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Hi everyone I had my TKR less than 3 weeks ago I was managing fine but last couple of days my knee jerks upwards and locks twice when I was about to stand up and twice in bed although it only last a few seconds the pain is excruciating when it happens just wandering has anyone else experienced this

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  • veryniceman veryniceman eileen88018

    Hi Eileen. Looks like your TKR is approx 2 weeks after mine. It's tough going. What you describe could be similar to the 'cramps' I've been experiencing. Maybe give your physio/doctor or ward sister a buzz? Week 3 for me was pretty tough going and I think it will be for most TKR. There's a lot of healing going on in there. I found week 4 a little (just a tiny little) better going and little better again during this week (week 5). Some quality replies to my recent posting indicate progressive cordial improvement can be expected. Good luck

    • chris00938 chris00938 veryniceman

      That was one of the words I used to describe it too, veryniceman:-)  It does feel like a cramp.  Where was yours?  Was it at the front or back of the knee?  Your post has cheered me up because I was beginning to feel a bit down about it today.

    • veryniceman veryniceman chris00938

      Hi Chris. Firstly I need to say 'the cramps came with the leg extended'. Until last couple days the leg has been almost entirely extended when horizontal on sofa or bed. The 'cramps' being entire leg (calf to groin) and particularly 'tight' throughout entire knee (inside, outside and behind). Fortunately now becoming less frequent and less nasty.

      I have not experienced any 'locking-up' when PT flexing although (being a wimp/man) I am determined not to want to inflict pain on myself when there is seemingly little reward to be gained. Physio warned me not to flex so far as to cause nasty pain. Hence I've adopted none-excessive pain PT 'cause I get more than enough pain without encouraging it.

    • chris00938 chris00938 veryniceman

      Ooooh ouch!  That sounds worse than I've got!!!!!  And I thought mine was bad!!!!!  Today I'm feeling that I'm going backwards with the tendency for that locking cramping feeling at the back of the knee, so resting more.  It's all very frustrating, isn't it.  When I'm sitting (legs up) or in bed, I feel absolutely fine and am planning my day and then when I get up reality hits!  And I know I've got such a long way to go!  But I suppose it is what it is!  I'm relieved about your comment about not causing nasty pain because it reassures me about what mine said - the same.

  • chris00938 chris00938 eileen88018

    Eileen YES!  But mine is locking on the extreme bend but the physio said this is all normal and it's probably just inflammation and healing.  It almost feels like a cramp and the panic is that you're not going to be able to get it OUT of that position?  But it does come out much easier than you expect?  It's quite frightening though!  Mine was three weeks and a day ago, so perhaps this is par for the course for that time period:-)  I actually feel a bit reassured by your post but I am sorry you're getting it too!  My physio told me to avoid the extreme bend for a couple of weeks to give it a chance to heal.  I am using ice and elevation a lot.

    • eileen88018 eileen88018 chris00938

      Hi Chris yes it is scary when it happens it's happened at least 6 times now just gonna percerviour and wait and see my consultant which is in 3 weeks time. The knee is still swollen and hot to touch and I'm finding the exercises quite difficult because of the tightness. I'm also using ice and elevating but doesn't seem to work .

    • chris00938 chris00938 eileen88018

      My knee actually felt more restricted today than previously and I felt I was going backwards, but then remember reading on here that various people have felt that at times.  Then went to the supermarket and I know I was leaning on the trolley but my gait was absolutely normal, albeit a bit slow, so that encouraged me.  When it's all such a long haul it's so easy to get up and down with it all!  My knee is VERY swollen still and the scar is still a bit hot but not quite as hot as maybe a few days ago.  It's still got some scabbing though, and some red areas and bumpy areas and some areas where the skin is peeling back from the wound.  I've got quite a bump below the knee - about a couple of inches wide and long.  Has anyone else?  I'm not sure if it's bruising or bone or what!  It feels fairly hard though.  I hope it's helping, but sometimes I'm sitting with feet up and knees up together and feet flat on the recliner, so that's (I hope) helping stretch the scar.  The Vit E capsule I found difficult so today ordered Emu oil AND Palmers therapy oil, so will see how they go - they'll arrive tomorrow.  I am SO grateful for this group because it makes it all feel so much more normal! 

    • chris00938 chris00938

      Going back to how swollen the knee is - I couldn't get any of my normal trousers or jeans on because of the knee!  I found some old wide leg ones in a cupboard though so they'll help keep me going, but apparently the swelling can go on for up to a year.  Hopefully gradually reducing LOL!  I'm walking around indoors with one trouser leg permanently tucked up, ready to go back and sit down with the ice again LOL!  It's all quite funny sometimes LOL!  It is like someone else said - it's all about 'me and my knee' LOL!

  • Milla2017 Milla2017 eileen88018

    Eileen, 13 weeks post op. Plenty of knee jerks where the knee physically jerks up involuntarily. Also "shocks" in knee. Was told totally normal - it is a spasm. Getting fewer and fewer the last 3 weeks.

  • Duckfan Duckfan eileen88018

    That must have been what happened to me last week. My knee locked and the pain was excruciating. My poor husband kept saying "what can I do", scared him to death. Then when I relaxed the knee did too and the pain wentbaway. I called my surgeon and his nurse said talk to your pt but this is normal.

    With our discharge instructions we should get information on getting to this forum. It helps soooo much to find out we are progressing as we should. My whole world revolves around this knee.

    • chris00938 chris00938 Duckfan

      I agree Duckfan!  We really don't have a CLUE what to expect, do we!  So this forum fills a huge void in information.  I've not seen these details about locking etc. anywhere else on the net!  It is so reassuring to know it's normal!  Reduced anxiety helps everything!

    • Duckfan Duckfan chris00938

      Yes information is power. The anxiety is horrible when you allow your mind to worse case scenarios. I wonder if doctors want you in the dark so you're not aware of all the bad. That's the only downside of this forum. You hear all the problems which can be good or bad. The % is very high of all the people that are happy with their krs. My doctor warned me not to expect full recovery for at least a year. He said at 7 weeks I would be better but the first 6 are pretty rough. He did warn me but I thought well, that won't be me, I'll do better. My arrogance got me😀

    • chris00938 chris00938 Duckfan

      LOL!  To be truly honest, I think my thoughts were the same.  But on the whole I have done way better than I or anyone could have expected (who knows what the next knee will bring though LOL!).  But it still catches you out when a difficulty arises and you've no idea what's going on!  Doctors certainly do gloss over it somewhat!

    • eileen88018 eileen88018 Duckfan

      I was actually in the hospital the 1st time my knee locked the nurse sent for the doctor and he didn't seem to know what had happened maybe I'll get some answers in 3 weeks when I go back to see my consultant because it's happening to many times

    • eileen88018 eileen88018 chris00938

      Chris I thought I was superwoman the day after surgery couldn't wait to get out of that bed got 80 degrees on my knee bend and was getting around the hospital on my crutches thought I would be home that evening OMG I paid for it the following day ended up in hospital 6 days and feel as though I'm going backwards now lol that's what I get for showing off ha ha

    • chris00938 chris00938 eileen88018

      Oh dear!  I must admit, I was the same a bit.  The physio told me I was the champion of the ward because I was up and down on those crutches.  I would have actually gone home the next day but my salt levels were too low so they fed me salt with literally everything (yes, orange juice, sticky toffee pudding - everything LOL!) and I was fine to go the next day:-)  I do feel as though I've had it so easy though.  No painkillers for ages, sleeping through the night, no pain apart from the excruciating one on the extreme bend.  I'm walking around with one stick now but at home I find myself wandering off without it and then going back for it LOL!  It is all really good apart from things that take me by surprise that I had no idea would happen or why!  I suddenly realised a couple of days ago that the feeling of binding round the thigh has gone now!  Did you get that too?

    • eileen88018 eileen88018 chris00938

      No Chris I never had the binding around the thigh all the pain is in my knee and I'm also only using 1 crutch but my high lite of the day is taking my pain relief gosh I'm still not sleeping at night I wake up at least 3 times don't know wich way to turn I've finally gone into the spare room as my poor husband was exhausted with me constantly tossing and turning lol all this moaning hopefully we'll laughing about this in a few months!!


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