'venlafaxine' How long do the side effects last

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Please help me..

I have suffering with depression most of my life, but after my 16 year old son hung himself August 18th 2012 I have grief combined with anxiety and depression.

I was put on 40mg fluoxetine but my head was 100 mph and my therapist can't keep me in the room to do CBT and REMD with me. So my GP has put me on venlafaxine 37.5mg twice a day and after 2 weeks bumped me up to 75mg twice a day.

I started on the 19th dec 13 and after a week I felt okay but was worried that bumping up to 150mg after 2 weeks was going to be a lot.

So after the first week I started taking 3 of the 37.5mg one in the morning two at night.

I feel crap!! I am 2 weeks into taking this drug and I am so tired, I have nightmares, I wake wet through from sweating in the night. I have terrible headache at the front of my head.

I feel house bound! Have no interest in shopping cleaning etc.

at least on Prozac I would have been on the January sales now lol

But I can't bare it, people!! Noise! I just want to stay in. My husband says I'm not concentrating. For instant when we went out shopping Xmas eve I was driving and he was saying, you paying attention? Did you see that etc etc

I feel like I've just passed my test and it feels awful.

I have been to therapy today and told her. She has spoke to my GP and she has rang me telling me not to take the 3 pills a day, go back to the two and if I can stick with it because they are a really good drug and really do work!!

My question is has anyone found this drug to work for them? Are my side effects normal ? How long will they last?

I feel like stopping and seeing what I would be like with nothing.

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    I know it's been a while since you started this thread, but I was wanting to see if you would give an update? If you are still on the effexor and how it's going?

    Thank you

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    Bless you hunny how hard life has been for you and so many of us ,all I can do is tell you how I am today after 9 x days cold turkey from Venlafaxine and its hell on earth my symptoms are scaring my grandkids 

    so iv asked family to stay away till im more level ,I was on Prozac for a few months omg then 

    seroxate/peroxatrine for 7 yrs then for the last 6 yrs on VENLAFAXINE ,suicidal attemps in past due to 

    sexual attack, beatings, ptsd ,death of children and parents etc etc too much evil stuff happened to the innocent 

    little girl I was once ,now in my 50s seems everything eventually caugt up and  had 

    a massive motorway crash with my brain emotions actions and who I was

     (no idea who i am now ) after yet another betrayal by a loved one i lost the plot 

    and planned for the last time my exit ,still not gone thru yet and as im a single 

    mum ,nan and sister i do have loved ones but i live as a recluse and have not 

    one single other person apart from family in my life ,begged and begged for 

    help from mental health who have my name but dont give any needed help 

    and thats not just from me my sister is a top health pro so knows what shes

     talking about. WELL i stopped 25thfeb 2017 ,symptoms ,being sick for no

     reason ,head like a blob of jelly wobbling everyhere  when im walking or 

    sitting still ,eyes slow to react to what they are looking at ,unsteady is an 

    understatement on my feet ,keep tripping up and falling ,extremem dizzy 

    spells ,fainting , no proper appitite ,cannot concentrate ,speech jumbled 

    and cannot remember correct words or say sentances without jumbling up ,

     head seems to be having a sort of electric storm with zaps which make 

    you jump ,full feature length dreams of a normal nature (rare for me)  sleep

     hard to find but shattered all the time , feels like my head is a massive weight 

    and constant bad bad headache ,constant hourly breaking down in sobbing 

    the most horrndous tears for anything to nothing ,opening or moving eyes painful 

     ,ears very sensitive to sound and a lot more but I put the main ones as it may help

     others understand , I am not going back on tablets as 14 yrs of my life have been

     lost and can never be got back ,one thing that may worry you is you seem to find 

    you have normal feelings something not felt for a long time depending on how long you were on tablets I was on 2 a day total dose I thing was 75 mgs , this has been 

    hard writing as concentration is so poor and even trying to write is hard , I hope i manage

     to get thru and survive and i dont mean that in a 'wo is poor me way' I mean it cos its win

     or lose life with me ,cant live like an invisable person who the health people have

     forgotten or dont have time for and believe me iv screamed for help, so if i dont get

     thru i am unsure of what my incontrollable actions will do. For all those going cold 

    turkey yur best bet is to get proffesional help with coming off as i would not recommend 

    it but as im this far down the road 'this lady is not for turning' as they say , 

    GOOD LUCK everyone , TAKE CARE and BLESS YOU ALL ..

    No one can understand the pain emotionally of mental illness unless they walk the road sufferers do xxx

    I dont ever want to be on this any mental health drug cos I lost so much of my life and I look at it like this

     Id rather be depressed with no meds than depressed with meds that make no difference. xxx

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    I also have weird side effects from Venlafaxine   and was wondering when the side effects end my doctor said that in 2 weeks I should be feeling normal with the medication I'm taking its been a day and a half and I'm feeling alittle calmer still every now and again shaky vision better but sometimes gotta rub on them we will get through this stay strong 

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      Hi! How are u feeling now? You're prob past the 2 week point?

      I started 37.5 Venlafaxine hcl er Sat March 10th, 4th dose today. Was prescribed for Vestibular Migraines w Vertigo... I'm also wheening slowly off Meclizine that I've been on for one year. I've noticed elevated BP, headaches and Nausua w the Venlafaxine. But this is to be a miracle drug to end my Vertigo, so I'm determined to stick it out. Im just impatient.


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