11 weeks on sert still not feeling better, should I give up?

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hi - so ive been on sert for 11 weeks in total - 25 for a week, 50 for 6 weeks, 75 for 3 weeks (was too much) so now been back on 50 for a week, apart from week 6 when i felt a bit better, ive had side effects to whole time, and the past few weeks have been brutal - nausea, panic attacks, no appetite...ive been up and down with the dose so is it still settling? should i wait a few more weeks? ? looking for reassurance and advice x

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    i would definitely give it more time. Your dose changes wont be letting your brain and body get settled into a rhythm. Stay on the 50mg. that is my magic dosage after trying 100, 75 and 25.

    and it was 10 weeks on 50mg before i really felt better and the side effects subsided.

    it will improve but its a long journey

    good luck

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      thanks so much for replying, its so hard and i so regret increasing as otherwise i might be feeling better by now, the nausea constantly having my stomach in knots is just the worst, i haven't been able to relax at all unless i take a sleeping tablet which is not ideal, how are you feeling now??? x

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    your moving to fast on 150mg starting to feel beter with anxiety and depression still have ocd hoping that will pass you have to find the right dose

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      Hi, how long have you been on 150 ?

      i'm on 150 for week 4 now .

      week 3 was great but once i hit week 4 my anxiety came back .

      can i know your experience on 150 ?

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      hey i went back down too 125mg tonight had really bad side effects depression anxiety intrusive thoughts i think it was too high for me... i tried to wait it out but the side effects were too bad

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      ive decided to come off sertraline, after 12 weeks im still really nauseous, no appetite and my anxiety is worse - i think i may have built up a tolerance to ssris as they used to work well, so i might try one of the older tricylic ones next ...

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    Hi Karen. this tablet is good, whats bad about it, it makes you feel worse (if possible) before it gets better.. with me my anxiety went through the roof felt sick, lost a load of weight, weird dreams, etc., but I am a magnet for side effects- lol.

    What I notice in your post is you are changing levels a bit. If you are like me you need to give each level a chance to settle as everytime I upped a dose I got the same side effects as when I started...

    I also worried that it wasnt helping then one day I didnt feel sick, was hungry another day and for want of a better way, feeling better creeps up on you.

    So hang in there, it does take weeks and again, if like me I used to what was called "body surf" before I got out of bed to check if I was anxious, feeling sick etc., and all I was doing was bringing it on thinking about it all.

    Feel better soon, you WILL get there. x

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      hi jean, thanks so much for this, just woken up and dont know what to do - scared of going out incase i have a panic attack or start vomiting, but i have 2 little kids and need to be there for them, luckily my partner is up with them now, so ill push myself to go for a run and do some shopping then push through the afternoon, if i all gets too much i take something to relax so my evenings are usually ok if a bit flat..how long did it take you to get relief? ive felt like this so long now i dont know how it feels to be normal anymore 

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      Karen, you are doing oh so well, I could not even think about leaving the house never mind shop etc., BUT what I found is thinking about doing something is worse than the doing, Ive just completed a CBT course, my 2nd one in two years as there was so much crap going on in my life I felt I was down in a hole & all the crap was being thrown in on top of me...

      So what Ive learned, each evening write down the good stuff you did during the day, example, did shopping, went for a walk, did some housework etc., also what I did was write down the "wonderful" thoughts running through my mind, the "what if's..." before I went out, then when I came home I read what I wrote & nothing on my what if list happened. My thing is Falling, or Fainting in public, I was asked how many times has this happened? it has never happened! My "party piece" is my legs go like jelly & Jean thinks, this is it I am going to drop! but I was told when standing in a Q look at what is around me, in other words distract myself and my jelly legs. the things we put ourselves through! I was also told if I did fall, someone would pick you up-lol.

      Following a flight with a sinus infection I ended up with inner ear infections, which had me dizzy, just what I needed - not! I was like a drunk when I did venture to the shop, I got great at jumping Q's!! but one day I was coming home from the shop & a lady I didnt know said to me "you are drinking an awful lot these days staggering around the place" when my husband came home he asked had I been crying, I told him and I wont type the bad work he said but he said let her ---- off!! So I learned never ever judge another person as no one knows what they are going through.

      I upped my dose in November and hand on heart I thought I would never be normal (whatever that is!) again, but I am even better than before, yes I hit "wobbles" but I have the tools to get through it. The other thing I just thought of is, when I took a wobble I would go "Oh God" and seems this told my mind I am in danger and I was bringing on more panic, NOW I just say "its all good its only....."

      Now I had better stop or this will be a book!!

      Again I say YOU WILL GET BETTER & TAKE BABY STEPS .... now go shop and spend lots - lol

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      Hi Karen, hope you don't mind me jumping in. You helped me through my journey from the start of taking these meds and now 7 weeks on. I'm now having more good days, my stomach issues have settled and found I'm thinking less about my anxiety which is amazing for me and just getting on with life. side effects have gone and back to eating normal. So glad I stayed on the 50mg Please just hang in there they will start working. Sending you huge hugs 😊 x

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      hi heather, you did the right thing staying at 50mg, going up to 75mg totally threw me off course and its been hell getting back on track..so gald to hear you are gettibg there - i told you to hang in there and now i need to take my own advice! i had to work from home last week because i was so poorly and it was half term - but i only booked it off the week before and now work are saying i have to attend a disciplinary tomorrow - and i think they are going to terminate my contact - which unsurprisingly triggered my anxiety again! so these are testing times for me, but my partner is coming with me and my family are all aware of my issues so thats getting me through....i actually feeling ok today, been for a run / walk , got some food and now having a little solo picnic in the park 😃 not actually feeling sick which is amazing one good thing about this is that you really appreciate everything when it starts to ease up - hugs to you xxx

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      hey Jean, you've done so well - only us that have been through this illness know how debilitating it is - if our leg was in plaster then it wouldnt be questioned, but when its your mind thats healing its invisible - something my mum always says is 'well you look great karen' which is nice but kind of frustrsting...ive done some cbt and find the techniques helpful so im looking into it again - so expensive though - did u get it on the nhs? mental health is pretty rubbish where i am ...currebtly im actually feeling ok - sitting in the park after my lunch enjoying the sunshine, actually not feeling sick - which is an amazing feeling in its self, so hope it continues xxxx

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      Sorry your having to go thro all that with work but sounds like you have great family support. I'm glad you have had a nice day and hope your side effects starts settling more each day. It's funny I was saying I have no side effects anymore but realised tonight my jaw aches, keep catching myself clenching it, but I can cope with that compared to how I was feeling. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow, big hugs xx

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      thanks heather, had a complete emotional breakdown this afternoon - a couple of things triggered a panic attack and crying fit...the afternoons are really tough for me at the moment, but i got through and feel much calmer now, hope you sleep well and your jaw doesn't bother u too much, thanks for listening to me, it helps so much xxx

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      I'm here for you anytime, hope you sleep well also and try not to worry or stress too much about tomorrow. Easier said than done tho! Hugs xx 😊

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