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I make a post here once a week to give people reassurance that sertraline will work, it just takes time. I was skeptical about them working because there are so many ups and downs with this type of medication and it makes you feel like they will never work.

I'm on week 10 and the last extremely bad day I had was in the middle of week 7, where I experienced 3 in a row. I thought, I'm back to square one and I may as well give up because this is week 7 and that's a long time so I guess they aren't going to work. With an enormous amount of family support and support from this forum, I continued on what I thought was a waste of my time, my family's concern and my therapist's time. Meanwhile, the thoughts of me wanting to "hurt" someone...anyone I looked at really were almost 24/7 in my brain. I say "hurt" because I can't bring myself to say the real word I was thinking.

Over the past few days, thoughts have diminished, butterflies in my stomach are very mild and I find myself being excited about my life. I'm continuing with my therapy to retrain my brain to live in the moment, not the future because really this very moment is all we have. I still have times when I have to redirect myself back to the present, let's face it, retraining your brain to think a different way than it has for years is not easy but it is possible.

To all fellow sufferers wanting to give up, please don't because the journey is worth the prize.

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    Hello Vanessa. So good to hear a success story. It really does help rather than all the negative stories you hear.

    Like you I'm on week 10 but only on 50mgs. I'm feeling so much better than before sertaline. I still have a few down and anxious times but I do know now what the trigger is.. my thoughts are much clearer and I'm so much more patient. I am thinking of increasing to 75 but will chat with the docs next week.

    Sertaline has definitely saved me and I will take it forever if need be. To start it's horrible but as you say the reward is so worth it.

    Anyone starting on this med should bear with it ana it does take time to work.. A long time especially when you want to get better quickly..

    Good luck and we'll done my fellow sertaline fan 😍

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    Thank you for sharing your struggle as well as your progress. This really helps me to make the decision to start this medicine. It's confusing because everyone is so different in how it effects them. It's good to hear that this medicine can help but it want always be easy but worth the try. Thank you again and good health and happy thoughts 😊

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      Hiya. Everyone does have different stories some succeed and some don't. Personally for me I nearly gave up as I hate any meds and was so scared of the side affects. If honest they were not plesent but I kept busy and tried to occupy myself so I would forget I took them. Two weeks past and was so much better. I think the key is to stick with them and speak to your doctor about having a backup to help with side effects.. remember not everyone has them.

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      Glad your feeling better what strength are you on,I'm on 100mg 2 weeks tomorrow been quite lucky not had really bad side effects,feel a bit better depression and anxiety but still suffering with intrusive thoughts

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    Hi Vanessa really lovely to read a good story so happy for you that your feeling good,I'm 11 days on sertraline 100mg feel like they are working don't feel as depressed or anxious but still having intrusive thoughts I have days where I question if the tablets are working this is really hard x

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      hi Katyf, it's annoying isn't it that the journey can be a bit slow with sertraline and other antidepressants, but don't worry, you are doing everything right, and are on the right track.  sertraline is going to defeat your depression and anxiety so keep going ok, it's ace when you come out the other side and your mind settles, and you feel great and happy again, it's something to really look forward to and rest assured it will happen to you just like it happened to us

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      If you see a difference, they are working. Believe me, you will get better and those thoughts will leave.
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      Thank you Vanessa I'm so glad I found this site people like you really help,it's very comforting to come on here and get good advice I think it helps because your getting advice from people who have been through it hope your well x

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      Aww thank you I appreciate you always commenting,it's people like you that are making me try and get through this I have to keep telling myself that this is temporary and that I will get better but yes it's a long road I hope you are well x

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    hi vanessa i couldnt agree more about 'living in the moment' instead of being stuck in the past (which we cant change) or thinking ahead to the future too much (which we cant predict), and during my searching around the internet and reading up, that 'live in the present' advice kept coming up over and over again from all the experts (the popular 'mindfulness' technique seems to be geared around that)

    it's like when were kids wasnt it, we just enjoyed the day and didnt worry about tomorrow, and we were all much happier then

    i think that's what i like best about sertraline or any antidepressant when it works; it really helps you to be able to live in the moment and helps stop the mind wandering off back into the past or forward into the future, and getting stuck there.  the therapy sounds like an ace idea and im glad that's going well for you

    really glad that you are doing better so good for you, and you still have lots more improving and good feelings to look forward to;   enjoy it!  smile

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      It's been a rocky road but I'm so glad I stuck with it, thanks to a lot of people on here and at home.

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    Thanks Vanessa. I went on 100mg a week ago and I think it might be working. Jury's still out

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    Hi Vanessa your posts and this forum has really given me genuine hope that this medication will eventually start working. I am on 150mg sertraline just over 3 and half weeks and I can safely say this depression is the worst I have ever experienced. Had a couple of good and bad days mixed together this week. The heightened anxiety and exhaustion is continuous.....just praying try god my mood will pick up. Delighted for you that you are feeling some much better. Mike
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      When I was at the place you are now, I also came here looking for reassurance and to be honest that is a big part of my success, the kind people on here that helped me through it. I vowed that I would share my experience with others who are suffering and even one person gets comfort from my posts, then I'm doing something right. I know what it's like to be in that dark place and I'm more than happy to help someone else. You'll get there too!!

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      Hey Mickey,

      Hope you are getting some relief. I was bumped up to 100mg, about a week ago and feel a lifting of my depression. I only hope I can hold on till the side effects go away.

      This is a different antidepressant, to be sure, but when it works it seems to really be a good one. I'm still in the early stages (5-6weeks?). So I'm still adjusting too.

      Take care. Let us know how you're doing. 😊

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      Hi Krista,

      Thanks for your kind message, one month on 150 mg sertraline and still no big improvement. Getting through work everyday at the moment is a task in itself. I find the tension headaches the worst and don't know is this the effects of the medication. Only relief I currently get is exercise, this has been my saviour. The endorphins I experience after a long run has really helped me. Would recommend to anybody, doctors say it is as good as medication.

      Delighted to hear that you are feeling better. Keep in touch.

      Mike 😊

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