120/75 pulse, 99% oxygen, exercise easy, can I still have angina?

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I'm a 46 years old male.

-Run 10 km a day 5 times a week

-120/75 pulse

- 99% oxygen

-No smoke

- Drink Very little

- Sligthly overweight at 82 kilos and 169 cm

- Have pretty bad anxiety

- Have intermittent GERD

I have been having chest pains and weird sensations in my chest for years. Always thought it was anxiety. But now I read stuff on the internet, and it seems like stable angina...

This week I started having symptoms after very little effort, I'm talking one flight of stairs, walking in a shopping mall, even pacing in my appartment back and forth a few metters can trigger it.

The feeling lasts about 1-3 seconds, like "woosh woosh" feeling. It  sits right in solar plexus and upper chest in the middle. 

Now what confuses me...is that running 45 minutes or swimming 20 minutes doesn't create symptoms. (well sometimes running may...but might only be anxiety, it sure doesn't stop me, all I have to do is think about something and the pain goes away).

These only occur with very short exercise.

I'm panicking here, I'm a Canadian living in Thailand, no family here and very few friends...

I looked online and stents are like $20 000  EACH...even in Thailand....there is no way I can afford that...

I am screwed? 

Really worried about my future here.



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    I am not saying that your symtoms mean that you have Angina but it shows in many ways, I had increasing pain in the upper middle chest several times, always in the late evening, eventually it subsided, but eventually it was lasting longer each time, eventually I had 3 stents fitted which cured most of my problems. If I were you I would consider seeing a doctor for his views, but if he says its bad, then I would consider taking a holiday to Canada or UK, much cheaper that 20k/stent.

    68 year old who had Angina as a retirement present.

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    Hi cdnthailand

    From your description I don't think you are overweight at 86 Kg for 169 cm person, now from memory I'm 180 cm's tall but I weigh 126 Kg's that is considered obese here, they say my target weight should be 85-90 Kg's.

    Your Blood pressure is perfect for a 46 Y.O in fact text book, that's what they are trying to aim for me but it hasn't been achieved yet, the best I've had is 127/80, which is good and not concerning but it doesn't always sit at that. Now as an , I'll say ex for now as I haven't had a problem with it for around 3-4 years. I'm an ex panic / anxiety sufferer of around 20 + years, So my advice to you would be to go and see a / your doctor and get them to complete a full medical review, don't let them shun you away, let them know that you are specifcally worried about your chest pains and have that investigated as you just never know, as an ex sufferer of panic /anxiety you will be able to tell the difference with angina pain over simple chest pain bought on by anxiety, even though some doctors don't believe this.

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      This "whoosh - whoosh " feeling you say you can feel, could it also be described as a flip flop feeling ? the reason I asked is because I have just recently started getting that feeling with my angina followed by severe pounding which brings on further pain from my spasms, the flip flop feeling is what the medical profession call a PVC which basically means an extra heart beat can be felt and that everybody experiences these through out their lives or even some regularly, needs to be investigated but usually is harmless.
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    Been to 3 doctors in Thailand, all said I'm ok not to worry, 2 refused to give me an MRI or stress test....

    Here is new information:

    - ECG normal

    - Blood Tests Normal

    The said it's GERD....

    But last night I still got an  "attack"...suffered for hours, not sure anxiety or real, I c couldn't walk 3 feet in my room before getting symptoms...

    So in the morning I got angry at myself and decided to impose a stress test on myself.

    So I climbeb 28 flights or stairs, and half of them I ran up also for good measure.  No problem.

    Day before I ran 10 km on the beach, no problem, and both days also swam 20 minutes a day no problem.

    Why would angina be triggered by getting a glass of water in the fridge...but not by major exersion?

    Additionally, the pains last 1-3 seconds.

    It this all my head, tired of worrying...

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