1 week out from my Total Knee Replacement but still can not lift leg.

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Good morning All.

8 Days after my TKR I'm still having no luck lifting my leg.

When i ask about this i get, well it Should come back...

if anyone else out there has gone through this, please share how, if and when movement returned. Sitting in a chair I'm able to lift the leg that didn't have surgery, straighten that knee, lifting that foot as high as i want. The side that had Total knee replacement, nothing at all! I'm able to move that foot and ankle with no problem. But leg... Nothing!

Any words at all from anyone that has been there would Greatly be appreciated!!

Thank You!!!

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    Don't worry! I couldn't lift mine either for a couple of weeks. Apparently it's just pain stopping you (the brain sends a 'no' message to the leg due to pain). You might want to give it a go when you have plenty of pain killer on board and have given it time to kick in. But don't worry if you still can't. I couldn't and it was down to thigh pain due to deep bruising from the tourniquet used. I was able to after a few weeks.

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      Thank You for your response!

      Yes, the pain is very intense at times and could be the reason. Its great to get some much needed hope from nice people such as you!! I will keep working on my exercises, ice, rest, medicine, etc. And hope time passes to a better ME! 😁

      THANK YOU!!!

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    yes I had the same thing and I'm sure its part of the progress . It takes a while before you are able to lift that leg and I know it feels weird because you are trying and nothing happens but I had 2 knee replacements and a revision and each time its the same thing so I hope this will ease your concern

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      Wow! Glad you got through that!!

      That scary uneasy feeling of, will I be this way forever feeling that no one really tells you about before the operation. Then you look in line and talk to as many people as you can about it.

      THANK YOU soooo much for your response about this! It has provided some piece of mind i desperately needed!

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    I was the same 12 days after surgery. I was given a stool that was the same height as my chair and had to lift by hand my foot onto it, nothing under my calf knee and upper thigh. I was told to sit with it like that as often as I felt comfortable for short periods ( nothing was comfortable) and my leg was straightening becoming stronger. A couple of days later I could start lifting my leg without help. I am now 6+ weeks TKN still having to work at things very hard, but this is a long journey, a marathon not a sprint I have been told. Keep taking the pain meds, we all heal at different rates

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      Thank You for your response!

      With all we put ourselves through, then the Surprise of look whats Not working, its very comforting to hear others with the same problems that worked out. I am sure it all takes time. Hopefully its.



      Thank You once again!

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    hi - i am 1 week out left tkr today. It is much the same with me - takes time. i can move my leg a small distance upwards when sitting but not much. i am sure it will develop as i get stronger.

    i have developed a haemotoma in my lower leg which has affected my ability to do the exercises.

    just keep going I reckon

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      Best of luck to you!

      Scary stuff! I guess TIME is what is needed for anyone having Total Knee Replacement.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      Wishing you the very best!

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    I couldn't lift mine unaided for a good few days. I used a therapy band to lift my leg and then tried to hold it up for a couple of seconds with the therapy band supporting it. Gradually I was able to reduce the tension in the band until one day, like magic, I could lift it unaided. Don't worry, you will get there.

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      When you put your body through sooo much to try and make it better, and something like this sets you back, you go through lots of pain and worries. Thank You for getting back on this. Its a Big Help! 😊

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      No problem, it is worrying when you don't know whether what you're experiencing is normal. I felt such a failure in hospital when the physio asked me to lift my leg and I couldn't until I asked if they had many patients who couldn't do it and she said nearly everyone.

      If you use a therapy band or even a belt or something to help lift it, try to engage your quads and hold it in place supported for 5-10 seconds before lowering it again. Good luck!

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    That is totally unacceptable after 8 days. What does the physical therapist tell you to do to increase strength? Have you contacted your doctor? YOU SHOULD BE UP AND WALKING ON THAT KNEE BY NOW

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      I think this a joke Brenda? I guess so as from what I've been told and experienced it is really normal to be unable to do leg lifts for a week or two (sometimes longer). And you can walk with your walking aids without being able to do leg lifts. I'm sure Gary is doing that.

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      Oh Yes, I'm using my walker and getting stronger each day. leg lift seems to be the problem. After talking now with Many, I'm not alone with the leg lift problem.

      I'm sure its temporary.. ☺

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