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Anxiety Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Agoraphobia, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder, Stress

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  • Lexi13 2

    B vitamins for anxiety?

    I have anxiety.  I'm currently on Lexapro, 700 mg Gabapentin a day, and 2 mg of klonipin a day.  Recently my blood tests showed low DHEA and low cortisol, but both still in the normal range, just low.  I've started taking B12 vitamins and and B5.  I've been feeling good until two days ago, I've got anxiety...

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  • Dbmetsfan 3

    Head swelling

    i don't know if I am imagining this or not but during the night I was sleeping on my left side. When I rolled over to sleep on my right side I had this weird feeling that the left side of my head was protruded. I felt like a cone head even though when I touched it it felt okay. When I woke up this morning...

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  • Mc4102 2

    Switching from Lexapro to Celexa?

    Has anyone had success in treating anxiety from switching from 10mg Lexapro to 20mg Celexa? The lexapro just didn't work for me. My doctor just started me on 20mg Celexa bc I had great success with it years ago. Question is if the drugs are very similar why would one work over the other?

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  • stella2 M
  • Boris Kay 2

    Extremely anxious and scared of death to the point I feel like dying.

    I'll try to keep it simple. When I was 6 my father beat up my hole family in front my very eyes. We kicked him out, but my my family accepted him back a few months later. Four years after that he was violent again and we kicked him out for good.  I strongly believe these occasions and the four years...

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  • shane 81689 3

    Struggling to cope

    Had anxiety issues for over a year on and off but in march this year things seem to finally boil over and I was diagnosed with GAD/ panic disorder. Since then I have done 10 weeks on 20mg fluoxatine and 3 weeks on 40mg to which I have had some relief but the Constant fear of something bad happening...

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  • margaret47489 2

    Icitalopram 20mg

    Hi Ive bern on citalopram now for 8 weeks and still ferl anxious.Some times in the day it clears and i feel ok,but this is only for sn hour or 3.I do feel calmer at nigjt.Should i be increasing or stiicking with it?Its taking such a long time to feel better.On propanal also to help and slerping tanlets...

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  • sofiana88014 2

    Muscle twitching in chest

    Does anyone experience muscle twitching in the chest area? My left breast to be specific is constantly twiching and its so scary!! Its not painful but its annoying and distracting! I have to stop what i am doing everytime it twitches! It wont stop! I have twiches everywhere in my body, you name it i...

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  • brittany61118 2

    Can anxiety really do this???

    Sorry in advice that this is probably going to be long I just hope to get some answers. I have made many posts on here. I have been told by a doctor I have anxiety/panic attack disorder. I was tryed on meds but didn't help and the side effects was horrible so I am now on vaulim for long term use to treat...

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  • Texas Longhorns 3
  • paula95334 2

    Suffering from social anxiety

    I've been suffering from depression for over 10years now, mostly it's come from not having any confidence and affecting everything in my life starting from been school I'm now 35. I had my daughter 13 years ago and been a single parent from being pregnant. I have never discussed this with anyone or on...

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  • rebecca9111 2

    I feel like I'm going to die

    Has anyone felt like there going to die feel got feel like breathings slow tight head I don't no what this is doctors have said it's anxiety but I don't

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  • margaret47489 2
  • winnie 43694 1


    Hello my name is Winnie I'm a 26 year old female starting back in February I started having pain at the top right side of my head well I didn't really think anything of it then one night I started having leg cramps and headache the leg cramps wouldn't go away so the next morning my mom took me to the...

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  • tw57778 2

    Worried about chest pain and chest tightness

    Hi guys, I'm 25 years old and my biggest fear is getting a heart attack. Every pain around my chest will make me worry. I had 3 ECG and 1 stress test done 6 months ago and everything came back fine. My chest starts to feel pain and tight on and off for about a week. Sometimes my face and neck will turn...

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  • ElleMich 1

    Vacation Depression?

    Hello, I'm new to this site and I didn't really know where to turn to about my issue because I feel like I am the only one who is going Through it, I can't even find anything through internet searches about what I'm feeling. So this is my issue and it isn't new it started when I was young .. when I...

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  • joshuac 2

    Please give me your advice (Health anxiety over cancer)

    I'm obviously a Hypochondriac... I'm 19 years old and a male. I have scene around 4 doctors in the past 3 months and my ENT about 3 times this past month and a half. I had an endoscopy a few months ago. I have been so worried that I have throat cancer for the past 3 months due to a sore throat ever day,...

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  • davidhan 2

    Is this anxiety or asthma

    Hi everyone! My name is David and I am 26 years old.  My anxiety started in the middle of October last year and have experienced many symptoms of anxiety but I feel much better now. No more panic attacks (since November) but I do have minor dp/dr time to time. Long story short, I been living in Japan...

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  • rachel89713 1

    Scary symptoms. Anxiety and derealization?

    I've had crippling anxiety for almost a year now. I've struggled with all sorts of symptoms from panic attacks to health anxiety to intrusive thoughts. Now I'm dealing with something that really scares me that my therapist doesn't seem to understand besides just generalizing it to anxiety, but i feel...

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  • Texas Longhorns 3

    Shortness of breath .

    I've been feeling shortness of breath about 3 weeks now everything started ever sense I had a panic attack which is an month ago. I'm still trying to find a solution for shortness of breath and heavy breathing. I feel like I can't get that full satisfaction when I breath. Belly breathing helps but not...

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  • Timmie25 3

    Agoraphobia anyone?

    I scrolled through and didn't see anyone with agoraphobia. I have BP 1, GAD. I haven't been diagnosed with agoraphobia but my previous psychiatrist did not listen at ALL. He just handed out rx's. I have an appt with a new psychiatrist in Aug. I have progressively been getting worse. Started out not being...

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  • wearykitty 4

    Heart Racing...But Pulse is Normal....What's Happening?

    Best I can describe it is that it feels as though I've had a bunch of caffeine (and I haven't)....heart feels as though it's beating very quickly, but when I check my pulse, it's between 62 and 70BPM (very normal)....neck muscles feels tight and face feels tingly and I feel shaky (although not visibly)....nerves??...

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  • awanish51917 1

    Is it mental illness

    I think i m suffering from some mental illness since since March i feel my throat is not fine. I have seen several doctors, they have done tests too but all in vain. they say nothing wrong but my mind always feel serious disorder in it. I feel it all the time and never forget it for second. plz opine....

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  • johnnie99998 3
  • kaleb17363 1

    I been having chest pain.

    i keep worrying that I'm going to have a heart attack because of my chest pain from anxiety. I keep trying to convince myself that theirs nothing wrong with me but it doesn't work I need to hear it from other people for me to believe it. I got my heart check out about 3 months ago and I lost a lot of...

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  • rachel02253 3

    Missed beats could they be something else?

    Hi just wondering if anybody else suffers from what feel like missed heartbeats could it be air moving around near the ribcage/ throat but due to anxiety anything in that area automatically feels like the heart ive had lots of tests all ok found sinis tachycardia on 1 of the monitors but thats all could...

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  • Notthatginger 3


    Does anyone have an positive experiences with this drug? I'm finding it doesn't help me sleep at all. Mirtazapine did but didn't help my anxiety. And it made me fat. Please help I'm 22 with GAD and severe emetophobia and chronic nausea

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  • rchrbl 3

    Need help. 1mg Ativan or .25 Xanax?

    So, i was perscribed 1mg ativan from one hospital and 0.25 xanax from another. I have been taking the ativan however, I am waking up jittery and muscles buzzing/vibrating. I want to switch to the xanax being that I am almost out but Im afraid  the .25 mg xanax will not work. Do you think switcing would...

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  • MrDeanatron 2


    Hi all Sorry if I don't make sense but I hope I do .. basically I seem to get headaches every now and then but there really bad sometimes I feel it from my neck so I know not to worry .. But then I've had this headache and it hurts I went to the Dr yesterday and he looked in my eyes and stiff and said...

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  • fran37477 2

    Anxiety symptoms or actual HIV risk?

    Hi, all.  In October, I had an encounter with a man who is not my boyfriend, now fiance. The encounter was unprotected vaginal sex, however he did not ejaculate inside of me. Other than feeling tremendous guilt, I have had no "tell-tale" HIV symptoms (fever, diahherea, night sweats, anything consistent...

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  • josy0405 2

    feel like im going to die soon?

    Has anyone felt this way? Its like after i started suffering from anxiety and going through panic attacks, my brain has convinced me that i am dying soon. Like yesterday i was conviced i was going to die today. Please tell me i am not the o ly one that feels this. I also read that people feel like theyre...

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  • brandon69357 2

    Interesting BP experience DR. visit anxiety

    So I have posted in here often lately. Been feeling pretty bad with panic and anxiety for months. The last 4 days I have felt great. Almost no anxiety. Felt healthy and positive and starting to get back to normal. Had a psychiatrist appointment today and they always have me do the dreaded bp reading....

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  • carlie57539 1

    I feel really depressed when I do something wrong, what should I do?

    You know when you make a normal human mistake (forgetting to put your name on a paper, wrong answer in class, etc) that everyone does but you just don't brush it off your shoulder like everyone else? I think about the mistake (which makes me depressed) and how I should avoid making it again. For some...

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  • chiisaihime 2
  • RyuuKuu 3

    Constant health anxiety

    Hey guys; back again. So, I thought my anxiety was finally clearing up for good until it rushed back and kicked me right in the teeth. Right now is an extremely stressful time, my mother recently moved away down sound after my step father told her he didnt love her anymore and I am unable to go with...

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  • Texas Longhorns 3

    Burning sensation in my stomach with shortness of breath

    I've been having shortness of breath for about 1 month and 2 weeks already. Doctors keep telling me its anxiety. But I just started having a NEW symptom today which I have never had. I've been having a Burning feeling in my stomach and its very bothersome. It kind of feels like a burning hot flash but...

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  • sara89850 2
  • lauren29919 2

    16 w/ severe health anxiety. Help

    hello. i’ve been dealing with health anxiety for the past 3-4 months. i get several panic attacks a day and it’s making me feel really exhausted and hopeless. i’ve been hospitalized about a month ago because i was feeling really suicidal, and just wanted all the pain to go away. i’ve been to the hospital...

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