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  • anthony13459 2

    I've just been diagnosed with angina I'm a 48 year old male

    48and been diagnosed with angina,currently waiting for hospital appointment but I have no knowledge of what happens now,my GP was not very helpful she just gave me medication and told me to wait and see what the specialist says,been prescribed Asprin (75mg) bisoprolol 2.5 mg and a GTN spray, Can

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  • jarrod1610 2

    length of time on angina medication

    hi im new to this. last year i had a blockage of the left LAD(98%) also had angina. 2 weeks ago i developed pain in my left cheft with burning sensation to my left arm. took my gtn spray which eased the problem. went to my gp who then called an ambulance. spent 9 days in hospital on occasions

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  • jamesk 2

    Is this Angina?

    Ok, some background. I'm 55, overweight, and have had acid reflux on and off for 20 years. I have a small sliding hiatus hernia, and life for the last year has been one problem after another usually resulting in high stress levels, (I'm on Ramipril for high blood presure). I also had two vacant

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  • bob01849 1

    Angina pain from drug use. Need advice on what i should do.

    So to make a long story short i am a heroin and cocaine addict on and off for 8 years been clean for over a week now, bout a month ago i started experincing chest pain that progressed to neck pain that progressed to jaw pain shooting pain across my shouldere and down my arm and headaches had a few

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  • heather1957 2

    Health update (it has been a nightmare)

    Back on 19th January I had an Angiogram and was told by the Dr that he was recommending I see a Cardiac Surgeon as he felt I needed a bypass. 4 days later I had a Stroke, although not taken into hospital by the ambulance (they didn't diagnose a stroke) I 'slept on it' and was taken to A & E by my

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  • heather1957 2

    Newly diagnosed Angina - holiday problems!

    Let me say first and foremost that I KNOW my health is a priority and I will always put that first. I am however frustrated with how things have progressed with regard my Angina diagnosis. I initially saw a GP with specific chest pains back in July after already booking a 2 month holiday to Aus/NZ

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  • nicw1976 1

    Can you take isosorbide mononitrate at night?

    Hi there, I wondered why it is advised to take this medication in the morning. My husband has to take it due to angina but it makes him feel very nauseous and gives him an awful headache He was taking it at night initially by mistake and this seemed much better Thanks 

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  • christine63500 3

    Angina / Drugs

    I had a cardiac stent fitted Dec 16.  Since then have been on drugs, some for life, ie Asprin, Betablocka and fibrate.  Prior to these I never took pills for anything, except the odd course of antibiotics.  I have never suffered with any stomach problems, reflux etc but the dr has put me on

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  • sharon 99435 2

    Prinzmetal's Angina question

    I was diagnosed with Prinzmetal's last June. At the time I was told, and I've also read that it is transient--that it often resolves has anyone diagnosed with Prinzmetal's experienced their condition resolving??? I have had a few serious attacks while driving and am currently on

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  • KezzaNoon 3
  • isobel91439 2

    Unstable Microvascular Angina / Prinzmetals Angina

    Hi, I have angina that is unstable an occurs mainly in my sleep, wakes me up and I have difficulty breathing, and so can lie awake for hours afraid of going back to sleep. My cornorary arteries are clear and a perfusion MRI last year did not find anything remarkable regarding ventricle output.  I

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  • Sheri54949 2

    Prinzmetal angina

    I have Prinzmetal angina.  My first attack was when I was 44 but not diagnosed until I was 51.  I just recently found out i have eNOS T786C mutation which most likely is causing the vasospams.  I'm curious if anyone else has been diagnosed with this mutation.  A doctor that is doing research on

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  • vivienne34404 2

    Is this angina?

    Hi there I've been suffering from shortness of breath on exertion and a burning centrally across my chest which radiates horizontally . It ceases after rest. Cardiac perfusion test was normal symptoms have worsened slightly recently and cardiology have referred me for  an angiogram. does anyone

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  • lady ami 2

    Angina on & off for two days now...bugger !

    l was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome some years ago which took them just 50 years  to diagnose as lve had it dince l was 13 . Recently ( well 17 years ago ) l started feeling , out , in out of hospital stupid tests which proved nothing as they were the wrong ones,...

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  • lady ami 2

    Hot sweats like a boxer...cold sweats like ant-acrtic !

    I was 999 into hospital last night but as they left me in a cubical with heart monitors clanging away , no food, no drink and no drugs l discharged myself as l was fed up listening to the staff discussing their holidays!!!!! Anyhow , part of my heart problem is the sweats l get ... Sweat 1: l can

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  • ali85082 2

    Acute coronary syndrome patient with uncontrolled diabetes

    My patient 51 y.o Male. Was admitted via emergency and diagnosed NSTEMI. He's being treated with insulin infusion, isoket, nitroglycerin and now his cardiac pain is relieved, blood sugar also better but not normal yet, don't are waiting for his condition to be better for angiography. His echo

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  • koldo 2

    Prinzmetal & ranolazine

    I’m diagnosed with Prinzmetal angina. During last months the angina prevalence is on effort.  A mild effort triggers it out but I have angina also at rest during the day. A recent angiography showed normal arteries and stent in good condition. The cardiologist has prescribed me ranolazine (ranexa)

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  • gracey649956225 3

    Just venting....

    Anyone else in my position I'm sure would be really happy right now. But instead I just feel filled with pure frustration!!! I had an echocardiogram on Tuesday the result was normal and I even managed the exercise without any pains!!! This is what frustrates me. As for nearly a year now I have

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  • lynda82476 1

    Chest Pain cause

    I've been having chest pain, shortness of breath.  Went to GP then cardio dr   I've always had high cholestoral  last was 9.1 with LDL of 7.3  both dr thought I had blockage  Yesterday had angiogram and plumbing was clear.  So today had another chest pain  not bad but it does interfere with life.   Don'

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  • Runmore11 2

    Chest pain

    ***below is my post in chest pain. Since this post I hav discovered a few things: vocal cord dyfusion, ineffective esophagus immotily, small sliding hitail hernia, some acid reflex, and weak lower spinter. Could this be causeing my chest pain along with anxiety?? Help plz!! Not sure if I'm even

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  • gina08258 1

    Anyone with Prinzmetal Angina scared to drive?

    I have recently been diagnosed after several severe attacks. I am on medication and have nitroglycerin pills and have not had an attack for three days. I know in a couple days I should be fine to drive again but it terrifies me. Am I being silly?

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  • cecily12088 2

    Angina & Stents

    I had a stent inserted in early March & I've got a further appointment for two more in May.  I'm finding it hard to deal with the tiredness,feeling breathless after a short walk, much worse than I was before I was diagnosed.  I take Beta Blockers, Aspirin & Clopodogrel every day which I think may

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  • bryan11699 2

    Angina or ?

    Hi Everyone! For the last month or 2 I have had chest pain, upper back pain and now for a few weeks, pain in my armpits. I got Chest X-Rays, Blood drawn, EKG, stress test and an Upper GI Endoscopy. Doctor put me on omeprazole, ranitidine and pantaprozole, siad it may be gerd and hiatal hernia but

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  • Guest M

    prinzmetals angina

    I have had prinzmetal's angina for over 7 years. Information about prinzmetal's says that pain occurs at night while in bed. Well not in my case. I get angina pain in the day time as well at night. Does anyone out there get pain in the day as I do ? I get pain at anytime, when it is cold or when I

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  • priscilla04738 2

    Has anybody been diagnosed with Microvascular Angina?

    I have had this condition for about 4 months and it is really getting on top of me. I sometimes have it all day, with tightness, pain in chest and into my neck, now have a cough. Have trips to ED with tests, but usually normal, except for stress test which I lasted for less than 1 min. They wouldn'

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  • Davholsea 2

    Brand new diagnosis - and confused

    Hi everyone. I'm 56, non smoker and obese. Following an episode on Friday (tight chest and arm pain) I was taken to A&E. ECG & Bloods were clear but diagnosed as angina. I was in a bit of shock at A&E (still am!) and didn't ask the questions I should have. I've been given some meds and told that

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  • amy91711 2

    Prinzmetal's Angina

    Just returned from an overnight stay at the hospital for a bought with Prinzmetal's Angina.  So frustrating. The cardiologist at this hospital refused to believe my diagnosis, and since he didn't see me until after office hours for my regular cardiologist, I had no credibility with him. He said

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  • brennan36603 1

    Help Me

    Hello, I'm 15 years old and I've been having really uncomfortable chest pains for the past month and my left arm will hurt and get randomly uncomfortable too. Today has been the worst of them all so far, super uncomfortable and feel dizzy. I smoke and I'm a guy, I weigh 200 pounds and I'm 5'11, I

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  • diana88467 3

    Need advice on anxiety and angina

    I have been on this forum for a little while. I have a new problem that is concerning me. I have severe anxiety and angina. it has caused agoraphobia I only feel safe in my room. I know I need exercise but I am afraid to go out walking. nothing seems to convince me to leave the house. .does anybody

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  • jaidyn95187 2

    Heart Related or Not??

    Hi everyone I've been having chest pain for 24 days now that occurs everyday all day long. It is persistent but not constant, basically it comes and goes throughout the day and doesn't seem to want to stop. It usually occurs in the chest, particularly around the ribs but anywhere in the chest area,...

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  • amy91711 2

    Prinzmetal Angina and Environment

    I don't want this to come off sounding rude, but I am astounded that so many patients with the PM diagnosis continue to live in the cold weather when it is known that drastic changes in weather can cause the coronary artery to spasm.  At least that is the information I have read and experienced. I

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  • yuri1997 1

    Chest pain when cold

    Whenever I get cold I start getting chest pain. It can be any situation like sleeping at night as the temperature falls in the room, wearing a wet t-shirt for some time, not being dressed properly in the cold weather. The result is always the same, I get terrible pain in my chest, every breath hurts,...

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  • nima08421 2
  • Wendibles 1

    Print metal angina

    Hi, for the past 3 years I have been treated for variant verient angina now my cardiologist thinks It is not angina, I am to have a cardio perfusion scan. In the past I have had various tests including an angiogram, spent over a week in hospital, numerous times in A&E The pain used to be mainly in

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  • libralady13 5

    Nuclear Stress Testing

    Hello I am due to have nuclear stress tests in January to see whether I might have Angina.  I suffer from anxiety and recently went for a treadmill test my blood pressure shot right up due to my anxiety and the doctor said that I would not be able to complete a treadmill test as I would have to run

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