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  • anonfornow 2

    At my wit's end

    Hi All This is my first post here. I used to post to a BPH forum on Usenet occasionally but it had pretty low traffic so not much useful info/input. But this place is crawling with guys just like me. lol I'm going to try to reduce my 10-years-plus story of woe as much as possible to bring you up...

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  • jimjames 6

    Self Catherization: Issues and Problems

    Self catherization (CIC) is a proven and tested method of emptying your bladder completely. And while most people find it an easy and painless procedure, understandably some have problems, especially in the beginning. This thread then deals with problems and issues people may encounter with CIC. For...

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  • MichaelVM7 3

    Prostate milking and Kegel exercises

    Has anyone experienced or researched the benefits of (1) prostate milking nad (2) Kegel exercises? I have read that milking the prostate helps to increase blood flow to the gland, remove toxins built up over time and accumulated in tiny "sacs" in the gland, and to relieve muscles in the pelvic...

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  • dorian95344 2

    Sharp Pain in Prostate = Bladder Problems

    Hello, I am a 36 year old male. Since from the age of about 20 I have experienced urinary issues. The problem I have is I feel the urge to go as normal, I then go and then about 15 minutes later the urge to go again appears, but on trying to empty the bladder, very little happens. I have seen the...

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  • ES28567 4


    I have decided to have the HIFU procedure and will document my experience for anyone that in the future who is considering this procedure. My PSA has been 18.8, 18.5 and 17.8 in the last 10 months. MRI showed 4 areas of concern. 22 core Biopsy only came up with one core with 5% and Gleason score of...

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  • Ronnie S 2


    Hi, has anyone had the procedure called FOCUSED LASER ABLATION for BPH?This procedure is approved by the Food & Drug.This procedure does not have the usually side effects because the prostate is not accessed throught the urethra.This procedure also permanently relieved the symptoms of BPH. Dr. Sperling...

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  • graham30431 2

    Turp operation or laser ?or leave alone?

    Hello there I am 59 years old, I have been diagnosed with bph for several. Years now , psa ok around 2.5 checked every year, symptoms getting worse, peeing several times during the night , also severe retention if leave it too long when need to go .do not leak! (Yet) and would appreciate feedback from...

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  • seedafuture 2

    Turps Operation

    I had the procedure 1 week ago, a middle procedure.  I have a very large prostate and it had grown into my bladder.  I am 63 and very active male with a good sex life.   I was able to pee prior to Turps but it was a real problem. Three docs said I should do it,  I finally pull the...

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  • graham90475 2


    I have been treated for BHP now for a number of years, I'm coming up 62. I am on Doxocasin, think that's the spelling. Lately my flow has been getting worse and wondered if I could  adept my diet, add supplements avoid certain foods. A lot of info. Seems contradictory, eat tomatoes, don't...

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  • Smudge5577 2

    Urolift this week by the NHS

    Hi all, been a bit of a struggle but I'm down for a urolift op this coming Thursday. My area "Dorset" could only offer the TURPS procedure but at 51 feel this a bit like playing Russian roulette with my sex life. After much badgering I managed to persuade my GP to refer me to Basingstoke...

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  • j12080 4

    Going with Focal Laser Ablation for BPH

    Ok, I have decided, I am going in the next 21 days for FLA. I have picked dr. k if the schedule of my wife's treatments can allow it along with his schedule. He is busy with some complicated PCa cases as well as talking about a partially self funded clinical trail scenario for BPH patients. ...

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  • steven07153 2

    Symptoms Returning

    Hi -it's been almost 2 years since I had my procedure (urolyft) where I had 5 staples (not the correct word of art) placed into my prostate.  Things were progressing well until the last few months where I've found that start-up has once again become somewhat problematic (although better...

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  • lrp1 3

    Three months after my PAE. Great disappointment.

    After 90 days of my PAE, I´m very sad and disappointed. Problems that are arising: #1 Burning pain during urination #2 Reduction on urine stream (at the beginning I improved 60% and now only 30%).  #3 Difficult begin urination and some dribbling is coming again #4 Waking up 3 times every...

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  • Vschus305 2

    Post Uro Lift Doctors Visit

    I have a Uro Lift procedure scheduled for 10/25. We spend the winter in Florida starting 1/15. My physician felt the last follow up with him would be 1 month post procedure and would not interfere with travel plans. Seems a bit optimistic . Curious what others have experienced with folloow up visits...

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  • jimjames 6

    Coloplast Speedicath Flex Coude Review

    As way of background, I've tried just about every catheter on the market but settled on the Coloplast Speedicath FR12 Coude. It combines a very slippery hydrophillic coating (pre-mixed, no packet to break) with enough rigidity that you can basically do a "no touch" cath by holding the catheter...

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  • paul1844 1

    finding best urolift provider?

    Hello guys, this forum has been useful to me as I think through my options.  Nothing's guaranteed, but urolift appears most least risky, for the time being anyway.  I'm joining the forum because the urology practice I've been seeing (here in Santa Cruz California) has just started...

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  • roark25 2
  • clement53129 1
  • anon55718 1

    17 year old weak urine flow

    Hi. I'm 17 and my urine flow has been pretty weak for at least 3 years now. I know it's common in older men but I'm only 17. No other issues such as getting up in the night, just a weak flow. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • ray63269 3

    Prostatitis pain for four months please help

    Was diagnosed with chronic non bacterial prostatitis in may . Symptoms started in march . Alot of symptoms went in early June but last two weeks I've had groin pubic and especially testicular pain . Is this still prostatitis as not completely sure

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  • jjjj57989 4

    My PAE Experience Today

    The first time I posted this it disappeared.  I can't find out how to contact the moderator so I cant ask what happened. I think the forum members will be interested in what happened to me. Anyway...... Today I arrived at Dr. Baglas office at 7:30 and did the little remaining paperwork.  ...

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  • we60818 2

    Just had a TURP operation. Need post operation advice

    New to this forum. Wished I had joined months ago to take advantage of - what appears to be - all of the helpful advice (thanks). I am 55 year old and told I am relatively young to be afflicted with an enlarged median lobe of my prostate that was restricting urine flow and emptying of my bladder. I...

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  • lrp1 3

    Enlarged median lobe management by PAE

    Where do I can find articles, or could someone share personal experiences about PAE procedure and enlarged median lobe  management by IRs? Somebody here, previously to PAE, had a conversation with an IR about how to manage median lobe enlargement, during the procedure,  specially how...

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  • ChuckP 4
  • MichaelVM7 3

    Progesterone cream for enlarged prostate - yes or no?

    I've done some research on the use of topical progesterone cream to combat testosterone conversion to DHT and rising estradiol levels. Admittedly, while there is some anectodal evidence out there, not much in the way of actual double blind studies can be found. Dr. John Lee of Harvard reportedly...

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  • Morris3688 2

    Two weeks after REZUM treatment

    Today 7/14/17 is my two weeks after the REZUM, 59 yrs old and always eat healthy diet and jogging 4 miles a day for almost 20 years; however, still have the following: 1. Before treatment and I have Proscar + Flomax everyday, can do each trip 120cc and now only 35cc 2. Still has blood and urine dripping...

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  • jimjames 6

    Portable Bladder Scanners for Home Use

    A couple of months ago I purchased a portable bladder scanner to measure my bladder volumes and learn more about how my voiding function works. Used, refurbished units, similar to what many urologists use, can be purchased online at a fraction of their retail cost. I ended up paying a little over $1,000...

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  • pty10 2

    Turp experience and questions

    Hi there, JUst wanted to share my experience with my turp surgery. I'm 45yrs old, too young some say for me to having prostate issues but I put it down to my father side of the family (my father and uncles all currently suffer from enlarge prostates)  For the last couple of years been suffering...

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  • ray63269 3

    Think my non bacterial prostitis is still here

    It started in march . I had burning urine . Going loo all the time . Penis pain . Pubic area pain . Anus pain and perinial pain. Have had tests and came back it was non bacterial prostititis or cpps . All symptoms went but prostate still tender. But in past couple of weeks am getting pubic and groin...

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  • paul29249 3

    Holap abrasion

    Struggling with BPH sense 1994,mostly low flow, Tried Urolift in office without anesthesia and couldn't complete so I went to Mayo Phoenix doctor Humphrey to do HOLEP. After ultrasound found prostate only 340cubic centimeters but plugged. Solid. ,to small for HOLEP. ,so changed my procedure to...

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  • glenn77 4

    Suprapubic catheter following TURP and stricture formation

    A friend who is an registered nurse sent me a link to a study comparing the outcome for patients who had suprapubic catheterization to the outcome for patients who had the usual Foley through the urethra.  The results were astounding to me.  Transurethral drainage (standard Foley) resulted...

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  • hank1953 5

    UnderActive Bladder or BPH ???

    UnderActive Bladder (UAB) or BPH ? UAB: "Detrusor underactivity, urinary retention, high residual urine, and incomplete bladder emptying have been used. Detrusor underactivity is defined by the International Continence Society as a contraction of reduced strength and/or duration...

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  • glenn77 4

    Anyone considering TURP should read this about strictures

    A friend who is an RN in the US just emailed a link to this abstract.  I've had horrible stricture problems that have messed me up in a way that may not be repairable.  I've wondered whether the latex catheter used played a role, as I later discovered I have a latex sensitivity.  ...

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  • bobby72221 1

    FLA prostate

    Had my FLA and BPH done on June 3 rd atUTMB by Dr Walser. Had 4 small lesions ablated and the part that was keeping me from peeing. Took about 3 or 4 hrs outpatient. Dr Walser and team were great. Was catherized for two nights before leaving Galveston. They were right on schedule with what would happen....

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  • Jaw916 2
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