard so many horrible stories and warnings from so many men, that I thought I would relay my experience as it happens for those of you who might be planning

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  • marty90153 1

    Easy Way to Stop BPH Urine Dribbling

     After years of dealing with shaking urine all over the bathroom and dribbling urine staining my underwear, I finally discovered a simple way to avoid the whole problem. After urinating, I stand over the toilet and run my finger along my perineum from just above the anus to the base of the scrotum.

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  • daniel1960 2

    GreenLight Vs Urolift

    Hi I live in Toronto, Canada. I have been suffering with BPH for the past five years. I am 54 years old with no children and don't expect to have children. I am faced with two options. Take the greenlight surgery which is completely free and is paid by the government health insurance. The other

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  • jimjames 6
  • alan1951 3

    Does the need for BPH meds decreasae after a Urolift?

    Guys, I'm sure my questioin, "Does the need for BPH meds decreasae after a Urolift?" has already been answered somewhere on this site.  It's just that I don't know how to search on it. I've heard it said that the Urolift procedure has the potential to decrease the need for BPH meds.  However, I'd

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  • Neil3149 5

    "Gat-Goren" - like procedure to cure BPH? My diary

    On May 2nd I will be undergoing a bilateral embolization (or sclerotization) of my internal spermatic veins ( gonadal veins ) in an attempt to cure my BPH disease. So I just wanted to start a record here of my experience. Here is some background. Drs. Gat and Goren are interventional radiologists

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  • ChuckP 4


    I had a nice conversation today with the President of the "Urology Times". He was telling me that there is a "New Procedure" that has been approved called the "REZUM SYSTEM".  The company that makes the system is called "NXThera, Inc".  You can google them up and lots of stuff comes up.  I called

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  • jeffcraft1 1


    hello my name is jeff and i am 26 years old. for the last month ive had pain after pooping in my lower abdomen then i started having that pain after urinating. it also hurts in my testicles after pooping and on occasion urinating. it comes and goes sometimes it can be a few days between episodes it

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  • richp21 4

    PAE with Dr. Bagla on 03.27.17

    Well it's finally happening, after much research and great help from the men on this forum, I'm heading to VA for PAE with Dr. Bagla. I will try to keep a journal here for everyone. I am almost 70, and have been dealing with LUTS almost certainly caused by BPH. My prostate when measured by 3T MRI

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  • yoshiro67881 2

    Urinating during the morning is different from the rest of day

    I have been having difficulty urinating after breakfast into the early morning period.  My urine flow is blocked after breakfast, maybe up to noon. It just dribbles. I talked to urologist and he just said drink a lot of water. After the flow starts its good until the morning. Anyone have similar experiences. 

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  • david 94301 2


    got prostatisus had blood test and pee sampie they all clear but today done a seamon test what do they look for in seamon test is it they still looking for infection

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  • david 94301 2

    help please

    had prostatisus for 9 week been on antibiotic 8 week no pain in front willy or ball and pain in bottom nearly gone but if i sit on hard stool make my bum hurt was told my postate was normal size now just a bit tender and just take pain killer now any help any won

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  • sam56947 2

    Prostate issues

    Hai i m worried about my semen colour i found it little different but i m not feeling pain in the tip of penis and sometimes groin area(if i m sitting for a long time) want to post my semen color but don't know how to do it here

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  • thart 2

    Prostatitis or What?

    18 days ago I masturbated and then worked  out afterward and rubbed the urethra hole on my penis pretty raw.  There was blood in my underwear and the tip was very sore.  A small scab developed in the area and it looked like it was beginning to heal.  3 days later I had sex with my wife and again

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  • jj1003 2

    Very high PSA

    My fiance, almost 70, has had excellent health his entire hospitalized, no never ill. He has been athletic and is still strong and energetic. He has had restricted urine flow for past year, but no pain. His gp ordered Psa and when it was still 137, referred him to

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  • charlton92597 2
  • dan15739 2

    Urinary burning

    As im finishing urinating,ill feel a sharp burning pain coming on,and it will spread from my pelvis into my penis ,and my penis will burn or throb really bad for a few minutes,then it completely goes away.

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  • krisjb 3

    Enlarged prostate

    Hi all I just needed some peace of mind. Around 18 months ago I had the frequent need urinate this cleared up on its own after a few days. In the last 6 weeks it has been happening a lot and have been to doctor and they have said I have enlarged prostate. I have been made an appointment with

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  • ally58693 2

    4 months since surgery still in agony

    HI friends really need some help here,had my surgery in January I've had nothing but problems.I need to pee every 40 mins to an hour when I do it burns not just the tip of my Penis but all of it, the pain travels between my legs to my does not stop and can last for hours it only seems to

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  • emil54651 2

    Turp or laser....MRI vs biopsy

    I am 64, very active, ran the Phoenix marathon on February 25, 2017 and had a acute urinary retention thereafter. Eventually due to my protein and green powder mix before the race. Possibly irritated the prostate more than it could take. Followed the visit at the urologist, tests, PSA in the 7 range,...

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  • bill58162 2

    urolift procedure didn't work

    HI, I am healthy non smoking 65 year old, very active physically and overall healthy. I had the urolift procedure done May 23 2015 at which time the surgeon installed 5 clips. Prior to surgery I was on 8 mg of flomax which made it possible for me to urinate.I did wear a catheter bag for awhile

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  • jwrhn1951 3

    WTF is wrong with this site

    I find there is a wealth of valuabe  information here but I can't get on if pop up blockers are in place I understand that they apparently they need the hits ... But what I don't understand is that with the long  threads its simply impossible to follow the conversation. Is it that difficult to have

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  • jjjj57989 4

    My PAE Experience Today

    The first time I posted this it disappeared.  I can't find out how to contact the moderator so I cant ask what happened. I think the forum members will be interested in what happened to me. Today I arrived at Dr. Baglas office at 7:30 and did the little remaining paperwork.   Dr.

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  • Balroae 1

    Prostatitis or something else?

    I've been having some symptoms for years now that have a big affect on my quality of life and hold me back quite a lot, and I'm starting to think I might have prostatitis. The main symptom that annoys me is a feeling of fullness or tension in my rectum. In the past, it got so bad I could not

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  • john85114 2

    Penis tip pain may be due to prostatitis

    Ok everyone l will try to be as detailed as possible. Im 22. I've been having a weird pain at the tip of my penis that weirdly seems to vary weather on stress level or when I think about it. Flares up after bowel movements ? Defiantly hurts more after urination slightly. I've been to my primary

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