13 year and alcohol.

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Hi, I'm John and I'm 13 years old. I was recently at a party where I consumed alcohol. I don't remember exactly how much I drank but it made me forget minor details of the party. I maybe drank somewhere around 160ml of 40% vodka, around 3 or two 4% beers and a few sips of 40% rum in the course of somewhere between 3-5 hours, that's what I remember from that night. I stayed at the party host's house that night, no parent was home so we didn't get caught. I had fun, lots of it, I got to hang around with my friends do stupid teenager stuff with them, one of the best moments of my life. I could say I was maybe sligthly ''drunk'', I got a very strong buzz and everything was so funny and interesting for me, I felt like I was a big vibrating machine. I didn't throw up, because I read about irresponsible drinking days before the party, I decided that 2 drinks an hour would not make me throw up and it didn't. This was my first drinking experience and it felt good. I didn't have a hangover in the morning, my stomach felt weird a little but it wasn't the worst because I drank lots of water after each drink

Now,I'm doing pretty great at school. I've got over the average grades for the last 6 and a half years, lots of friends and a good self-esteem.

I'm planning on going to another party somewhere in December, where I will most likely drink again, nothing will stop me from going there so don't try to convince me.

But a thing you can convince me with are the answers to these questions:

How bad is drinking for teens really? How much of a problem is it for a teen to get drunk sometimes?

How much of an impact would it make to my health if I attend a few more parties?

I am very curios and a little worried to see the answers and to determine if I should stop drinking completely or drink a little sometimes.

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    I really feel drinking at age 13 is not old enough to start drinking..I come from a family of alcoholics..and my siblings and father and mother drank. I was really young when I knew my parents drinking was a problem..the arguing and the abuse I witnessed because of alcoholic parents was horrible. My 2 brothers and a sister became alcoholics at a very young age..and they too drank to socialize and let loose from the abuse. They passed away from cirrhosis of the liver which is caused from too much drinking..my parents past away as well after my siblings! I wish my life would have been differently but because of alcohol caused so much pain..so u see there's nothing to look forward to..Alcohol robs everything until there's nothing left!

    signed, Gina

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    Hello John,

    At 13, your brain has not fully matured, most especially the pre-frontal part of the brain which is the decision making process and the last part of the brain to mature.

    It would be worth you doing some reading up on the brain and alcohol because not only does alcohol affect every single part of your body in some way, it influences the brain's neural pathways and how your brain forms. In a brain with it's neural pathways not completely matured, it will have a lot of influence and can affect how your brain works for the rest of your life. Science is now showing that people who use substances earlier in life and more likely to develop substance abuse issues later in life. (I was about your age when I started drinking and it took me until I was in my mid 40's to finally sort out my abuse problems.)

    Consider the pathways in your brain like building a motorway/freeway. You want the concrete to be set solid and good before allowing cars and trucks and hummers run up and down it all day long. If that concrete is weakened by adding another substance that shouldn't be there, then that wouldn't be good.

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    alcohol is a drug. it is addicting and can cause many health problems. with the statement i read of all the alcohol you drank at the last party you are very, very lucky that you did not die from alcohol poisoning.

    my son started drinking at parties like you in his early teens and your friends. you all are abusing alcohol and can cause your brain to become undeveloped. alcohol shuts down many areas of the brain can soon create a need to drink ...it called ...addiction .. when your body cannot function without a drink. this is not the way to treat your young healthy body and brain. your brain is still growing alcohol can permanently damage the brain.

    my son lost the option to choose not to drink he became addicted as a teen. last week was the worst day of my life when i received a phone call from the county morgue that my son died from long term alcohol disease and other complication due to alcohol. binge drinking at parties is the worst way to set yourself up for ending up in the hospital or worse. introducing alcohol to fast to soon to your system in a short amount of time is a formula for disaster.

    i pray to god that you stop this destructive behavior and be happy with your choice and your decision to be proud to remain sober without using alcohol to remove your ability to make good decisions . if not remembering how much you drank isn't a clue that you were really in a black out drunk condition is a danger to you and all your friends . no parent ever want to hear that their child is drinking alcohol. give your parents a gift pledge to remain sober and make the choice to save a life if not your own then others in your group.

    how important is it for you to drink? im not trying to convince you of not drinking ,i am a living testament of what alcohol will do to you i lost my only son to AUD. Eventually you will loose everything . is this the road you want to travel?

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      I am so sorry to hear about your son Hope.

      Youve been a major contributor on this forum for many years, offering advice and help from your experiences with your son.

      You have been so supportive of him through his nightmare of addiction. No mum could have done more than you to try to help him in so many ways.

      You never ever gave up on him. Disappointed at times with him yes at times, , but you never stopped loving him.

      Regards vicky

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