My Urolift Recovery Experience

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My Urolift Experience: In hopes of giving others an idea of what to expect: Good info from previous posters – Thanks!

11/13/18 - By way of background: I’m 63 years old; better than average shape for my age. Have had a slow stream for decades, and got up an average of 4-5 times a night for the past decade as well. I couldn’t hold more than ½ cup of urine in my bladder without intense need to go.Had procedure done at about 9:30 this morning. It’s now 6:45 pm. Had a local anaesthetic (like everyone), and opted for Nitrous Oxide (thankfully). Wasn’t too fun during the procedure, with moments of medium pain (I know, hard to gauge the seriousness of pain!). I’m usually fairly tolerant of pain. I figure I had worse than average symptoms, so didn’t see much choice but to have it done. Generally, I’d say the literature underestimates the amount of discomfort (to put it mildly); at least in my case. My doctor has done somewhere around 50 of these procedures; he’s pretty young, though (30?).

It’s now 6:45 pm, first day: After the procedure, Dr. said I could use the bathroom; but I couldn’t get a drop out, despite extreme urge. Stayed in the waiting room, and tried to go for the next hour or so … no luck, except for about a half teaspoon of bloody urine after about 5 trips. Decided to go home and try to relax. At home, I was able to pee about a tablespoon twice, but it wasn’t getting any easier. Pain was slight burning, but severe urge to pee that couldn’t be satisfied; and it hurt. When I tried to pee, I got a wave of pain (not stinging; just felt five times worse than if I’d had way too much beer) that required me to grab tight to a door frame. Pain lasted about 20 seconds. I told myself I’d wait until 3pm before returning to the office to get catheterized, hoping situation would get slowly better; but it didn’t appear to be going well … so … at 2pm, off I went, got catheterized, with much relief (but still a lot of discomfort). Now that I’m catheterized, I still have a very strong and uncomfortable urge to pee at all times. Also, even though the catheter is in place, I still seem to have to stand up in order to pee into the bag, and the pain is pretty high while I void (still about a tablespoon at a time). I have noticed that it’s getting ever so slightly better, though, with each episode (about every 15 minutes at this point). I just grab onto the doorframe, and grin and bear it. Have to go again urgently a minute after each pee session.Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to pull the catheter out. Man! Am I looking forward to that! (Being facetious here!).

A couple of tips so far: Dr. told be to take 3-200mg Ibuprofens (motrin) every six hours (600 every 6 hrs memory device). I wouldn’t go Against your Dr’s orders, though. Can’t imagine how uncomfortable I’b be without, as Ibuprofen is pretty effective for me. Also, get a good book to help get your mind off of it! I’m gonna try the TV after a while to pass the time (since I can’t easily pass the urine!).

Please note: Don’t want to scare anyone off of getting the procedure done; I’m sure the pain will be more than offset by the relief in a few days or so! Just know what you’re up against, and Man Up! In the lead-up to getting the procedure, I was led to believe that I’d be able to get back to a home improvement project the same day, and be back to mountain bike riding as soon as I wanted! Unh-Uh!

Will report tomorrow with more ...

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    Your experience is probably closer to the norm, than the guy that reads a magazine during the procedure, gets up, pees like a teenager and goes back to his construction job. I thought I had made a serious mistake for the first two weeks of recovery. Then at my check up the doc told me to start taking flowmax. I wasn't taking anything before so I thought great, all that pain and expense to require a drug for the rest of my life. But turns out after almost 4 weeks I'm back to normal (pre-Urolift) except now I can go through the night without getting up for most nights, occasionally I have to get up a couple of times. My flow seems better at times and at times it's still a little weak. The doc promised that at the very least it wouldn't make me worse. I'm hoping for more improvement but don't get too discourages the first few weeks.

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    Continuation - 11/14/18 – I read a book watched tv until about 10:30 last night to get my mind off of the intense desire to pee. Emptied my half full bag, which was no longer red with blood, mostly brownish. I went to bed, and to my surprise and delight, fell asleep until about 1:30. I hadn’t expected to get any sleep at all, because I usually can’t sleep when I need to pee. When I woke, my catheter bag was full! I still felt an intense desire to pee, so I coaxed out a little more out, then was able to get back to sleep util 3:30, when I woke up with another half bagful. Note that, for the past day, peeing has been accompanied by a brief period of pain (10 seconds) as my bladder releases it’s load, and I guess I averaged about 50 ml per attempt. I’ve gotten used to the pain, thanks to the Ibuprofen, and I grab tight onto something to get through it. I still felt like I had to pee, so I relaxed, and peed about 50 ml about three times over the next hour, then fell back asleep from 4:40 to about 6:30. Woke up happy, as I had expected no sleep at all. This was my first time using a catheter, and it was uncomfortable at all times, but better than the alternative of filling up painfully. At about 9am, with some trepidation, I took out the catheter. I followed some advice found online to take it out during a warm shower; which worked out well (no mess, relaxing). Was expecting a lot of pain, but hardly experienced any at all; and, for the first time since the procedure, felt no need to pee (for about two hours). I’d been drinking perhaps slightly less than normal up to this point for fear of the pain of peeing. Feel much better now the cath is out, but peeing is still a challenge, some pain, though diminishing steadily at this point. Now, the urge to pee now comes like a bolt out of the blue; from no need to intense desire, and I have about 8 seconds to get my zipper down and peeing into my urinal container (which I keep right next to me now; didn’t make it in time on first time!). Can’t seem to control it; just gotta go RIGHT NOW when it hits! Urge hits about every 15 minutes! Still only peeing about 50 ml a pop, with tiny bits of blood clot, but they are tiny so far (about the size of an ant).

    All in all, a MUCH better day than yesterday, and I’m actually back at work, laying oak flooring in our old house; albeit with LOTS of breaks!

    More later...

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    I haven't had the procedure yet. My uro said I would hate him by day 5! Please keep updating us. Best wishes,


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      Will do, Kenny. Don't get discouraged. The fact that you are reading this means you're ahead of where I was when I went in. I thought I'd be in and out, and back to work the next day (as the literature, and my doc, implied; though, to be fair, they did mention that "10% of people have complications". The procedure itself isn't that bad, just be prepared for the possibility of catheterization, which will put a crimp in your activities for a few days, as it is in my case. If in doubt in the afternoon after the procedure, get catheterized ... better than visiting the ER as I did last night, though that wasn't bad since I only live four blocks from the hospital (just apprehensive about the bill that will come due). A good deal of my problem stemmed from lack of research into the recovery period; so you should do OK.

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      Thanks Dave:

      I am seriously thinking about urolift and your description ( and those posted by others) is very helpful. Does anyone have any knowledge about post op effects? I am especially concerned about incontinence.

      To all of you - thanks


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      Thanks Dave_Here....

      good details is exactly what I like. I am aways off from needing a fix yet, I have to

      pee about 1-3 times a night and some urgency at times during the day. It is affecting

      what things I do and where I go and for how long. Several options to fixing this BPH thing. From Rezume, to UroLift, to laser to TURP ( which sounds to be the lest liked option) I'll keep reading others experience so I am informed by the time I have to make that call. Thanks all.

      John CNorthern Calif. US

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      should do something sooner than later. delay causes damage to bladder

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      We all have to look at it that we are all different. We all heal at different rates. I had mine on a Monday at 1PM was out a little after 2. Had a catheter in when I got up I did not know what was going to happen. I went into the restroom to change. I was having bad spasms and was passing blood clots call my son to ask the doctor because he was at the desk doing note. He told me that was normal and it will pass. 2 Days it did.

      But if I had to have it done again I would. No side effects at all.........Ken

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      John53959 - I was peeing 4-5 times per night on average; which may account for the severity of my recovery. He probably had to put in more of the "rebar" than in most others. Sorry I can't comment on the other methods; I just went with Urolift because my doc recommended it.

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      John, I'm in the same quandry, trying to decide the best procedure. I have consulted with 4 urologists,,, my latest doc is suggesting Uro Lift or Rezum. (I was interested in aqua ablation but my prostate is about 55 grams and apparently it works better with larger prostates.)

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    thank you. these types of personal descriptions of experiences or testimonies is exactly what this forum is all about. none of us are doctors who we really are qualified to give opinions about procedures but giving descriptions of personal experiences is very important. thank you

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    Hey Buddy.

    You will get better from day to day.

    Let me tell you about when I was researching the procedure. I had mine done April 2015. The men before me that had it done. Most of the time they were able to pee right after but when they went home they could not pee and ended up having a catheter put in.

    It is suppose to be up to the doctor if he want to use a catheter. Most of the time they don't but you would think they would because after the procedure your prostate is going to swoll up. I had mine under general so I felt nothing until I woke up. My doctor and I talk and he said ok. ( Besides I would rather have it put in when I am out instead of being up ) Only have the catheter in for 2 days

    I did have some bladder spasms but they went away after it was taking out.

    Just give yourself some time all will work itself out drink a lot of water. Take it easy....Ken

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    Dave-thank you for sharing. Did you have any testing done prior and did that affect your decision on Urolift?

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      timothy - yes, at my first visit to the urologist about a year ago, I got the "fickle finger of fate", at which time he said my prostate was enlarged, and irregular shape. He suggested an MRI, followed by the sampling (forget the name of the procedure) to check for cancer. I came up cancer free, and went on Tamsulosin for the next year. I've been getting up 4-5 times per night; so decided to do something about it.

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    Thank you for such an in depth report Dave, it is much appreciated.

    I am currently on the waiting list for this procedure having had to cancel at the last minute in August when I went into retention whilst in the waiting area of the hospital.

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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