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ChuckP ChuckP


I had a nice conversation today with the President of the "Urology Times". He was telling me that there is a "New Procedure" that has been approved called the "REZUM SYSTEM".  The company that makes the system is called "NXThera, Inc".  You can google them up and lots of stuff comes up.  I called them for a referral and they gave me a Doctor in Minnepolis that has done it over 50 times now.  I called his nurse and she said he would call me back and answer my questions on monday.  As you guys probably know Doctors are not very good at returning calls but we'll see what happens.  Iam not very good at explaining how the procedure works but basically they take the device and put it up the uretha and vaporize the prostate cells which kills them.  It works with high pressure "steam" that at a certain degree will kill the prostate tissue.  My question for you guys is there anybody out there that has had it done to them and how are you getting along and are there "side effects", etc etc?????

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  • carl11484 ChuckP

    When you say vaporizes the cells. Does that mean it would take away the ablitiy to have semen during climax.?

    • kenneth1955 Jag1052

      Jag Please let us know.  I hope it do not cause retro. Because the steam can destroy the ejaculatory duct because it is just tissue.  That is way a couple of men on here had it done and had the doctor do only the right side they did not want to take the chance.  They said only 5% but it more like 15%  Good luck  Ken 

    • leon67555 Jag1052

      Good morning! I started this group 12/15/16 when I had this Rezum surgery done! I had to be put out to have it done.  They tried to do it while I was awake but I couldn't stand the pain.......  So far I can't see any good results???  Other than peeing better.  I'm 58 and have to get up at least twice at night sometime more.  I have large amount of seam come out at sex and no problems with erections.  I had the cath for 2 days had it taken out and had to go to the er and have it put back in for another three days.   That was the WORST pain ever.  The only positive thing is now I have zero problems with pulling down my pants no matter where or what doctor or nurse has to do something to me.. I've been married for 33 years and have never been able to undress in front of people. LOL

      Wish you better luck than me. Dr said I will continue to get better, but I don't recmend this to anyone so far......................

      Have a good one and maybe all your dreams will come true.

    • kenneth1955 leon67555

      Sorry that your still having a problem.  I to was like you.  I had a different procedure.  I had a urolift done in 2015 in 2016 my doctor was checking my stricture when he found one of the implant off the prostate.  He try to do put it back but it hurt so bad that I told him to stop.  I was bleeding the rest of the day and had the repair done 3 weeks later.    Was kinda shy when taking off my pants  Was married for 22 years.  With my wife it was no problem.  I remember when I was 47 and had to have a heart cath.  I was going in to the operation room the nurse yelled at men because I still had my underware on.  I have been in and out of the hospital a lot over the last couple of years now I don't care who looks now.  Been shaved by men and women  Even now at the gym if you want to look go ahead I don't have anyting different then anyone else.  I hope things will get better for you.  Sometime it does take some time to heal  Take care  Ken 

    • mike588 leon67555

      Leon I've commented before, I really don't understand you. You state you are peeing better and absolutely no issues with retro etc. All these procedures are aimed at enabling us to pee better. If you had not done something our BPH would have caused other problems eventually.

      I have friends who have no BPH and still get up 3 times a night - I believe that is part of aging, and anyone with BPH probably made that worse by stressing the bladder.

      I had a Foley catheter a few times - it's definitely unpleasant to have it put in but honestly there are many more painful things than that. I think it's partly psychological because it's happening to our most precious part :-)

      The good news is that your bladder has a good chance to recover somewhat - maybe you'll only need to get up once, or sleep through sometimes, give it time to readjust. It can take many months - this was told to me by a Urologist, depending on your age and health.

      hope it all gets better for you!


    • seadiver mike588

      Mike did you see my post about the probable cause of having to go several times in the middle of the night is really a sleep apnea problem? I was getting up no less than five times every night. After doing a sleep study they put me on a cpap machine and that night I stopped getting up. Now I usually don't get up at all, maybe once some nights.

    • seadiver leon67555

      Leon did you see my remark that having to get up to go at night is likely a sleep apnea problem? I was getting up no less than five times every night but it immediately stopped after I started using a cpap machine. Its a bit of a hassle but well worth it.

    • mike588 seadiver

      Hi seadiver - yes I did - but usually I am guessing people wake up because they feel the urge to go. Certainly that is what happens to me. I don't believe I have a sleep apnea issue. But thanks for alerting me.

      BTW I had PAE twice, didn't help at all nor did it cause a problem. Feb 14 I had FLA and that HAS helped, but thus far I still take Flomax (and self cath) and have had some ups and downs, a UTI and international travel haven't helped. I will write about it one day it's still early to make conclusions.

    • seadiver mike588

      Right that they wake up because feeling the urge to go, but I believe with me it revealed some kind of brain mechanism that gives you the urge to go when you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep. It makes you get up and thus breathe better.

    •  nealpros seadiver

      I think that's a great idea, and will surely help many.

      That said, some of us also have problems during the day, so there are obviously several conditions all causing similar symptoms. The urologists should be sorting this, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    • jimjames seadiver

      Seadiver: but I believe with me it revealed some kind of brain mechanism that gives you the urge to go when you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep.


      What you are describing sounds like Sleep Apnea which is one cause of Nocturia. You can request a sleep study to investigate, and if you have it there are treatments. That said, not everyone with Nocturia has Sleep Apnea.


    • jimjames seadiver

      That's great. Was the sleep study done overnight at the hospital or did you do it at home? I had one scheduled last year but ended up cancelling. Probably should have it done one of these days. How is it wearing the cpap device? Do you have to use it every night?


    • jimjames seadiver

      You know I was just thinking. Instead of going through the bother of a night at the hospital, etc, what if I just bought a Cpap device (they seem not that expensive) and tried it out? If it kept me from getting up during the night, then it's a keeper! Or, is it more complicated than that? Probably is but just a thought.


    • seadiver jimjames

      It was over night at a clinic set up for that purpose, and I had to wear a lot of sensors. It wasn't unpleasant. The cpap took awhile to get used to (sometimes they have to adjust the air pressure so that you are able to exhale normally) but the results were so great (usually not getting up even once a night) that I didn't care. I use it every night.

    • seadiver jimjames

      I suppose you can get one without a prescription, and by carefully reading the instructions you could adjust it properly. But mine was expensive. I can't recall how much my insurance paid (and they didn't pay until I brought back the memory card that showed I'd been using it for a couple weeks) but I think they paid for it.

      Also you have to be fitted for a nose piece that feels comfortable. The harness that holds the nose piece is adjustable - if it is too tight it will leave pressure marks on your face, but if too loose it won't stay in place. I've taken to using a soft sock to cushion the tightest places, which works fine for me. You don't think of breathing as taking effort but the cpap makes it even easier than normal.

    • ctrix1 jimjames

      Most people can't adapt to a CPAP in one night. It often takes weeks before finally making it completely through the night. Some people, (and I'm guessing most,) never adapt. But once you master it, It's very good, and you sleep great.

    • Dave6583 Jag1052

      Just had Rezum yesterday prostate block and rezum we're both incredibly painful should have had sedation was never offered that option Thursday when the catheter comes out my urologist will get an earful. It must cost them time and money to do it in a hospital

    • Busky99 leon67555

      Hi Leon,

      Thanks for starting this forum. I have been following it religiously as I had Rezum exactly one year ago.

      At first it was great...I was knocked out, had the catheter for about 6 miserable days, but thereafter had good strong stream and few if any wake-ups, and no affect on ejaculate.

      Now after one year I have a weak stream again, and wake up sometimes three or more times. Worst...I feel the urge to go all the time. Sometimes more then once per hour.  

      I just turned 62 and am kinda worried about what to do.


      Has anyone had this same experience? What did you do? 

    • petermurphy555 Busky99

      Hi Busky99,

      Has any test been done to determine why this is happening? If it’s the prostate is there an infection or any organs crowding the prostate? I had the procedure but it’s still too early to determine results.


    • Busky99 petermurphy555

      Hi PeterMurphy, tests yet...seeing doctor again on Feb 2nd. I didn't know to ask about an infection....I will now! Thanks so much. I was concerned that my prostrate simply grew again causing the same issues....not nearly as badly as before Rezum, but not the same as right after the procedure. Best, Busky

    • Busky99 hank1953

      Hi Hank,

      No not as bad as before Rezum...but steadily my stream has gotten weaker, and recently the need to urinate often ....ugh. I wonder if I need another round of Rezum? 

    • stan98754 jennings21352

      PAE is not very effective on  smaller  prostate  within  50 cc  and especially when you have big median lobe .  Thats my experience.  Procedure on April  2017  ,  improving within September and again worse  and increasing  of urine retain .  Another solution ahead, probably REZUM .  Has anybody similar diagnosys treated by REZUM ?  Thanks a lot, Stan 

    • Jag1052 kenneth1955

      Okay it's been sometime since I had my procedure (11 months).  My doctor was very aggressive 10 bursts of steam , 5 each side. That is also why I had a catheter in for 6 days. I had a lot of ups and downs with this. After about 6 weeks I was doing great ( urinating and ejaculation) then all of a sudden things got worse. Frequent and painful urinating and retro ejaculations. Things gradually got better and as of today I'd say I am about 90% to where I was when in my thirties. I should mention I'm 65.  Would I do it again? Yes, but I would go to a hospital and go under anesthesia as it was very painful.  I am urinating freely with no medication and I get up only once during the night as compared to 4 or 5.  My prostate was 75 cubic centimeters before the procedure and was at 53 cubic centimeters when measured about 6 months ago. The other big question is retro ejaculations? Yes I am experiencing some retro, meaning very little semen comes out, but when taking the meds I was experiencing total dry ejaculations. So in my case this is somewhat of an improvement. It is my understanding that not everyone will have a problem with retro ejaculation. I have no problem getting an erection and my sex drive is as strong as ever. The more research I do I find that everyone is different and has different experiences, but I feel it helps most of us. I hope this gives you some insight and I am sorry it took so long for me to reply.

    • kenneth1955 Jag1052

      Good afternoon everyone.  I sent my urologist a e-mail about Rezum because of a man on here that I have been talking to for 2 month's Trying to help him.  He had the Rezum done 7 month's ago and has no improvement.  The only thing he got out of it was retro and at 52 he is not happy.  He was going to see a new urologist today to see if they can help him pee and if there was a way to fix the retro.  I did get a e-mail from him a few minutes ago.  I am going to write it just the way it wrote it to me.  My doctor said that a friend of his had the Rezum procedure. ( He said that he is skeptical of the Technology ) He did not do it.  He's friend had it done and it did not work and it caused him horrible bladder contracture.  To fix the problem he had to have a Turp.  My urologist partner did it for him and he assist.  He said that it is very hard to try to fix something when you are frying the prostate and destorying the ducts.  He said that the only way you can try to fix it is to resect the ducts to a place that was not affected but most of the time he said you have to resect the bladder neck and you will end up with retro anyway.   So whats done is done.  So when you pick a procedure be ready for anything  Take care  Ken        

    • rich15050 kenneth1955

      Hi Ken, I am new to this forum. I just had the Rezum procedure about a month ago. To those considering this procedure, always request general anesthesia- makes the process way more smooth. Recovery is similar to what I've read here. Still have some blood in urine and in my semen. No issues with erections or volume of semen when ejaculating.

      That said, recovery hasn't been perfectly smooth- the urgency to pee is off the hook at times, and the pain associated with it in the early stages of it post Catheter is substantial. I'm able to urinate just ok, but I know the true results can take up to 3 months. What I'm most interested in is at what point do I become concerned with blood still being in my urine and semen. Blood in the urine is not significant- a few drops, but the amount in my semen was more alarming.

      Anyway, any guidance on this 1 month recovery and beyond would be helpful and appreciated.

    • JerseyUrology rich15050

      Hi Rich;

      It is expected to have blood in the semen, as well as the urine. The blood in the semen can last months, but is not dangerous in any way; the semen in your body comes out of your prostate, so anything that effects your prostate (including a procedure such as the Rezum) can cause bleeding.

    • ken19524 rich15050


            I fully agree about the general anesthesia. Mine was in January 2018, and that type of sedative made it so easy. Since I had been catheterizing regularly, I opted to forego the Foley catheter and self-cath instead. Those two things made it a simple painless procedure for me. 

             If you're still having discomfort and/or urgency, I would suggest a couple of ibuprofen. For me it made a huge difference, and it was the only medication that I took post-procedure. OK, my urologist did suggest that I continue to take my tamsulosin, but I stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago. 

             Best of luck for your continued recovery,

      Ken19524 (not kenneth1955)

    • petermurphy555 rich15050

      Hi Rich,

       I had the procedure this past January 23, I continued to ‘see’ blood in my urine up to a month and a week.  A follow up urine analysis showed white cells present in my urine typical of the healing process ongoing of the prostate. My first post procedure semen was discolored and subsequent were absent of discoloration. 

       In my case 3 lobes of my prostate were enlarged and each lobe received 2 treatments. 


    • scott95643 petermurphy555

      Hey Peter, Curious what the verdict is on the treatment after 2 months. Are you peeing normal and on your own now?? Also. did you have any serious  retention before, or just urgency and frequency??  THX !~!   Scott

    • thomas37368 jimjames

      Jimjames,  You can buy an oxygen monitor that can be worn on your finger.  They can record data all night which can be loaded into a computer the next day. The software that comes with it will make graphs showing your blood oxygen level and pulse rate for the recorded period. Contec is a company that makes some good ones, for $39 to $120.  They are available on Amazon. Make sure you get one that records data and is not just a real time monitor.  During an apnea event you blood oxygen dips low.

    • jimjames thomas37368

      Hi Thomas and OB,

      I just had a full sleep study (split) but didn't qualify for Cpap per guidelines as I had under 5 events per hour.  I wonder how accurate the study was given that I probably got no more than three hours of real sleep with all the gizmos on me. If I had to do it again, probably request a home study first which I assume would have the finger monitor plus more.

      OB, when you say "a lot of false negatives" can you expand a little? Does the sleep study use something other than the finger sensor to quantify apnea events as defined by a certain 02 drop more than 5x/hour? I know they have a lot more sensors but my understanding is that they are to measure other things such as sleep position, leg movements, sleep state, etc, but it's only the 02 sensor that actually measures the 02 drops that define sleep apnea.




    • john98250 Jag1052

      Just had the REZUME procedure done yesterday. Not very pleasant. Only had the oral Meds and the block painful but manageable. Had 3 treatments then the catheter couldn't get first one through went with a hooked one got thru but painful. Then went home had a leg bag filled up some with clots in it hard to drain because of clots. After about 2 hours little drainage with clots, then no drainage. Then urge to urinate with blood and urine seeping around the tube where it is inserted into penis with lots of pain. Figuring clots are clogging tube I call Doctors office they said it was normal and would clear up. It didn't, called a couple more time insured me it would get better. It didn't. Urge to urinate every 10 min. with immense pain and seepage around insertion. Call 24 hour service 3 times busy signal. Finally go to urgent care very nice doctor and staff. Doctor explains just plumbing. See's this all the time from prostate procedures. Plunges water in the tube then sucks out all my urine and blood and blood clots that clogged the tube and was held up in my bladder. What a relief. Much better today, I think I'm on the right track now. I'm commenting on your post Jag because I hope the rest of the process goes like yours. To urinate with no problems like my 30 

    • john98250 Jag1052

      I wasn't done sorry. Just wanted to say to urinate like my thirties would be great. But when the procedures are finish they should not rush you out they should monitor for awhile, and give a better idea of possible complications when you get home. My doctor will get a earful come Tuesday. Sorry to drag this out just needed to vent it was awful 

    • oldbuzzard jimjames

      JJ - your oxygenation can be in the normal range and you can still have sleep apnea - so a positive reading from the finger monitor usually means yo have it - but a normal reading isn't as conclusive. 

    • Guest Jag1052

      They had to take my Cath out the same day. My body couldn't tolerate it. I kept peeing around the cath. My peeing went to 2 to 4 hrs. Which was better. But 8 days later I'm back to peeing 17 to 23 times aday. Waste of time.

    • Guest leon67555

      I had steam surgery done on 6-18-2018. And it hasn't helped me yet it's been 2 weeks and I per like 15 to 20 times in 24hrs. It sucks. I only had the Cath in me for 5 hrs it had to be taken out my body kept rejecting it I got no relief from this surgery so far. If anything it made it worse. At least before I peed,every 2 to 4 hrs. I tell to my doctors nurse she said that was notmal. I don't believe that and I don't see the Dr for another 16days.

    • kenneth1955 rich15050

      Hey Rich  Just checking on you.  I know it's about 4 month's.  As anything improved.  Do you still have blood in you urine and semen.  By the way how many injections did you have.  How are you doing now.  I hope well  Take care  Ken  

    • mike588 jennings21352

      sorry for very late reply - they have no explanations,they said that the first time not enough "material" got to where it was supposed to go - I don't think they were being honest with me. I know for sure from MRI that it got to the wrong spot which does not block the urethra so it killed some tissue, just not the part that needed to go.

    • scott95643 john98250

      Hey John, I am shocked that they didn't explain that blood and clots/tissue would be normal, and in fact necessary . But more shocked that they didnt show you how to irrgate and flush and send you home with a syringe for that.  They AT LEAST  should have explained how to do it and have you go to the pharmacy to pick up the plunger after you called with the issues.  Easy fix to flush if there is a little clogging.  I already knew all of that since I was Cath dependent for  6 months prior to my procedure.   I already had  a SupraPubic  catheter.   So flushing, etc. was easy for me if I started to get a lot of blood build up, etc.  But they definitely should have explained to you how to take care of it once you called in. Very strange.  I actually wish I showed more tissue coming out with my urine in the first couple weeks!  It would at least be more tangible evidence that my  damn prostate was breaking down for sure!!  Lol.   Anyway, how are you doing now, 3 months later??? I am only a month out from my procedure. Not sure it's going to be enough for me for as a real solution. I can pee a bit on my own now, but so far not enough (and not confident enough)  to remove the catheter as insurance policy!!   We are doing a test over next two weeks , peeing only on my own and keeping  the catheter tube plugged (I have always used a plug). Will see if I deteriorate into severe retention, or if I can consistently empty enough to at least remove the cath!   Did you get enough improvement after the 3 months??

    • andrew17113 scott95643

      I had the Rezum procedure done on me on Monday, July 9, 2018 at 9:30 AM and was home by noon.  Tuesday morning the 10th I was peeing like a 16 year old without having to self cath!  Monday was the only day I passed some blood and clots.  I couldn't believe it because I was not expecting any significant results for 2 to 8 weeks.  It was incredible and I will share my theory as to why I came through it with little pain and speedy results.  1. the doctors need to improve their Rezum skills so that it can become the new golden standard for BPH treatment.  My doctor has been a urologist for 20 years and said that if the Rezum didn't work that I could still have the TURP.  I have fought off the TURP and struggled with BPH for over 15 years.  I have coped with serious urine retention problem by taking alfuzosin/uroxatral.   2.  I would suggest that anyone preparing for the Rezum procedure take alfuzosin because it relaxes the urinary sphincter and may reduce the pain before, during and after.  Also consider taking a low dose of Cialis 2.5 because I did and it didn't hurt my recovery.   3.  Much to the consternation of the medical team I refused to have a folley cath because I believe that folleys impede recovery!   Prior to the procedure I was having difficulty getting my urine flow started so I insisted on doing four self catherizations during the two months leading up to the procedure.  As it turned out the doctor drained my bladder at the end of the procedure.  I never had to self cath and I didn't need any strong pain medication but I did take two Tylenol just in case. 

      Here is something to think about.  There were four of us who had the Rezum procedure on the same day.  I had the largest prostate of the four but had the quickest recovery with the fewest side effects.  Could it have anything to do with the fact that we were probably following a different medication plan and they all went home with folleys and I didn't?


    • oldbuzzard andrew17113


      Probably not. I took Alfusozin, self cathed after the procedure and couldn't even dribble a drop for 3 weeks - couldn't pee decently for 6. What you describe seems almost theoretically impossible as a direct result of Rezum - which kills tissue by spraying it with steam, The tissue has to die, then be absorbed by the body for flow to improve and I don't see how that can happen overnight. I'd be interested in Jersey Uro's take, but I would hazard a guess that you had something like a stone that was blocking your urethra and the procedure cleared it out.

      Great news about the results though - and it can only get better from here.


    • kenneth1955 andrew17113

      Good morning Andrew.  I am very happy for you.  I hope all continue's for you.  Some men heal faster then other's Please keep us informed.  Please let me know if you ended up with retro so I can add you to my file.  Good luck  ken

    • oldbuzzard changejobs

      CG - my flow isn't perfect but its vastly improved and has stayed that way for 2+ years. I stopped taking meds once my flow improved and haven't looked back. Rezum was a life changer for me - the first month was rough but it was worth it. 


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