"Thud" In chest ?

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Well my name is wez   - I want to make it aware i am sorry for any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes it might look a mess but i hope you understand . 

It started alone time ago i used to be scared of a lot of situations then i kept telling my self i think i have anxiety , time goes by and i physically have mental anxiety and social anxiety .

Other things , a friend got stabbed and died in my past and i witnessed it , i used to grow up to an abusive step father abusing my mother and such so i am not sure if this can play a part in why i am how i am to this day

Also i USED to take drugs with friend when i was younger , Pills , speed and sometimes cocaine and cannabis

Now I only smoke cannabis , Some people may say cannabiss is the problem but no it started way before i smoked cannabis and when i smoke cannabis it actually helps my body relax and me relax mentally sometimes i will go into deep thoughts but its happy thought and not worrying about the anxiety part of it , i enjoy playing games online with friends

I don't have friend where i live any more well i do but anxiety pushed me away and i can't get my self to meet people anymore and such

I have better friends online than i will every do in real life tbh smile

 i always think something bad is going to happen , I picture things in my head like of worst case scenarios , when my mother goes out i always feel as if shes going to end up in a accident and then i will be lost forever but the weird thing is my brain like pictures things if i make sense ,I hate it why does my brain do this , i am fully aware of whats going on and know i have bad anxiety so i am not going crazy as when i say picturing things you should know what i am trying to mean by saying that hopefully smile  ,

I can't talk to people as i will feel embarrassed for no reason and i really don't know how to have conversations as i just feel stupid talking to people , even my own mum and brothers i feel stupid when i talk to them

Thoughts are constantly running wild in my head like always thinking someone is talking about me or thinking about me even looking at me then i will start to go lightheaded and stuff my brain will feel heavy but i think that due to worrying so much and thinking to much about one situation .

I basically live my life in my bedroom but the thing is i enjoy it because its where i feel most comfortable , where i know problems and feeling won't occur .

I was on citalopram for ages and then i told my doctor was not doing anything

also before i explain , i used to get the feeling of adrenaline constantly through my chest as i breathed in and out daily and every minute .

So the doctor changed my meds and put me on sertraline 50 mg and i am now on 100 mg and they work i think , i hardly have the adrenaline in my chest any more only occasionally

I also had the feeling of my heart sinking into my chest and causing bursts of adrenaline throughout my body and mentally its hard and physically due to it makes you so ALERT of the situation .

So she also put me on Propranolol 40 mg 3 x a day

I was taking them and then i started feeling my pulse in my arm like not painful but annoying it was beating but i felt it beating on the back of my wrist , so i stopped them my self without telling the doctor ( i know now you should not do this )

One day all of a sudden ( this has never happened to me )

I stood up and i think i felt a sharpy pain in my chest like some one tapped on my chest and my heart just all of a sudden rapidly was beating i felt it in my chest and i started sweating and me panicing did not help the situation , I ran into my brothers room and said ring ambulance and i was holding my chest , he phoned and he said i looked pale as it was happening , by the time they got to my house whatever had happened had calmed down meaning the heart but i was uncontrollablly shaking when they arrived and my right arm was very i guess heavy and weak , they checked me and said everything seem fine then i went to the hospital to get checked they put me on the things where they stick things on your body a couple of times and they did an xray because i always felt the feeling of being stuffed or my stomache was pushing into my ribs and causing alot of problems pain and such and they said everything looks fine .

I went home and i was okay i was trying to relax every now and again i got the feeling of it was going to happen again like my chest dropping and i breathed and relax my self but it was so hard to go through , I slept for a week like woke up went back asleep , i felt dead

This part is hard to explain the feeling

all the way through this i was having the feeling of my heart popping and a small feeling of excitment like when your on a ride and its about to drop that feeling you get as you go down

Another way to explain it feels like a thud in my chest and i actually feel it thud and its very hard for me to deal with , i learn to cope but its annoying and very frustrating and worrying when it happens , so i went down and told my mum i need to sort it out and go to the doctor , I explained everything to her as best as i could as i find it hard to explain things or i feel as if i don't explain things correctly and i get frustrated when trying to explain things or work something out

i went back and she put me back on propranolol as she checked my heart rate and it was 120 relaxed so i went back on them and after a while my heart rate was 80 etc so they was working along with the sertraline

Now i am on sertraline and propranolol 40 mg x1 a day ( i can take 3 but i choose not to ) Sertraline is 1x a day 100mg

I take them both around 7 pm because i have problems with sleep and its mostly the time i wake up due to not getting asleep until 10 am etc

But lately i have been getting the feeling of a thud in my chest , its not as bad as when i come of propranolol my self

But i am always waiting for it to happen again because i know it will , it happens i would say 10 times a day sometimes bursts of small thuds in the space of 10 minutes but not 1 second apart it could be 20 or 1 minute apart

And when it happens i am alert and worry about it its the only thing in my life atm that is causing me problems in my life ,

I go out to the shop and i sweat and i feel the thud happening as i am walking

In most places sometimes i get very hot it will be freezing but i will feel like heat is trying to burst out of my head and i sweat not badly but a small amount like on my forehead and such .

I walk downstairs and come back up and i am not exactly out of breath but its like i am struggling to breath i need to relax my self to feel normal again almost like the adrenaline that has started due to me rushing down stairs and breathing is mixing and causing me to feel as if its hard to get my breath back

I actually checked my heart rate and such last night



Pulse = 82

apparently my blood pressure is okay from a chart i seen its in ideal blood pressure can any one confirm this please

I need answers or some one who feels these things that has anxiety badly

I go to my doctors and because i have been in the waiting room and mentally in my brain i am having an anxiety attack thinking overloading by the time i go into the doctor room , my brain is heavy and hazey and feel confused like and forget most things i was going to say because i have over thought it before hand i guess ?

I have been offered therapy , counciling but again most of my problems worsen when i meet people and when i am speaking to people like i am always thinking something is going to go wrong and i am going to make a fool out of my self and because i have thought this so many times its basically a thing now i can't help but think these things so i avoid situations that worsen my anxiety half of the time i feel like i want to curl up in a ball and just cry and shout because its hard to deal with very hard to deal with anxiety .

the most important thing i want from this discussion is some one to talk to and like settle my brain so i know i am not the only one out here that is going through this

And an explanation of the THUD feeling in my chest i guess its my heart sometimes it in the middle of my chest sometimes its furthur down its so weird

Oh i also always feel bloated and like uncomfturble in my stomach area and under my ribs and always feel the need to burp , sorry i might of already stated this above but i have just wrote this out from my mind trying my best to explain

Any one that helps thanks you in advanced


Wez . <3>

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    Hey Wez

    It sounds like you've had a traumatic time dude. I can understand your worrying about things out of your control like your mum going out. After witnessing your friend being stabbed I can imagine it stems from this.

    Interns of everything else from what I've picked up you suffer with:

    Hot flushes

    Panic attacks

    Heart racing


    Chest pain

    Constant bloating


    Brain fog


    Possibly derealisation

    Struggling to catch your breath


    The heavy head feeling is stress

    Chest thud (could this be your heart skipping a beat? Or does it feel more like a 'flutter'?)

    If it's the latter then it's what we call muscle twitching and it happens in your chest muscles and not your heart so don't' worry about that. If it's your heart skipping a beat, this could be the weed, a mate of mine suffered with his heart skipping a beat on weed after long time use and he had to give it up. It can happen after long time use. Perhaps try giving it up for a while and see if it eases.

    I have had every single one of the symptoms you've described except my heart skipping a beat (if that's what it is) you're not alone dude and it's so hard to accept that it's all down to anxiety but it is.

    You're not alone at all, I mean it when I say I've had every symptom you're experiencing. I'm also going to give you a great piece of advice, crying is a superb way to relieve stress, tension and make you feel better. It might not make you feel manly but seriously cry as much as you need man. It released chemicals from your head and makes you feel better. You'll probably find that the heavy feeling you have in your head will temporarily disappear after a good cry. It's not a sign of weakness as it does serve a purpose. Sometimes we take in so much and don't release anything and it's unhealthy, it builds tension and makes your symptoms worse.

    Another thing I can't stress to you enough is talking to people. Even if you are very independent and self-reliant, you need to talk to people I get things off your chest. It will make you feel better and both things I've mentioned only have positive effects on the body and mind. Even if it just provides temporary relief, you can do it as often as you need whenever you want some relief from it all. Better than any pill or medication they can offer you. So it do it often.

    As for your blood pressure, it's perfect, much better than mine but I will also tell you this... panic/anxiety and stress can raise your bloody pressure. It's happened to me twice now where it has been high and both times I was crippled with worry over my health anxiety.

    If you ever need to talk, hit me up dude and I can put your mind at rest.

    Take it easy and good luck.

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      Thanks you everything you said makes sense

      Yes it's very hard to deal with stressfull but i try to forget about it but its hard when anxiety is in your life

      All the thing you said about suffering with

      Hot flushes - Yes

      Panic attacks - Yes one major one others small

      Heart racing -happens often but small and does not burst into full on heart racing

      Palpitations - i worked out it could be this but i was not sure the heart thud

      Chest pain - chest pain is not occuring much any more just tight feeling every now and again but no pain

      Constant bloating - Yes all the time , feeling like burps are stuck in my stomach and chest and throat and then sometimes i like inhale before you burp but then the burp does not come out .

      Gassy - Not as much gassy but sometimes

      Brain fog - brain fog only when i am in situations where i am worrying in public not all the time when i am relaxed at home

      Confusion - same with above only when i am thinking deep or in a public situation

      Possibly derealisation - i read up about this and somewhat this could be true like recently my nan died and was cremated and its the first time ashes have been brought into the home and it was my mums mum , i love my mum and i feel her pain she is everything to me and it made me feel as if i couldn't believe or understand life like a seen that person speaking and functioning and now they're in the box i am looking at its hurts my head also i think deep and think about the world , earth how we float in a galaxy and all the stuff and its confuses me but i really like that stuff space and everything but when i think to deep i think to deep as i was saying the feeling from google i think occur are

      1.Listening to someone talk and realise you did not hear part or all of what was said

      2.Sometimes sit staring off into space, and not being aware of the passage of time

      3.(SOMETIMES THIS HAPPENS) Stationary objects may appear to move

      4.A feeling that you and/or your surroundings are not real ( Not all the time but when i think sometimes i think like is the world not real and we are all just dreaming in such ways but every one wonders i guess )

      Struggling to catch your breath - this happens alot after walking down stairs or somewhere

      Sweating - happens ALOT , when my mum puts the heating on i have to turn mine off because i boil but even when its not on half of the time i will randomly become hot feeling as if i am sweating badly but i am not sweating sometimes i do sweat though it depends .

      The chest thud could be skipping a beat but i really don't know what that feels like so i can not state if its that happening but its almost like a bang like my heart is beating normal i don't feel it then all a sudden i will feel one heavy thud in my chest sometimes after it happens adrenaline realeases through my body like that feeling after wards it makes me worry and it happens often in my life now

      And you say it could be the weed BUT this feeling only happened ever since i started propranolol before i never had the heart feeling i used to just have adrenaline

      I have smoked weed for 10 years now i have been fine with weed its not caused any problems like i said anxiety came before weed

      I am 24 btw

      i find it hard talking to people though thats the biggest problem also i avoid going into situations like this , even when family come around i lock my self away and dnt go down until they're gone but i do talk to people via voice friend online and they help alot and understand with them i can be my self its weird

      i can't even go on webcam to family as i feel worried scared over nothing its stupid . thanks man for the words and help smile

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    Wez when you wanted the ambulance either you had heart problems or more likely you were having a panic attack which happens a lot to people suffering from anxiety. I am sorry about your friend that's modern life unfortunately. But you are feeling it as a result of his or her death.  Have you tried bereavement counselling that may get you over the loss of your friend and maybe you would feel better for trying it.
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    firstly my love yes you seem to have all the symptons I have including the thump in the chest and I have anxiety and depression although im stable at this moment thank you for sharing your post I do know I was burping a lot and for some reason it builds up gas in your stomache you get every pain conceivable and the thumping is so scary. I dont think the cannabis will be helping the anxiety as I hear it can father still thinks he can control me it but its not my place to judge you or anyone. I can understand why you have had the life you have had you have had at least two major traumas to live through your friend and your mum, I came from a disciplined home where nowadays they would term it physical abuse me yet i dont think he realises what he does, i was also bullied badly as a child so thats my life story and i realise why i go through what I do. has your doctor tried to reassure you about the thumping chest and symptons and explained why?. Im fortunate although my doctor has explained well I have found so much help and support from this group Im so glad I found it. dont worry about your typing or grammer you dont need to apologise for anything. ask your doctor for therapy on a one to one if you can or feel ready you have done the hard part by sharing your post and thank you I know it is hard but it is the first step hopefully it will get a little easier for you now. 
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