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I hurt my knee in early august this year playing football turning one way but my knee going the other thought nothing of it. Went on holiday 2 weeks later did lots of walking & my knee started to ache swell up taking pain killers & putting ice on my knee made it better but not without having zero pain. A month past came back from holiday then back to work & my knee pain went from ok to unbearable my job involves alot of walking heavy lifting twisting on my feet all day by the end of my shift could not put any wait on my right injured knee & was limping all the time. For months put up with the pain going to work went to see doctors & different physios giving me different results what it could be such as pulled muscle hamstring & back pain the physio has not helped in anyway also i am now taking time off work the rest helps but as soon as i put wait on my knee for more than 10 minutes the throbbing pain in my knee is back. I am now waiting for a scan to see what is wrong with my knee.

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    Sorry you're dealing with this, and hopefully they figure it out and get it fixed for you. Or have by now.

    I injured my knee as well and thought it would just get better, but just like you, it didn't. My job was also very physical and it got much worse, to a disabling extent. I went and got checked, based on symptoms, exam, how it happened and xray, a tear of the meniscus or a ligament was suspected. And the way you hurt yours definitely would fit that criteria.

    They then sent me for an MRI, which didn't confirm that (just showed an old condition I already had that didn't really impact my life much), and unfortunately the doc I got doesn't want to listen and is just blaming my issues on that, which is insane because I've had that forever and it doesn't just go from ok to disabling overnight after an INJURY happened that is what's causing the issues. So that doc just wants to push meds and physical therapy but not look further for what I was there for. I'm going for a second opinion as soon as I can and then after that, I'd have to go out of pocket on expenses if I need another.

    I've read and seen that some orthopedic doctors will do in-office, quick, diagnostic out-patient scopes of the knee to look inside and that sometimes shows what even an MRI can miss. Hoping to get that done, because I know wholeheartedly that what's going on is from the injury, not what that doc is trying to lazily blame it on, and he can't even tell me why or how it would make sense, but tried to pretend it does. Absolutely insane.

    Hopefully you've been careful since to try and not make it worse in case there is a tear. I wasn't at first, like you, though I was unable to use it to the full extent and without pain, but at this point I can't NOT be careful because I'm so limited in how I can move it physically without feeling it will catch, lock, or give out or something. Also the excruciating pain when I try to in some ways or put weight on it, especially if bent. I can't even bend it fully when laying or sitting without extreme pain. Can't walk normal. It's been putting a lot of stress on my other knee from using it so much more, so that's been really hard too. Feeling really crippled now, when before I was able to be as active as I would've wanted. Muscles get weak fast, too, when you aren't using them as much but need to rest to not irritate the situation and can't use the muscles normally with the pain.

    Hopefully you end up in good hands. If you damaged cartilage, meniscus or a ligament, could take a long time to heal or need repair, and full recovery to go back to full on activity (aside from walking or light things) could take a very long time from what I've heard. A year or two depending. I want to get to the point of a real diagnosis and proper treatment to get on the way to healing, but it's scary being unable to work now and not knowing what's going to happen.

    Best of luck.

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