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  • gethin67137 2


    Hello everyone , I have been on venlafaxine for a while. I am now up to 225 mg. it was working for me great. I was still having the odd couple of days here and there but 80% I was ok. I was at first taking one 75mg and one snapped in half twice a day resulting in a daily dose of 225. Then I was given...

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  • Trina536 3

    What happens now

    Hi everyone, I apologise beforehand in case my post is long, basically I had to come off clomipramine after 32 years because I have high blood pressure and it was starting to stop being effective,so I was weened off it then started sertraline,but after being on the maximum dose I didn't feel any better...

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  • dawn41372 3

    Are these symptoms withdrawa

    i was on 45 mg mirtrazine feeling ok but still not right doctor added 3.75 venlafaxine after week felt like my old self dr then reduced my mirt to 30 mg and upped my venlafaxine to 75 mg feeling anxious and hot sweats .will things get better how long .

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  • mister60580 1

    delayed withdrawal?

    Hi, I've been on XR @ 225mg for about 10 years. I was on 150mg another 7 years before that. I gradually went down from 225 to 150 over the past 6 weeks. I had some mild withdrawal symptoms but nothing too bad. I've been staying at 150mg for about the past 10 days and I woke up today feeling awful --...

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  • catherine55994 3

    Getting there slowly

    Hi All I haven't posted for a while. I'm still reducing the Venlafaxine by 12.5mg monthly. Currently on 100mg. I've had no side effects since extending the reductions to monthly. I was doing it every 3 weeks and experienced a bit of a low. It's a long drawn out process but I'm hoping that eventually...

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  • clare2729 3

    Horrible Smell

    Hi, ​I am currently taking 187.5mg of venlafaxine. I take 150mg of the extended release in the morning and because they only do the 37.5mg in the immediate release and they make me really tired for some reason, I take that at night. ​I've been doing really well and its definitely helping my anxiety and...

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  • jane40920 2


    Hi can anyone tell me how long the very debilitating side effects last when just starting to take venlafaxine. I am on day four and I feel so week and sick. I really struggled yesterday to get out of bed. I am 65 but fell 95. I wonder how long I should give it before deciding it is not for me. I have...

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  • jane16555 2

    Venlafaxine withdrawal and weight gain

    has anyone got any experience of ven weight gain and if it comes back off? Or is my metabolism ruined? I have put three stone on in the few months I was on it, despite being active!I asked to be put in an antidepressant that didn't have that side effect so this has made me feel even worse.tapered down...

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  • talulabelle1982 2

    coming off venlafaxine?

    I have been taking venlafaxine for over 7 years and can admit that it saved my life a few times in the early stages. I have tried to come off them numerous times,during the past 3 years but have failed every time. The gp honestly dosent know how to help, cut down slowly, miss every other dose...I've...

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  • tony01126 2
  • oz82 2

    Success with venlafaxine withdrawal

    Hi guys, After 6 long years on venlafaxine, I have finally gotten off the drug. I don't know if this will be of any use to anyone, but I wanted to share some hopeful words and tips for anyone trying to come off of this nasty medication. I should clarify, however, that I am not angry for having been...

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  • clare2729 3


    Hi, been on venlafaxine since beginning of April. Started on 75mg and now up to 187.5mg. 150 extended release in the morning and 37.5 immediate release in the evening. Was very poorly from December to April with depression and anxiety and ended up in hospital. The venlafaxine has definitely helped but...

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  • janstired 2

    Cymbalta vs Venlafaxine dosage

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some guidance on dosage. My doctor says to do Trial and Error, which I hate, but understand. I was on 60 mg of Cymbalta, Brand name, couldn't take the generic, it felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. Anyway, due to cost reasons, I am now taking generic Venlafaxine,...

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  • gus35832 1

    9 weeks off effexor withdrawal helper

    Hi everyone. I took effexor for about 12 years. I've been off it for about 9 weeks now. I have all the typical withdrawals. One thing i've found that really helps is magnesium powder. Theres one at the chemist in oz that says it may help with stress and wowee DOES IT HELP. I tapered off the effexor,...

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  • Lhoop 1
  • tg 2

    venlafaxine withdrawal- please help!!

    Hi there, ive just joined on here to get some advice and support... i was prescribed venlafaxine xl (modified release) 10 yrs ago for severe depression after my daughter was born, over the years this has been increased to 225mg a day. My partner and i want to have another baby and was aware of the effects...

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  • tony01126 2

    venlafaxine uk

    been on 225 mg venlafaxine but have been going up and down at the moment very down has any one been on venlafaxine and another antidepresent at the same time if i go to dr and tell him i wish to come off venlafaxine and try another anti depresent do i have to totaly come of venlafaxine before getting...

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  • debra10338 2

    venlaflaxine missing doses due to health professionals error

    I have been taking venlaflaxine zopicol and diazapam since 21/03/17 during this time twice the specialist team have been 3 and 2 days late with medication today he came with the medication basically calling me a liar that I had not phoned stating I had no medication . Proof is in my phone he still referred...

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  • gethin67137 2


    Hello everyone , I have been on venlafaxine for a while. I am now up to 225 mg. it was working for me great. I was still having the odd couple of days here and there but 80% I was ok. I was at first taking one 75mg and one snapped in half twice a day resulting in a daily dose of 225. Then I was given...

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  • michael37584 2

    Increase ven by 37.5 mg xl caps

    hello all I've been on 75.5 mg ven xl.   For a while now hoping to come off altogether but I had to increase by another 37.5 mg.  I've been on the extra dose now for 3 days. When do you think I should start feeling better.  Thank you. 

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  • mike60339 2

    Difficulty passing urine

    Hi, Been on Venlafaxine 70mg per day about 9 days. One of the side effects is difficulty passing urine - I can cope with this during the day but it's disrupting what little sleep I get as I'm driven to the loo repeatedly by the urge to pee but can only pass a small amount. Does this side effect diminish...

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  • marleen85993 2

    Need a few tips please.

    Have been on 37.5mgs of Effexor for 4 days now.Would like a few tips re how to cope with the anxiety and agitation at the beginning of treatment.Any advice would be great.Thank you

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  • clare2729 3
  • jim77910 1

    Venlafaxine 75mg - panic disorder

    I've been on paroxatine 40mg for around 2 years now to treat panic disorder and anxiety to no effect and have recently changed to venlafaxine 75mg. When I was on paroxatine I was always tired and had no energy and never felt 100% 'normal'. Can I expect this to change while I'm on venlafaxine? Does it...

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  • Missamo 2

    venlafaxine day 1

    Hi everyone. I took my first dose today, 37.5 mg. I am taking it for severe anxiety and panic. The good news is that I didn't have my usual anxiety symptoms today. The bad news is that I feel awful. Very tired but wired. Kind of a drunk feeling. And when I try to rest I keep getting waves of adrenalin...

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  • cd990003 1

    Venlafaxine and sleep patterns

    Started taking venlafaxine yesterday morning. Was worried about having nightmares but I wasnt asleep long enough to have nightmares so I needn't have worried. I am a long term user of fluoxetine, recently changed to mirtazapine as fluoxetine no longer effective. Mirtazapine chosen because I wasnt...

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  • denise3b 2

    Just left doctor ?

    She told my husband and I that 60mg of cymbalta is equivalent to 300mg of effexor. She took me off effexor as I told everyone before. I am very sick. She acted surprised when I said I was on 300 effexor she said oh u were? Hello u have my records u took me off cold turkey. She said today oh o thought...

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  • damian310 2

    Coming off Venlafaxine. FAIL

    hi everyone, i'm back on venlafaxine now but had a complete disaster stopping this drug about 9 months ago. the reason i wanted to stop is because it hasn't helped my anxiety much and i get a number of side effects which i hate which just come out of the blue.  i reduced what i was taking over about...

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  • mike60339 2

    Advice on side effects

    Hi all, I've been on Velafaxine 70mg per day for 5 days for severe anxiety and depression. It's not working yet, I didn't expect it to, but I'm having problems with what I assume to be a side effect. I'm getting flu-like symptoms, severe headache, chills and sweats, general malaise and it's not helping...

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  • michelle82663 1

    Venlafaxine - side effects on starting - help please

    I have been on venlafaxine 75 mg for almost 4 weeks and my head feels like it is pulsing, I feel more anxious and sweating a lot, and not sleeping well I feel terrible. I do feel a bit brighter in myself but otherwise I feel pretty crappy. Is there any hope that this will work and how long will it take...

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  • Sharon522 2
  • Milliemoo22 3

    Restarting Venlafaxine

    Hi, I was prescribed Venlafaxine 2 years ago but didn't have much luck with it, my GP has given it again to me today to try again for my anxiety.  Do you think it could work if it didn't before?? I am a little confused....

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  • denise3b 2
  • 2006Rachel 3
  • lucy1969 2

    Venlafaxine withdrawal help

    I have been on venlafaxine for two years, 187.5 per day. Last Monday I took a large overdose of a variety of medications, including ven. Needless to say but I am still here (and feeling pretty fed up about it). The hospital discharged me on Friday and told me to stay off of them (I'd taken them all...

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  • denise3b 2

    Effexor and Rhabomyolysis

    Hi everyone, my primary wanted me to see a psych doctor for my depression meds so I made an appointment. I was on 300 mg of effexor and 100mg for over ten years. It was no longer working. She immediately took me off both meds and startedme on 30 mg of cymbalta. A week later up to 60 mg. I started...

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