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  • mark04913 2

    Need some help please

    I've been on venlafaxine for over 10 years and the psychiatrist thinks they are not working no more and I feel the same. They was giving me 187.5 which is a weird dose. Now I'm on day 3 of coming down off 37.5 and I'm constantly getting suicidal thoughts as I suffer from OCD as well bit this won'

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  • Anxiety88 2

    Vensir 150mg XL can not sleep PLS HELP

    taken 1x150mg vensir daily with up to 4x40mg propananlol for chronic anxiety disorder heres the thing with vensir after i take it the 1st couple of hours i feel tired and sweat a lot which is bearable then during the day its like it wears of i feel whole body like tingle im so agitated to the point

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  • Kiwifruit94 1

    Coming off venlafaxine??

    I have been on venlafaxine for around 20 months at 75mg per day. Basically I am wanting to come off it as I have some unpleasant side effects and just want to be drug free. I have explored natural anxiety relief and feel this works just as well. I moved to the UK 10 months ago and here they only

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  • patricia85842 3


    I went to see a Psychatrist yesterday and she has prescribed 15 mg mirtazapine and 150 mg Venlafaxine.  I have been on both these drugs before - Venlafaxine for 10 years but it stopped working and 15 mg Mirtazapine which only worked for 2 months. I was disappointed with this and said but both of

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  • jane16555 2

    Venlafaxine withdrawal and weight gain

    has anyone got any experience of ven weight gain and if it comes back off? Or is my metabolism ruined? I have put three stone on in the few months I was on it, despite being active!I asked to be put in an antidepressant that didn't have that side effect so this has made me feel even

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  • mike12345 2
  • angelaeve 1

    Sweating and heat

    I have been on venlafaxine for at least 12 years 150mg. Came off it once was ok for 3 months then anxiety again so went back on it.  My only side effect is I am hot and sweaty. These are not hot flushes (I am 65) there is a real difference. Does anyone else have this?

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  • Sharon522 2


    I have been on antidepressants for 25 years I have been increased to 225 veneflaxin I feel a bit better but morning is really toughi am in my 4 week of increase when can I expect this drug in kick. Will it make anymore difference at this point

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  • clare2729 3

    Extreme fatigue on Venlafaxine XR

    Currently taking 112.5mg of venlafaxine. Been on this for 4 weeks. At 75mg was still struggling with some insomnia but since upping to 112.5mg I'm sleeping much better but also experiencing the most awful fatigue ALL day! It does seem to be helping mood and anxiety wise but the tiredness is

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  • elissa37527 2

    Effexor keeps stopping working?

    Hi Everyone, Last month my Effexor at 150 seemed like it stopped (really strong anxiety set in) working so my doctor increased my dose to 225. After a few days I felt great again. Now over the past few days I'm feeling bad again-ugh! The sleep trouble is starting and I have all yucky anxious

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  • daniobentley 2

    Advice please - coming off 37.5mg Venlafaxine / Effexor

    Hi all,  I have been on Venlafaxine for about 9 years for anxiety and panic disorder. I was only ever on 75mg but it was the only thing that help stabalise my mental health. When I was pregnant 6 years ago I tapered to 37.5mg p/day which was horrible and when i was pregant again 4 years ago, I didn'

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  • tg 2

    venlafaxine withdrawal- please help!!

    Hi there, ive just joined on here to get some advice and i was prescribed venlafaxine xl (modified release) 10 yrs ago for severe depression after my daughter was born, over the years this has been increased to 225mg a day. My partner and i want to have another baby and was aware of the

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  • clare2729 3

    Loss of senses

    Hi, I been on venlafaxine XL since 1st April. Increased to 150mg a week ago. Feeling much better in myself but for the last 3 days I've completely lost my sense of smell and taste. Has anyone else ever had this!

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  • annasch 2

    Venlafaxine withdrawal - there is hope!

    I've previously posted on another discussion thread about coming off venlafaxine - I was about to take the plunge myself - but rather than re-post on that thread I thought I'd start a new one to give my account of my experience and I hope a chance of light at the end of that awful tunnel for

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  • jeffaslo 2

    Missed 3 days of Effexor, had panic attack and feel depressed

    I missed 3 days of my effexor 300mg and on the 4th I took my regular dose again. That day I was feeling horrible and sad. I cried for most of the evening, then had a panic attack 2 days later. I still feel sad and on the verge of a panic attack. Is this normal for missing my meds? Does it take a

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  • Sharon522 2
  • lauras1980 2
  • talulabelle1982 2

    coming off venlafaxine?

    I have been taking venlafaxine for over 7 years and can admit that it saved my life a few times in the early stages. I have tried to come off them numerous times,during the past 3 years but have failed every time. The gp honestly dosent know how to help, cut down slowly, miss every other '

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  • james22918 3

    Thoughts anyone?

    Just wondered how long it took for the tablets to fully kick in with different people. I know everyone is different but after a fought guide. It took me about 7 weeks on 150mg to feel it's full effect and for it to level out and it was great but I still had some issues mentally and physically so

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  • 2006Rachel 2

    Drug combinations with venlafaxine

    Was previously on Mirtazapine as well as venlafaxine but decided to come of mirt two weeks ago.  CPN not happy and has referred me for a drug review.  Is anyone on any anti depressant combinations other than Mirtazapine?

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  • oz82 2

    Success with venlafaxine withdrawal

    Hi guys, After 6 long years on venlafaxine, I have finally gotten off the drug. I don't know if this will be of any use to anyone, but I wanted to share some hopeful words and tips for anyone trying to come off of this nasty medication. I should clarify, however, that I am not angry for having

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  • Bookworm13 2
  • Trina536 3


    Hi everyone,I started on 75mg venlafaxine 2 weeks ago because sertraline wasn't right for me, I suffer from depression and anxiety,for the first 10 days I gradually started to feel better until eventually I began to feel more like myself, I even started to sing along with the radio while doing housework,...

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  • kaye41662 2

    Brain zaps

    i have slowly withdrawn from venlafaxine over 2 months and haven't taken any for two weeks but still getting brain zaps on a regular basis. Has anyone been through this and if so how long do they go on for? Thanks

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  • k8861 2

    Struggling on 150 and 225

    Ive been on this medication for over a month. High anxiety on 225g xl, which ive been on for half a week. I cant tolerare it its so bad. I have GAD and sure what to do. Seeing gp thurs but worried not much else left to try as tried mist ssris and dont want mirtazapine due to weight

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  • clare2729 3


    Hi, I have been taking venlafaxine for just over 3 weeks. I think it is helping my depression and anxiety although I'm still struggling a bit however, since taking them I am suffering from extreme fatigue. I'm literally shattered ALL day. I'm trying to keep busy and power through it but I'm finding

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  • emma1605 3
  • joe18494 1

    Effexor withdrawal advice

    Hi all Just looking for some advice. I've been on effexor for 10years now (between 75 and 225mg). I have been suffering from side effects (mainly stomach probs and ears but also heat intolerance and nightmares). I decided I wanted to come off the tabs as I feel these effects are stopping me

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  • ame78 2

    Numbness in hands and feet????

    Hi, I have been weaning off Venlafaxibe since late November. I was up to 150mg & very slowly started reducing. I have experienced a lot of disorientation, fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping, bit the MAJOR withdrawl symptom is SEVERE tingling & numbness in my hands and feet. It is worse at

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  • Sharon522 2
  • Murv01 2

    Good story please

    Hi has anybody got anything good to say about venladex (venlafaxine) 75mg ? I'm trying to come off mirtazapine because of massive weight gain and my doctor has prescribed me with venladex 75mg , just seem to read horror stories about this drug , there must be some positives ? Any info would be

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  • clare2729 3


    I am currently taking 75mg of venlafaxine xl for depression and anxiety. I have been taking this for 2 weeks. I'm feeling very shakey and not sure if it's the medication doing this. Has anybody else experienced this?

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  • clare2729 3

    Venlafaxine 75mg XL

    Hi, I am on day 15 of 75mg of venlafaxine. It is the XL version. I am taking this for severe depression and anxiety. I think I am feeling slightly better (still a long way to go) but I've noticed I'm feeling completely exhausted all of the time. Can anybody please let me know if this is a

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  • patricia85842 3

    Starting 150 mg Venlafaxine

    I have just had my Venlafaxin increased from 75 mg to 150 mg.  It's only 3 days but all I want to do is sleep and I feel sickly. I would like to know how long it takes to feel any improvement.  I know everyone is different but I would just like some idea.

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  • clare2729 3

    Best time to take Venlafaxine XL

    Hi, I am currently on day 18 of venlafaxine the XL version. I have been taking 75mg in the morning but as mentioned in a previous post I'm feeling completely exhausted all of the time. I'm also not sleeping great but even at times when I've slept reasonably ok I'm still physically and mentally

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