They can't find anything, but it's getting worse.

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Hi, my name is Alex, 28 years old, Male. I am 175cm tall and weigh 57kg

In 2014 i began to feel my heart pumping even in rest.(60bpm)

Now in 2020 i have problems even with light physical activities like stairs or walk in the park.

I feel shortness on breath, chest pain, plapitations and fatigue.

On the other hand the doctors can't find any evidence in:

Coronary angiogram(never had high blood pressure or cholesterol)


Echocardiogram(only small mitral valve prolapse)

24H Electrocardiogram(a couple of extrasystoles)

According to the doctors i should be in perfect condition.

But this is not the truth.

Is it possible to have some kind of heart failure?

Any opinion will be helpfull.

Thank you in advance...

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    Hi Alex,

    As a previous angina sufferer i can sympathise with how your feeling..

    I was constantly told that i was not having these attacks until i actually had a heart attack..

    All i can suggest is next time you have an attack of fatigue or breathlessness and chest pain during walking get yourself to a&e where they will perform blood test and ECG..

    Best of luck..

    And dont get stressed out over this as will make it worse if it is your heart..


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    Well don't feel too bad. I have the same problem and have had it for years now.

    I have had 3 heart caths and numerous echo cardiograms and stress tests. Like you it keeps getting worse. My cardiologist thinks I may have Micro Vascular Disease...that is blockages in the very tiny arteries in your heart. It usually does not show up on the usual tests they do on your heart.

    I have had PVC's for many years also and the only think that helps calm them down is Metropolol.

    I have even been to the Mayo Clinic here in the US and they couldn't find I just live with it.

    Don't know if this helps you any or not. If I ever find out what is causing this for certain I will let you know.

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      Are u still having the mentioned system presently and which drug are u using to manage it


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    Ok, thank you a lot!

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    You are so young to be having problems like that. I was having those same symptoms and all my tests came back without any signs of heart trouble, too. So I know exactly what you are going through. My diagnosis was Micro vascular Angina which does not show up on angiograms. ( I had 2 of those done)

    I was put on Isorsobide and Ranexa and I have improved a lot. It was also discovered that I had a bleeding ulcer that caused me to need 2 iron infusions. After those infusions and my stopping Aleve and baby aspirin, I have been feeling like a new person. Make sure they check your blood, too and keep trying to find an answer. Change doctors if you are not satisfied.

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      Thanks a lot for the info pslane1. Will have to check out Isorsobide, have not heard of it.

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    It's just extended release nitroglycerin.

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    Hi Alex,

    the angiogram you mention: was it thru abdomen/wrist directly into your heart+contrast?

    I am asking because I had exactly the same symptoms (74 male but very fit/175cm 72kg) - increasing ectopics, constant fatigue, but heart started only going slightly more irregular when jogging etc. ECGs, 24h-Holt etc all normal apart from a few PVCs. But my doc advised to have a stress test, and only at very high speed when I was about to collapse and pulse was over 130 the ECG showed a small but significant 'dip' instead of a straight line - indicating a blood flow problem. Contrast angiogram (thru wrist into my heart) revealed a 70% blockage of major artery, since 'they' were already in there 'they' put in stent.

    Now just 4 weeks later feeling like newborn! Energy is back, but have to take blood thinner and Ikorel (caused a bad headache for a few days)....

    But if nothing is showing in your angiogram I'd get a second opinion. I would NOT accept 'nothing seems wrong, just go home and take it easy' like another doctor tried to tell me I was just depressed - of course I was depressed and anxious knowing my heart was not OK. Our inner voice knows better!

    Best of luck!

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      Yes, it was through my right wrist.

      THANK YOU for your support.

      But it is possible to have microvascular angina, wich doesn't show up on Coronary angiogram.

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    Were you prescribed a fluoroquinolon antibiotic? such as ciprofloaxin, levaquin, etc. They can cause heart problems, google it.

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