13 weeks post TKR

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I write this as an encouragement to those at earlier stages of recovery. I now have turned a corner with this process..it was a corner I didn't see coming! If things are hard, take heart, live your knee be kind to yourself and keep up the work with gentle exercises and stretches, because you will reap the rewards in time. I know often there are complications ans set backs, and sometimes people have particularly rough rides, but for most people TKR really is a wonderful surgery which can potentially give you your life back. I have just finished my formal physiotherapy and though exceptionally tired, and very much still in recovery, I walked more quickly on a treadmill today than I have walked for two years. My range of motion is 0 extension and 130 flexion. I only ever did passive physiotherapy, I never caused myself any pain, only discomfort, and I never let anyone else cause me pain either (except for the surgeon, by doing the op!). I did my exercises, and will continue to do so. I still have some soreness, sometimes. But I can walk. I don't limp anymore. I can start to think about the things I can do and open doors which were previously swinging back in my face. The timescale is different for everyone, and I have been fortunate. I have gone from having what was a doubly deformed limb, to one which has now the ability to move properly and take me the places I want to go. I may well have set backs...I may well need it revised as I am only 52, But now I have a life which opens up before me and the earlier pain, low feelings, despair, anxiety, sleeplessness, tension, worry, fear, discouragement, etc now all of that feels worth it. I had decided in my head that I would not decide if it was worth it until the one year point. We just don't know how long the struggles we have in life will go on for. For me its fallen into place quite early, that's a blessing, because the two years leading up to surgery were a struggle. But however long it takes, for the majority of people, this difficult time is an investment that they will reap the reward for. So please read this and take it as an encouragement. Sometimes we just don't know when we will suddenly turn that corner and its so easy to not believe it will ever happen. Use your mind in the process, and trust that however long it takes, you will get to a point where the current which carries you along does reach a still and peaceful place. You will look back, and see how far you have come. Things don't always work out...that is true, but for most people if does work out in the end. It works out well, and the current troubles are left behind, I could not of imagined being where I am now. It makes me quite tearful thinking about it but in a good way. I cannot quite believe how wonderful it is.If I live long enough, I am not looking forward to having it redone, but I have changed as a person through this experience and am all the better for it in so many ways. So keep on, even though the limitations are so great. Know that your world will open up before you, and know that you can use this challenging experience.. the powerlessness is hard to bear, but legs do get stronger with time. And after all these words, i hope i dont suddenly fall over and crack my nice new knee, get an infection, or get run over by a bus. I have now taken to nipping across the roads when the lights are still green, because I am so excited about how I can walk. I used to not make it across the crossing in time, even when pressing the button...you know that number countdown made me sad. I still use my walking poles sometimes, and may well continue to need support at times. I couldn't walk very well at all just a couple of weeks back. Then things did just fall into place. Wow. And TKR still suffers from the curse of being called "a procedure of limited clinical value" here in the uk. Dont believe it. I must also add that though i am certainly in the gentle physiotherapy camp, I do recognise that for some different approaches do work well. As we often comment on here, we really are all different. Different knees, different kinds of support different challenges. But this is 13 weeks for me!

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    Oh dear! No paragraphs! Sorry!😁

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    Thinking about it...there was need to swear when doing little squats! But its all fading into the distance, ...and it surely does!...in time...
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    Glad to hear it Jenny. At 11 weeks and having all sorts of setbacks, I really hope one day to feel the same about this alien knee that has been keeping me awake nights, making me walk funny and causing me untold pain and swelling!

    ?Not lovin' the new knee yet, but as you say, the turnaround was quite fast, that does give me hope! It may take me a while longer as just had a manipulation, so back a few weeks in terms of pain and swelling.

    ?If anyone is scared by any of my posts, I'd say not to be as I'm in the few % who struggle with slow recovery and most do just fine, though it truly is a long haul and not for the faint hearted.

    ?Thanks for sharing your story.

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      Keep up your physio but don't over do it , use pain relief when needed it's much easier to do youe exercises if you are not in pain . You will have bad days and good days , try to forget the bad and hope for more good . No one should be scared by any post we are all individuals , some will get through the op and recovery with few problems , others may not be as fortunate . I think nearly everyone gets there in the end , it just takes longer for some . God luck and in time you will love your new knee .

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    Yay Jenny!! You see it really IS worth all the trouble of getting it done!

    Good on you



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    Well done , you did what I did , plenty of physio but not overdoing it . I don't think the "no pain no gain" attitude is relevant in tkr recovery . If you have pain take pain relief before the pain gets bad . If you exercise to the point where it causes pain you have to stop and it can be a set back . It's now 19½ and 17½ years since I had my knees done . I have had no problems at all , and they feel like they will last another 20,   I'm, 75 so I may not outlast them , but I'm going to try . So don't worry about a revision , yours could last 40 years+  if you look after them and don't do anything stupid that will cause lots of impact to your knee . 

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    Well done Jenny and you have encouraged me. 8 weeks and struggling with swelling. Keep us informed. 
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    Hi jenny,loved everything you just said so encouraging for everyone,even though im waiting to go in for manipulation i feel iv been wee bit unlucky as other than bend not great i feel good at 14 weeks and with encouraging messages from this forum i cant wait to get it done and hopefully get back to work and holidaysbiggrin but for now im off to see my wonderful grandson do a dance in his school show,keep the post coming there a great help for everyone.also glad your doing so well jenny.x
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      It all seemed to drag on... i felt low at six weeks...then the unexpected. Glad itvis helpful. I really hope your manipulation goes very well...looking back on posts in this forum people do find it helpful, and as any TKR-er can testify, relinquishing timescales is the name of the game! Keep us posted! Blessings to you!
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    Dear Jenny, well done to you, im happy that its all been worth it for you. Im 52 as well and 7 weeks in you give me hope and encouragement that things are going ok. Im glad i took yours and others advice on here and didnt overdo the physio, i just did it so that it was uncomfortable not painful and i think its worked.

    Great post, take care

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