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Hello All

Like I have said before never give up hope on yourself.

Over the last week or so we have been talking about many things. From what procedures are best to all the side effects that come with them. In a way we can't say what procedure is best because we are all different and we all have different concerns.

Let's talk about procedures. We have many. I will not name them. We all know what they are. You have some that are less evasive to hard core surgery's. Healing time can be from 4 weeks to a year. Some men heal faster then others. It just depends on the procedure.

Also most procedure are done in the office or a surgery center and you go home the same day. Then you have some of the major procedure that are done in a hospital that you have to stay 1 to 3 days. It just depends on you health.

Before I get into side effects I want to let you know about a book I just read that was sent to me. It is about Proton procedure for Cancer. It is about 300 pages. It give you a lot of information about the procedure but I found it very cold. Out of the 300 pages. Retro ejaculation is only mention once. It say that being you over 50 your not having kids and you don't need it. And I did not like the way they talked about sex.

They had a question on one of the papers you have to fill out. This is for men I guess that are over 50 years of age and have cancer. It ask how many times a week you have sex. You have to reply 0 to 2 That is all they had on the form. The man that was answering the question said what do I answer. My wife and I enjoy sex 5 to 6 times a week. He is in his late 50's. The doctor told him that just mark 2. But that is a not a true answer. Then the doctor told him after the treatment if you can still get a erection that you will only be able to do the deed a few times a month. No fooling it is in the book I don't think it is a selling point. In a way they are saying that being your getting rid of the cancer the other stuff should not matter.

With any procedure you do you have to look into all the main things. How is it done and what are the side effects. If retro is a problem then you have to ask questions and see what are the chances of having it. It can go from 0 to 100 %. Depends on the procedure.

If retro is one of your concerns. What procedure you have and how good your doctor is will determine the out come of your procedure. Get a second opinion see if you can talk with the patients he has done. Also make sure you have all the test done to make sure the prostate is the problems. It can be anything in that area. Also make sure you know something before you go to the doctor so when he tells you something you have a idea of what he is talking about.

If you do not want to do the procedure say so. Do not let them bully you into a procedure. There was one man on here this week the doctor told him he needed a biopsy. He told them no he wanted a MRI first. The doctor told him that is not the way it's done. He want home and found out the doctor lied just to get him to do that procedure. That is not right. Put your foot down take control it's your body.

Please research any procedure ask question and tell the doctor your concerns. If he will not answer your questions or under plays anything you are concerned about. That is a red flag. Say thank you and find another doctor. Life is to short to give up on you. This is your life and you should be able to have fun and enjoy all you can.

God bless you all. If you need any information I can help you with I have a file cabinet of information for the internet and doctors I have talked to over the last 4 years. Just ask.

Have a great day and good health to all.........Ken PS Sorry this is so long

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    In your files have you ever heard of a urologist who has admitted that he personally underwent a BPH procedure himself, what was the procedure, recovery, satisfaction, how long ago, and why he chose that procedure?

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      Hey buddy.

      I did some looking in my files. I found a couple that you may like.

      The first one you can go on line and see the video. On the show the Doctors. Dr. Andrew Orden was having a BPH problem. His urologist told him he had a problem with his prostate where the external sphincter was. He did the Rezum procedure on him The doctor did 2 injections only. He does not believe in over doing it. Dr. Orden said that all was doing fine It takes 6 to 12 weeks to see the full results and he has no retro. This doctor at the time said that retro happen only in 5% of men. But we have found out over the last few year it is much higher.

      Now this one I have found I thought was funny. This is about a Urologist Dr. Joseph Gifford. He was a urologist for 44 years. He has seen over 2000 prostate cancer patients. He has done over 1700 Robotic surgery. He was told he had prostate cancer Gleason score of 7 out of 10. He put his name on for robotic surgery

      After he went home and thought about it. He canceled the surgery and decided that was not going to be good for him. He ended up doing Proton Therapy It did great for him. This was last year. He also retired. Now why after telling men for years that the only treatment for them was to remove there prostate. He goes and does something else for himself.

      I find that very odd.......Have a good day...Ken

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      Hey Lester

      In what I was reading the information just gave the number of the men he removed the prostate. There was no results. I guess they were okay

      But to me it does not make since if you told 1700 men that removing there prostate was the way to go. Why do you have something else done for yourself????

      That is the question......Ken

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      I wonder why that uro chose proton therapy over FLA as FLA is a much more precise targeted therapy for PCa without radiation side effects?

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      Hey Howard

      I do not know why It happen in 2017. Maybe he did not want his prostate touch. It was still in his prostate. But that still don't answer the question Why?

      He removed so many prostate in 44 years. Why did you pick this other for himself. I just read it again and all it said was that is was noninvasive. It also said that he had talk to some of his patients about doing Proton Therapy

      To me it come off as he was biting the hand that feed him....Ken

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    Thanks Ken for this important information.

    Have you ever had to take opiods for pain -like oxycodon? Last week my pain was so bad I took 4 pills over 24 hours and it broke the pain cycle. Thanks and be well. Howard

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      Good morning

      Yes I did but not more then a couple. My doctor gave me 10 pills to come home with when I was in the hospital when my bladder was inflamed. In the hospital they gave me morphine. That was when they tried to catheter me 7 times. I was in a lot of pain when I gave home.

      Take care......Ken

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