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Alcohol Consumption

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  • JoannaC3Europe 5

    Naltrexone/Nalmefene (Selincro)/The Sinclair Method Hints and Tips

    Since many of you are now either using, or considering using, naltrexone or nalmefene (Selincro) as per The Sinclair Method, I recently wrote the following short 'hints and tips' article that provide a guide to working with the medication, therefore helping to ensure the method is as smooth as possible...

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below is a list of useful resources concerning alcohol consumption. Some of the Patient articles are also linked on every discussion page under Related information in the right sidebar. Patient leaflet on Alcoholism and Problem Drinking: This...

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  • gwen45436 6

    Your thoughts

    Hi guys - it is a little quiet on here at the mo so thought I would ask your opinions. On my ultra last year I had some indication of fat infiltration as you probably remember. There are many on here taking Naltrexone, Campral etc with great success and some are honest enough to say they stumbled and...

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  • mary8693 2

    Alcohol consumption forum

    I find  the discussions about issues with alcohol are short lived in comparison with other discussions in this website. People are initially supportive and helpful when you first post but soon after the connection is lost and you wonder why.  I guess a number of us drop in and say they are making a...

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  • peter97822 3

    Drinking every day...

    Hello. I've just signed up here because I thought it might help to acknowledge somewhere, in some small way, that I have a problem with alcohol. And maybe compare notes with other people and their experiences. I'm not ready to tell friends and family yet. I'm in my late 30s and for a long time (4 years)...

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  • rose191093 2

    Am I at risk?

    So I don't want to come across as naive or silly, but I'm looking for some opinions on my alcohol consumption. My father is an alcoholic, he's been sober for years now but he had a rough time until then. He wasn't a regular drinker, but a binge drinker, couldn't stop when he started. He's always been...

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  • anna42310 3

    Have drunk whilst taking antabuse

    Well after 3 days in Antabuse I've caved in and had a bottle of cider it was only a 330ml bottle oh n a few mouthfuls of pins and lemonade anyways that was 2 hours ago n I can't understand why I've had no reaction as such I feel a bit sleepy but that's all Where's the being violently sick etc? I'm...

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  • hayley1111 2

    nalmefene for 9 days now and no change to desire to drink.

    Hi everyone This is a long post as its my first ever. I’m looking for some advice and information from anyone who has been in my position. Apart from short breaks I have drunk alcohol every evening of my life for over 35 years now and I recently decided that it is time to tackle it. I drink about two...

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  • gary2906 2

    Loss of Memory and Items

    Hi All, First post, i'm relatively young (under 30) but for the last 3 years I have a huge problem when I drink and its really ruining my life. I will be out having a good time then all of a sudden i'm waking up in my bed the next day with no phone, bank card, ID etc. Obviously I am drinking too much,...

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  •  christine13951 2

    Not doing so great 😞

    Hello, it's me again, after being good last week and only drinking 2 evenings (10 units both times), I am now on my third night of drinking this week as my hubby is working nights. I am also feeling a lot more anxious at the moment and even more so when hubby is on nights. I saw the ARC last week and...

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  • jan12 2

    selincro/nalmefene and alcohol

    I drink between 1 and 2 bottles of wine a night. Took my first selincro tablet yesterday afternoon and genuinely didn't feel like I wanted any booze, not sure whether this is psychological or not but who cares, it seems to work. Unfortunately I took the tablet when picking my daughter up from school...

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  • Johnjohnjohn1 1

    Drink has got to go, I'm not compatible.

    I live in a culture where it is perfectly normal to drink to excess and not feel alienated. My problem lies where everybody has the sense to draw the line and I want more. I can't stop- rather than deal with the consequences of the morning after I carry on. Even though I know the right thing to do,...

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  • sharon7979 4

    new start

    Just wanted to say hi, as havent been on in a while. Went to Scotland for a week and had the most brilliant time with my partner and daughter. Things are looking more positive and i should be with them for good soon. Still not easy from my sons point of view or maybe mine if im honest i am not sure....

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  • zeek58762 1

    2 bottles a night

    My wife drinks 2 bottle of Pinot Grigio a night to help her sleep, due to ruptured discs in her back. Is this bad? I try to tell her it me not good for her health but she doesn't listen. She's a nurse , and says she knows what's she's doing and that she also has a larger then normal liver so she can...

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  • GB94 2

    Will it ever catch up on me?

    Hi people, new here & looking for advice etc. I am a 22 year old male with some slight mental issues that make me over analyse situations and probably make mountains out of mole hills. I wouldn't say I have an alcohol problem in the sense that I dont drink too often(I used to), but what I will say...

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  • cherry123 3

    Alcohol detox on librium

    Please ,,any help or advice appreciated. I've been drinking since script today for 10mg librium to start  tomorrow morn..told i cant start now cos im drinking soon can i take it? Want to b in work tommorow..if i get up early and take it round 4 or 5 will it help me..HELP please..

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  • Kerry78042 2

    Naltrexone and tolerance level

    Hello all, As some of you will know I've only recently started Naltrexone and feel it's working well, and far better than I'd hoped for ... tonight I am about halfway down my third glass of wine (2hrs after I poured first one) but I feel quite 'heady' and yet my tolerance level used to get me a lot further...

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  • javgsx 1

    I hate what alcohol does

    I hate what alcohol does to me. I know I'm addicted. I have two great kids with a constant pressure around me. I don't know why I do it. I do it in the morning before work. Sometimes to the point of not being able to go in. I do it behind everyone's back. I hate myself at the moment because I feel...

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  • JulieAnne101 4

    Started TSM

    I've tried to get my Husband to post on this forum but he won't. So I will post the latest in my Husband's interesting (turbulent, fraught at times) journey. After trying the Campral, which, worked for about 3 months. He unfortunately, picked up again. I believe this was due to all the stress of starting...

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  • vickylou 6


    Hi all Following on from my last two discussions, I thought I'd share the latest saga on this subject. Regular posters will remember the problems my daughter in law had after discovering her mother was secretly drinking. Any new members can see my previous discussions, rather than me repeating everything....

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  • mary8693 2

    Using alcohol to cope with anxiety + depression

    I think it must be true what they say about one has to hit rock bottom before deciding giving up drinking. I tried many times and failed.  I am now trying again.  This my 4th day and don't have long time  projects.  I try to do it a day at a time and when I feel like a drink I try to go over all the...

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  • Tar4 3

    Due to start Naltrexone

    I have my doc appt for a prescription in 2 weeks for Naltrexone and was wandering what your experience has been on it? Although I'm keen to try the drug I've read a few posts saying it can potentially take up to a year to work. I've been alcohol free for 8 weeks, however I am normally a binge drinker,...

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  • Leilalouise 2

    Here goes

    Hi all if you read my messages yesterday you will know I am starting my journey today, I plucked up the courage to go to gp and they have proscribed me medication for a week to help with withdrawals, it's called chordiazepoxide 10 mg has anyone had this treatment before if so how did you get on thanks...

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  • vicky64718 2

    Why do i do it

    Hi everyone. My name is Vicky I'm 26 and married 4 years. I've been a social drinker with my friends and partner ect for about 10 years. But the past 2 years or so I've been drinking a lot more. I suffer from depression and I don't think I'm an alcoholic because I done have withdrawal symptoms and Wen...

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  • Leilalouise 2

    This time I'm doing this

    So here goes I have never done anything like this before but enough is enough as off tomorrow my 18 years of over indulging in alcohol nearly every day needs to stop, I'm 31 with 3 children and I'm sick of alcohol controlling my life I don't drink in morning or anything like that it's the evenings and...

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  • Leilalouise 2

    Positives of being sober

    Hi all I posted my first post earlier as I'm starting my journey tomorrow of being sober.... I wanted to have some positives that I can look at when I will be finding it hard, so just wondering from your experience was positives you have found since sober and physical things or changes to appearance...

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  • Smile47824 3
  • rita03510 1

    Living with a binge drinker

    I have been with my partner for 8 years. To say that his drinking has caused drama in our relationship is an understatement. I knew he was a 'bit of a lad' when I met him. We were in our early 20's and going for a drink on the weekend seems the norm. It was after roughly 6 months of being together I...

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  • greg858 2

    Alcohol withdrawal with Lorazepam timeline

    Hi, I've been drinking about 2 liters of beer(~4.5%) per day for 3 years. Only on evenings. I've finally decided to stop, I saw my doc and he said the amount I drink shouldn't cause too much withdrawal symptoms...  He still prescribed me B vitamin and Temesta 1mg (Lorazepam) telling me to take 1mg before...

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  • JustNow 2

    Just started on nalmefene - didn't realise I'd feel like this!!

    So the tablets arrived yesterday, brief look at the patient leaflet and tablet down the neck. Within a couple of hours I felt sick, dizzy, spacey and ended up going to bed at about half 7 last night. Horrible night's sleep, can only decribe it like being sedated and agitated both at the same time! ...

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  • vickylou 6

    Back on Campral

    Since Christmas I've noticed that the amount of alcohol I've been consuming has increased. Ive not been drinking alone or in secret. However the number of social occasions I've been to has increased greatly.  Special birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, christenings etc keep coming up. My husband...

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  • Kerry78042 2

    Starting Naltrexone

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to share that I started Naltrexone yesterday with a huge and generous amount of support from JoannaC3europe .... I knew I wanted to do this and received my prescription a few weeks ago but personal situations have meant I delayed starting. After my initial excitement at...

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  • Crazycat 3

    Partner of an alcoholic in denial, my struggle

    This is hard to write as I love the man but not the disease that is alcoholism. Brief history is I have known him 10 yrs but only been officially together 3 yrs ie living together, he has been a drinker for 18 yrs + that I know of so well before I met him and have found out that his mother died of alcoholism...

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  • kelly71703 2

    Fatty liver

    Has anyone managed to reverse an alcoholic fatty liver? If so how long did it take? And did you also have to eat a special diet and take any medication or just give up alcohol?

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  • sharon7979 4


    Very quiet on here just now and keep getting weird threads from about 2 years ago?! Anyway hope your all good.  Just wanted to say things have moved on for me a little, Scotland looking a little closer but not quite there yet.  Keep in touch peeps! xxxx  

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