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Knee Problems

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  • fran60 1

    meniscus tear surgery....

    Hi I am new to this forum and need some advice if I should have the surgery now for meniscus tear​ on my right knee or wait until it gets worse as my Ortho Doctor advised me yesterday.  My knee had been locking for the past three years or so but always have managed to unlock on my own but last year

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  • hellsbells59 2

    Bakers cyst

    Has anyone had water tablets to reduce the swelling of their leg due to the fluid leaking from the cyst my cyst has been leaking for almost a year was supposed to have surgery but that was delayed for other health problems my leg swelled up so much my doctor thought i had a DVT but after tests it's

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  • maura 29 2


    I am 11wks post op, usual issues. Back to work next week. However as from last week mobility deteriorated bend not improved for weeks 110 and -10 straight. My physio thinks I may need mau. Knee so stiff. Last night I was keep awake with stinging / ache in calf and thigh. Definitely a lot of

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  • freestork 3

    Running before I can walk!

    So here's me, day18 post op, thinking I can't believe how lucky I've been. Healing fab no issues great physio great flex doing far far better than I ever could have hoped for and boom that virtual door gets slammed in my face! We had been invited to a wedding and my partner was really keen to go. I didn'

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  • rhys84577 2

    My body is giving up! I'm too young :( Tendons & ligaments

    Hi guys, I really need some inspiration and I feel like my life is crumbling or should I say straining and tearing. I am 22 years old and I'm one of the most active people I know. I was a dancer all my life doing breakdancing and hip hop and in the last 5 years I've found an ever growing love for

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    A TKR Miracle!!!

    Most of you know that my recovery was completely halted at 8 months last October when I developed severe stenosis in my spine at L2/L3.  Had to wait until this March to get the the 2-month, no-activity recovery.  Including the pre-op knee pain, that's a total of EIGHTEEN MONTHS of

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  • fran60 1

    meniscus tear surgery....

    Hi I am new to this forum and need some advice if I should have the surgery now for meniscus tear​ on my right knee or wait until it gets worse as my Ortho Doctor advised me yesterday.  My knee had been locking for the past three years or so but always have managed to unlock on my own but last year

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  • lisa11951 2

    Pain after physio

    Hi guys thanks for all your replies it was really helpful but what a difference a day makes. I had my first physio appt yesterday and thry have you doing a circuit of recumbent bike, trampoline, stairs, treadmill, risimg from chair and leg straightening with weights. Today i am in agony and no

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  • cathy66878 2

    Second knee

    well it is 5 days since the second knee and thankful I am home. I had forgotten how really painful it is or I might not have gone through with it again. Hardest part is getting up and down from my bed. Just felt like reaching out and talking to people who understand.  My sister is here helping out

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  • Ozziegee 3
  • Midge65 1

    How much is too much

    Hi All, I had a total knee replacement 12 days ago and am home 7 days. I am now able to lift my leg in and out of bed and on and off the couch. I am walking between a quarter and a half a mile each day. Bending my knee is very painful but I would have just about a 90 degree bend. I find night-time

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  • s95545 2

    Pain relief 12 days after complete knee replacement

    Please tell me the pain gets less I am 12 days in from complete knee replacement and have no relief from the pain day or nigh tthe. I am taking a tablet twice a day plus Tramodol plus paracetomal all at max doses. I am so tearfull and depressed at no stage does this seem worth any reward. 

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  • daphine28576 2

    Pain will getting in tub lifting surgery leg

    Getting in tub to shower and lifted leg but suddenly a sharp excruciating pain from thigh to foot in the inner Leg then iced down now but still mobility is limited and pain increases on movement and walking. I was diagnosed with Bursitis about two weeks after surgery it is 30 days post op today!

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  • eileen15268 4

    Swelling & stiffness

    I am just over 4 months post Tkr. Thankful I am able to sleep at night at last & can just about cope with the scar being covered. My problem now is I still have swelling & terrible , stiffness. My surgeon says it's normal. How much longer will it be till I AM normal.

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  • Ozziegee 3

    When to use heat during tkr rehab?

    I went 13 weeks after my knee replacement surgery without using any heat on my knee. I was icing like crazy but never heat. Whenever I had asked my PT I was pretty much given the same answer, "use ice, not heat". My thoughts are that initially ice treatment is a no brainer but after awhile surely

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  • elaine94716 4

    Stitch abscess and beck of knee pain

    hello everyone I had my TKR on 20 Jan so am looking forward to feeling normal again, but have been plagued with dreadful pain upon standing up at the back of the knee for a few mins before I can set off and had 2 stitch abscess along the scar.  Got rid of one and have another one I'm due to go back

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  • sarah82738 2

    KNEE PAIN - is it better to go the TKR or do partial?

    I have had significant pain following an arthroscopy last year, have thought I might have nerve damage, but cannot confirm it.  Two doctors have said I may need a knee replacement.  What is the general recovery time for a partial knee replacement? I am 55 and in otherwise good physical shape - I do

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  • ellen57898 3

    Medication Advice

    i am 5 months post op of Right TKR. I get stiff and achey constantly. My ankle hurts. I exercise (walk dog for 2 miles), take care of three year old grand daughter and do some substitute teaching  ( I am a retired teacher). At night I have pain when I change positions, from sitting to standing.  I

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  • aliaa1993 2

    PRP for knee meniscus tear

    Hello, I am glad I find this thread for PRP. I have a mild internal medial meniscus tear, mild degenerative menscus below the patella which caused the patella to be unstable. It is is paining after walking for a few minutes and it grinds so painfully every time I bend my right knee. I went to a

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  • cynthia89958 5

    Concerns over no bend 6 weeks post tkr

    I have posted previously re pain after tkr, but as that was a long thread, have started this. ​After a rocky start with what seemed to me excessive pain, swelling and stiffness, a few things did improve. The extension and leg lifting are all right and sleep a little better with usually less nasty

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  • melodyw 1

    Ten months after tkr

    After ten months,I still have a lot of know I'm on my feet more than I should 'm going to go to water therapy very soon,I've lost 50 lbs,because I need the opposite knee done as hope to drop the last thirty before the second anyone know if the rapid recovery

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  • lisa11951 2

    5 weeks and feeling better

    Hi guys, not posted last couple of weeks it was my mums funeral last Friday and i wanted things to settle down a bit. Thanks for the advice you gave me a couple of weeks ago, i kept getting a stabbing pain when i had been walking for a couple of minutes. i got myself really worried about it but

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  • chris00938 6

    Just HOW bad was your knee before requesting TKR?

    Did the knee keep you awake any night, some nights, or every night or what? Was it only hurting when you walked on it, or some of the rest of the time or nearly all of the rest of the time? Did it give way much before you requested TKR? Did painkillers help before TKR?  Did you ever try ice or heat

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  • chris00938 6

    Dental treatment/hygienist after TKR

    After reading that at one time it was recommended that anyone who had a TKR should be covered on antibiotics for life when having hygienist work on their mouths or more invasive dental work, but then this wasn't recommended anymore because the overuse of antibiotics became such a problem, and then

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  • sensi 1

    Knee Pain bending past 90 degrees -

    Since April 13th --   I Hurt my right knee did have a torn by over running.   I iced continuously ON.. OFF..  for 2 to 3 when not icing ..  I wore a very strong stability type brace..  and I kept my right leg elevated.. rest and more rest and  now am starting to run

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  • leslie02843 2

    Total knee replacement

    Had knee replacement July 15 and was on pain meds. I have been off of them and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Also, I can do a few things and I'm so tired I have to sit down. Knee feels so tight and it is still swollen. I'm so sick of feeling this way.

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  • jenny80029 4

    Swimming pool joy

    Just want to recommend doing exercises in a swimming pool. It's amazing to be able to do them and so much easier than on land! Very encouraging and a bit of a thrill! My physio recommended using ankle floats to increase resistance and that works the leg very well. Also I understand that

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  • Hartley 2

    Knee locking

    Hi, During my late teens through to my early thirties my left knee would lock. This was always when moving my leg from left to right when the leg was bent. The pain was excrutiating - if I were to describe it it felt like bone against bone if I tried to extend the leg (I know it's not possible

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  • cheryl90571 6

    Prayers for Manchester

    Just heard on the news of the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert tonight! Our prayers go out to all in Manchester. May God be with you all following this terrible shock. May God be with those who are hurt and with the families of those killed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • cheryl90571 6

    Year Two Post Surgery UPDATE!

    Hi All! Today I noticed that places on my legs that WERE numb are now NOT NUMB!😁Over the last several months I had been feeling little prickly sensations from time to time. I guess that was the nerves WAKING UP! I still have a few places that apparently are still SLEEPING (Lazy Nerves!😴)That's

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  • j21370 3

    Arthroscopic and Manipulation

    I saw one of my surgeons this evening concerning my knee bend and the problem with the heel while using the bicycle. This is what I was told: my knee only bends to 100 - I thought that it was higher since the last measurement was 115. At one point back in December it was bending to 118. The doctor

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  • cynthia89958 5

    Waiting for MUA now

    Well, as suspected, it will be an MUA soon for my misbehaving RTKR. ​Nothing we tried (and we did try) could improve the bend, knee just swells up like a football when exercised and surgeon said it may just be unlucky, some knees form super fast scars. ​I hope to goodness this will be a good move

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  • debbie08326 2

    Swelling after one year PKR

    Hi ! I wrote recently about the swelling knee at the one year marker. It has gone down . But now it's swelled again. Now I'm thinking should I be exercising it like I did at the beginning? I just am at a loss as to should I rest , ice, elevate, or walk and stretch etc. maybe I'm not doing the

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  • Ozziegee 3

    What is your best tip/advice for someone after a tkr?

    If you could only give one (1) piece of advice for people recovering from a total knee replacement what would it be?  My advice would be to be prepared for a long, slow recovery and to not get frustrated. One thing I notice from all these postings is that a huge percentage of people feel they

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  • joansgarden 3

    Manipulation scheduled. I'm apprehensive.

    I saw my surgeon yesterday and he took one look at my bend and said he would manipulate it, but not until I was at 12 weeks so that is in another 3 weeks from now. In the meantime I've stopped physical therapy so that I will still have some left for after the manipulation. I had got to 105 under force,...

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  • jan19619 2

    Pain 14 mo after TKR

    I've had terrible burning pain 14 mo out of tkr. very difficult to walk even with walker. Did all the therapy and the x-rays show components in correctly. Any suggestins.? Out life has changed completely.

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