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I am from Maldives. Diagonised with Prostate Cancer in 2013. I had the option of removing the prostate or radiation. My PSA was 24. My Gleason index was 9. I was stage 2. I was 52 when this happened.

I opted to do radiation and everything went very well. I had absolutely no problem with Radiation. My PSA dropped to <0.001. But I was on hormone injection (Lucrine) for 3 years and stopped on December 2015. I did my treatment in Malaysia. I gained a lot of weight doc says because of Lucrine.

January 2016, one evening I had bleeding while passing urine. only one time.

I was in China then. I came back to Malaysia and met my doctor. Did a Urine check there was traces of blood but not much. I live in Malaysia. One night a small piece of stone dropped and I went and say my doc (oncologyst). He sent me for scanning and found 1 cm stone in my bladder. He refered me to a urologyst. He said he has to blast the stone and flush it out. He also know my history of cancer. Urologyst told me while he is doing the stone thing and if he find my prostate is blocking the urine flow he will do a TURP. otherwise the stone will come back again. So eventually urologyst did a TURP on me on March 2016. the advantage of turp was a piopsy was done on the removed and there was no cancer. Afer going home it bleeded 2 weeks and stopped.  But till today I a struggling with leaks.  Sometimes very bad. sometime tolorable and sometimes non. burning sensation is there if I hold longer time.  Can wait around 2 hours. and dont have to get up in the night.

I am wondering if this leaking will ever stop. Is there anything I can do to stop leak. Doctor have prescribed a medicine and said you may have a difficulty passing urine and if happens stop it and come to me.  I travel a lot and scared to take the medicine as I dont know where the difficulty will pop up.

I am waiting for Ramadan to start to eat the medicine as I will be in Malaysia with my family for a whole month. I shared for 2 reson just to let members know my case and if it can help you. Also I would like to know if there i a procedure to stop the leak if so where.


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    Good morning.  Sorry you having a problem.  What your going through is a side effect from the TURP.  If it has not gone away by now it going to stay that way.  Can I ask you why did you have the doctor talk you into a turp.  He could have remove the stone without doing the turp. All you had to do is say no.  Your prostate did not cause the stone.  As for the biopsy your PSA was fine and you were peeing so you prostate was not a problem.  Your doctor just got 2 surgerys for one.  I hope you will improved  Ken
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      Thank you kenneth1955

      Sad but I think you are right. Its a mistake to to the TURP. But doctor said the stone in the bladder is formed only because I am retaining urine in the bladder and because of cristalisation. If kept like that the stone may reccur. Since I travel a lot and to remote places, I was scared another stone may be formed and obstruct urine when I am at a wrong place.

      I am sure and there can be a remedy. My doctor says its a bit inconvenience haa haa. Anyway I am going to try his medicine and will refer to another doctor. May be in India or Singapore.

      will update.

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      I am so sorry that he talked you into it.  That is the was they get you to do what they want.  I did not have bladder stones I had kidney stones Was told the same thing by the doctor that I will get them again.  That was 14 years ago and never had another one.  Men have to start saying no to the doctor.  I have talked to my urologist many times about things and for bladder stones they do like to do a turp to make it easier to get the stones out but if you say no they will just open you up more and get the stones out and leave the prostate alone.  Take care and be safe  Ken
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    Hi Kalbe, maybe doing Kegel exercises will help with the leakage. Google search will explain how. 

    A short explaination from web md

    Halfway through urination, try to stop or slow down the flow of urine.

    Don’t tense the muscles in your buttocks, legs, or abdomen, and don’t hold your breath.

    When you can slow or stop the flow of urine, you’ve successfully located these muscles.

    Contract these muscles for a slow count of five.

    Release the muscles to a slow count of five.

    Repeat 10 times.

    Do a set of 10 Kegels daily, three times a day.

    Give it a try maybe it will help

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      Dear uncklefester,

      I did try your method to locate the muscle. Lastnight, I let the bladder fill a bit and while passing I stopped. It never did start again how ever much I tried. I went to a karaoke session with my friends and passed normally at his home.

      On the way back I could not hold and had a messy accident. Lucily its a quater KM from my place and managed without anyone noticing.

      Everything is back to normal (no sever leaking) and now doing Kegal as adviced.

      will update after a few days.

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    The TURP was probably ill advised due to the radiation you had done. Radiation has permanent impact on your prostate and what they can do surgically after that is very limited - even removal isn't an option after radiation if the radiation doesn't cure the cancer.

    1) See a different urologist. Stones a prostate size are not related, so doing the TURP was never going to have any impact on whether you did or didn't have stones. I don't know if there is any procedure that can fix this problem - Kegel excercises are a good suggestion as they mjght help. But yes, you might be stuck with this permanently, but you won't know til you see a Urologist with a better understanding of the impacts of TURP surgery on a prostate that has had radiation.

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      Dear oldbuzzard,

      thank you for the reply. Yes I agree its an ill advice and doctor may have taken an advantage of my situation. in our part of the world it do happen.

      I will consult another doctor and infact my cancer time I was shuttling between Singapore and Malaysia and why I took treatment in Malay was my family was living in there. I guess family support is very importat for cancer treatment.

      I will discuss with my doctor (he is a very experienced on) done thousands of radical prostatomy using da vincy robot.

      I was supposed to do surgery but opted out because doctor suspects cancer have metstated to some lymph nodes. I asked if he can remove the lymphs he said one cannot be removed. So onlything that can reach all the places is radiation.  I did tomotherapy using daily ct scans. The radiation went well Alhamdlillahi. no problem with erectical disfunction or motion.

      Then came the stone and TURP

      Anyway I will fight for a cure and will keep on updating.

      This forum may be a good omen for me.

      Thank You


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    There is a prosthetic device that you can have installed which will control your urination. Talk to your urologist about it.


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      Dear nealpros,

      Thank you verymuch. I will try to locate a place where this can be done.

      If cannot appreciate your help to locate one. Affordablity is also....

      I was prescribed a medicine and doctor is very confident it will solve the problem. He says my bladder too active because of radiation and this medicine will do the work.  I read about it and it may be a lifetime drug.

      will post the name and result.

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      Check AMS and Coloplast. One of them makes the implant, but I don't remember which. They can refer you to a doctor in your area who does it, but it is very important for you to insure that the doctor is very experienced withthe procedure and has few complications. Ask for exact numbers, and don't accept answers such as, "I've done many of them ".


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