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I had a nice conversation today with the President of the "Urology Times". He was telling me that there is a "New Procedure" that has been approved called the "REZUM SYSTEM".  The company that makes the system is called "NXThera, Inc".  You can google them up and lots of stuff comes up.  I called them for a referral and they gave me a Doctor in Minnepolis that has done it over 50 times now.  I called his nurse and she said he would call me back and answer my questions on monday.  As you guys probably know Doctors are not very good at returning calls but we'll see what happens.  Iam not very good at explaining how the procedure works but basically they take the device and put it up the uretha and vaporize the prostate cells which kills them.  It works with high pressure "steam" that at a certain degree will kill the prostate tissue.  My question for you guys is there anybody out there that has had it done to them and how are you getting along and are there "side effects", etc etc?????

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  • carl11484 carl11484 ChuckP

    When you say vaporizes the cells. Does that mean it would take away the ablitiy to have semen during climax.?

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 Jag1052

      Jag Please let us know.  I hope it do not cause retro. Because the steam can destroy the ejaculatory duct because it is just tissue.  That is way a couple of men on here had it done and had the doctor do only the right side they did not want to take the chance.  They said only 5% but it more like 15%  Good luck  Ken 

    • leon67555 leon67555 Jag1052

      Good morning! I started this group 12/15/16 when I had this Rezum surgery done! I had to be put out to have it done.  They tried to do it while I was awake but I couldn't stand the pain.......  So far I can't see any good results???  Other than peeing better.  I'm 58 and have to get up at least twice at night sometime more.  I have large amount of seam come out at sex and no problems with erections.  I had the cath for 2 days had it taken out and had to go to the er and have it put back in for another three days.   That was the WORST pain ever.  The only positive thing is now I have zero problems with pulling down my pants no matter where or what doctor or nurse has to do something to me.. I've been married for 33 years and have never been able to undress in front of people. LOL

      Wish you better luck than me. Dr said I will continue to get better, but I don't recmend this to anyone so far......................

      Have a good one and maybe all your dreams will come true.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 leon67555

      Sorry that your still having a problem.  I to was like you.  I had a different procedure.  I had a urolift done in 2015 in 2016 my doctor was checking my stricture when he found one of the implant off the prostate.  He try to do put it back but it hurt so bad that I told him to stop.  I was bleeding the rest of the day and had the repair done 3 weeks later.    Was kinda shy when taking off my pants  Was married for 22 years.  With my wife it was no problem.  I remember when I was 47 and had to have a heart cath.  I was going in to the operation room the nurse yelled at men because I still had my underware on.  I have been in and out of the hospital a lot over the last couple of years now I don't care who looks now.  Been shaved by men and women  Even now at the gym if you want to look go ahead I don't have anyting different then anyone else.  I hope things will get better for you.  Sometime it does take some time to heal  Take care  Ken 

    • mike588 mike588 leon67555

      Leon I've commented before, I really don't understand you. You state you are peeing better and absolutely no issues with retro etc. All these procedures are aimed at enabling us to pee better. If you had not done something our BPH would have caused other problems eventually.

      I have friends who have no BPH and still get up 3 times a night - I believe that is part of aging, and anyone with BPH probably made that worse by stressing the bladder.

      I had a Foley catheter a few times - it's definitely unpleasant to have it put in but honestly there are many more painful things than that. I think it's partly psychological because it's happening to our most precious part :-)

      The good news is that your bladder has a good chance to recover somewhat - maybe you'll only need to get up once, or sleep through sometimes, give it time to readjust. It can take many months - this was told to me by a Urologist, depending on your age and health.

      hope it all gets better for you!


    • seadiver seadiver mike588

      Mike did you see my post about the probable cause of having to go several times in the middle of the night is really a sleep apnea problem? I was getting up no less than five times every night. After doing a sleep study they put me on a cpap machine and that night I stopped getting up. Now I usually don't get up at all, maybe once some nights.

    • seadiver seadiver leon67555

      Leon did you see my remark that having to get up to go at night is likely a sleep apnea problem? I was getting up no less than five times every night but it immediately stopped after I started using a cpap machine. Its a bit of a hassle but well worth it.

    • mike588 mike588 seadiver

      Hi seadiver - yes I did - but usually I am guessing people wake up because they feel the urge to go. Certainly that is what happens to me. I don't believe I have a sleep apnea issue. But thanks for alerting me.

      BTW I had PAE twice, didn't help at all nor did it cause a problem. Feb 14 I had FLA and that HAS helped, but thus far I still take Flomax (and self cath) and have had some ups and downs, a UTI and international travel haven't helped. I will write about it one day it's still early to make conclusions.

    • seadiver seadiver mike588

      Right that they wake up because feeling the urge to go, but I believe with me it revealed some kind of brain mechanism that gives you the urge to go when you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep. It makes you get up and thus breathe better.

    •  nealpros nealpros seadiver

      I think that's a great idea, and will surely help many.

      That said, some of us also have problems during the day, so there are obviously several conditions all causing similar symptoms. The urologists should be sorting this, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    • jimjames jimjames seadiver

      Seadiver: but I believe with me it revealed some kind of brain mechanism that gives you the urge to go when you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep.


      What you are describing sounds like Sleep Apnea which is one cause of Nocturia. You can request a sleep study to investigate, and if you have it there are treatments. That said, not everyone with Nocturia has Sleep Apnea.


    • jimjames jimjames seadiver

      That's great. Was the sleep study done overnight at the hospital or did you do it at home? I had one scheduled last year but ended up cancelling. Probably should have it done one of these days. How is it wearing the cpap device? Do you have to use it every night?


    • jimjames jimjames seadiver

      You know I was just thinking. Instead of going through the bother of a night at the hospital, etc, what if I just bought a Cpap device (they seem not that expensive) and tried it out? If it kept me from getting up during the night, then it's a keeper! Or, is it more complicated than that? Probably is but just a thought.


    • seadiver seadiver jimjames

      It was over night at a clinic set up for that purpose, and I had to wear a lot of sensors. It wasn't unpleasant. The cpap took awhile to get used to (sometimes they have to adjust the air pressure so that you are able to exhale normally) but the results were so great (usually not getting up even once a night) that I didn't care. I use it every night.

    • seadiver seadiver jimjames

      I suppose you can get one without a prescription, and by carefully reading the instructions you could adjust it properly. But mine was expensive. I can't recall how much my insurance paid (and they didn't pay until I brought back the memory card that showed I'd been using it for a couple weeks) but I think they paid for it.

      Also you have to be fitted for a nose piece that feels comfortable. The harness that holds the nose piece is adjustable - if it is too tight it will leave pressure marks on your face, but if too loose it won't stay in place. I've taken to using a soft sock to cushion the tightest places, which works fine for me. You don't think of breathing as taking effort but the cpap makes it even easier than normal.

    • ctrix1 ctrix1 jimjames

      Most people can't adapt to a CPAP in one night. It often takes weeks before finally making it completely through the night. Some people, (and I'm guessing most,) never adapt. But once you master it, It's very good, and you sleep great.

    • Dave6583 Dave6583 Jag1052

      Just had Rezum yesterday prostate block and rezum we're both incredibly painful should have had sedation was never offered that option Thursday when the catheter comes out my urologist will get an earful. It must cost them time and money to do it in a hospital

    • Busky99 Busky99 leon67555

      Hi Leon,

      Thanks for starting this forum. I have been following it religiously as I had Rezum exactly one year ago.

      At first it was great...I was knocked out, had the catheter for about 6 miserable days, but thereafter had good strong stream and few if any wake-ups, and no affect on ejaculate.

      Now after one year I have a weak stream again, and wake up sometimes three or more times. Worst...I feel the urge to go all the time. Sometimes more then once per hour.  

      I just turned 62 and am kinda worried about what to do.


      Has anyone had this same experience? What did you do? 

    • petermurphy555 petermurphy555 Busky99

      Hi Busky99,

      Has any test been done to determine why this is happening? If it’s the prostate is there an infection or any organs crowding the prostate? I had the procedure but it’s still too early to determine results.


    • Busky99 Busky99 petermurphy555

      Hi PeterMurphy, tests yet...seeing doctor again on Feb 2nd. I didn't know to ask about an infection....I will now! Thanks so much. I was concerned that my prostrate simply grew again causing the same issues....not nearly as badly as before Rezum, but not the same as right after the procedure. Best, Busky

    • Busky99 Busky99 hank1953

      Hi Hank,

      No not as bad as before Rezum...but steadily my stream has gotten weaker, and recently the need to urinate often ....ugh. I wonder if I need another round of Rezum? 

    • stan98754 stan98754 jennings21352

      PAE is not very effective on  smaller  prostate  within  50 cc  and especially when you have big median lobe .  Thats my experience.  Procedure on April  2017  ,  improving within September and again worse  and increasing  of urine retain .  Another solution ahead, probably REZUM .  Has anybody similar diagnosys treated by REZUM ?  Thanks a lot, Stan 

  •  nealpros nealpros ChuckP

    It sounds like a TURP using steam rather than a knife, egg beater, or green light. I would expect that with any of those procedures, you are doing the same thing by any number of different ways, and likely to end up with the same results, and the same side effects. I wouldn't consider any of them until you have tried PAE and Urolift, which really are very different from these TURPs.


    • ChuckP ChuckP nealpros

      Hi Neal;  I have already had a "PAE"  and a "UROLIFT" with NO sucess.  I continue to look at other alternatives until I get some relief from "getting up 3 to 4 times nightly" to pee. Iam  way beyond frustrated.  I try very hard to control my lifestyle by limiting my caffeine and also not drinking hardly anything past 5pm. But as you guys know the kidneys keep manufacturing urine 24 hours per day. They are not like a water tap where you can just turn it off for the night.  I have an appmt with my urologist on March  7th and Iam going to see about getting a "RE-DO" on the Urolift.  He now does the Urolift procedure even though he is not the guy who did mine.  He just started recently doing them.  I had mine done in June of 2015 in Joliet, Illinois.  I was "Really Hoping" to find some guys that have had the "REZUM" procedure because just like you guys I wanted to ask about retro grade ejaculation and impotence and all those other nasty side effects.  Hope we can find some guys who have tried this procedure.

    •  nealpros nealpros ChuckP

      That's great, and, at this point it might be exactly the right thing for you. That said, there are a lot of folks on here who hear TURP from their urologist, and run out and do it without exploring the alternatives as you have. And the urologists dress up the TURP with a new name, and people think it's something different when it's really not. For someone like you to make an informed decision is great. I'm just trying to help inform others so they don't get run into an uninformed decision with possible side effects they weren't told about, and don't know about.


    • mikemh mikemh ChuckP

      Chuck.  I am a little confused.  What is the connection between getting up many times in the night and operations to open up the urethra (Urolift, PAE and indeed TURP or green laser or ...)?  I have had a Urolift because my stream was so poor.   

      Getting up all the time surely is due to a small bladder and/or drinking too much and/or needing to go before bladder is full.  In my case I have the problems of a small bladder (<300cc) and having to go when my bladder is only half full - but no amount of Urolift surely will solve that problem.



    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard abstract faces

      It is really painful - they should consider twilighting patients before doing it. If you look back far enough on this thread, you'll find someone who said that they should consider replacing waterboarding with Rezum.

    • jed111 jed111 ChuckP

      HI Chuck- I read about a guy in Sydney that had the Urolift done... The first time it was good for a bit, but then he went into full retention. He obviously had to go to emergency for a catheter. He later returned to the doctor that performed the initial surgery. The doctor explained that the pressure from the implants caused the prostate to 'balloon' and squeeze his urethra in the wrong way. The doctor [who is one of the originators/creators of the procedure] performed surtgery again, and implanted more 'pins' and he was fine after that... good luck to you... 

    • seadiver seadiver ChuckP

      Just had the Rezum procedure Wednesday, wore the catheter until this (Friday) morning, and was able to pee by 11:30 this same morning. Re getting up pee several times nightly, years ago I was getting up at least five times a night but it was not due to prostate: I did a sleep study and they put me on a cpap machine, after which I was immediately able to sleep through the night! There is a brain mechanism that makes you have an urgency to pee when you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep, forcing you to get up (which makes you breathe).

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 seadiver

      Hey Buddy.  Glad to hear that your doing better.  Yes some time it habbit and you have to get out of it.  How many 9 second shot did your doctor do.  What did he tell you about retro.  A few men on hear had it done but refused to have them shot anything on the left side of the prostate.  To many cases of retro.  They found out that the steam destroys the duct on the left side.  I hope all goes well but don't rush into anything  Ken

    • seadiver seadiver kenneth1955

      He did four 9 second shots, 3 of which had me panting, the forth was not so bad. I asked about the ejaculatory duct and he said it was 'way south' of where he would be working. I watched the screen as he was doing some of the procedure and it was amazing to see the inside of my bladder and urethra. I was able to pee a second time, again with very little blood. I'm being careful not to strain anything so that I can heal as fast as possible, and so far things are great. 

      I want to say again that several guys have remarked that they have to get up frequently at night to pee, but from experience I believe it to be a sleep apnea issue rather than bph.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 seadiver

      Lets hope my friend that it all works out for you.  My doctor is just starting to do them but he has told me that eam does get to the ejaulatory duct there is that chance.  That is why a few of the men told there doctor that they only would et side.  They were told that they would not get the full benifit of the procedure.  They took the chance and it has work out great for bothe of them  Do just the one side open them up enough to have a good out put.  There has many many men oven a monthor two that were told that there  was a 5% chance of retro but out of the 10 that had it 9 got retro and ther were not happen.  I wish you d do take it easy  Ken

    • seadiver seadiver kenneth1955

      Thanks Ken, I think the doc is supposed to insert the needle into the prostate tissue so that the steam is localized, but I can see how steam could escape and travel down the urethra to the duct. I don't know enough to say whether this is likely, and it may depend on the skill of the doc. He said I could resume normal activities but I will wait awhile to let the area heal and the swelling to go down. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 seadiver

      Lets hope all goes well for you.  My doctor told me that there is no way to a void the duct.  Because they put 2 shot of steam on both side 1 on the top and one on the bottom.  The steam will spread and destroy the opening of the duct because it is in the prostate .  The body is a great and wonderis place.  Just rest and let everything heal  Take is easy.  If you can don't sit to much lay if you catotake the pressure of the prostate  Ken 

    • seadiver seadiver kenneth1955

      Its hard to know who to believe, because here we have two doctors saying two opposite things. That's not very encouraging, but since the deed is done I will trust in God and hope for the best. I suppose it will take at least a week or so for the selling to go down and the wounds to heal. At least I'm able to go without a catheter, though it is not comfortable.

    • mike588 mike588 seadiver

      I have mentioned this before elsewhere, a friend of mine in Australia had Green Light which is more invasive, he thought he had retro but it came back eventually - he thinks by masturbating frequently it helped bring it back - I find that hard to believe maybe it just healed in time anyway.

      As far as retro goes, my Urologist explained that the issue of retro is not just the ejaculatory ducts. If the prostate size is decreased a lot, what can happen is that when you have an orgasm the sphincter of the bladder does not shut tight, there is still a gap so when the sperm shoots out of the ducts it flows back into the bladder since that is the easiest path. Maybe in view of that what my friend said has some merit, by frequent masturbation he got the sphincter to shut tighter and tighter - like excercising a muscle. Be careful don't go blind trying .. lol

      You probably have a good chance it will come back, just have patience and let it heal first of course.

    • seadiver seadiver mike588

      Thanks for your post - I've not read on Green Light.

      I think Rezum does not dramatically reduce the size of the prostate, but only in the specific areas where it was too tight. The urethra below the duct should be as open as before the procedure, and if the path above the duct is now normal then things should eventually work out (I hope). Also I suppose every case varies, so that time will tell how well I recover.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mike588

      Good evening Mike.  It is very hard to believe that he had a GL and did not end up with retro.  That is a given when they cut away at the prostate.  The only thing I can thing of is the urologist that did the surgery stayed away for the ejaculatory duct and the sphincter. He had a very good and caring doctor.  If you ever have looked at the videos of a GL they go and and start cutting away starting at the bladder neck.  I am very happy for him.  I know we are getting older and not looking to have any kids but why should we have to give up anything.  Take care and good hearth  Ken. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 seadiver

      Well I hope all goes well for you.  If you look at the video and see where the steam goes there is always that chance of destroy something because it is killing the tissue of the prostate and the injaculatory duct is tissue.  My doctor is very up front and he give me information and being he just started doing the Rezum procedure.  I try to give him information that I get for the men on here.  I told him about the 2 men that had it done when the doctor only did the right side and they both had good results.  They had it done that way because they were afaid of retro and did not want to take the chance. One guy was 57 and the other was 51.  If you read up on it it tell you about 5% chance but with the men having it done on here and alot had retro I think it's about 15 to 20 %.  God speed my friend Try not to rush.  Let your body heal some  Ken      

    • mike588 mike588 kenneth1955

      Ken I agree if you look at videos of green light - but if you google this subject I found a study which concluded that PVP has a very low incidence of Retro whereas TURP and Holep have very high chance of Retro.

      Like I wrote before, my Urologist told me it doesn't matter what procedure, if the prostate size is reduced the Bladder duct will not close properly when you have an orgasm - maybe he is more aggressive in his approach so he blows away more tissue or even the ejaculatory ducts - he basically says to count on retro on any prostate surgery. Could be he says that for legal reasons who knows?

      Could be the surgeon in Australia was particularly skilled at avoiding ejac ducts and maintaining the structure of the prostate. hard to know so many variables...

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mike588

      Yes I that's true ( Most doctors underplay it and tell you very little )  I guess it all depands on how good and caring your doctor it.  THey have also had good results with the plasma button turp.  It takes longer an the doctor will avoid the duct and the bladder neck.  They go in and just get rid of the tissue that they need to get ride of.  If you look at the voideos of Turp Helop and GL  They are horrifying.  No wonder the man are in so much pain.  Have a great sunday  Ken 

    • mike588 mike588 uncklefester

      Hi unckle

      Thanks for asking, yes.

      About 9 weeks, post procedure. My situation has improved but still relying on Flomax and still doing self cath 3 times a day. Maybe I could skip the self cath but I'm hoping to get tone back to bladder. It also feels really good after I self cath physically and knowing I am empty and protecting my kidneys which took a lot of abuse.

      I'm able to go more than 2 hours during the day with little or no urgency. Last night I only got up once to pee. natural void volumes increasing especially at night. Other nights I usually get up 3 times, once I slept 6 straight hours which felt great.

      I can't say yet this was a remarkable success in that I am still relying on meds, but all in all I'm happy I did it, no retro apart from that caused by Flomax.


    • mike588 mike588 kenneth1955

      Yeh my Urologist stopped doing Green Light and moved to what he said was less bloody and messy surgery - I forget now what it's called but it's some kind of laser I think. I noticed on his web site, interestingly one of his colleagues started to do Rezum - I think the first in Colorado to do it and they are claiming great results. I'm lucky I have such a great team of Urologists that are open to new methods, and my Urologist supported me trying FLA and said he was there for me if I need him.

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard kenneth1955

      There are a lot of wierd theories and statistics regarding retro - including some docs who apparently are unaware of the laws of physics. Actually statistics on retro are that TURP and Holep cause it almost of the time - but there are people who have had both and ended up OK. But anyone getting either of those should expect it. Greenlight is about 50/50 according to the stats. The published number is 39%, but my doc said he thinks its more like 50/50. Rezum's clinical trial showed RE at 4%, but anecdotally it seems to be a bit higher - maybe 10% or so. PAE and FLA seem to be close to 0 on RE.

      As for prostate size causing it - when men are young and have small prostates, they can squirt away, so size is probably not the issue. If it was, then Rezum and PAE wouldn't have such a low incidence of it, as they work by reducing prostate size.

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard kenneth1955

      I'm sure that's some of it - but a lot of it is just the procuder itself, the methodology and result of that methodology. In the best hands, TURP and Holep almost always cause RE, PAE almost never, Rezum, usually doesn't, ect.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 oldbuzzard

      Yes that ture. But we have to watch the doctor because they will do one procedure and if it does not work its another and so on.  Because in reality they do not know if it's going to work until they do it.  Same thing when they down play sex or the orgasm.  They spend a few minutes on it and tell you all will be the same.  But that is want they learn.  In principle that is true all men have a orgasm but no one man has the same orgasm as the other.  That what make us special We are all diffient..  God bless  Ken

    • mike588 mike588 oldbuzzard

      oldbuzzard I asked Dr Karamanian why my Urologist's statement did not follow for FLA - he thinks it's because FLA mantains more of the structure of the Prostate as opposed to the more invasive procedures. I didn't ask him about young men with small prostates, my guess is that everything is tight and elastic when you're young. After many years parts might stretch, a huge prostate suddenly is smaller and leaves a gap. maybe the way they cut it just makes it impossible for the duct to shut properly.

    • dave 25661 dave 25661 ChuckP

       Really hard to get any info or solid facts on this rezum procedure. A lot of post on this form are very scary, makes me very confused. As I may get ithis procedure in March. Wish I could see more positive post .Dave G.

  • james87669 james87669 ChuckP

    I had a TUMT in Jan. 2015 and it is similar in that tisue is destroyed with microwave energy. Well, lasted less than 9 months. I have given up on finding the holy grail treatment and have a surgery scheduled for March 22. Should be the end of all my prostate "problems". Have accepted the retro ejaculation as I figure I'm well past baby making.

    • ChuckP ChuckP james87669

      I just literally got off the phone with the "PRESIDENT"  of "NXThera" the inventors of the "REZUM SYSTEM".  He told me that there is "NO RETRO GRADE EJACULATION".  He was very emphatic about this.  He recommended a guy that has done it now exactly 62 times and I have a call in for him to ask a few more questions about side effects and what to expect post recovery.  I wish I could find someone here in Omaha but this procedure is just barely 6 months old.  I'll let you know what I find out.  Still would love to hear from guys that have already done the procedure.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 james87669

      James alot of us on here are passed the baby making stage but we still what all of it.  I went through the dry orgasms when I was on a pill.  Did not care for it and it hurt my bladder at times I did not want to have sex..  I had a Uro-lift and it worked great.  Have you ever had a dry orgasm.  To make sure that you are ok with it have your doctor give you a pill that will cause it it see if it's something you can live with.  I know that your going through alot but When they core out your prostate you are going to be in alot of pain and bleed more they you are going to think.  It will take you month's to get better and you will not know if it works just like the first procedure you had . There was a man on one of these forums that had to have a turp done 2 time did not work and the doctor said we need it done it again.  He say no way and I should have not done the first time.  He is so depressed he has giving up on life.  Just saw the answer you gave chuck.  I would never like another man make that decision for my body.  Do you know the side effect if your doctor does that to you.  A dry orgasm is the least of your problem.  You may has well say sex is a thing of the passed.  You will have urinary problems erectile problem. The doctors allway say it's not a big deal but they don't tell you that it may take up to 2 years to get anything back if you do and it will never feel the same.  Life is to short and we need to enjoy all of it.  It is your dicision but I hope you make the right one.  Good luck ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 ChuckP

      Thats good to hear maybe because the vapor does not effect the ejaclator glands.  If it is ture that is great news for alot of men.  I would like to hear for any men that were in the trials.  I will keep reading about it Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 james87669

      James I'm sorry but I can't get this out of my head.  Do you have cancer or just because you are having a problem peeing your going to let the doctor make the decision to take your prostate out.  My god I think you would be worst off and you can end up in diapers.  The prostate is the plug for the urine without that you have no control PLEASE PLEASE look more into it before you do something you will not be able to handle it I cannot see a man going through all of that when there could be something else he can do.  At least talk it over with your doctor.  And tell him do what you can but My prostate stays were it is It would save you alot of trouble.  I don't know if your married but if you are you are not the only one going through with this.  Ken

    • james87669 james87669 kenneth1955

      First of all I am NOT having my prostate removed. I do not have cancer and I have been on tamsulosin for about a year and  half so I am familiar with retro ejaculation and like you think it sucks. The doctor I am seeing is highly respected and my own personal MD that I have been seeing for the last forty five years had a TURP done last year by this same Urologist and has been completely satisfied with the results. So I figure I am in pretty good hands. The recommended procedure is due to the SIZE of my prostate making it difficult to go the typical roto router method. As I said the method will be determined when all facts are considered. 

      I appreciate your concern. You can get more information on this by looking up that procedure.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 james87669

      Well that does help me a bit.  But you do know that a prostatectomy is the removal of part or all of the prostate.  I would tell my doctor to do what he can but the prostate stays were it is.  I would not let him make that decision.   I don't want you to wake up and have to deal with more problems.  I know you trust him but it is your body  Ken   

    • randy 85492 randy 85492 ChuckP

      Chuck, I had my REZUM on August 15th...I've attempted 2 Trial Voids since without success...I'll try another after 30 days and, then, another if necessary...It takes 1-3 months for the body's immune system to eliminate the dead prostate tissue created by the REZUM, but by then your urethra should have regained it's normal size and be able to empty your bladder normally so you'll regain your life...I hope that the case....There was ~ 9 seconds of sharp pain each time the Uro Doc used the needle to "steam kill" targeted prostate obstruction tissue...The Uro Doc did that 16 times in my case...I have bleeding in my urine ~ once per week which is suppose to be normal...The Uro Doc says I can't Self Cath because of mid lobe obstrction ( I thought it was removed)...Because I've been unable to void, I've been on a Direct Catheter for the past 3 months and will be 4 months at my next Trial Void Date...It's painful and embarrashing wearing the direct catheter...I have't had any pain due to the REZUM procedure...Thus, there's Pluses and Minues to REZUM and I don't know if it will be successful yet... GOOD LUCK!.....


    • johnguild johnguild randy 85492

      Hi Randy,.am l reading your note correctly? You've have the cath in

      for extended periods of time (+30 days) between void test without

      removing? I had my Rezum on Aug 22. I've had the cath pull in and out

      4 times - 3.5 days in and 3.5 days out. Like you, they advising

      against self cath due to an obstruction in my urethra. The did

      6 injections.

    • paul46026 paul46026 randy 85492

      Good luck to you, I wish you the best.

      Have you tried urinating while sitting

      down on the toilet>  I used to do that 

      a lot when I had trouble urinating before

      Rezum.  Again, maybe a light sedative

      will calm you down enough to urinate.

      I wish I had an answer for you, but I


    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard randy 85492

      I think you need to find another doctor. First, if they can get the Foley up there, you can probably get a speedicath up there. They are smaller and slide more easily. By now, you shouldn't have any obstruction that's so big you cant even catheterize yourself - Its been almost 6 weeks. There is no harm in trying to self cath - you can always have the bag re-attached. But 16 sprays is the most I've ever heard of. THey generally recommend 4-6. That may be why you're still so swollen - but this procedure isn't supposed to leave you on a cath for months - when I had it done I set a record (self cathing not a foley) at 2 weeks.

      I'm sorry to suggest that Your doc seems in over his head. Get the f-----g Foley out and see if you can self cath. If you can, my guess is that when you're at home and not under pressure, you'll be able to get some out. But even if you can't, you can live normally self cathing, you can;t with a foley. The whole purpose of this procedure is to not need a cath.

      you might want to contact the company and see if they can recommend another Uro in your area that has a better handle on this. Your guy will leave you on a foley forever/


    • abstract faces abstract faces oldbuzzard

      I agree at 24 days I'm much better no cath I took flomax then now I take finesteride but I pee tiny bit better I had a 105 cc prostrate not really recommended for this procedure the pain was absolutely beyond my belief on two or three horrible other three

    • edo 85551 edo 85551 abstract faces

      13 days since rezum procedure , had blood in my urine all day yesterday . Today no more blood based on all the chat about blood in the seaman , I think I will wait at least 4 weeks before taking a test run on it .

    • Rog615 Rog615 ChuckP

      Would that be dr Randy Bearhs in Minnesota

      By any chance. And if do his office told me hd is not taking any new patients !

      Anyway I have givfn up on it retro is yo scary for me , and body had any bph reduction with dr Sperling and his MRI , if do it at all , I'm thinking that' is the way to go but exspencive 30 grand or more

  • tom86211 tom86211 ChuckP


    I have been reading everything I can about the Rezum system. So far, it sounds great. However, I can't find anything about two issues - pain, both during the procedure and after, and after procedure side effects such as bleeding, infection, tissue swelling, or something else I have not thought of. Would like to know about the procedure from the patient point of view. Many of these procedures sound good on paper, but then we read about the pain and side effects from men who have actually had the treatments, we get a very different picture. 

    So far, PAE appears to be the most beneficial relative to pain and side effects for most men. 

    Very interested in your report after you speak with the doctor,


    • ChuckP ChuckP tom86211

      I talked to his nurse today and she said she will have the Doctor call me on monday.  She did tell me one thing that does concern me.  The president of the company that invented the device told me that there would be NO retrograde ejaculation at all.  The nurse told me that is NOT TRUE.  She said some patients do experience that.  I'll see what the Doc says on monday.  I hate when medical professionals "down play" what is bad news. 

    • ChuckP ChuckP tom86211

      Tom; After I talk to him I will write a report here.  I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever there will be "Pain".  Anybody that tells you different is full of you know what. 

    • tom86211 tom86211 ChuckP


      Very much looking forward to your report. 

      In Sept. 2014 I had HDR Bracytherapy for my low grade prostate cancer. I had two treatments spaced two weeks apart. There was no pain because I received a spinal each time. 

      After any form of radiation to the prostate there is some swelling. After the second treatment the median lobe of my prostate swelled more and I was unable to urinate - ended up in the emergency room on Sunday evening. A Foley catheter was placed in me and after five weeks and six catheters being put and taken out I was able to urinate again. This only happens in less than 10% of all Brachytherapy patients, but I guess I was one of the lucky ones. 

      Radiation eventually causes the prostate to shrink a bit so I have slightly better urinary function than I did before the treatment. But, I still experience most of the usual symptoms of BPH described here by others. 

      I was turned down for PAE because the doctors said that cutting off the blood supply to part of the prostate after radiation might cause unknown complications.

      So, I have been seeking other methods to deal with these issues that don't involve cutting, blood and a hospital stay, as would be required with a TURP. I have had enough issues with biopsies and blood and reduced sexual function with tamsulosin, so I don't need anything else going on. 

      Of course, had I elected to have the prostate removed through a robotic procedure, as two of my friends did, I would be having other issues - such as major incontinence, ED, etc. 

      I am very much looking forward to the information that is sure to follow in these posts.



    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

      My doc said that there is a 2.5% incidence of RE. I'm borderline - sometimes more than others, but never like before, Its slowly improving so I'm hopeful, but I may be one of the 2.5%.

    • abstract faces abstract faces tom86211

      I have been thru 24 days getting better pain was absolutely off the chart six squirts and each hurt more to the point I screamed literally and loud disrupted whole office had my first attempt at sex yesterday wasn't to bad until ejaculation pure blood said it happens??

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 tom86211

      Tom  I have been reading up on both because I like to be ready for anything.  I would never have any of the 10 other procedures that cause retro.  On PAE there will be some pain and bleeding but it does not cause retro.  What it does is you will have less coming out because you are making the prostate smaller so the prostae will not be making what you did before. On Rezum The men that have had it some pain concern and some did not worry about it.  You will have a little bleeding because there putting needles in you prostate.  But what concern me is.  This is what I read.  We saw no clinically significant change in erecitile or ejaculatory function There was a low occurrence rate of decrease ejaculatory volume. 6 subjects. 4.4% and Anejaculation 4  subjects 2.9%.  I could not find out was it a trail for 100 men or 1000.  To me that sounds like a crap shoot ot russian roulette.  If im having something done to my body I want to know for sure Take care Ken  

    • ChuckP ChuckP kenneth1955

      Ken, as you know I had the urolift last July.  Iam very happy with the results. My urologist put in 8 implants instead of the usual 4. It made all the difference in the world.  I have normal sex, no retro, and now only get up on average about 2 times per night instead of the usual 4 or 5 that it was before the procedure.  I couldn't be happier.  Oh, I almost forgot. I now pee like a 17 year old.  It flows like Niagra Falls !!!!!

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 ChuckP

      I'm glad to hear that buddy.  I remember when i talked to you last year that you may need more implants.  4 worked for me Take care and I have you and your wife have a great holiday  Ken

  • james87669 james87669 ChuckP

    I most definately will pass along any information that I think will be of interest. I presume you have read all my posts and know that I did try a minumly invasive procedure called TUMT ( trans urethral microwave thermaltherapy) which looks similar to this new method since tissue is removed with microwave energy (you essentially get cooked) took about a half hour and is an inpatient procedure. Requires a foley for a couple of days and there was much bladder spasms (quite uncomfortable) after that things did quiet down and took about six weeks before I was in the clear. However I was still required to take tamsulosin during that time and for maby a month or two more. The return to normal function took about two more months and at the nine month mark I was back in th ER due to retention. So it was a waste of time. My current Dr. explained that at least for now most of these types of procedures are short lived and are great money makers for providers.  

    • ChuckP ChuckP james87669

      James;  I just want to say Iam truly sorry for your horrible experience of the TUMT.   Its just a shame that there isn't something out there that works 100% of the time with "no side effects".  Why does the Good Lord punish us like this??????

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 james87669

      It is a shame about some of these procedures. But this one looks pretty  good and there aare very few side effect.  The main thing is that it works  on many men and it does not cause dry orgasm. Which alot do.  We has men should feel complete.  This procedure goes into the prostate with a little needle and kills the cells inside.  It does not burn laser or core the prostate from the inside of the urethra.  And with your doctors comment of course he would say that because he what to do what he offers.  But we pick what we want and then deal with the out come..Ken 

    • ChuckP ChuckP kenneth1955

      Ken; See my comment to Tom above.  I spoke to the Doctors nurse and there is a real possibility of retro grade ejaculation with this particular procedure.  Iam going to speak to the Doctor on monday and hear it from the Horse's mouth. He has done this procedure exactly 62 times so he does have a "track record" with it. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 ChuckP

      Chucks   I have read some of the stuff on it and they go around it.  They say sexual function will stay the same.  That does not say much.  I sent a e-mail no answer yet.  I was on one site and tried to read the trails but could not get to them  We will seee if this is good or not or if it's a turp with another name  Ken  

    • randy 85492 randy 85492 ChuckP

      Chuck - I agree with you whole heartedly!....It seems with the High Ratio of Enlarged Prostate's and BPH, the medical researchers and doctors would have discovered/determined  the very best and successful treatments.....I'm finding that urologists can't agree on the best method of treatment and almost anything they try ends up having serious side effects and long-term complications...The incidence of success of any treatment seems small as compared to the number of patients who are suffering.......

    • abstract faces abstract faces sam80413

      It's called rezum and so far except for severe pain extreme pain while doing procedure takes about nine minutes in office I'm starting to feel much better tommorrow will be four weeks I had a quantity of blood in my first ejaculation which I'm told is normal

    • paul46026 paul46026 abstract faces

      I had the Rezum treatment done on September 7, and they gave me general anethesia so I did not feel anything.  I had no complications from the anathesia, and besides wearing a foley catherer for two days had no pain.  My flow has really improved, so I am very pleased with this procedure.

    • Tim-B Tim-B paul46026

      You are fortunate your doctor gave you the option of a general - first I've heard that did. I've spoken with two doctors about Rezum and both only offer a local so they can do it in their office. Both claim it's 'virtually painless', but neither has had it done themselves biggrin

      The opinions/comments I've seen from men who have had the procedure range from mildly uncomfortable to very painful, with more on the painful side. While that would not preclude me from the procedure, I get the impression that because it's still relatively new, the doctors are still working through the best ways to perform this procedure.

    • paul46026 paul46026 Tim-B

      I was also thinking that it was going to be a local, but I am glad that it was a general.  I went to the surgical center and had it done and it was quick and painless.  I would inquire about whether you can receive general, and if you can then I recommend it.  No negative after effects from the general.  If you are in the Houston area, Houston Metro Urology is who I went through, Dr. Ogletree.

    • johnguild johnguild kenneth1955

      My Rezum procedure was done late Aug 2016. This is day 36 and  I'm still in recovery having cycled through 5 Foleys (3.5 day with Foley, 3.5 day without Foley). Doc says self cath is not recommended for me. He may change his mind if this recovery goes no much longer. During days when I'm 'Foley free' my urgency, frequency and viod issues are slowly improving but still I'm not there yet. 

      Here's my story with respect to the Rezum procedure (It was moderately painful but by no means intolerable):

      Two hours lapsed between entering the clinic, doing the Rezum procedure and leaving the clinic.  I was in a mild medicated state when I left the clinic which required the assistance of my wife to get me home (God bless her).  The actual procedure took +/- 20 minutes.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being worst), I experienced a 5.  The vapor injections felt more weird than painful.  I believe my tolerance for pain is generally high although when I was a boy I used to faint when given a shot; I’m over that now smile 

      Just after entering the clinic, I was given a pill to reduce my anxiety.  During the procedure I was given two locals to reduce the pain, one in my butt and one in my rectum adjacent to the procedure area (no real pain from either of these shots, just kind of weird.)   Six vapor injections were made; each 9 second duration.  I was awake during the entire procedure.  In fact, I was alert enough to crack a jokes with the Rezum team; I often manage periods of anxiety using humor.    I thought that was fun.  

      Present during the procedure was my urologist Doc who executed the operation and the nurse (both great people).  Also present were two representatives from the Rezum company that witnessed and provided guidance.  I felt good to be surrounded by experts.

      I left the clinic with an antibiotic and a 7-day prescription for pain (codeine).  I also left with a Foley (a catheter with a bag strapped to my leg).   I took the codeine for two days; it helped me sleep.  But really, I did not need the codeine for pain and I tossed it  out after several days (it made me itch which I though was weird).

      One thing that I'm happy about is that I had this done in retirement (I'm 65 yo). I would not have done well going to work with a Foley.  Now days, every day is essentially a weekend so I can lay around the house with my Foley actiing like a lazy butt watching my wife's to-do list for me get longer and longer, ha!!!

      Keep smiling. Good luck. Take care.

    • abstract faces abstract faces johnguild

      I'm about same shape only I bought a new / old house and I'm moving 70 years plus of my moms stuff and 46 years of my wife and my stuff it's going slow because there is simply so much to move I went on flomax seven days after procedure I find the side effects intolerable so I switched back to finesteride but I think swelling has went down so I'll take a finesteride tommorrow then I'm going without it. I think I have had a good result although startled by a lot of blood during sex on Friday some said normal I'm anxious to see if blood is still present after next climax except for a huge amount of pain during procedure I haven't had much except a sting in my rectal area and down penis when I pee still there but way less

    • edo 85551 edo 85551 paul46026

      I had the rezum procedure done . Just before the procedure I was given a Valium and an oxycodone , the procedure was a little uncomfortable but was not really painful . Having the catheter on for 4 days was the painful part of the whole procedure .

    • john31041 john31041 johnguild

      I had my Rezum procedure done on Dec.5 this year in Cleveland Clinic with similar experience. I am 70 years old with generally good health otherwise. I was given local plus antibiotic beforehand and the process was really fast, finished in about 10 minutes. 6 steam shots, 3 on one side, 2 on the other and one in middle. I didn't really feel the pain but apprehended about the extreme pressure during the process.

      My wife drove me home with me carrying the folio as my sidekick. My urologist's order was to keep the folio for 3 days, then self-catheter is expected. Throughout he gave me the impresssion that it was such a easy procedure I can go back to normal life once the folio is removed. After 3 days of self-catherization I went to the exercise class with weight, band and other routines. After that I found myself unable to catheterize. My urethra was swollen and rejected the catheter. I called the doctor's office and the nurse practitioner advised me to go to the emergency room close by where the doctor and nurse tried 3 different catheters with no luck. My wife had to drive about 25 miles to the Cleveland Clinic in downtown. It took another 2 hours in the ER, found a bed and summoned an urologist from the Clinic while I was in excruciating pain trying to void urine. He would try one more time using a catheter with a hooked end. If unsuccessful he would then use the metal scope to force the urine out which would induce fair amount of pain. Miraculously the hooked catheter worked and close to 1100cc of urine flew out of the bladder.

      I was back with my folio for 7 days which I hated the discomfort associated with it. The nurse then gave me the green light to remove it and start to self-cath again on Dec.22. By then I was able to urinate, starting at 50cc per now  about 175cc. There is still blood at the beginning of urination, I was down from 5 catheters a day on DEC. 22 to just one yesterday just before going to bed when 170cc urine was removed. I will not use one today.

      I am anxious to further recovery and would like to share my experience. Please be extra careful if you decide to have Rezum. Afterall your prostate glands and urethra were impacted during the procedure. Don't use weight nor exercise after the procedure until bleeding stops. My wife is doing all the work now while I enjoy my life as a patient. I will have plenty of time and opportunities to repay her with interests.


    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard john31041

      I had mine done at the Cleveland Clinic im March. I couldn't pee for over 2 weeks and they told me to hold off on excercise for 5 days and not to do squats til I was done self cathing. That schedule worked well for me and didn't seem to inflame anything

  • bret16948 bret16948 ChuckP

    Who does this treatment? And will insurance pay for it and the s it approved in the us

    • ChuckP ChuckP bret16948

      Don't know about the insurance aspect.  You would have to call your own personal insurance carrier.  As far as who does it you can call the company themselves at 1-888-319-9691 and get an approved list of Docs.  After I talk to the Doc today I will write more.  My Number 1 concern is "retro grade ejaculation".  If there is going to be that problem then I probably will put if off as long as possible.

  • anthony2858 anthony2858 ChuckP

    Hello Chuck,

    It sounds a little like something I had about 18 years ago called a TUMP,

      and honestly nothing changed and have been on flomax/tamsulosin ever since.    The TUMP stands for thermo urology microwave procedure/treatment.     It is where a microwave device is put into the urethra and stopped in the center of the prostate and it is left there for a short period of time which is suppose to do the same as you described.

        I have had the Urolift done and this seems to be a very good option to BPH,

    THanks Chuck,   Keep researching for all of us!

  • ChuckP ChuckP

    OK guys I just got off the phone with the Doc.  He said "first things first". I should have a "Uro Dynamics Test" so see exactly what the problem really is.  Because I have already had a "PAE" AND A "UROLIFT" with NO success he said he doesn't want to put me thru a "3rd Procedure" and get the same result.  He also said that "retro grade ejaculation" occurs less than 10% of the time but it does occur.  He has done the procedure 62 times.  He recommended after I do a uro dynamics test to get a "sleep apnea test".   My prostate is between 45 and 50 grams and there is no reason why the Urolift shouldn't be working for me.  He thinks I have "Nocturia" and should get a sleep apnea test.  Thats about all I can tell you.  As I mentioned earlier you can call the inventors of the procedure and get a list of the Docs that do this "REZUM PROCEDURE".   Their number is 1-888-319-9691.  Just for the record this guy was super nice.  He also said "Insurance Does Pay" for this procedure.  It is approved.  

  • tom86211 tom86211 ChuckP


    Doctor gave you very good advice. Since you say you have had the Urolift and PAE with no success then you absolutely need to know what's going on before doing anything else. Before doing the PAE did you have a CT scan? What imaging was done before the Urolift? 

    What was the Doctor's name. I want to call him.



    • ChuckP ChuckP tom86211

      Tom; Send me a private message as I don't think it is "fair" to a Doctor to put his name and number out on a internet website where thousands of people can see it.  I do value his privacy as he is a super busy guy.

  • ChuckP ChuckP

    So yesterday friday March 4th I finally received a call back from Dr. Kevin McVary from SIU/Illinois med center.  He "authored" a study of 200+ men who had the "REZUM PROCEDURE".  As you may know this procedure is FDA approved and being done thru out the country.  Although NOT in Omaha where I live.  Sad face.  Anyway, I asked him my usual questions and when I asked him the percentage of men who ended up with "Retro Grade Ejaculation" he said there were "ZERO"  in his study of 200 men!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So this particular procedure guys just might be what we all have been looking for.  It sounds a thousand times better than a TURP, TURIS, GREENLIGHT, ETC ETC.  Hope you guys will read this post as I consider it one of my best and most enlightening posts EVER. 

  • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

    I had it done yesterday. Quite a bit more painful than advertised. A day later I'n not close to being able to pee and I was told I would be. Doc said procedure went fine and should get a good result, but right now I'm very depressed as i have to cath myself to pee for I don't know how long and it SUCKS! Not sure i would have done it if I had know I was in for an indefinite period on a self cath.

    • tom86211 tom86211 oldbuzzard


      After much research it is my understanding that all of these procedures involve some pain and recovery time. 

      When you had this done were you under anesthesia? Was this done in a hospital setting or in an office setting? 

      I assume that the difficulty urinating is due to tissue swelling. Instead of trying to do self cath the urologist can insert a Foley catheter that you can keep in for a few days until the swelling goes down. This is MUCH easier than trying to self cath. 

      I had prostate swelling after radiation treatment for prostate cancer, and had to have a Foley catheter off and on for 5 weeks. I got used to it. I did self cath a few times but that was much more difficult and irritating than the Foley. 

      Thank you for your post. 



    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard tom86211

      I find the foley cath to be painful and a real drag. I can live normally self cathing but can't ever get comfortable with a foley cath. This was my choice, but I thought it was only for a day or so.

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard kenneth1955

      I don't know that the ultimate result won't be as advertised. It will take 3-4 months to determine that. The recovery is longer (for me anyway) than advertised. I'm in no pain and feel fine other than needing a cath to pee. Time will tell on whether it was worth it. I can say this - that I had MUCH more pain during the procedure than most and the last spray was unbearable and accoridng to my urologist in the spot that if swollen would be likely to cause this result.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 oldbuzzard

      Did the doctor talk to you about any side effect. They are very vag on alot they said that it perserve sexual function.  But say nothing about retro.   I know I just read it again and it said you should see improvement in 2 weeks Good Luck  Ken

    • ChuckP ChuckP kenneth1955

      Ken; I don't think wearing a foley bag for a couple of days would be all that bad.  When I had my Urolift  last June of 2015 I had to wear a foley bag for 24 hours.  It wasn't really all that bad, just quite "inconvenient" more than painful.  For the life of me I don't understand why the darn prostate continues to grow for us guys. 

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

      Hate the Foley. I am clearly more sensitive up there than most - alwasy felt it pulling, always felt like I had to pee. Much rather cath myself every few hours - its no fun but it takes a minute or so then I don't have to think about it for another few hours. Always felt the Foley

    • tom86211 tom86211 oldbuzzard

      About the Foley..I had six of them put in and taken out over a 5 week period while my prostate swelling went down enough so I could pee again after my radiation treatment.

      The Foley was really easy and comfortable AFTER I did the following:

      I taped the drain tube to my leg with a couple of the little white butterfly bandages that the doctor gave me, so there was no tugging or pulling. Second, I carefully padded my underpants so that the tube rested sideways. That way there was no pulling or tugging sensation. I barely noticed it at all. The urine drained into my leg bag, which I emptied frequently. I used the velcro straps on the bag to secure it to me, so again, no discomfort or tugging. Now, here's a VERY important step that I took. I kept the tube constantly lubriced with Neosporin at the point where it entered the penis, so it was always slippery and antibiotic. Otherwise, it can get irritating and crusty. This also prevents infections. 

      So, Neosporin, taping, padding and velcro. Almost 100% comfortable for five weeks. Easy to sleep at night. 

      Hope this helps somebody out there who has to use a Foley or is concerned about having to use one. 

      The self cath was MUCH more difficult and painful. 



    • tom86211 tom86211 oldbuzzard

      So, based on what I just read you went through the procedure without anesthetic? In other words, you were awake? The procedure sprays steam into the prostate, so it absolutely has to be painful. I have had two 12 core biopsies for prostate cancer and after the 10th core the pain can be high. Before the second biopsy I took two Tylenol capsules and there was less pain than durng the first biopsy. 

      For the Rezum treatment I would absolutely want to be knocked out. A few years ago I had tooth taken out and the dentist asked if I wanted to be out or awake. I said awake, and there was no pain, but for the Rezum I would NOT want to feel anything. 

      This would be true for any of these treatments, TURP or Holep or Rezum. If a urologist is going to go up into my prostate and cut it, laser it, or spray steam into it, I want to be OUT.


    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard tom86211

      Yes, no anesthesia. They used lidocaine which apparently for most people makes it OK. For me it didn't, but I wouldn't have opted to get knocked out even if I had known. The sprays are only 9 seconds long, they did 5 and only one was truly horrible.

    • johnguild johnguild tom86211

      Thanks Tom, thanks for these tips on managing the Foley.  Until I stumbled on these tips and used them my experience with the Foley was not good.  Thanks so much for sharing!!.  I'm day 21 into Rezum recovery.  During this period I've had three cycles with the Foley. Tomorrow they will remove it again and let me go ‘Foley free’ again to see if I can restore my urination.  So far no luck; but, my prostrate was quite large (> 100 cc) so recovery for me may take more time.  Once I'm though recovery I'll report back to the group on the results and experience.  I hoping the results will be good - I'll see.   Take care, John

    • randy 85492 randy 85492 oldbuzzard

      Our REZUM experiences are the same so far and I've been told to allow up to 3 Full Months for significant improvement in my flow and correction of my retention...My uro plans 3 Trial Voids starting 30 days from Aug 15th, the day of the procedure, and,then, 30 days apart until successful...He requires me to "cut my foley catheter early in the morning, then drink as much fluids as I can until i Void. Then, let him check my Retention. If my Retention is 100 ml or less for 3 Viods then my REZUM is deemed successful...FYI - I failed my first TRIAL VOID last Thursday..Now, I'll have to wait another 30 days before another TRIAL VOID is attempted........I hate the Voiding Steps my Uro has, because I can "mess up myself" on the way to the Uro's office...This has already happened once...Very Em\barrashing!.....

    • johnguild johnguild randy 85492

      Wow, my instructions were nothing like this.  My uro doc has specified no void instructions. I return to his office having gone without the foley for 4 days. He asks if I can pee. He inserts the cath to see how much volume I expell and based on that he decides if I need to keep to foley in for 4 more days.   So far I've had to have the foley re installed; I'm currently on my 5th run with the foley since Aug 22.   I go back this Monday and will ask him again about self cath

  • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

    Two weeks and two days later my ability to pee is finally coming back. Its not normal yet, but getting managable. I can't report on the effect of the procedure yet, but after two weeks of self cathing, I'm slowly getting back to normal. Normal wasn't all that great, or I wouldn't have had the proceudre done, but I'll take it for now.

    • ChuckP ChuckP oldbuzzard

      Thank You very much for keeping us sufferers update.  I must "admit" that Iam somewhat "Luke Warm" in doing this REZUM procedure.  May the Good Lord Bless You.  Take Care.

    • vic59 vic59 ChuckP

      Hi Chuck,

      i'm very close to decide the REZUM too, was very interested in Urolift but this one seems to be better other than pains during proces. Thanks for put in here the option. vic


    • vic59 vic59 oldbuzzard

      Hi Oldb,

      i'm very close to decide the REZUM as Chuck, but before was very interested in Urolift. Now this one seems to be better, other than pains during proces. Im sure you did decide the best and hope you will be fine.

      Please keep us updating.


  • tonyynot tonyynot ChuckP

    I'm having the rezum procedure this Wednesday the 13th of April, 2016.  Hope everything is pre"dick"table.  I'll try to let you know

    • ChuckP ChuckP tonyynot

      Hi Tony;  I love your sense of humor.  Yes, please keep us in the loop of knowledge.  Iam having a "Cysto" within the next 2 weeks.  I'll let you know how it hangs as well.   LOL. 

    • randy 85492 randy 85492 uncklefester

      I had my REZUM on August 15th...The Procedure was performed in my URO's office by the URO Doc with a Company Representative from the company that created the REZUM procedure...I was given a local block anesthesia..The URO Doc made 14 Steam Snips...Each Snip hurt for ~ 9 seconds..Then, he would do the next one...The procedure took ~ 35-45 minutes...There was No Other Pain...I experienced bleeding off & on for 2+ weeks...I had been on a Foley Catheter before the procedure, because I had not been unable to void after sa lung operation I had in mid-June....My Uro Doc tried 3 Trial Voids over 2 months and finally I passed the last one ~ 2.5 weeks ago...I had Self Cath'd ~ 1 week after the last Trial Void was successful, but I have been Voiding naturally since...My retention tends to be less than 100ml which is acceptable, but I void 10+ times within 24 hours including 3-4 times during the night..I've been told the bladder has to relearn its function since I was on the Foley for ~ 4 months...I initially experienced some dribbles and a little leakage after thre REZUM, but both have stopped. Also, it took ~ 1-1.5 weeks for my nerves to notify me consistently when I needed to pee.....Thus, in most cases, I consider the REZUM a success!...I was suffering from a lot of Urgency and BPH just prior to my lung operation....Hopefully, my bladder function will contnue to improve and I'll be back to normal soon....

  • tonyynot tonyynot ChuckP

    Had my procedure(Rezum) this morning.  I just had a local for the procedure since my cardiologist recommended that since I have a pacemaker.  They normally put you under.  They did nine(9) seconds of "steam injections" 6 places in the prostate.  As you go in, that would be 3 on the left from top to bottom and the same on the right.  I have to keep the catherer in for five(5) days.  Fairly uncomfortable during the procedure, but if it works, that will be all forgotten.  However, if they have to do it again, it won't be forgotten.  In fact, it probably won't happen again!!!  Well, the results remain to be seen.  Dr. indicated that it will take 2-3 months for it to get as good as it will get.  I'll keep ya'll posted.

  • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

    I had it done 4 weeks ago and here's an update and some stuff on what to expect.

    I still can't pee quite as well as I did before I had this done, but I'm at the point where it's manageable and getting better. I pretty predictably get a notable improvement every 5 days and the next one should have me back to where I was at the rate things have been improving. I had WAY more swelling apparently than most - you should notice about 30% imrpovement after 3 weeks and about 10%/week thereafter, til you reach the 3 month mark. You'll have some pain and blood when peeing (both bearable, not a big deal) and some atypical pee urgency. The biggest problem with that for me is I get up in the middle of the night more than I did. My doc says most fo the symptoms are gone after 4 weeks - I assume I'll take longer because my recovery has. It should be noted that I probably took longer getting off the cath (self cathing) than anyone who has had thus procedure to date.

    My experience during the procedure was similar to yours - very uncomfortable and also quite painful at times. I would have preferred to been knocked out or at least twighlighted given what I know now. 5 nine second sprays - 3 painful, one not at all and the last one was screaming level pain - I assume the local just didn't hit that area very well.

    Good luck - please let us know how you do.

    • ChuckP ChuckP oldbuzzard

      Hi Oldbuzzard;  Iam still "sitting on the fence" regarding doing the "REZUM".   Definitely on the fence after reading your posts.  I truly "feel very sorry for you".  I wish the Good Lord would throw you down a blessing and get you healed up quickly.  As you know I have had the "PAE"  and also a "UROLIFT" with no success on either one. I still get up 4 times a night.  I have a "Cysto" scheduled for April, 27th at 11am.  The Doc wants to get in there and "See Whats Going On".  I told him "Good Idea".  It gets kinda silly doing all these procedures with no success.  Thats why Iam in "No Hurry" to do a 3rd one until we see whats going on in there.  I hate a "Cysto" so he is going to give me a "local" so I don't have to endure the tremendous pain.  I'll keep you posted.  TAKE CARE.  ChuckP

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard ChuckP

      Hi Chuck,

      I think its good that your doc is going to have a look with a scope - very uncomfortable but indicated for sure. I wonder if your prostate is the problem, given that two procedures haven't helped. The PAE seems to do what Rezum does, but by cutting off blood supply rather than using steam to kill off some of the prostate. Do you have trouble going, or do you just go alot? If its not the former, you might have an overactive bladder - which there are treatments for. There are meds and botox - botox works better but it might be worth trying the meds for a month or two and seeing if they work at all.

      As for me, I;'m not quite back to where I was, but am funtional again and definitely getting better. My guess is that my prostate is still swollen, but that the procedure is starting to work and gradually overcoming any swelling as the dead cells are absorbed. I'll keep everyone posted - it will be interesting to see how well it works. My sense is that it may take longer for me to see the full effect becuase I don't know how long it will take for the swelling to completely subside.

  • tonyynot tonyynot ChuckP

    The doctor still has me on Rapaflo until the 60 pills run out.  I started on them about two weeks ago.  Hopefully that'll jump start me to a faster recovery.

    • vic59 vic59 tonyynot

      Hi Oldbuzz & Tony, hope things goes better to best. Please keep the update about no retro. You are both, our real window here. Maybe Dr Kevin McVary just forgot to write a +1 or +10 instead ZERO in his report, lol. Thank you very much guys.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 vic59

      Yes please let us know when you rest up.  There is nothing in any of the sites that say anything about retro.  I sent a e-mail to one of the places that have been doing the trials and no reply  Ken 

    • tonyynot tonyynot vic59

      Wednesday--Rezum procedure.  Make sure the catherer bag is anchored, otherwise will slip down and become uncomfortable.  I put some kleenex under the straps so they wouldn't pinch me.  Slept on sofa, but was a little uncomfortable at first adjusting to the new situation.  Bloody urine with painful leakage around the inserted tube.

      ​Thursday:  urine cleared up by bedtime.  Still painful leakage, but not quite as often.  Getting better.  Slept a lot better on the sofa.  The only real bad pain is from the leakage around the tube.  Doc has me on ibuprofen(400 mgs) three times a day for 2 weeks.  Also taking antibiotics.

      ​I figure the pain will be high come Monday when I take out the catherer, but hopefully all this will be worth it.

      ​Feel free to ask me any question you feel like I might be helpful with.

    •  nealpros nealpros kenneth1955

      This is to Kenneth and Tony,

      Put some triple antibiotic ointment (petroleum based with anesthetic), available inexpensively over the counter in all drugstores, where the tube enters your penis. Do not use the "antibiotic cream". You need the petrolium based product. Then clean the area with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 peroxide, and reapply the ointment several times a day. Unlike a woman's vagina, a penis has no natural lubrication. The unlubricated tube from the catheter will abrade ( rub ) the inside of the end of your penis, causing it to be very sore and bleed, and form scabs which causes more bleeding and pain. The ointment provides needed lubrication, solving the problem.


    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 nealpros

      Thanks Neal.  Let's hope I don't need another one soon.  In the hospital and at home I used a water base lube to help it.  It helped in the morning if you get my reason.  Cleaned it everytime I had a spasm and the blood.  The only other problem I had was the one catheter pulled down and made my pee hole bigger.  I can't stand to pee because it goes all over.  My doctor said it would heal but it never did.  I guest I could have worst problems  Take care  Ken     

    • ray25595 ray25595 vic59

      Vic -- no idea what the $$$ -- UCare said they would pay -- so did the doc.  My guess is around $3-5 G's. Be interesting to see when UCare sends history.  If you have a prospective facility in mind -- call and ask them their fees -- or call your insurance provider and ask them the range.

      Not sure what you are referring to when you say "and other studies".

      Good luck

    • tonyynot tonyynot vic59

      My wife and I are both on medicare with secondary coverage with the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.  Before the Rezum procedure the clinic called me and said they got insurance approval and that my cost would be $59.00(fifty-nine) which I paid just a few minutes before the procedure.  Of course the office visits were in addition to that, but not a problem.  It'll be a month or so before I get the medicare statement showing what the clinic and doctor billed medicare.  Hopefully I won't be surprised.

  • ray25595 ray25595 ChuckP

    Gents -- 24 hours ago I had this procedure performed at Metro Urology in Woodbury. MN. Metro is in the Twin Cities metro area as is the manufacturer of the equipment (Maple Grove) -- Metro was one of the very first facilities to be "greenlighted" to perform this procedure and today, as far as I know, it is still the only facility in the upper midwest performing Rezum. My attending doctor has been with MU since 1981 and has already performed hundreds of these. procedures

    My prostate is 40% enlarged and, it seems for at least 6-7 years, I have been up 3-4 times nightly and urinate numerous times during the day -- certainly more frequently than the typical man my age.

    My uroligist and family doctor have, over the years, prescribed every medicine known to man with very few/no  satisfctory, long-term results.  Recently, more or less out of desperation, I visited my urologist fully expecting that he would be prescribing some new "cocktail" of meds or, worse, recommend one of the other more invasive/radical procedures some have mentioned earlier on in this thread -- which I was not about to submit to. Surprisingly, two minutes into the discussion he offered a totally new procedure (Rezum) that was being performed with a great deal of success by one of his longterm colleagues and performed on an outpatient basis at their Woodbury facility.

    The night before the procedure I stumbled upon this site and, after reading it from start to finish, I was seriously tempted to cancel the appointment and, dueing the drive to Woodbury, I was still not sure I would see it through. As ot this sitting, however, I am happy I did not cancel.

    As advertised, the session was 30 minutes in duration -- I drove home afterward and stopped for lunch with my wife enroute.

    Without doubt, the most painful part of the process was the adminstration of the local anasthetic as it is injected directly into the prostate. The "vaporizing" of the prostate tissue itself was very tolerable and,for me at least, nothing like the sensation/pain others here have described.. Severl hours after the procedure I had absolutely no pain -- I did take 2 EX Tylenol in anticipation of pain when the local wore off but that never happened and I have taken nothing since.

    I have a few days lefi of the anti-biotic prescribed befor/after the procedure. The other side effects you can anrticipate are listed elsewhere. but I am experiencing none of them.

     I am needing to self-catheter (no bag), however, and that is somewhat of a pain and inconvenience but if the results are as advertised, it will all be more than worthwhile.

    In the "for what it is worth" category, I was up twice last night -- not the 3 or 4 times as previous so off to a good start.

    Happy peein' to all.

    • ChuckP ChuckP ray25595

      Ray;  THANK YOU very much for the info.  Sounds like things are going extremely well for you.  Praise the Lord.  "Please" lets keep in touch.  I would love to hear from you over the next few weeks and months to see if you continue to have these great results.  Again, I truly thank you.   ChuckP

    • tonyynot tonyynot ray25595

      Well I'm 9 days out from the Rezum.  5 days with catherer and now 4 days without.  Monday morning I was getting ready to take out the catherer and was sitting on the john when a bolt of lightning hit 20' in the back of our house.  Yep, scared the s..t out of me.  Fried 2 ac's and some other stuff.  Anyway, since procedure and discarding the catherer, not much help, maybe worse for now.  Hopefully will get better.  Sorry for the delayed response, but the lightning knocked out my internet access.  Will continue to post.


    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard tonyynot

      It's been 5 weeks for me now and its only been in the past couple of days that I'm back to where I was before the procedure. I'm actually probably a bit better than that now. Doc told me that for a typical patient, they don't nitoce improvement for at least 3 weeks and that most of the benefit shows itself in weeks 6-12. He thinks my procblem was more bladder related (two sprays were very close and he thinks may have shocked it into non response) than prostate, but either way, I'm on the mend and probably better than when i went in at 5 weeks. A long haul to be sure - i'll keep everyone posted.

    • ChuckP ChuckP oldbuzzard

      Thank You "Oldbuzzard" for the update.  I have been thinking about you.  As I have said before you went thru alot of hell with this procedure.  I hope and pray that it works for you.

  • HillcoGunsmith HillcoGunsmith ChuckP

    I'm scheduled for Rezum next week, but I'm concerned. I am a corporate pilot and I'm worried about working with this going on.

    • oldbuzzard oldbuzzard HillcoGunsmith

      Here's what the company told me about the clinical trial when I had problems - most people took 2-7 days to be able to funtion without a catheter. No one took more than 10 days. I took about 3 weeks and at 5 1/2 weeks I'm functional, but depending on the day, not always as good as I was the day I went in.

      I'm clearly an outlier - the 2 percenter you never think you're gonna be when looking at the odds of a problem. My Doc says that most of the improvement comes in weeks 6-12. If you can function at work with a self cath, you'll be fine, even if you end up with results like mine. They make small, pre-lubed disposable ones that you can be pretty discrete with if the worst happens - but almost everyone is at least funtional within 7-10 days.

      One piece of advice - the procedure was quite uncomfortable and at times very painful - quick enough, but if I had known I would have asked to be twilighted for it as it was more unpleasant than I was led to expect.

    • ray25595 ray25595 HillcoGunsmith

      Sir -- I get your apprehension -- totally normal. As I said in the previous post I made, I made the mistake of checking out this site the night before my procedure and, based on what I read, I was tempted to call and cancel. However, I have been dealing with this peeing issue for years and was at the point where I was up 3-4 times/night on avearage and decided it was well past the time to do something -- anything -- to get it resolved. The one thing I knew was I was not going to have any cutting/slicing done and I sure wasn't going the "Roto-Rooter" route as some have done. When I visited my urologist of the past 7 years he gave me the quick "middle finger" exam (my prostate was 40% enlarged) and promptly said there was a totally new procedure (ReZume) they were performing in their clinic and he highly recommended it -- I trust this man (how could you not trust a guy who has middle fingered you numerous times in the past?) so I signed up on the spot. Without doubt, the worst part of the procedure was the administration of the anesthetic -- done with a long needle. The procedure itslf was, for me at least, almost totally painless. As others have indicated, from start to finish it took less than 30 mins.

      This is the start of my 10th day and I am still using the cath, although I can start a short flow by "pumping" as others have suggested and I do feel like I am on the cusp of breaking through the jam/dam. I am able to go 4-5 hours between sessions and I am now up only once nightly -- huge improvement. -- I don't know how long your typical flight segments are but I would not be concerned about bringing the "eqpt" on board as, as others have said, it is very discrete, pliable, etc. 

      I don't know what you are flying but -- is there a potty on board?  If so, you are in business as this process takes less than 4 minutes.  If not, you can self adminster right in the captains seat -- or in the FO seat for that matter -- a bath towel to sit on might be a good idea as well as a Gator-ade bottle -- with a tight fitting cap -- to drain the catheter into. Who's to know? If you have male co-pilots, I'm sure they will be sympathetic to your cause -- if you have female co-pilots, that presents another whole set of challenges but -- when a man's gotta go he's gotta go!

      I am an AARP volunteer teaching the Safe Driver class to the old farts.  I have had 2 eight hour classes this past week done in the standing position which, for me at least, brings on the "urge" much more quickly than when in the sitting position (another thing you have going for you).I made it to break-time with no problems at all -- all the essentials fit neatly into a sealable sandwich bag -- including one of my wife's compact make-up mirrors for "just in case scenarios".

      Good luck with the procedure -- many more happy landings and, as always, happy pee'in.

    • HillcoGunsmith HillcoGunsmith ray25595

      Thank you, sir.  I fly a Gulfstream, has a great potty.

      I'm hoping to speak with the doc tomorrow about twilighting, or whatever for the pain.

      I don't know how enlarged mine is, but I'm 62 and usually get up 2 times per night.

      I'll keep yall informed.

    • HillcoGunsmith HillcoGunsmith ray25595

      I had the Rezum done and cateter out at day 5. I feel great, just waiting for the effect to kick in.  The procedure was pretty painful for me, but was so quick that I could handle it.

      Sleeping with the cath was a pain, but it's out now.

      I was getting erections in the middle of the night! Weird.

      Hope it all works out for you....


    • edo 85551 edo 85551 HillcoGunsmith

      i had the cathater in for 4 days I didn't think it was that painful . The funny thing is that I have had the same reaction which you are having . I'am 64 years old and still get a Boner at night . Imagine that !!


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