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Anxiety Disorders

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  • stella2 M
  • Sorryimshayy 2

    Need advice !Please Help

    This is gonna be a long one .... So i have very bad Health Anxiety. I will talk myself into so many cancers and diseases. I worry myself litteraly sick. This also is putting me into depression. ( I hate when people throw anxiety and depression together. They are sooo different. I know the difference...

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  • Anx2009 1

    Yellow spot soft palate health anxiety

    Hi everyone, bit of background. I am 35 years old, female, ex smoker (I vape and haven't smoked cigarettes for 3 years) and a suffer with health anxiety. Otherwise healthy, not a great duet but run a few times a week and I am on the slim side. Not sure if I can add photos (would really help if I could!)...

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  • nadine88667 2

    Returning to work

    I was signed off work last week due to my anxiety and am due to go back in tomorrow but I am so anxious just at the thought of it! In the week I have been off I have been to my friends house and my aunties and that's just about ok as I get straight in my car and then go straight in their house. My daughter...

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  • lucy220977 1


    Hi everyone i been reading up on Buspirone as i have been on fluoxetine 40 mg daily for 10+ years and my anxiety seems worse its ruining my life im scared of dying and scared of living i just dont no what to do. My Life is dictated by my feelings, im scared of driving out my town incase i get killed...

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  • rebecca9111 2

    I feel like I'm going to die

    Has anyone felt like there going to die feel got feel like breathings slow tight head I don't no what this is doctors have said it's anxiety but I don't

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  • Ab31 1

    Severe health anxiety especially cancer !!

    So my brother had cancer when he was 12. I was 14 and that was the worst panic of my life.. when I started to become afraid of dying. He is fine now and a PA so he gets many phone calls from me. I am now 28 and have 2 little boys. I want to be happy for them and play with them but I'm constantly searching...

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  • Dendarvi 1

    I am having all sort of issues

    My ex-wife had planned on moving my daughter to a place far away (this is Alabama in the US) and when I say far away, just really 6 hours. However, she goes to a great school now. About to enter the 7th grade. It got me upset. I used to be on Cymbalta for my anxiety but my MD took me off of it about...

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  • k39588 2

    Blood clot fears and Heath anxieties

    I have had health issues and anxieties for over two months, stemming from a dizziness issue. I had headaches, neck pain, etc. I saw numerous doctors, MRIs, blood tests, etc. This all started to go away but about two weeks ago I had some heart racing and pains. I went to the heart doctor who did and...

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  • Pelfers420 2

    Anxiey Attacks or Heart Disase

    Hi, I am a 34 years old and currently having some weird issues. For the past months, I am suffering chest pain. The pain location transfers from one location to another. I have consulted already to 3 different physicians about it. I have undergone ECG, Blood Test and Urinalysis. The 1st diagnosis was...

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  • pcworld 2

    Good Medication?

    Hey guys does anyone know of a good anti-anxiety mediction that does not have sexual side effects? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • ashley49750 2


    Scared because ever since I got anxiety I have to constantly clear my throat and now I have a pain in right side of throat under jaw but no swelling but when I search my symptoms in Google it says I could have throat cancer which is really scared as anyone else had these symptoms

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  • francois45867 2

    Heart flip flop

    Hi all me again.i am using lozartan 50mg half tabler a day,isosorbide dynitrate 10mg,furosimide 20mg,and simvastatin 20mg for ccholestrol and hypertension.been for many ecgs at emergency had heart echo.everytime they say anxiety.last couple of days i have like gurgling sound in chest and feel like heart...

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  • simoneg 3

    Anxiety & Magnesium Deficiency

    Hello everyone... Not much has changed with my symptoms since I've been on here. A lot of things have changed without my life though, work had gotten more stressful, I have a new boyfriend, my mom was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer... but anywho ive noticed a new symptom... it's a chest...

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  • Healthworrier 2

    Essential tremor or Generalised Anxiety!???

    For 6 months I've been suffering from awful health anxiety. To make a long story short I've had hundreds of different symptoms and worried about numerous conditions, diseases that have all turned out to be anxiety. One of the symptoms that bothers me most is my SHAKY HANDS! His started about 4 months...

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  • tim30835 1

    panic attacks

    many years ago i was very badly stabbed it took quite a while to get over it about 5 years ago i started getting very bad panic attacks and anxiety attacks i even had problems swallowing food everything was ok before this happend i went to the doctor he told me that alot of problems can stay dorment...

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  • allison1984 4

    Chronic depersonalization from panic attacks

    Hi everyone ☺ its been over a year since i was last on here . My mental health history is been diagnosed with ocd and panic disorder also health anxiety by age 16 im now 33 . In November 2015 the health anxiety flared up really badly i was a total mess , towards December i started to experience terrible...

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  • anxiousless 2

    Recovered Chronic Anxiety Sufferer

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this, but wanted to share my story/experience/knowledge with you all and help in any way I can. I know from my experience with anxiety that success stories are somewhat hard to come by. The reason for this, I believe is twofold. Firstly, once people 'recover' from this ilness,...

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  • xgemmax1989 2

    Anxiety pain

    Hiya.. I have posted before about pains, but just can't get my head around it! I have pains all over my body.. mainly in my chest, stomach, neck, back! It's like a radiating pain, shaper at times Is this really anxiety? Had loads of tests! All Norma Thanks everyone

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  • Nick09800 1

    Constant anxiety

    Hello, i'm a 18 year old guy. Theese last months i'm suffering from severe scary symptoms that just don't end. I'm quickly gonna go trough all the diseases i thought i had: Heart attack, heart disease, cancer, brain tumor, stroke, epilepsy and seziures, asthma and many manyy more. A few days ago i went...

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  • jodie02751 2

    Can anxiety just go?

    Today iv had no problems what so ever no racing heart no dizziness no nothing is this to good to be true? Haven't even had to take any of my herbal remedies because iv felt fine

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  • joshuac 2

    Health Anxiety (read if you have it please)

    I'm going to use the forum to lay everything on the table. This will be the last post I make and the last time I google symptoms. Okay, here it goes...   Starting about 3 months ago I started to get this tickle in my throat that would make me hack and clear my throat for a good 15 minutes straight....

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  • zag11831 2

    Fear of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    I'm 17 yrs old. Perfectly healthy (I've been told) but I've been having left side chest pain on and off for 8 months now. It spreads all down my left arm and into my back and jaw. Sounds like heart disease right? You would think.. but all my EKG's, blood work, echocardiogram, stress tests have come back...

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  • RydiaMoone 2

    Feeling like im not here anymore

    I just wanted to write my own personal experience with severe anxiety and derealisation. I have suffered from an anxiety and nervous disorder since I was 14. I had a funny turn one day at school and I have never been the same since. I can't remember what its like to feel normal. The worst time was just...

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  • tracy49768 1

    In fear all the time

    i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks recently i been having left arm pain and chest discomfort went to er told me my heart was fine had 3 ekgs blood work said im still having arm pain said its anxiety and panic attacks does anybody else have this

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  • FishZone 2

    Looking for advice (autophobia)

    Hello, as you can see from the name of thread, i guess, i have an autophobia, fear of being alone. Im currently living with a girlfriend and when she arent at home for a long time im having pretty hard period. I dont know my phobia roots, it just happened so fast in the past that i didnt unserstand anything....

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  • mere03725 3
  • libralady13 5

    Throat mucous as an anxiety symptom

    H,i I have been on this forum before I suffer from Anxiety, especially anything to do with health.  I am seeing a councillor.  I have many medical problems the worst being IBS, quiet at the moment, Arthritis, have been in pain all summer, now due to see consultant next week.  More recently have had trouble...

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  • Pumpkin05 2

    Battling anxiety for a year, don't know what to do.

    New here. Asking for support. I have been battling anxiety everyday for a year. I am 40 year old woman who before this was always a little high strung, but it didn't disrupt my life. Then overnight this happened. I have been to multiple doctors and specialists here in the US and nothing comes up besides...

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  • pamela51740 3

    How do I explain this to a doctor?

    Hi everyone I've had depersonalisation non stop for 12 years, I'm 36 now and it hasn't stopped me from doing anything, I've been married, given birth, been abroad but my depersonalisation is always there in the background and I get so frustrated with it. Anyways I want to tell my doctor about it but...

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  • kirstie 92875 3

    Fluoxetine and dosages

    Hello I have been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks now I started off at 2.5ml i have felt a lot better in myself but I started having heart palpitations at night time..well I was due to see my psychiatric on the 28th June but yet again it's bin cancelled and they have gave me an appointment for end of august...

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  • The Globus Kid 3
  • jane40920 2

    Just starting venoflexine

    hi, I am third day in taking 37.5 mg twice a day. I feel very sick, dizzy and hot and cold by turns. I think these are common side effects but does anyone have any idea how long this will last. I am 65 and feeling 95 today. I have been unable to do anything. Any information is welcome. jane

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  • mel7489 2
  • bob29887 2

    Constant light-headed feeling. Anxiety

    Hello everyone I've been dealing with a light-headed feeling since I first got a panic attack in July 7th. Ever since then I've had a few panic attacks. I've been checked for everything! Brain MRI and MRA, Brain CT Scan, Multiple EKGs during ER visits, a 27/7 holter monitor (EKG), A stress test together...

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