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TaylorMason TaylorMason

Debilitating symptoms. Brain fog...extreme memory loss...spacey 24/7!

The last year of my life has been a brutal one. At the age of 22, I am in the lowest of lows and I desperately need some help!

Here’s my tale:

About a year ago, a couple months after an extremely strenuous relationship, I began noticing that I was tired all the time…and all around, I wasn’t really satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed my friends, and activities…but life just wasn’t as bright and vibrant anymore after a month of noticing this ever-present fatigue, it got a bit stronger. I would wake up each morning completely zombie-mode…and that feeling would remain throughout the entirety of my day, until my head hit my pillow that evening.

Initially, I suspected some form of sleeping disorder. I set up a sleep study, got my thyroid checked, ferritin levels, all the basics. Sleep study revealed I sleep just fine and all my other blood tests came back negative.

The fatigue and the weight of the world slowly got worse over the next handful of months, UNTIL I woke up one morning and everything escalated greatly. I felt completely stoned. I couldn’t think right. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt inebriated. I felt totally disconnected and spacey. I felt as though I had no control over myself. I lost drive and motivation. I lost a lot of confidence.  I always had an incredibly sharp memory. It was actually something well known about me to those in my family and friend circles. Yet, on this morning, almost all new information could not be retained. Things that happened earlier in the day, by evening, I felt they happened a day or two before. I could no longer recount the activities I took part in. This is possibly the worst of all the symptoms. The extreme short term memory. I have no context for time and I sort of feel like I’m just floating through life suffering.

For months I visited doctors getting tested by specialists. I visited a neurologist, infectious disease, I had an MRI, & I had about 20 different blood tests. NOTHING. My doctor literally said “I have no idea what this could be. I am beside myself” TOTES reassuring! I tried altering my diet entirely to organic and all natural. I continued my workouts and ran 15 miles a week. I tried sleeping even earlier. I tried all I could think of .

I have scoured the message boards and found a few people suffering from the same, but without answers.

I’m not sure if depression is the culprit, but depression sure has found its nasty venom-coated fangs into my veins. Tired, depressed, failed memory, no drive, scared…it’s no way to live. I want my life back.

PLEASE OFFER INSIGHT! I will be so grateful J


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  • rachel62244 rachel62244 TaylorMason

    I feel the same they say its anxiety and depression and its awful !!!! I feel ur pain. Its depersonalisation! Mind was awful and now I'm on antidepressants its not as bad but its still not livable sad has your doctor said anxiety disorder?

  • jen31560 jen31560 TaylorMason

    Stiry if my life. What have you been diagnosed with?

  • gillian81509 gillian81509 TaylorMason

     Sometimes our bodies shut down and shut out horrible stress areas 

    Maybe it's as simple as that 

  • jen31560 jen31560 TaylorMason

    It won't leave because we hold on to it too much

  • TaylorMason TaylorMason

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for replying...means a lot.

    Anxiety and stress are definitely potential culprits. 

    Its strange, really. I feel a constant irritation in my pressure almost. Not quite a headache. Does anyone else struggle with the memory portion? I'm not talking a slight impairment. I'm talking...I can't remember what I did two-three days ago let alone a week. I used to be able to recount mon-sun NO PROBLEM! Now, I just feel like my brain sort of gave up on me. If a friend reminds me of a converssation, I am able to recall...but I'll have no context for when it happened whether it was a few days ago or a week plus...

    anyone else have anything else? Other symptoms?

    • Js742 Js742 TaylorMason

      Kinda like your brain is wrapped in plastic wrap and it's being pulled a little too tight? Yeah, I know what that's like.. This last week, I go to wash and refill the cats water bowl, and forget what I'm doing in the middle of it. Cats go without water until I or someone else notices... I also have a constant low grade fever along with everything you mentioned above. Lately I have trouble with words being mixed up when they come out. I've had all the same tests also.. If you find an answer please let me know, this is slowly killing me...

    • casiodss casiodss TaylorMason

      Im with you in this. Cant remember most of what happened today. Feeling al the symptoms you mentioned. Now as times goes on even more freak out as already had problems with work and family. So far Im only trying to better understand my situation but no memmory improvement. Have you found any clues?

    • Therealpoepoe Therealpoepoe TaylorMason

      I have the exact same thing, and it's just getting worse. It gets worse when my core body temperature goes up. It even causes double vision, bright flashes, and now my vision is rapidly changing. The worst by far is the mental impairment. It's affecting my ability to take care of my responsibilities. Doctors haven't been able to help me, have you found out anything else about your condition? I have found that cutting out coffee has helped. I'd appreciate any information/suggestions you have. I've had this for a while now and I'm scared it might be alzheimer's.

    • Therealpoepoe Therealpoepoe casiodss

      I turn 38 this month. I've been having problems for a while, but here lately they are getting worse. I'm suposed to go see a neuroligist ,again, but I don't have much hope there. My doctor suggested I see a doctor about depression, but I've never heard of depression affecting vision, or being affected by temperature.


    • lindathepinda lindathepinda Therealpoepoe

      HI poepoe, I had these symtpoms for 2 years now, and finally discovered that I suffer from 'silent' migraine. I never heard of this before, but after reading all the symtpoms that come with it, I know this is it.

      Not having headaches made it a long journey to find out it's migraine, also because I didn't know migraine involves a lot more than just headaches: tingling limbs, diarrhea, fatigue, concentration/memory problems, speaking problems 9slurred pseech) brainfog etc.  Do a google search on silent migraine, you will be amazed how it matches your symtpoms, including susceptibility to temperature changes (and weather/air pressure changes, did you notice that?)

    • Therealpoepoe Therealpoepoe lindathepinda

      Hi Lindathepinda, Thank you for the suggestion. The more suggestions the better. Maybe I can figure out what this thing is. but I don't think it's a migraine. My first doctor did think it was migraines, because I do get ocular migraines with aura, but the specialists I saw afterward didn't think so. I don't really think it is either. I have this "brain fog" all the time. It never goes away. It does get worse with activity, so it is worse at certain times, but it is always there. The light flashes aren't because of a headache, they occur when I look too far left-right-up-or down. The flashes occur less often here lately, but now my vision has gotten worse. While I don't think that this is migraines, I will try to read up on them more, just in case. Leave no stone unturned. 

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda Therealpoepoe

      Hi poepoe, I never have headaches either (hence the 'silent' migraine), but I do have the brainfog, blueish light flashes, aura and blurry vision, amongst many other symtpoms,which all seem to come from the silent migraine.

      I also found it hard to believe since I, just like you, have symptoms all the time, but when I started to take Petadolex ( a herbal remedy; I'm not into the junk I got prescribed by the neurologist) for the first time in 2 years my symptoms started to clear up, so there had to been something to it. I'm still not clear of complaints, but feel much better now and am able to function again.

      I recommend finding yourself a migraine specialist, most neurologists have limited knowledge on migraine, especially on the silent form.


    • Stormiep Stormiep TaylorMason

      Hey, I noticed this comment was from over a year ago. I am experiencing the same exact thing with  my memory. My memory used to be so good and I could multi task and reatin knowledge easily... Now its as if after a few mintues, the memory of the time as gone. I dont notice time passing nor the days. I cant remmember what I did in the morning and definintly cant remember what I haved done or said the day before. It has been seen August of 2015 I have been feeling this way but only in the past few months has it been extrememly messed up like this. I never feel present it almost feels as if I am just watching everything happen. I cannot truly feel connected to emotions or even reality around me. Everything feels like a giant blurr. I am not sure what else to do about this anymore... Has anything changed for you? Can you help?


    • nicole46228 nicole46228 TaylorMason

      You... You are my peoples... My weird peoples with cognitive issues but my peoples nonetheless.

      Ya I am definitely feeling these symptoms. I am 15, honestly not sure if i should share my age but meh brains too fuzzy to care, hence the obsessive online research. You can probably tell from my hesitancy of sharing my age, I have severe anxiety, and I have had a constant and frankly extremely irritating block in my head and... I dunno... a staticky feeling? I cant think straight and I have not been able to concentrate for over two years. Do you know how many math tests I have failed? Quite A lot! I do no drugs, nor alcohol. I eat... Ehhh... relatively healthy, my memory is petrifyingly bad, and I have found a bizzare amount of relief in your resembling troubles I have. No doctors visits due to the fact that I am a kid with parents who are deeply undereacting to my complaints!

      So I guess I'm not actually... Helpful in this situation... more of a... person with a connecting issue... to show your not alone with your issues... I guess...

      How I manage to be awkward even online is beyond me. 

      Anyway, since this is over a year old I hope you found some kind of resolution to your issue! 

    • bhasski bhasski TaylorMason


      I have been facing this problem for past 6 years. I was academic topper ..and has a very good memory. I had been prescribed almost all ADs , anti psychotics like put the garbage in the tank.. All waste.. I still feel all the memory lost.. All the things i learnt gone.

      I even got on a violent streak.

      Lemme tell you I was doing software development for 2.5 years and had to leave job otherwise it would cause some bad results.

      Now when I started applying I couldn't remember the things to explain tonthe interviewers.. This memory thing messes daily when I have to recollect faces and money matters. All in head is confusion and vague

      psychiatrists here don't

    • alexis91465 alexis91465 TaylorMason

      Hi there Taylor, everything that you are experiencing, sounds exactly what I have been struggling with the past year. The foggy, sleepyiness, inability to sleep/concentrate and really just all cognitive functions. I know you posted this a year ago, so I was just curious if you ever found answers? I had my thyroid checked and bloodwork and likewise have found no answers.


    • Kitten5232 Kitten5232 TaylorMason

      I have been going through the same thing the past few years now, memory loss, feeling like I'm in a fog, the pressure in my head, everything. I go for an MRI soon not sure if that's going to show anything. I worry about early onset Alzheimer's, everything you said is spot-on how I feel, about your memory on how something you did that morning feels like you did it the day before reading your article feels like I'm looking in a mirror if I get any answers I will definitely let you know what I find out

    • richard71092 richard71092 bhasski

      I totally empathise with you. I have had these feelings for au don't know how long. I just feel utterly confused, whirring temples, I tried to explain that it feels like I have woken up but do not know how to do the things I once knew, nor can I pursue anything new. Horrific

    • stoenjes stoenjes TaylorMason

      i am 18 years old and i am the same way.  its not a headache but something is pushing on the front of your head.  My memory problems started a year ago with me not forming any memories and slowly have increased untill i am forgettting stuff i used to know.  any help


    • brenda92507 brenda92507 TaylorMason

      Hello, I, m dealing with the excact same.thought I was going crazy and still do.also my body goes rigid andheavy.yes it, s anxiety and only if I had a magic wand to make it disappear.i took think about it too much so it won, t leave because we won, t let it.i sing to myself when it , s bad, just my way of coping, take care

    • jesse 84327 jesse 84327 TaylorMason

      Taylor, I am 24 and share your exact same symptoms! Your story is identical to mine. It's something that just came on overnight and has never gone alway. Have you discovered anything new since your posting?



    • john 619 john 619 TaylorMason

      I have this Tyler and I am scared. I used opiates and alao have had a head injury. I am only 45 and feel I have Alziemhers. I cant sleep and they put me on benzos and serequel, then trazadone. I hope u get better cause this is bad. I can totally relate. Sometimes I hope the lord takes me cause being the oldest and living at home is tough.

    • babyt36 babyt36 TaylorMason

      Hi,I was reading about your symptoms and I have the same memory issue with my anxiety,I guess that's what its from,I've had anxiety for years now and I've tried dif meds but I've been on celexa for a few years now,it helps some but lately my anxiety has been getting worse,I can't remember things like I'm losing my mind,I feel very anxious all the time,I dnt wna go anywhere cuz I feel so tense and uncomfortable,I dnt wna b alone at all,I'm always worried that something is going to happen to me,I dnt knw what to do anymore,it has taken over my life and I have 2 young boys to take care of,I'm 37 and I shouldn't be so afraid to do normal things!

    • stephen78323 stephen78323 TaylorMason

      Hey Taylor

      I have the exact same thing, and I can pretty much guarantee at this point it's not anxiety and depression. That's just a cat hall diagnosis for when you have mental symptoms that no one can explain. If anything, depression is caused by these symptoms not not the other way around.

      This started for me in 2013. One morning I woke up feeling slightly strange. I popped an aspirin thinking I was getting a headache or something. But 15 minutes later, I had all the symptoms you described. Complete dissociation from reality, total stoned feeing, unable to remember things that happened outside of the current moment, weird pressure feeling in head. I remember callung my mom and telling her my brain felt clogged.

      Since then it's gone in waves of better and worse. It varies hour to hour, day to day, week to week.

      I've noticed I started avoiding hanging out with people because I struggle to process conversations and they're more stressful than they're worth. My memory is shot. People at work say things like, "what a great day!" and I have to struggle to remember why. Names are impossible. I forget what I'm saying mid sentance. I forget what I'm doing mid action. Time goes by ridiculously quickly because i have no grasp on it. Yet I'm exhausted by 6pm every day.

      I've also developed a chronic neck pain that seems to go hand in hand with the rest of the symptoms. Have you experienced that?

      I've seen every type of doctor I can think of. I've run all the tests. They're all clueless. Nothing has changed in the last 3 years. I'm still suffering.

      I'm convinced this is a problem caused by something new that doctors don't yet know about. When I googled it years ago there was nothing on the internet about it. Now I'm finding a handful of other people like you.

      Would love to hear where you're at.

    • jayocaine jayocaine stephen78323

      Fortunately, it IS anxiety and depression. Mainly anxiety. I used to think it wasn't and that doctors were just being lazy and decided to slap on an easy diagnosis. However over the years of dealing with this i've come to realize it is infact anxiety but a whole new transformation of it, a deep rooted chronic anxiety which doesn't feel like your typical anxiety. I too have been through every specialist in the book. I've gotten MRI's every blood test known to man and dog and all to no avail. I've taken every antidepressant in the book which never help. What DID start helping is CBT and talk therapy, I started to realize WHAT exactly my symptoms are and it's dissociation for me it was a traumatic experience that I didn't even realize was traumatic. For others it could be an extreme subconscious stress. School work, existential, anything. 


    • dylan12268 dylan12268 jayocaine

      Not saying yoir wrong i do agree in some circumstances anxiety and depression are a key diagnosis for peoples health however in these cases with people on here may experience alot more the the mental sides of an illness. I have been down the road with all the tests and consultants to be told that i may just have depression and anxiety but ill refuse these claims from any doctor.

      My symptoms are feeling drunk all the time like my vision is off, ringing in the ears constant brain fog like im living in a dream, easily forgetful and confusion as well as alot more symptoms including muscle spasms cramps fatigue ect.

      Doctors assume the mental sides when all tests come back normal and in my case i do get depressed and anxious but not because of the mental illness itself but because my body is extremely tired and dealing with a mystery every day 24/7 anyone would get worried with a problem that doesnt resolve especially when I have had it for 13 years.

    • dylan12268 dylan12268 jayocaine

      But is that just treating a part of the problem rather then the root of the problem?

      I wont take medication for it but thats my own opinion only because its not going to help out the rest of my symptoms

    • dawn19609 dawn19609 jayocaine

      Just chiming in to say I have the same symptoms too --- severe brain fog, bad tinnitus, just overall spaced out feeling like I'm only partially here. Most times I listen to people speak but only retain a small percentage of what they said. It takes tremendous effort to stay engaged in conversations because I tend to feel like I'm in the "twilight zone" most of time. I tired pretty much every day because my sleep isn't the best either. I dream something terrible every night and usually very dramatic dreams at that. I've been to literally 100 doctors over the past several years and the only consistent diagnosis I get is anxiety. Like my system is in a "hyped up" state and just can't relax. I don't have an extremely stressful life so I don't know why I remain this way. It was stressful years ago due to various issues in the family but most of that is over and much better now. Maybe once your system is "tripped up" into anxiety it's a very long road back to harmony again. I tried klonopin, xanax, various anti-depressants and nothing seemed to make me much better and gave me bad side effects in most cases (some of them being worsened anxiety which made matters worse) so as of now I'm not on any medication.

      Jayocaine - you treat your anxiety with only CBT right? Any medication at all work for you? Not that it would work for others, but just wondering. It totally sucks dealing with this daily and I feel both your pain. You just want to experience life with excitement and energy again. We can't give up hope though. There HAS to be a cure.

    • jayocaine jayocaine dylan12268

      No medication doesn't help at all, in fact it makes it worse. I've been dealing with this for about 6 years. I've done alot of searching and studying. I've finally come to realize it's dissociation. Derealization to be exact. 

      tell me:

      Does it get worse when you drink coffee?

      Does it kind of almost help when you drink alchohol? But get worse the following week?

      Do you think about it alot?

      Have you ever had a panic attack?

      Do you work? Or do activities? Or are you stagnant at home. 

    • jayocaine jayocaine dawn19609

      There is no cure per se. BUT good news, you can actually deal with it quite well and live a fullfilled life. I mean look at abe lincon and winston churchill and vincent van gogh they've all desbrived experiencing what we do. Anyways what we have are very very sensitive brains due to whatever caused us to be this way. What happened is the wiring in your brain has changed and due to brain elasticity we can overcome it. CBT is extremely extremely important. Medication, doesn't work for me due to my sensitive brain, even a cup of coffee sends me into a foggy state of nothingness. What we need to do is ground ourselves, it's going to sound crazy and like a pipe dream but seriously THINKING about it is the worst thing you can do. 

      Put it this way, since I started coming to these forums and thinking about it, reading about it. It's gotten ten times worse. When I was roofing it was still there it just didn't bother me because I was too busy roofing and working hard. 

    • jayocaine jayocaine

      sorry thats not to say I didn't think about it when I was roofing, i just thought about it less. It was still there, it just wasnt as bad as it is now that i'm sitting on my computer talking about it. 

    • remygirl remygirl Js742

      I have the same exact thing! Low grade fever and all even though its got on my cheeks like I have the flu. No idea what it is but I so struggle with anxiety I'm trying to get help and do anything I can I want this to go away so bad!

    • carmen44474 carmen44474 remygirl

      I've had the same for 11 months. I finally researched physical symptoms of depression and thought I'd try antidepressants. I've been on Zoloft for 2 weeks and I'm starting to feel better. I've had dizziness, brain fog, memory loss, exhaustion, and feeling like I'm not really living. The Zoloft seems to be helping. Maybe something to consider.

    • Ericalk Ericalk TaylorMason

      I know EXACTLY what you are going through. The only way I can explain this feeling is being stoned, but uncomfortably stoned.

      I have a constant pressure in my head, constant humming in my ears, grainy vision, memory is terrible, I can't remember much of what I did earlier during the day. I feel as if I'm dreaming almost, there is a constant fog that I live in.

      Some days are worse then others. Sometimes I don't even want to leave my house because I literally can't focus on anything. On these bad days Sometimes I'm not even sure if I said something or if I thought it... I get so out of it.

      This first happened to me when I was 14. One day I was hanging out at school and then boom it was like an all of a sudden thing. Something clicked in my head and I was NEVER the same. I was terrified I prayed for it to go away and tried to just sleep it off but it never left. I'm 23 now and to this day I still feel it. It is permanent.

      Over these many years I have learnt how to deal with it. I've gotten used to it and I know how to deal with it when it gets really bad. I live a completely normal fuctioning life. If you aren't already at that point you will get there. It may take a lot of time. Took me about 2 maybe 3 years and I'm still not fully used to it. I still wish I felt normal like I used to. But if we have to live with it for the rest of our lives there is no point letting it destroy us.

    • Rockers Rockers Ericalk

      Did you ever have some periods in between where you have felt back to normal? I get these moements where I suddenly feel not as bad. They come all over sudden but don`t last that long.

      For me this is the fourth time I`m going through this and this time it`s not getting any better but rather worse. Fellong totally irritable, short fused , can`t concentrate. Now this is withme 24/7, well when I sleep I somewhat feel better but the next morning I feel bad again. And then, boom, somehting clicks again and I feel even worse. And that is then my new baseline from which it will again jsut go downhill to a new lower low.

      Right now I`m wondering for how much longer I will be able to work, things I used to do at work on a daily bases suddenly become a real task for me, I have to try and recall how i did them before. 

      My head feels tense most of the time, eithet t the top or left and right side.

      Neck is tense as well and got very often a burning in the back of my head.

      It`s all vry frustrating and all the searching for answers on the internet got me some terrifying answeres.

    • Rockers Rockers carmen44474

      Did you suffer from your symptoms 24/7? I asume they got worse over the time?

      It`s now 3 years for me now and before that I had over a period of 17 years the odd spell of similar symptoms but none of them lasted as long as the current one. And none of them was as bad as this one. Hard to believe that anxiety cn do all this, but maybe it`s just all it is?

    • carmen44474 carmen44474 Rockers

      I'm so sorry for your suffering. Having a mysterious illness is truly painful. Most people don't understand.

      My symptoms are 24/7 but since July they have been worse at night, if I'm tired, or if I'm sick at all. My symptoms started in January of 2016. I've been tested for SO many things and they're all negative. I've been taking Zoloft for a month now and I think it's helped with the dizziness, but it's causing me some other problems, so I may have to try something else. I definitely believe that stress, anxiety, depression, and diet play a huge role in our health. Have you tried altering your diet? Please forgive me if I ask you a question you've already answered; my memory is horrible these's a part of the mystery sickness.

    • Rockers Rockers carmen44474

      Yes it`s terrible having to deal with something and no one can give you any answers in regard to what yo uare dealing with.

      I have altered my diet way back in 2008, no carbs, no sugar, lots of veggies etc. I don`t drink alcohol neither do I smoke. But eben though I changed my diet I got these symptoms anyway. But back then they never were as pronounced as they re now nor did they last for as long. Over the last 10 years I had 4 or 5 MRIs of my brain done, all came back just fine. Buthrn there are things you can`t catch with MRIs anyway. Like dementia for example. Something I`m more and more buying into. My concentration is terrible, I get so irritable at work because of all the noise, bright lights, and stress. And the declien I`m experiencing is not like a slope but rather a steep fall from one plateau to another. Withthe new plateau being my new baseline from which it will get even worse after a while. 

    • rachel88747 rachel88747 brenda92507

      Hello I'm glad I found this. I have panic anxiety lately and foggy head weird fuzzy feeling put on Ativan as needed cuz I couldn't sleep. I really don't want to stay on it though. Going to try amino acid therapy. Trying to do some meditation, only works for so long. sad any suggestions

    • Ericalk Ericalk Rockers

      Hey Rockers, 

           In the beginning this feeling would come and go, somedays I'd feel perfectly fine, the next, not so much. This went on for a few months, if I'm remembering correctly. Then one day it never left me and I've been like this ever since. 

      If what you experience is anything like what I have been living with for the past 9 years all I can say is that it does get easier. For me I found myself getting used to it. It's hard because you always want to feel that "normal" feeling again, which conviently never comes. But once you've accepted that it gets better.

      What I had to do was force myself to do my daily tasks. For memory I also started keeping a journal and I write down everything I have done in a day then recap when I need to, it's quite handy to say the least.

      Other then that just live your life the best you can. Enjoy the things you love to do. Evenutally you'll find yourself not even noticing it...

      Good luck smile  

    • nate70822 nate70822 dylan12268

      Hi dylan, I agree with you. Most doctors follow a protocol of blood work and various generic tests and give up pretty quikly ( especially in the U.S..). For me, I had viral meningitus when i was 30, It was caused my the Epstein Barr virus and completely wiped me out. 11 days in the hospital and the aftermath has been hell. I went into a contant state of numbness, always feeling like I had poor sleep all through the day for 11 years now. This had ruined my ability to concetrate, I do not have the ability to get credentials I need becuase of the non stop mental exuastion, In the U.S. this means I could very well end up in total poverty. One thing people should keep in mind on the forum is known viruses like Epstein Barr are in your body for life and have often been cited as possible causes of 'chonic fatigue syndrome' . I'm living proof of this, I'm numb as I write this, just as i always am, from the day the doctor told me I had meningitus from Epstein Barr 11 years ago until this moment, the relationship is clear as day.

    • allycat2468 allycat2468 babyt36

      I can so relate. Being a mum of small children is a real concern when you feel this way. I'm so worried about how my child will be affected by my impairment. My symptoms are very similar to yours! I hate that this is in my life while I'm responsible for a young child. 🙁

    • AWishForHealth AWishForHealth stephen78323

      Hi Stephen, 

      I just came across this discussion. I wrote a reply to the original post. I am suffering from the same symptoms. I am thinking that we should form a group and contact neuroscientists who might find our group useful for their research to understand brain more. I now came to a conclusion that this is my new state of mind and I gave up on hoping that I will ever have the same clarity as I used to have. It is horrible to feel disconnected and stoned all the time but what encourages me is that other people learnt to live with it. If it is more of us together forming a group, doctors and scientists would take us seriously than if we are on our own. What are your thoughts?

    • dawn19609 dawn19609 AWishForHealth

      I'm on board to contact a neuroscientist group... I have had this horrible "brain fog/zoned out" problem off and on for about 5 years now. I'm currently in a bad phase of it now and sometimes it worries me especially when I'm driving and have passengers in car. I am so spaced out that I don't make the safest driving decisions and take chances I shouldn't. I almost seem to have an "I don't care --- whatever..." attitude. I just feel like I'm so mentally messed up and unable to focus. I also get very irritable if someone breaks my focus or talks over me. It's like I've lost the ability to handle the interruptions/distractions. I don't know what's happened honestly. I have gone through a lot of stress and think my adrenals took a beating so maybe that has something to do with it along with hormonal imbalance possibly. It's a big mystery to me but I would love to feel mentally "with it" again. It's been so long... Plus I have such horrible fatigue most days that causes me to just want to lay down and sleep at any given moment. I'm on board for an experimental group to try and help us out...

    • dawn19609 dawn19609 michael30415

      Nice to hear you say you keep trusting the Lord. That's exactly what has carried me through all these years, and I tell you I've had some moments where I honestly thought I'd be seeing Him very soon. I was so exhausted and mentally in such a strange place that I didn't know if I'd see the next day. I have hit seasons of where I feel better, although not back to myself by a long shot, but I'm thankful for those times. Right now is pretty tough so please keep me in prayer and I'll do the same for you. God Bless you as well.

    • jason05666 jason05666 nicole46228

      jaysus christ... me and you are pretty much in the same boat. I'm 15 (gonna be 16 soon) and i suffer from anxiety. My brain fog is bothering me these days coz i have my finals.  Just wanted to say the best of luck to you and your future. 

    • havoc havoc stephen78323

      You described my feelings 100% right. Mine started with a panic attacks and the came the blurry feeling, detachment feelings and memory problems. I also sometimes have difficulties to pronounce difficult words and i feel like talking is hard. I had these symptoms for 8 years now. I dont think i will ever recover from this. I used go to the doctors and psychiatrist but i kinda gave up because no-one had any idea what was wrong with me. By the way, i also have problems with my neck and shoulders. 

    • houston70610 houston70610 TaylorMason

      I know its been over a year since this post, but literally every single symptom you've described has been my exact situation, slowly exponentiating over the last 2 or 3 years. The depersonalization, the spaceyness, the zombie/fatigue feeling, the memory issues, the sheer lack of time context (did that happen today, or a month ago?), the lack of motivation to do things that you know you love, and how every little responsibility is suddenly a huge undertaking because of the lack of motivation / the fear of failure / the compounding stress caused by your own brain. I know I have untreated depression and anxiety, but I'm curious if treatment will help or has helped anyone here. Did you have any luck?

    • celia.g celia.g AWishForHealth

      I'm also on board to join a group - I've been experiencing the same foggy and weird neurological issues.

      For anyone who is reading this and looking for reassurance that they are not the only one with embarrassing cognitive problems, this is my experience: 

      For a little over a year now I have been in an on-again off-again fog.  (With the fog taking over more frequently and intensely in the last few months.)  I get confused easily, am incredibly forgetful, have a hard time finding words or staying focused, I avoid social interactions because I feel like an idiot, get random blurry vision, extreme headaches, constant fatigue, lack of motivation, numbness in my hands and face.  I have a strange sense of time - hours, days even, can go by without even noticing.  When I don't have a headache my brain and ears feel under pressure.  Too much caffeine and bright lights/sunshine amplify the symptoms.  I definitely still have moments where I feel sharp, awake, and, despite sounding corny, actually alive. But those moments are few and far between at this point.

      I will be seeing a psychologist/neurologist this week, if anyone is interested in my findings/treatment let me know, I'm happy to share.

      Also, Thanks to TaylorMason for the original post, and everyone else who is struggling with this.

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda celia.g

      Hi Celia, thanks for posting. I recognize every bit of what you're saying and I'm sorry you also have to go through this.  Please keep us updated on your doctors' appointment. I'm curious about their conclusion.

    • Cari00 Cari00 confusedjoe

      Not sure my post went through. My son if finally rid of most of these awful symptoms and back to school. Months of searching for answers. It was anxiety and depression on top of atypical migraines causing these physical manifestations.

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda Cari00

      What kind of treatment did your son get Cari? I don't think I suffer from depression or anxiety but I do from silent migraines. I also got Lyme disease. By now I'm willing to try anything to get a life again though.

    • Cari00 Cari00 lindathepinda

      I would have never guessed those would have been the culprit. Amitrypline for the migraines. Zoloft for depression/anxiety. CBT therapy 2x/week for months. Now 1x/week. Lots of supplements as his

      Adrenals/Corrisol/etc were wiped out. And hypnotherapy. We tried a lot in a short period in order to get him back to college/friends

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda Cari00

      Thanks Cari for your reply.

      That's quite a lot of stuff, but it's great it helped him.

      May I ask which supplements you used for the adrenal exhaustion? I suffer from that also, always have to lay down at 3PM for a couple of hours. Not very practical if one should work all day.

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda Cari00

      Thanks again Cari. I'm familiar with the compounds you mention, I've been taking Ashwagandha, L-theanine and Phosphatidylserine for a few months but I might be adding the Magnolia bark soon since I've recently read in multiple sources it could be beneficial (ironically enough I've cut down a big Magnolia tree last year and burned it up in my stove).

      I have the adrenal one laying around here for a while now, but didn't take it yet because I'm a bit wary of the possible side effects, which also prevented me from getting the DHEA and hydrocortisone. I've used high doses of cortisone in the past and got awful side effects then.

      Thanks for getting back at me Cari, it's nice to have something concrete tips to go on while having to live in this mess.

    • chokolate chokolate celia.g

      Please do update on the symptoms! I am both pleased and saddened to have found this thread.  I've been feeling the same way for two months.  The good thing is mine doesn't seem to be as severe as some of yours - I'm still doing well in uni, etc. but I am absolutely not myself, random waves and spells of dizziness, pain at the back of my head, mental fog, terrible short term memory and also random muscle trembling which (yay) disappeared a few days ago! My sense of time is shot.  

      I'm also totally up for speaking to a neurologist.  The more examples they have, the more interest and studies they can undertake to solve our strange problem.

    • dan70750 dan70750 Js742

      Hi new to the forum thing just wondering if u ever got any help with ur suffering ? I've been suffering the same now for 2 years and it's getting worse . Brain scans. Heart scans . Blood tests. Doc says nothing wrong with me. I know there is . Someone pls help!

    • Cari00 Cari00 dan70750

      Lots of tests for my son too. Counseling, lots supplement to balance cortisol, adrenals. Iron etc and a med for depression have allowed him to return to normal activities.

    • dan70750 dan70750 Cari00

      So the doctors found something wrong with your son ? Was it anything in particular maybe I can run it past my doctor see if it's a possibility I have the same thing . I don't know what to do. Any more information on what ur son takes to make him feel better would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Cari00 Cari00 dan70750

      He is in amitrypline for silent migraines (although I now question that diagnosis) but it did solve the brain fog for 2 years. Now sertraline(Zoloft) for depression and anxiety. Weekly counseling has been a huge benefit. Plus a good naturopath to check hormone levels. He had wiped out his system living in fight/flight mode constantly.

    • never20 never20 celia.g

      Is there any pattern to the on-off effect Celia or does it just come back on overnight?

      I got absolutely wiped out with huge cognitive issues 3.5 years ago (I was only early 20s) and now live every second of every day in a mental fog, some days are incredibly tough. Literally all hit me one day out of the blue like a brain 'attack' after feeling it come on gradually for three days prior. My memory is totally gone.

      It has progressed and other symptoms include fatigue, tingling/pins and needles in feet which has now spread to whole legs and hands, stiff knees, hair loss, floaters in eyes, the list goes on...

      Doctors don't know what's happened and I have had every blood test under the sun, MRI scan (which actually didn't come back clear but deemed insignificant), lumbar puncture, the lot. I remain undiagnosed. I would do anything to have a feeling of clarity in my head again, but for now, i have no leads.

      For anyone going through this, keep up the search and I hope you find answers. You will know in your heart whether this is caused by anxiety. In my case, after 3.5 years of searching which I can barely remember, I know it is not.


    • never20 never20 lindathepinda

      Hi Linda, 

      I had my active B12 checked this time last year and it was almost dead centre of normal, doesn't necessarily mean i'm absorbing it though so considering a B12 injection to see how I feel.

      Had Lyme tested privately (I'm UK so testing not so thorough), it came back negative. I think it was an ELISA test but I'd need to ask my doc. Saw my GP recently who is totally out of ideas, he is going to re-run every blood test available which is good. I asked about Lyme and he said he'd expect far more nero symptoms in the weeks after symptom onset if it was lyme. I'm still tempted to run a full lyme-lab with Armin in Germany. I was bitten by something, I don't know what, in 2013 (all this started in Jan 2014), I didn't have a bullseye rash but I could see the bite hole in my shin and my whole leg swelled and went purple/blue for at least a week. Related maybe? I don't know..

    • never20 never20

      Sorry, Vit D was deficient in very first bloodwork when this all started. Took high-dose Vit D supplements for a month, but no change sadly

    • lindathepinda lindathepinda never20

      Hi never20, I asked about the B12 because the so-called normal value is far too low, it should be at least 400. I've extensively researched B12 since I had a major deficiency myself when it all started.

      I upped my B12 in 3 weeks from about 150 to 390 by taking 3000mcg sublingual tablets containing the 'right' form of B12 (methylcobalamine). I didn't want Injections since they are too low dosed and the wrong form of B12 (hydroxycobalamine) and are also quite uncomfortable (having to go to the doctors office and getting an intramuscular is no fun:-s). I took methylfolate with them to facilitate utilization. I could notice the effect in a few weeks; less foggy, my shiny and thick hair returned and a little less fatigued.

      I also did my Lymetest in Germany, the GP tests are useless.

      Peculiar that you had the same 'bite experience' as me: I also was bitten in 2013 preceding my first complaints in 2014. I had a hole in my leg as well and had it severely swollen and colored for a few days. I saw the insect for a second and googled it and found out it was a Blandfort Fly. One of my neighbors has a huge pond, so it probably came from there. I've also been thinking about it being the possible cause for my complaints, but I can't find any info on chronic complaints as a result of this fly's bite.

      By the way, not all Lyme infections lead to mainly neuro symptoms initially, it's especially Borrelia Afzelii which does this, other Borrelia infections mainly lead to joint and muscle pain and feeling feverish initially.

      Lastly, if you have a vitamin D deficiency: it can take up to several months to get to a normal level (+/- 80), it's not as quick as B12. I also had a low level, and it took me almost three months to get to a normal level, even though I took a high dose.

    • never20 never20 lindathepinda

      I think my B12 level was around the 130 mark, so something to consider. Have you found upping your B12 helped with any symptoms at all? I have high dose in my multi-vit and have used high dose B12 methylcobalamine oral spray before but to no benefit. I thought people used the injections because they were high dose?? And also because they take effect more quickly. 

      My vit D was brought up to 79 a few years ago after being at 25, although it may have dropped off again as there's little sun in the UK!

      With your lyme - what were your first symptoms? My understanding was that actually none of the Lyme strains affect the brain first, but in almost all cases it would start as a feverish/pains (I don't have any pain/fevers) within a few weeks of being bitten and neurological issues being a much later problem. Maybe i'm misinformed. This makes me think it is not lyme, but i'm still considering testing. The only downfall is that financially it's a huge outlay, i have some money to put towards finding an answer to all this, but if i go for lyme testing and it comes back negative, i'll kick myself that I could've looked elsewhere. Catch 22, really! 


    • lindathepinda lindathepinda never20

      A B12 of 130 is way too low. A count of 120 or below is in general perceived as an increased risk for neurological complaints. These values are based on observations in the population, not based on any scientific grounds. For example: in Japan the normal value is 400, probably because people eat a lot of B12 from plant sources.

      The dose you would get through an injection in general is 1000mcg once a week. In my experience with other people it takes ages to get to a satisfying level this way, if at all.

      I doubt if the spray you took was really high dose; most of these sprays are just 500mcg. Also you need to avoid drinking/eating anything for 15 minutes.

      Upping the B12 indeed had its benefits, see my former post. I should add that I also slept a lot better.

      I also waited (too) long to get tested for Lyme in Germany, for the same reasons as you. In the end I wish I had done it earlier, regardless the outcome. With a positive outcome you can focus on one diagnosis and in case of a negative outcome you can drop at least one cause for your complaints and be relieved it's at least not this rotten disease.


      My Lyme started with feeling feverish and extremely fatigued, but was accompanied right away with all the neurological stuff.

      The different kinds of Borrelia species are really different animals. I hardly recognize the stories of people with the Burgdorferi kind, they suffer a lot more from body pains and headaches initially (though later on it gets more similar in the neurological sense).

      And well, the weather and vit. D.... I will supplement it for the rest of my life for sure, unless I will succeed in leaving the Netherlands. This climate is killing me slowly in every way...

    • never20 never20 lindathepinda

      Ah, sorry Linda, the brain fog can be a nightmare when reading/remembering what people have said! Great to hear that the b12 helped you - a little less fog and improved hair growth would be very welcome right now! Certainly think I should get back on it. I tried a couple of methods in the past, oral spray 1200mcg (so no, not really high dose) and 500mcg tablets, although i was only on them for a few weeks and gave up - got my B12 tested about 8 months later and it was 125 (not 130, just checked results). That is interesting about Japanese diet and B12, I know they are very rich in iodine as well. 

      Yes, I do agree about the lyme testing, it's something I need to do. As you say, it can only be ruled out. I might PM you about that, if you don't mind. 

      I've often found the Vit D. deficiency interesting and its impact on people's health. Most people in northern europe should be supplemeting really. Half the UK are likely deficient, although many show no symptoms of it. 


    • lindathepinda lindathepinda never20

      No problem never20, I know all about brain fog...

      Considering the B12 it's very well possible you raised it significantly since 1200mcg is quite OK and even 500mcg daily should result in an increase, but if you suffer from malabsorption so you might need to take it indefinitely.

      I take high doses of D and B12 consistently and my blood works have been OK for the last couple of years, so it's worth it.

      Feel welcome to PM me if you have any questions.

    • esme454 esme454 Cari00

      Hi Cari00,

      your comments have truly been the most helpful in this thread. Like your son, I am also in college, and I am terrified to go back after the summer break because of inability to function. I was wondering more about how he feels now specifically? Has the brain fog gone away?

    • Cometjumper Cometjumper remygirl

      Hi, I couldn't find what you were replying to but if you mean redness on your nose and cheeks and it's couples with a fever maybe you should your doctor to check for SLE. I'm not a professional in anyway and am in no way trying to diagnose you. Anyway, no harm in asking your doctor right ?! I hope you're doing well.

    • dan70750 dan70750 Cari00

      Hi I would just like to thank u for giving me the information on your son's meds I was put on sertraline after I told my psychiatrist about what u had told me , he put me on maximum dose 200mg and told me if it works then he suspects it is chronic fatigue syndrome as this is how they treat it . I'm 95% back to my old self once again the occasional minor confused moment. It's all down to u thank u so much .hope ur son is still feeling better. ☺

    • ExaltedNik ExaltedNik TaylorMason

      Wow, actually kind of a relief finding this thread. I thought I was alone. We should all meet up and form the brain fog club. Seriously though, all of this describes what is happening to me perfectly. Having conversations is next to impossible. The vision problems are what are really getting to me. Everything just looks weird. I don't know how to describe it. Things just look out of focus, or further away than they really are, or like the depth of field on them wrong. Nothing looks real. This all started for me a few months ago out of nowhere. Nothing changed that I know of, it just happened. I have anxiety problems, seems to be a recurring theme in all of these comments

    • ra7777 ra7777 ExaltedNik

      ExaltedNik mine started a year ago and I am now getting treatment for Lyme Disease, EBV & HPV-6.  It really sucks but I'm hoping to eventually come out the other end of this tunnel.  My vision is weird, very had to describe to people.  I just saw a retina specialist who is going to run more tests, but thinks the Lyme could be affecting my vision, said it is not uncommon

    • 33cody 33cody ra7777

      Did they run a lymes test? My physiologist thinks mine is lymes too but I have had 3 negative tests, but my symptoms get better when I take a lymes antibiotic. So she is treating with the antidepressants and meds that are used to combat the physiological issues that lymes causes. I hope you get better. I'm going to a lymes specialist very soon and hopefully get some real answers , good luck 

    • ra7777 ra7777 33cody


      Make sure you see a Lyme specialist.  Most doctors are uneducated about chronic Lyme or neuro Lyme. A Lyme specialist (LLMD) will most likely utilize specialty labs as false negatives can be very common.

    • celia.g celia.g never20

      Hi never20!  I am so sorry that I didn't get back to you... I never got any email updates about people responding to me on here so I didn't know that there were people who were interested! Seriously so sorry.  If you're still looking for answers - I've been diagnosed with cPTSD.  It explains all of my symptoms perfectly.  I'm currently in treatment with a prognosis of about a 12 month total recovery time - so 8 months to go.  Feeling a lot better and hopeful that I'll be able to 'fix' me for good.  Let me know if you're still struggling and interested in knowing more... I'm happy to help absolutely anyone who might be going through this thing too.

      Again, sorry for the delayed response!!

    • brittany90609 brittany90609 stephen78323

      Exact same symptoms, the neck pain/ache is so frustrating It feels constantly there but I can't pinpoint if it's coming from my shoulders, my neck or the base of my skull, along with the forehead pressure. All becoming worse as the memory and brain fog worsen. I was always in advanced classes, graduated at 16, attend college before 17. I have always read books on a daily basis, all kinds, all the time but for the last few years I can't retain ANYTHING! I get so frustrated after the first few chapters because I can't remember whats going on. My perception of time is so off I'm sometimes convinced I'm dreaming. Things this morning feel like yesterday. Instances last week seem like I may have dreamed them. I'm 30 and I feel mentally dead. 

    • ra7777 ra7777 brittany90609

      Hi Brittany-  I am suggesting that you get tested for Lyme and viruses.  Epstein Barr Virus and other viruses can cause stiff neck and sore muscles as well as brain fog.  When I was tested I came up positive for Lyme, EBV, HPV6, Micoplasma and Parvovirus.  At least I am getting treatment now...these can be invisible don't always know you have them unless you get tested.

    • AnxiousAmI AnxiousAmI confusedjoe

      I was about to say...look into Lyme disease!! Get tested through...

      I've been in this same fog for years because of Lyme. sad It literally feels like I'm looking at the world through glass or something. It's the weirdest feeling ever. 

      I have removed reference to individual private clinics which are not supported by UK doctors

    • anthonyss anthonyss TaylorMason

      For anyone who is reading this and looking for reassurance that they are not the only one with embarrassing cognitive problems, this is my experience: sorry i used some of your words thanks saved me 30 min 

      For about 15 years now i have been passing out at lest once a year not sure what issues may are may not be a part of this madness  I have been in an on-again off-again fog anxiety depression and pressure on the top part of my brain that makes it so i cant hear myself think just a ringing sound that can get so loud i get dizz and see white as i passout for about a min has anyone else had a sound in the middle of your head sounding like bacon grease frying body gos limp and i see white till i can only hear my friends asking me whats wrong and i cant move or see for about 40 secs   the fog makes it so i cant see images in my mind when its hitting me i cant think without being able to visualize what am doing its how my mind works (With the fog and pressure like some one gaps my brain and squeezes taking over more and more ive had 3 long periods where the fog and pressure last for mouths on end with little brakes of coherent thought am just now getting back to 65% of a 100% of mind power its almost 2018 this time it started in 2014 dec i can remember about 12 things from 2014 to now 12 and its hard to see it and what i can see is faded as i get older its getting worse i cant lose 3 years again  I get confused easily,finding it hard to keep up with people talking ether it sounds muffled or am still trying to think what the hell the first word that come out there mouth was i mean there are times i cant understand  English born and raised in ohio wtf is going on  am incredibly forgetful, have a hard time finding words or staying focused,hot flashes, I avoid social interactions because I feel like an idiot, get random blurry vision,dizziness , constant , lack of motivation, pressure on the top on my brain front to back one time it was only half of my brain felt like it had had the pressure i think it was my right side if that happens to help some how   I have a strange sense of time - hours, days even, can go by without even noticing.  my brain and ears feel like there poppin .  Too much caffeine and bright lights/sunshine stress stress stress will amplify the symptoms.  I definitely still have moments where I feel sharp, awake, . But those moments are few and far between at this point.  i dont know what it is but i do know for me the fog and pressure feels different when its going to last a week or longer once you know the feeling for me i get 3days to  a week after i feel a strong one  comeing b4 i feel like someone unplugged me o almost for got hope this helps someone i started out passing out for the first time in my life around 16 was just walking got dizzy want down around 20 is the first time the presser started right after that b***h fog brain showed up then the ringing hot flashes ears making sounds spacing out feeling like my body wasnt mine batter way of putting it i was in there but i wasnt the driver it was like someone took the vary basics of who i am put me in the back seat and gave that dope the wheel saw other people with a lot of the same things i went tho but didnt know it was all connected worst s**t i have ever been throw i thought i was possessed body moving and me unable to take control just able to see out my own dame eyes  but thats from start to finish as far as i can remember  i hope it helps sorry i cant spell for s**t 

    • AnxiousAmI AnxiousAmI ra7777

      I'm happy to hear you've figured out the cause! So many people struggling with these symptoms need to be tested for Lyme. It's becoming more and more common. I treated for a long time, even with a PICC line for a while and unfortunately never got better. Antibiotics started wreaking havoc on my liver so I was pulled off of them. Now I just try to manage my symptoms as they come. Some days are better than others. Hang in there!

    • celia.g celia.g rachel62244

      Hey Rachel - I'm so sorry you're going through this.  Its truly so much harder than people understand (and honestly, people not understanding it makes it even harder!)  But here's what I'll tell you - I'm in an entirely different place than I was 8 months ago.  Its been hard, as I refused medication (those never worked for my mom or aunt)...and its been scary (the number of times I almost killed myself over the summer is truly embarrassing).  But I'm happy, most of the time, and I am able to clearly see when I've been triggered, have developed really good coping strategies for the weeks after a severe trigger, and am hopeful that this will only take a year of my life, not more.  (8 months in, 4 to go!)

      Here's whats worked for me - first, the book "the body keeps the score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk was world changing for me.  He understands cPTSD in ways that very few psychologists do.  This book explained, basically, my entire personality without knowing anything about me.  Ive spent many hours watching video clips of him on Youtube (included a link below!).  Youtube has been such an amazing source of stability for me - when I'm freaking out or confused or sad its so helpful to find other people experiencing this thing.  Makes me feel a lot less crazy.

      Daily things that haven been very helpful - drinking plenty of water.   Vitamin D, B-complex, and fish oils. Exercise.  Going for a long walk when suicidal thoughts come around was really helpful.  Stopping for a hot tea afterwards - also nice.

      BE VERY PATIENT WITH YOURSELF.  (this has been one of the hardest parts-I used to drink and party and play all the, no alcohol in months, healthy isolation, SLOW days...but my brain feels better. confused )

      If you don't like your therapist, get a new one.

      Its a weird and difficult journey - life debilitating at times - but I'm really grateful to have found the resources that have saved my life.  Let me know if I can be of any help to you at all - you can get better.  Promise.

      Good luck!!

      Van Der Kolk:

      Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

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    • imzack imzack celia.g

      I can relate to many of your symptoms;

      Mine are:

      Fatigue/Excessive Tiredness

      Brainfog/Difficulty Concentrating

      Tinnitus/Ringing in Ears


      Anxiety hit me hard (all the sudden)

      Negative and Racing thoughts

      I found that the main culprit is a lack of sertonin.

      A lack of Serotonin will in turn mean a lack of melatonin(promotes sleep)

      Once I raised my Serotonin, all my symptoms started to fade away.

      How did I increase my serotonin levels?  You can do it by either a SSRI, or taking something like L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP.

      I have tried all... 

      L-Tryptophan -> 5-HTP -> 5-HT(Serotonin);  All a SSRI does, is inhibits the expulsion of Serotonin, so it stays with you longer.  (Don't mix though)

      I was taking a very high does of L-Tryptophan (up to 8 grams a day) and doing this, made me feel much better... but its a pain to take that many pills a day.  

      Another thing that seemed to work is doing a low carbohydrate diet (Keto),  after being on keto for about a week you can start feeling better.  And now, I will notice after eating meals with high carbs, that I feel high fatigue

      I am still trying to figure out why my body is not utilizing the l-tryptophan properly, or going through it too fast...  but I wanted to post my current knowledge, in hopes that others can benefit, and possibly in turn contribute more.

      I have been exploring the Serotonin/l-tryptophan pathway, and looking at other vitamins/minerals needed to properly turn l-tryptophan into serotonin.  Looks like b-vitamins, especially b6 and b9 are necessary to synthesize serotonin from l-tryptophan.  Exploring Methalyation as well... and MTHFR

    • aj49073 aj49073 AWishForHealth

      Hey awishforhealth. I decided to register after seeing your post about starting a group to get this brain fog s**t figured out. Was wondering if u went along with ur plan and got some people involved. if so id be glad to join in on the efforts. I personally cant remember how long ive been dealing with this same brain fog issue but im determined to find a solution.

  • TaylorMason TaylorMason

    My Symptoms are ever present. There is not better or worse. There just...IS. 

    brain fog, memory loss, feeling totally spaced out and not awake...24/7

    • TaylorMason TaylorMason rachel62244

      Think I'll begin to get my memory skills back? Any insight with that? without my seems a whole lot let valuable. What's the point in doing something, if only to forget? Life without memory is treacherous. I desperately want mine back!

    • TaylorMason TaylorMason rachel62244

      After talking with someone who experienced depersonalization/researching the sensation experience described was: it was as if they could see themselves from another point of view. Which is not at all the case for me. I just feel I smoked some good feelings. haha

    • rachel62244 rachel62244 TaylorMason

      I often get confused i can remember but i have to put the pieces together i wouldn't say its memory loss with me just confusion jumbled up thoughts. my concentration improved with medicationbut i'm definitely not back to normal yet. 

      Hope u get better soon! 

    • rachel62244 rachel62244 TaylorMason

      Its more your surrounds don't seem real ? Your floating by. I know totally what u mean im honestly the same way. Its anxiety and depresssion stuck in your head and your body protecting you from it although it feels awful. My meds have lessened it for me but its still there 24/7. U need to get some help I can't believe your doctor hasn't said anxiety disorder 

    • dylan12268 dylan12268 jmcg2014

      Theres more conditions out there then anxiety that are the problem. Sure im not saying your wrong but some people have problems that drs cant figure out so they just assume its Anxiety. Or the person presents anxiety as a result of there condition.

    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 dylan12268

      No, drs don't do that. If a Dr doesn't know, then they refer on to someone who may know. What you mean is when someone doesn't believe a Dr then they make these claims, that's not the same thing

    • dylan12268 dylan12268 jmcg2014

      I find it quite ridiculous that your speaking as doctors as a whole, i can garuntee doctors do that and im sure people on here would have experienced short minded "professionals" who no nothing but textbook work because thats what they are taught.

      There are conditions out there that aren't as recognized like they should be so a suffering patient with neurological symptoms or pain or mental illnesses could be due to a specific cause. Not anxiety!

    • Renitence Renitence jmcg2014

      They completely do that from my personal experiences. The doctor assumes its anxiety when they cant figure it out, or because it appears to be anxiety, so you get referred to a psychiatrist instead of a specialist that can actually figure this condition out. And it's not anxiety in my case because I've already been down the "psychiatric route", and nothing has been solved. If you're calling out everyone on this discussion because they don't believe a doctor's opinion, you really don't understand what it's like. Also your comment proves exactly what most people would say about this condition because they don't know what else it could be besides good ol' generalized anxiety disorder

    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 Renitence

      Just because anxiety and depression can't be solved quickly doesn't mean the diagnosis is wrong. And just because any one of us don't believe our diagnosis,that also doesn't mean it's wrong. People can spend years coming to terms with their diagnosis, and struggling with making any headway with symptoms. I wasn't the one making gross generalisations so be careful with your tone. If you disbelieve drs so much, that's up to you- but why would you continue to return to the same dr? And if more than 1 dr is telling you the same thing, are they all lying? Don't have a go at me, I'm not bothered if you don't agree -your call, if your paranoia about drs is leading you to think like this- that's a shame. As you've said you've been down the psychiatric route,i presume you've tried every form of therapy out there, couple with every form of medication and you've continued to do that for months and years while being fully engaged in the process? Because that's what it takes for all of us. Again - your call but again- be careful of your time when you are replying

    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 dylan12268

      Your missing the point, read back ,- I wasn't the one making the generalisations,and I've also plainly stated that it doesn't bother me at all . I have my opinion, I don't really care about anyone elses. Be sure to read and not make assumptions

    • christophe95394 christophe95394 TaylorMason

      Everyone experiences depolarization differently, it could be a mixture of severe anxiety causing prolonged stress on your brain tiring it out. Causing brain fog. Witch causes more anxiety witch makes the brain frog worse. Witch makes your anxiety worse.... you get where im going. Your probably too late for personal care you shouls try seeing a psychologist.

    • Hwinland Hwinland jmcg2014

      I have experienced horrific labor and now havery the same symptoms...what helped you feel bettert? I struggle everyday with a hard. The strange thing is, it all went away for about 3 weeks and I was perfectly fine then it all suddenly came back. I even hyperventilated.

  • deirdre. 03652 deirdre. 03652 TaylorMason

    Dear Taylor. It sounds highly likely that you may be suffering from anxiety and depression, but the primary cause could well be FIBROMYALGIA...

    It causes every single symptom that your are suffering...

    I was diagnosed this year after endless rounds of scans and many other varied investigations.. I found the lack of cognitive function ( fibro fog )

    Very difficult to live with also the absolute exhaustion.. it may be well worth your while asking your GP their opinion... it is normally diagnosed after all else is ruled out... it can hit at any age and turns your life upside down... I would certainly look into this young man, and I truly sincerely wish and hope that you find an answer... Make an app as soon as you can.. in my thoughts, Deirdre xx


    • TaylorMason TaylorMason deirdre. 03652

      Hi there!

      Thank you so much for your response.

      Hmmm...this was considered at one time, but I believe it was ruled out because I don't experience the muscle or joint issues, tingling in hands or feet, and headaches... But I suppose it could STILL very well be this. 

      once you were diagnosed, has treatment helped?

  • abella abella TaylorMason

    Hi TaylorMason

    Those are all depression symptoms. I know every one of them and the foggy brain with no memory of what you did an hour ago, is the worst bit. I got help and got well again with a lot of medication and supervision. You can be normal again too, but you need help for depression. Different options will be given to you, but dont try to struggle through believing you can control this. It is just illness, and it is something everyone here knows about. Good luck and GET SUPPORT from a professional. My life saver was a psychiatrist and I cant thank him enough for making me well again.

    Hugs xxx

  • abella abella TaylorMason

    Hi Rachel

    I used to feel normal for whole days only to crash back down the next day. So yes you do get better in fits and starts. If you need to try a new medication it will kick in much sooner because you have been taking other meds for 7 weeks. I needed benzodiazapines as well as antidepressants for the first 3 months on anti depressants. Only then did I manage to smooth out my ups and downs. I have also heard that the second bout of depression is often worse than the first. Its like it becomes your weakness and when under too much stress, the depression raises its ugly head again. Just when you thought youd put it behind you.

    I would ask what more you can do because this depression is not lifting as much as you,d hoped it would by now. GP s dont understand as well as psychiatrists either. They try but they tend to underestimate how bad you are feeling.

    About the bad memory... I was a cot case and had to leave notes for myself because my brain was like a sieve. Right onto it now though. Got my memory and my sanity back. I know you can get there too.

    Please get all the help you need and deserve.

    • rachel62244 rachel62244 abella

      Iv got to see how I am after the baby which is so hard as I wanted to b well by then so I can care for my family. I feel OK ish just spaced out and dulled. After the baby I'd up the dose but if its the meds spacing me out that wouldn't b helpful. Scared of a new med too as its starting again and risking square one. My p.Dr thinking I'll feel normal again in time. My gp is quite good he's very understanding, I believe his wife has anxiety issues. 7 weeks is just sooooo long when iv so much depending on me sad xx

  • patsfan7 patsfan7 TaylorMason

    I have these same EXACT problems I constantly feel as though im in a dream(more like a nightmare) my head alaways feels so cloudy. I have had multiple blood teats that come back normal and I even saw a neurologist but she said an MRI wasnt necessary as I have no headaches, loss of memory etc. I am currently seeing an endocrinologist who is also baffled she put me on luvox a few weeks back but it has not helped. Most recently I have started to become very itchy, ddehydrated, craving sweets/carbs, the fog has become unbearable and has caused much anxiety, thebsole of my left foot tingles at times, my lower back hurts, my eyes and vision are all messed up and I have sever gas. I dont know how much longer I can live like this getting out of bed and facing the day has become extremely hard.

  • Susanna1122 Susanna1122 TaylorMason

    Hi Taylor

    Just wondering if you've heard of a condition called Reactive Hypoglycemia or even having your blood sugars checked for Type 2 Diabetes. A craving for carbs or sugary stuff is classic and it's the stuff you steer clear of. I was diagnosed with RH last October and the worst part of it for me is the brain fog and all the symptoms you describe..feeling cloudy, stoned, memory loss (mine's terrible!). But sometimes your blood sugars can be normal but you experience all the symptoms of it. You have my sympathies..

    • rachel90526 rachel90526 Susanna1122

      Ugh, this is how I feel! It's crazy tho because at night out of the sun light I'm a lot better! Mine just started three days ago but it's not that big of a suprise because when I was in grade school I had this feeling and head aches every single day until I got older and started hanging out with people a lot maybe being more active or the pot smoking helped but it's went away and today I got a head ache so I feel like it's coming back again and now I have kids and no car so I'm always stuck at home nothing I can do but just suffer until I get a car and im not smoking pot lol ....I can't go to the Dr until I get a car...all I can say for anyone who is going Tru this is just try to be as normal as you can...rolleyes

    • hazelN hazelN rachel90526

      Have you heard of Irlen syndrome? Symptoms range from trouble concentrating, migraines and a host of emotional, mental behavioral problems caused by bright lights (often flouresent lights, but even sunlight).. causing sensory overload.. look it up. I also used feel better at night practically all of my life but now im sleepy all the time, loss of motivation, energy both physical and mental, or just need to close my eyes and want to shut down (particularly during the day), memory problems, spaciness etc i've lost my personality and no amount of "positive thinking" helps.. so i feel you.

    • Quandryite Quandryite rachel90526

      No one can watch the kids and there is no bus, taxi, friend that can help so you can see a doctor?  You say at nightwhen out of the sunlight, you feel a lot better.  What  the home, is different then?  Kids asleep?  Someone else there?

  • Mizzcraycray Mizzcraycray TaylorMason

    Hi. I feel exactly like this. My story is identical. I noticed that I began feeling very tired for a couple weeks, then one morning I woke up with this awful foggyness in my head and I've been this way for two years. My memory is so bad now I can barely remember things from like an hour ago. I actually feel like I'm going demented, and I'm only 25. I never want to go out anywhere or do things because I'm just in a constant daze.

    • Vonnegutjunky Vonnegutjunky Mizzcraycray

      I searched Google for these symptoms and found this thread- I feel exactly the same!!!!! Been on 20mg of Paxil/seroxat for 10 days now- I feel about 20% better - but that even comes and goes- this is so frustrating!! Also I didn't get the fog until the day after I started the medication- doc said I might get worse before I get better- I also have horrible rining in my ears!!

    • rachel90526 rachel90526 Mizzcraycray

      Maybe you should go out? Do u get head aches? This sounds crazy but smoke some weed see if it helps...I'm only saying this because I used to feel foggy and have head aches then I started leaving the house as a preteen and smoking pot and it went away. Now it's back...I have kids now can't go out and I can't smoke but if this don't go away by June I'm setting a weekend away and I'm going to get high and see if it helps...

  • Katharsis Katharsis TaylorMason

    I am having the exact same symptoms + pretty bad and constant headaches, dizziness and lightheadedness, anxiety and depression and vision problems (acommodative error). However mine were most probably caused by a traumatic brain injury - I suffered a concussion 6 months ago. I was diagnosed with a post-concussion syndrome just today by a neurologist who also ordered me an MRI scan. She said that my concussion was mild to very mild but that sometimes brain reacts more severely to a minor damage than a big one and therefore someone who was knocked out for a while may recover in a week, but someone who wasn't even knocked out can have debilitating consequences for a long time. F*** YOU BRAIN. And I am even younger than you, I am 19, and I also had a pretty good memory before, I graduated in the top 1% of my country. I guess my point is that brain is funny. And brain can do things to you, you would never imagine. And since anxiety and depression happen in the brain, your brain doesn't work properly anymore. Your brain is either too tired to process things at a normal speed (often with anxiety because of constant worrying) or is over-working all the time and is too distracted with worries to process any other information (sometimes you may not even be aware of it). With depression a lack of serotonin or dopamin may be to blame for the brain fog. The worse your anxiety or depression is, the worse your brain fog, etc will be. And depersonalization has many varieties of symptoms; feeling "stoned" is one of them. I saw someone posting about fibromyalgia (with the best intent of course) however the worst thing you can do for yourself and your health is to think about diseases such as fibromyalgia, MS.... Yes you might have them, you might also have a brain tumour or metal poisoning or god knows what... IT IS POSSIBLE. But it is also very much possible that these things are caused by depression/anxiety. Especialy if they started with a stressful/ traumatic event or period of life (as was the case with you and me) Example: I was healing well after my cocnussion for a while, but then my anxiety and later on depression kicked in and I started getting worse again. Now I am at the lowest of all low, and I believe it is mainly due to my health anxiety, I don't even think my TBI has much to do with it anymore. I am soo tired of googling symptoms and finding out the causes for my ill-being and yet I can't stop. Fungus poisoning (due to mold in our house) is now the current topic of my concern eventhough I lived with mold in my house my entire life. The more I think about it, the worse the brain fog, memory loss,which in turn makes me more convinced that I do have that terrible thing and that mold is now eating my brain and so on.. It is a neverending cycle. That's why anxiety is so hard to cure. Anyway, hope we find a light at the end of a tunnel, in fact I am sure we will. Maybe you did already. xx

    • mattusf mattusf Katharsis


      I've had simalar symptoms to everyone here. I also have had five concussions over the past 3 years from surfing and soccer. I have been experiencing this debilitating brain fog as well. I used to be very active. I would run 5k everyday and then hit the gym after. I also had a fairly healthy diet. It wasn't wasn't till about a month after my last concussion that I started feeling this brain fog. I heard some people describe this feeling as a bad marijuana high. I will be honest and say that I have smoked a few times and the last time I did it I started getting this brain fog and then having an awful anxiety attack. I haven't smoked since and don't plan on ever doing it again. It all lasted an hour or two then I was fine. Then I slowly started getting the brain fog during the day without smoking pot. Now it's a constant thing and It's destroying my once happy, healthy lifestyle. I understand that this can be anxiety but I don't ever feel stressed out. I have a fairly easy life and I don't see what could be causing my anxiety.

    • Xenina Xenina Katharsis

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    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 Xenina

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  • lac8961 lac8961 TaylorMason

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  • shaunie39511 shaunie39511 TaylorMason

    sounds to me like anxiety and depression, which I also suffer with myself it's amazing how much these two things can effect your life so much!

    You need to stay positive try doing things that make you happy, and uplift your mood I know it's easier said than done but unfortunately only we can make our self's better

    hope your feeling okay, take care

  • findingacure findingacure TaylorMason


    Similar to the others who have responded, I too have suffered from debilitating "brain fog" as well as a plethora of other terrifying and life altering symptoms. It has been about 8 years, somewhere between 2006 and 2008, however it all seems to be a blur. What really set the alarms off for me where the intense episodes that I now know where anxiety attacks yet at the time I thought I was dying. This evolved into a sense of complete disconnection from reality and the world around me, yet I appeared normal to those around me.

    The good news is the anxiety attacks DO subside after a couple of years. The bad news is the brain fog and accompanying symptoms do not. In my research I have found that the anxiety attacks are almost a sort of transition period into this new chronic state of cognitive debility. Additional symptoms I have experienced include: severe fatigue, memory impairment, lack of ability to focus or concentrate, a complete dullness of all sensory input while at the same time being sensitive to certain, smells, sounds, and lights that induce and I'll feeling, stiff neck, muscle weakness, eye floaters, stuffy nose and ears, and an emotional numbness that makes human connections almost impossible.

    Despite all of this though, I am very determined to find a cause and a cure. What strikes me in my years of research is the overwhelming prevalence of this occurring to HIGHLY INTELLIGENT individuals. It seems almost everyone suffering from this mysterious ailment expresses that they were previously "very sharp" "top of the class" "exceptionally intellectual" etc. Out of all symptoms the most devastating one across the board is the diminished mental abilities and clarity.

    Perhaps this may be a significant clue. Please let me know if anyone else agrees with this.

    My best wishes to all. We will find a cause and a cure!


    • lucas123 lucas123 findingacure


      I have the exact same symptoms as the author of this topic. I can tell that I am intelligent (Mensa member). After getting married I noticed that my mood was becoming worse and worse. Then my mood was stabilised on a constant low level. I have a terrible brain fog. I can feel that my brain works like an engine with some sand inside. It drives me crazy. I can do my intelectual demanding work but it is not the same as before. I do not feel any passion in it. I contacted the psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with depression. I take Cital (citalopram). Right now I am on 10mg dose. After some days of taking that drug I felt normal for a while. However, then everything was back - I mean that brain fog. I wonder if I should increase the dose to 20mg. I am on that drug for about 2 weeks.

      What you all think?

      I can do everything to get rid of that terrible brain fog. Please contact me if you want to talk privately.

    • Quandryite Quandryite findingacure

      You said that anxiety attackts "DO" subside after a couple of years.  That is not the case, perhaps just yours.  But for a different approach to anxiety attacks, and it's socio-political in nature,  I highly recommend an out-of-print book titled, Women Who Marry Houses by Robert Seidenberg and Karen DeCrow, for men as well as women, and whether or not you have agoraphobia.  It's about control.

    • kenzo02531 kenzo02531 findingacure

      I totally agreed what you wrote. I am used to be an A student in college and worked in a top-notch company. All of a sudden (just a night), I turned to be a dull person and things just got worse day by day. 

      I DO hope that all the side-effects could go away one day. Are you researching for the cure? Is there anything I could help or contribute?


    • Xenina Xenina lucas123

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    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 Xenina

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    • Rockers Rockers Xenina

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    • AWishForHealth AWishForHealth findingacure

      Hi Findingacure

       I am suffering from the same symptoms. I am thinking that we should form a group and contact neuroscientists who might find our group useful for their research to understand this condition more. They might not even know about us and if we make ourselves visible as a group rather than a few individuals, they could learn a lot by studying us and maybe one day help us. It is worth trying it. What do you think?

    • jordanj jordanj findingacure


      Astute point regarding this seeming to occurr in higher intelligent people.

      Putting my name in the list as someone dealing with original poster's symptoms.

      On and off symptoms for 2-3 years. Had a few weeks of clarity recently and now back in hell. 35 years old.

      Clean diet, no alcohol, no sugar or processed foods. Have exercised aerobically and with resistance training for prolonged times to no avail. Drug use limited to caffeine and nicotine...both in excess; looking to pull these out of life this week.

      Good luck all. I will post if I ever figure anything out.

    • ronchierachh ronchierachh AWishForHealth

      I would join! I'm a 20 year old female with the exact same symptoms. I was a pre-med biology major with a 4.0 and I feel like I've lost my mind. I'm always exhausted, in a daze/brain fog, can't sleep or if I can sleep I wake up in the middle of the night, pressure headaches in the temples, floaters in my vision to light, shortness of breath and lower back pain. All of my symptoms are pretty dull, but it's the brain fog I cannot escape. I had to drop all of my classes; I honestly feel like I gained a learning disability overnight. I've had chest x-rays, sonograms, EKG, HIDA tests, urine analysis', and all the blood work in the books - all came back normal. I'm desperate at this point. I don't know how I'm supposed to finish my degree if I feel like this! Adderall can't even help me.

    • esme454 esme454 ronchierachh


      As a student set to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Spring 2019 and with the finish line nearing, it would mean the world to me to share my experiences with another in the same situation. I would love to discuss possible causes and symptoms. Feel free to message me any time; I’m an English major with a 3.8 GPA, and whatever this is is slowly killing me. Hope you’re able to get back to school, love and support from TX

    • houston70610 houston70610 ronchierachh

      You described it perfectly. I was always a 4.0 student all the way through college, until my senior year when I felt like I suddenly developed some kind of learning disorder out of nowhere. My GPA dropped bigtime, but luckily not enough to fail any classes or keep me from graduating. I'm 25 now and it is still as bad as ever. The exhaustion, sleeplessness, and most oppressively, the brain fog! I constantly feel like I'm kinda drunk, or like I've smoked a bunch of weed. I don't know what causes what, or if some are causes and others are symptoms, or if the symptoms are all just so co-morbid that it is a never-ending cycle (i.e. something keeps me from getting quality sleep, which makes me feel foggy and depressed, which gives me worry and anxiety, which makes my sleep even worse, which makes the fogginess and exhaustion worse, which makes me worry more, and so on...). When the fog is at its worst, someone can be talking to me face to face, one on one, and I am looking at them straight in the face and listening, but cannot keep up with what they are saying. It's like as soon as they say a word, I've forgotten it; I cannot follow a simple conversation, and it is so embarrassing and pretty scary, and it even happens at work (I'm an IT professional and I cannot afford to be "stupid"wink.

      Maybe it would be helpful to message each other and discuss lifestyles, histories, and stuff like that to identify possible similarities. I'm so ready to find a solution. 

    • AWishForHealth AWishForHealth findingacure

      Dear Erica, I wrote about a year ago as a reply to Taylor. I know two more ladies who suffer from this. One is 50, one is 30 and I am 37. I was thinking that maybe we should start a document eg spreadsheet and list all the symptoms and then send it to all of us to fill it in to see a profile of each patient. Then with this set of data we could contact a Neuroscientist. What do you think? Thank you 

    • El-Baba El-Baba AWishForHealth

      Great idea. I've been silently contemplating the same idea for quite some time now. Personally, my brain fog (accompanied by tinnitus) commenced at the age of 17 after stressing out over an English exam I had the following day. Being naturally curious, I would love to help co-ordinate an answer-seeking effort on this front. If this was to go ahead I would personally prefer communicating through Reddit or Facebook. On that note, there's already a Reddit group dedicated to identifying the cause and potential remedy / remedies, which can be found here ( If you can PM me and we can try to organise things from there. 

  • findingacure findingacure TaylorMason

    Additionally I would be very interested to hear if anyone knows what triggered their symptoms or events occurring recently prior to the onset of symptoms or any additional clues or theories you may have.

    Thank you.


    • Ebone Ebone findingacure


      I deal with the same exact symptoms and I'm certain my trigger was post surgery. How are you feeling now (I see this post is a few months old)?  What was your trigger?  It's always comforting to talk to someone about this. 


    • simplysarah simplysarah findingacure


      I suspect I was exposed to a black-market "libido enhancement" substance. A [u]brem el ano tide[/u] (one word. merge those syllables together. A drug company is working furiously to get it approved and I don't want this post nixed...) initially tagged PT-141. It works on the brain. It's also available in transdermal and inhalant forms. Hard to avoid if someone's determined to dose you.

      Immediately after my "accidental" exposure, I've manifested these symptoms weekly for four months now. Can't shake the symptoms. Permanent damage? I don't know. 

      This has changed my life. sad

    • mayssa80 mayssa80 simplysarah

      Hello everyone

      I think my brainfog was triggered by my thyroidectomy . I was hyperthyroid and then after the surgery i went hypo with a tsh level 40 !!! I wasn't put on drugs immediately after my thyroidectomy because we needed the results to see if it had any cancer ... but even when my hifmones are leveled my brain fog is here... i have tinnitus, muscle and joint aches , lightheadedness / dizziness, pressure in the head .... all that !!! But the worst is the memory loss and the blurry vision !!! I m afraid i ll go blind someday !!! Had a brain MRI that came out clear ... an EMG , a barium swallow ... i don't know what to do ???? Now i started to have panick attacks ...

    • AWishForHealth AWishForHealth findingacure

      Dear Erica, for me it started at the age of 14 after heavy studying for school year end exams. It used to come only once a year usually after intense studying. Around 15 I started to get bullied and stepped into self esteem destruction leading to self hate and depression. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the foggy brain? 


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