10 weeks on Sertraline not doing well

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Hi after going through a terrible time with Anxiety Panic Attacks Depression Terrible intrusive thoughts . To the point I didn't see how I could possibly go on any more . I was taking Citalipram 40mg which I had been on 15 years . It had clearly stopped working.. my doctor put me on Sertraline 50mg for 1 week then 100mg Second week then 150mg 3rd week . I went through hell first 4/5 weeks all my symptoms were 100 times worse but I kept going . After week 7/8 I started to feel great thinking omg what was all that about I'm fine now . However I'm on week 10/11 now and anxiety and depression is coming back been bad last 4 days and it's not going away . I'm just wondering how many months before it goes away and I will start to feel normal as just now I'm feeling so disappointed . I'm up and down like a yo yo and really struggling to get through the day . I'm 41 with 2 kids . My memory is terrible just now I can't think straight and doing simple tasks is so difficult. . Has anyone gone through this that's been on Sertraline longer than 11 weeks ? Really need someone to talk to instead of myself in my head all the time . Thanks

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    Hi Cj, sorry to hear that you're going through so much. I'm surprised zoloft hasn't worked for you yet..... i was put on zoloft for extreme anxiety and horrid panic attacks for months and months of horrible thoughts about death and dying.... i didn't want to go on meds until panic attacks and anxiety took over my life.... daily panic attacks...

    I was put on 50mg ro begin with about 6 weeks ago then 3 weeks after upped to 100mg, even though the 50mg had started to work in the first week. I might be one of the lucky ones. I haven't had a single panic attack since starting nor anxiety.....all the horrible thoughts about death etc gone. One side effect i got from zoloft was no appetite.... nothing else.

    Maybe zoloft isn't for you. Plz speak to your doc. You have been on it lonv enough i believe.... you shouldn't have to put up with so much while taking medication to help....but if it's been over two months, then something isn't right.

    I wish you peace.... calm days with no anxiety and hope either this med starts working with its full effect or something else does.


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      Hi Eleven 11 sorry for not getting back sooner . I'm very happy to say over the last 5/6 days I feel like a different person . Almost I'm scared to say like the old me before all the dread came . The meds have taken a long time to kick in but I would say to anyone starting on them perseverance is a must

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    Hi CJ,

    My doctor started me slowly on 25 and I'm now up to 175 on increments of 25. I've been on 175 for 9 days now and my side effects are agitation, nervousness, some anxiety, tinnitus. I am not great but certainly much better than before starting it. When I first started Zoloft I went through a bad spell of depression which has completely gione away. I used to be on Cipralex but also tried Paxil, Effexor and I was also taking klonazapam and lorazapam. 

    Regarding Zoloft, my doctor told me that he prescribes between 50 and 100mg for depression and between 100 and 200 for Anxiety. If you were feeling OK for a while and then they came back, it's possible you need to go up to 175 or 200. You can go as high as 300 with Zoloft. I'm at 175 and starting to feel some of the benefits but I will wait at least 3 to 4 weeks and then I may go to 200. 

    With that said, everyone is different but you won't unless you try.

    If the doctor with presribe, try taking valium or Xanax to get through the rough spots, however don't make the mistake of taking these every day for too long as they work well but are highly addictive and very difficult to stop. When I say addictive, you may do really well on 5mg valium for many months but if or when you hit tolerance, you will have to increase the dosage and if you don't you will start getting withdrawal side effects and higher anxiety. Only take them a few times a week if possible.

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      My meds are definitely starting to kick in now . Goodness me what a difference. I'm glad I waited that bit longer before going to the doctors . Thanks for your words . Really appreciate them

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    I would leave it a few more weeks for the drug to settle.

    Have you had any help outside medication to deal with your mental help? If not I think you should ask as 11 years is a long time to be on antidepressants.

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      Hi yes you were right I needed to wait a little longer for meds to settle . What a difference. Yes I have my first appointment coming up next month to talk to a professional. Something I should have done a long time ago .
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    Ho are you feeling now CJ?
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    Sorry for the slow reply to people but my head really was gone . I actually thought that was it I wasn't going to start getting better but finally things are kicking in . Got a long way to go but I'm on the right track . Joined slimming club today even sat in a room full of people and I was fine . Was a wee bit nervous that there was a horrible rush of anxiety waiting for me but hey nothing came . Let my may this continue. Iv been going nice walks in the country side with my dog and just breathing the fresh air feels so nice

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    hi I know this is a old tread but can I ask how you got on ? I am 10 weeks on 50mg for GAD. I have had 3 different brands and feel each brand change set me back so I am now on the brand lustral so that my doctor can prescribe this each time. I still feel really anxious but I have been up and down quite a lot.

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    Hi Cj,

    I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I was on Fluoxetine for a long time until I hit my 30s. It stopped working for me so I went onto Sertraline.

    You will go through ups and downs the first 3 months but it will get better.

    If after another 4 weeks, you're still not feeling a little better, I would speak to the GP.

    Sometimes things will trigger you and you will have an odd day or two feeling low but it will pass.

    Take one step at a time and don't be hard on yourself. Stick to a routine and drink plenty of water.

    Take care

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