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Knee Problems

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  • martin353 2

    New TKR

    Hi everyone.  Im after some advice (and possibly reassurance from others). I had a TKR on Wednesday and came home the day after. I've been given the usual pain meds, physio and bits but I'm struggling with the physio. I've sods of bruising - as expected- and wondered when I might start to be able to...

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  • PenceJan 3

    Very worried about the required exercise/activity following TKR

    Hi all, the more and more I read, it is very clear that the knee will require a great deal of exercise following the surgery and during recovery.  This is becoming a big concern of mine. I can no walk longer than about 10 minutes due to pain in my feet, and it is a slow pace.  I used to walk about...

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  • cynthia89958 5

    Chronic Fatigue 3 months post TKR

    Has anyone ended up with chronic fatigue following a TKR? Now I know it is a year recovery etc but I am increasingly tired and could sleep all the time, especially since I had an MUA at 10 weeks but not on any strong meds. Will see the GP of course, but wondered if anyone else was still really exhausted this...

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  • cheryl90571 6

    Happy SECOND ANNIVERSARY, Left Knee!

    Two years ago this morning I was heading to the hospital for my first TKR! I was SO READY to be done with the terrible PAIN I had been experiencing for many years. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I DID KNOW that pretty much ANYTHING would be better than the AGONY I was experiencing constantly from...

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  • nick77009 1

    TKR leg length

    I had a TKR Dec 20th 2016 and I am still in a lot of pain and now my leg is 2cm longer and I walk with a major wobble. I have no doubt that the pain is from my tendons trying to be stretched. I'm still on a lot of meds and have seeing a lot of doctors. I have full range but the tightness is killing...

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  • Shelly54 3


    I just found out that I might have to to a rehabilitation center for two weeks after my tkr has anyone had to do this this makes me not want to go through with it

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  • Purplegypsy 2

    Really bad pain 5 months out

    Hello! Just wondering if it's normal to still be in bad pain around a 6 or 7 ... 5 months after a TKR. Not only am I in severe pain at times... I have bad sweeping all the way down to my foot. Saw surgeon a week ago.. concerned with swelling and am now wearing a compression knee high at night. ...

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    Post-TKR Exercising

    Preface I'm doing this post because I keep writing the same stuff over and over again on the subject of exercise.  So here it all is in one place. Why Exercise? Simply because: 1. Your quads and glutes have atrophied from months of non-use.  Ever see someone's bicep after an 8-week cast is removed...

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  • mayo8084 2
  • Need1knee 2

    Just started using Dynasplint to get leg straight!

    Well, I am at 7 weeks. My bend is good but I'm still between +6 to +8 on my straightening (with much pushing by PT). Got my splint yesterday. Could only use it for 1 hour. Some of the exercises are just too painful. I wish this was easier. 😪

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  • wendy43233 2

    Tkr, right leg. Knee still feels wobbly?

    10 weeks post op. Went really well. I've done all the appropriate excercise, I have a bike, which I use every day. Got no pain, really pleased. But when I walk my knee will suddenly sort of wobble? Feels unstable, it doesn't hurt, and it's never given way, it just sort of pops round? So I avoid too much...

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  • heather43379 2

    2 years after TKA, told i need a revision! Ortho wont fix it.

    Had a TKA 2years ago. Had many problems after it. Weakness, swelling, pain, unexplained bump that shows up on knee in same spot, ( bump shows up after feeling like something pinched in the inside of knee). Not even 40 years and allrwady had TKA. Got fired from work cuz i couldnt return after 6 weeks...

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    Vibration plates and TKR.

    A friend has got a vibration plate and she loves it. I am wondering if it would be safe post TKR. Does anyone have any inste please ?  I am 10 months post TKR and doing OK. Cheers Jenni.

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  • jacjac65 2
  • maura 29 2


    I am 15wks post tkr n I was stuck at -10 / 100. Had manipulation yesterday and was dreading it as had read lots of negative stories however knee feels so much better. During manipulation surgeon go -0/130. Today just a little swelling and only paracetamol required. Sitting Here with leg up and oven...

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  • mary96817 2

    Fall after TKR

    I am so worried I had a fall last week hurt my leg ( Not operated leg) 28 stitches and it's not healing well BUT BECAUSE I was so concerned about the bleeding I forgot to say to A & E I had bumped my TKR LEG as well it has now developed an unusual pain on the left side it feels unstable should I be letting...

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  • kgunch 3

    10 months in and knee still clicks

    8/2/16.  Saw mysurgeon last week because my knee constantly clicks when I walk, and even moreso when I'm lying down.  But I also have some pain when my leg goes lateral while lying down.  In other words, unless I use a pillow between my knees, the knee achws because it angles downward. The surgeon said...

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  • mona92713 2

    Saw my orthopedic PA yesterday

    My Dr. was pleased how far I've come. Only she wants me to stretch my flexion. I asked for something to relax the muscles so I can do it. So she prescribed me methocarbamol 750 mg. She warned me I will feel loopy but try to relax so I can do this. Along with physio 4 more weeks twice a week. Anyone...

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  • Milla2017 4

    Back to work at 6 months and suffering!

    6 months post TKR. Complications femoral nerve damage and quad palsy. Finally on cane since month 5. Just started new 9-5 job but lots of walking. Swelling and pain severe starting around mid day. Will my leg adjust? I cannot afford to lose this job!!!

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  • PenceJan 3

    Knee Replacement - Pre-op, Post-op tips to share?

    Hi everyone,   My name is Jan and I am having my left knee replaced next month, total joint replacement.  I will also have the right one done but probably not until next year. Can anyone share any adivce?  Tips?  Things you thought of after your operation that you wished you had thought of before the...

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  • Shelly54 3


    Getting ready for a right tkr does my insurance pay for the stuff I need like toilet seat with handles shower chair walker crutches are any thing else I might need

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  • haley27072 1

    Possible ACL tear?! Please help!

    About 7 weeks ago I hurt my knee playing hockey. I was doing a "twisting/pivot" motion and then suddenly I heard a pop and my right knee "gave out". I had a brace and KT tape on my knee when this happened, my knee was swollen a lbit and the swelling increased the next day but it was not extreme. Fast...

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  • jocoley 2

    Knee replacement

    Hi, I'm waiting for a knee replaceent, will I be able to use my upstairs toilet?  I don't have one downstairs.

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  • eileen15268 4

    Life after a Total Knee Replacement

    i had a  TKR 5 months ago.  Of course I'm certainly much better all round.So much so I am going on holiday to Kefalonia next week !! I am a bit worried as Knee DOES give me jip if I'm not really careful & wakes me at night. The plan is to rest on the beach & swim in the sea,I will have to walk but am...

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  • terri90278 2

    Scared of manipulation

    I'm 7 weeks post op on right TKR & making very slow progress. PT & doing exercises on my own is still very painful. I can get to about 90 Degrees but with a lot of pain. I only have pain when exercising & a little at night. My Dr. thinks I may need manipulation. My PT disagrees. He doesn't feel scar...

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  • clara19943 2

    Fusion in Back

    Has anyone ever experienced their back fusing itself? I went to an orthopedic doctor in reference to my TKP. He had x-rays done of my knee and back and recommended that I do not let anyone tell me that I need a fusion in my back becuz it has fused itself. Well, I still have the same symptoms of tingling,...

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  • denise63749 1

    Knee revision problems any advice please.

    Hi I don't know if anyone can give me advice I have RTKR 2012 in Jan 2017 I had a serious infection which resulted in the joint being removed. I had my Knee fixed for 12 weeks and wore a leg brace I had IV and oral antibiotics for 8 weeks to try and irradiate the infection. I had the 2nd stage done on...

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  • barry39595 2


    Hi all had a TKR 3 weeks ago and can walk on it but it swells up is this tm soon. Unfortunately my after care is bit rubbish and got discharged from hospital with some pictures of exercise nothing about how long to use sticks for or when to start walking on it Any help would be appreciated

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  • ann02425 2

    I had a knee replacement op 10 days ago.

    I have a continual, deep pain/ache in practically the whole of my leg. I use ice on it (frozen peas!) a great deal of the time and I take my pain killers. At night I cannot sleep because there is nowhere New I can put my leg which does not become become equally painful within a few seconds. Anybody else...

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  • mark15428 1

    Knee surgery refused due history of alcoholism

    I am a recovering alcoholic and have an unrelated medial meniscus tear in my right knee. It is debilitating but my gp and specialist are reticent to operate or provide cortisone injections due to my bad coag ability or tendency to bleed. I appreciate their concerns and they are thinking of my best...

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  • BlakeVic 1

    Meniscus repair failed?

    One month ago I had my sixth knee surgery to my right knee. Previously, I've had three ACL reconstructions, one bone graph, and in the last five months two meniscectomies: #5 removed torn cartilage from the posterior. A month later it retore in two more spots in the posterior. My most recent surgery...

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  • green1 1

    Can't straighten leg 5 weeks after TKR

    The physios tell me this is normal but the exercises don't seem to make any difference.  Does using an exercise bike help or are there any other suggestions?  Saw the consultant yesterday for a follow-up appointment and he seemed to think that I should be completely pain free by now.  Should I be?  My...

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  • doryan1982 2

    Knee Replacement Recovery

    Hello Everyone!! Just had a question for anyone that has had knee replacment. My mother had it done 11 days ago and is doing ok. The first week she did amazing and was walking and doing the exercises like she was a rockstar. The past weekend it was like she went backwards a little. The pain was horrible...

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  • Ms.Tkr 2

    Ms. Tkr

    Hello I had a ( R) tkr done Jan. 2016 the surgery went well as well as physical therapy... I had the left knee done Jan.2017 surgery went well, but PT is horrible started out with ROM at 68 on my own. The only way I can get my knee to bend to 80-85 ROM the therapist has to push my leg March they...

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  • marisakay 1

    Top of knee sticks out when bent..Help please..

    In January, I was doing pivot exercises and really hurt my knee..I am 39. I noticed right away part of knee was sticking out (no longer round) . I iced and rested it 3-4 days and it got worse and I could not bend it at all.. I went to urgent care and they forwarded me to ortho. They spent about 15 seconds...

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