Urine flow after TURP question

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Hi all. I had a TURP 3-4 weeks back (enlarged prostate, poor flow, not emptying bladder completely). Operation went well, urination flow after operation was much improved: came out with a lot of force. I’ve not suffered with any subsequent bleeding or weeing clots or scabs, however flow over past week has dramatically weakened again, the force isn’t as strong and I have to push again. Has anyone had the same experience: improved flow initially weakens after 3-4 weeks? Thoughts and observations welcome.

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    Hope all is going well now?, did you resolve the problem, or find out what the cause was?

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    I have heard of "prostate shock" where the actions from the TURP cause some inflammation that eventually goes away.

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    I had a TURP in mid-November and my issue is that for the first few weeks at least the flow was a little improved on how it was before, but not at the level that would be expected. Over the last couple of weeks it is significantly improved, although not consistently. I previously raised with the Urologist who seemed relatively unconcerned at the time, I think because I had had a large amount of inflammation before the operation as a result of calcium stones in my bladder and prostate. I appreciate that this situation is a bit different from one where the flow was good and then tailed off, but wonder if there is inflammation as part of the healing process.

    From the research I have done there one of the things that might cause flow to reduce would be if there was a urethal stricture (scarring as a result of the operation) although from what I have seen it would be very unusual for this to happen at such an early stage (most likely after three months).

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    I'm about 9 or 10 weeks out from my TURP. I feel like I had my best flow about a month after the procedure and that it's slightly less good now. I'm crossing my fingers that it will stabilize and not continue to get worse. It's my understanding that there's a small percentage of patients that will suffer from bladder neck contracture or urethral stricture after this procedure, and those symptoms may not show until 3-6 months out. Hopefully your situation will stabilize as well.

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    I was impacted by urethral strictures 3 years after my TURP. I was told of "prostate shock" and it did eventually settle down. I'd give it some time for the prostate to heal and settle, just keep drinking water and noting progress. Do you have a normal-sized prostate?

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      I just have a comment

      Men do what they feel is right. But why a TURP. It is a very bad procedure. There are men that have had it done that they wished they looked into something else. The ED problem and the retro ejaculation. If there able to have sex it does not feel the same for most.

      I was on another site and it was 100's of men that had the Turp and all they wanted to do is tie there doctors to a table and do the same to them so they can deal with the side effects.

      At 58 I had a problem. My prostate was closed tight. My doctor did not even bring up the Turp or Laser Surgery. He new what I was not going to do even if I had to force myself to pee. I had a Urolift and 10 years later I'm still open and no side effect. My orgasm are very intense better then they were before.

      When you are looking for a procedure find one that you do not have to give up one for the other.

      God bless you all and I hope you have the results you are hoping for. Ken

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      Hi Ken. You have a very good point! When I first started having urinary issues 5-6 years ago, I had no idea where to start looking for a solution. I had no knowledge and none of the guys I knew talked about prostate issues. I read the marketing literature for UroLift and FlowMax but otherwise had no clue. So, when I found a urologist who seemed like a good doctor, I asked his advice and he told me what he thought I should do: UroLift or TURP since those were the two procedures that he knew. I had no idea of other options. I was in my 50s, I remembered the US television show "Marcus Welby, MD" and assumed that all doctors were to be trusted with the advice they gave.

      Now, having found this website and have learned a lot about other options, I am sure I would not have gone the TURP route given the size of my prostate. I would have researched the correct solution for my problem. Also, I have found that most urologists are focused on urination and urinary health only. They assume peeing is 100x more important than ejaculation or sexual pleasure, etc. This is unfortunate, but I can guess this is the focus of their training.

      As I sit here recuperating from a complete solution simple robotic prostatectomy, 10 days after surgery, I feel that I finally got the fix for my problem from a urologist who knew how to do the procedure correctly. In a few weeks, I am told that I can try to ejaculate and see if anything comes out as well as how it feels. I expect to have Retrograde Ejaculation, but we'll see....

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      Hi Ken

      I had Urolift in November 2022, to deal with a prominent median lobe. It was a complete failure, and after three months I had a very poor urine flow and inflammation. I should have seen a red flag when the urologist was evasive when I asked him about success rates but went ahead anyway. In March 2023 I had PVP laser treatment - that didn't work either and left me with painful, extensive calcification. In November 2023 I had a TURP to remove part of a prostate lateral lobe that hadn't been dealt with by the PVP, plus part of the calcified prostate. The operation and aftermath wasn't much fun (and because of the extent of the inflammation I was advised that it might take some time) but I have seen some gradual improvement which I hope will continue.

      I would have preferred HOLEP to TURP, which I had previously avoided, but because I had had urolift this was't possible. So my biggest mistake (and I think I have made a number) was going for Urolift which apart from having no impact on my prostate issues limited my options for the future. Interestingly my current urologist doesn't do either urolift or PVP because of the side effects, including inflammation. If I was starting out again I would have had HOLEP.

      Incidentally I know plenty of men who have had a TURP and think it was the best thing they have done. So I would advise caution against any advice about this or that procedure being superior, "very bad", or anything else. Do you own research, don't assume the urologist has thought of everything, don't give up until you get proper answers to questions, and recognise that any procedure will have it pros and cons.


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      Thank you buddy

      Yes men have to do there research. I think your Urolift did not work because they did not take care of your median lobe. They did not pull it out of the way. I feel that if they would have clipped it to one side you would not have a problem.

      I would also wait a few more weeks before trying sex. I think you will have retro to but you may be lucky and not have it. The volume will be less but you will still have it.

      Please kept me informed.

      Yes that is true doctors do not care about your sex life they just want you to pee better. Good Luck Ken

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      There are some good one and mad one. I was on a site that 9 out 10 men wanted to do the same to the doctor. Most were in there early 50's.

      Yes good luck to you. Ken

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      The (highly experienced) surgeon, who had apparently done numerous urolifts for median lobes previously, told me that he had clipped it to one side. For whatever reason it didn't work - possibly because the lobe was too large - and as explained in my earlier post this meant I couldn't avoid a TURP at a later stage. I can't speak for anyone else, and this sort of forum is unlikely to be representative, but I have seen plenty of others who have had a negative experience with urolift.

      Frankly, after the experience of two failed operations, debilitating pain over a lengthy period, which was so intense on one occasion that I had to go to A&E, RE would be the least of my concerns (which I didn't get from PVP) if all of the symptoms could be relieved.


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      Hi, I've been away for a long time... but am still doing CIC, have done for around 5+ years... I am not having any issues with it, other than inconvenience...

      Since it sounds like you have really been "around the block" with various surgeries... can I ask which one you would suggest? Holep is out, by prostate is too small. I have 2 urologists, one wants to do a TURP and a BNI, one wants to do a Green light laser (PVP?) and a BNI. I have had slow urination/inadequate emptying since my mid 20's, I am 67 now.

      It seems side effects are common, with either... which is scary... I am considering just a BNI, which is my main problem... but the last cystos showed some obstruction due to age-related enlargement...

      I am also willing to continue with CIC, since it is really not much of a bother... but would like to have my problems corrected, IF side effects are not very likely.

      thx for your time... I hope your issues have moderated significantly...

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