Where/how can I get naltrexone or similar??

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My GP was not impressed by the idea of trying a drugs route to reduce my drinking. So I did as I was told and tried counselling instead (yeh, like dragging up my past is going to help; was actually drinking more by the end of that 6 month stint!!) I have tried will power, herbs, exercise, books, and a support group (we now drink together!)  I have also been turned down by Pharmacy2u 3 times now, and can't find any on line pharmacies that sell without a prescription, Im going in circles!! Since there are people on this forum who have managed to get it I am clearly doing something very wrong! Can anyone advise? I am on anti-depressants so  maybe that rules me out for some reason? Many thanks for any advice.

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    If Pharmcy2U referred your online consultation back to your doctor (declined the order) then there will be a reason.  That could be many things, but primarily:

    The numbers you put into your drink diary.  For a man, the criteria is around 7.5 units a day for a man, and 5 units a day for a woman.  If you are drinking more than that, then they refer you back to your doctor for a face to face consultation because you may be at risk of alcohol withdrawals if you take the tablet and it works a little too while, drastically cutting your drinking.

    Other medication. Normally antidepressents are not counterindicative with this medication but of course if they feel there is an issue then again they will refer you back to your own doctor.

    General health:  How at risk are you generally?

    Your need to remember that an online consultation has limits, and doctors are careful not to put you at risk.  If in doubt they will decline and refer you back to their own doctor. 

    In terms of ordering online, yes some people do.  But this forum/website has to stick to UK rules, which mean that it is not permitted to discuss online ordering from abroad when the medicine is a prescription-only medication.

    If you PM me which town/county you live in, I will research some options for you to consider.

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      That criteria is for nalmefene, Selincro, by the way.  This is the approved medication to help reduce your drinking.  If you requested naltrexone from them, then they simply will not prescribe naltrexone using an online consultation, because they would have to presribe it 'off-license' and nalmefene is the approved 'on-licence' medication.

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      Ah thanks, I am in Bristol, and nalmefene would be fine! My anti-depressants are sertraline should that be a factor. 
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      Please send me a message (the message envelope is under my name) with

      1. the town and county you live in
      2. your email address

      I will then do some checking and email you back with your options.



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    Pharmacy2U have a fairly good system for detecting people who try to reapply. I believe they even monitor IP addresses, so if you have a static IP (as many do) rather than dynamic, they will pick that up straight away.

    I have had the bounce, from GP to ARC to trying P2U and bounced back to my GP and it is a tad frsutrating to say the least. The options are (if your GP & ARC won't help); Private doctor with private prescription, buying from abroad or if you PM Joanna she may be able to check of there are any other options in your part of the country.


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      I did wonder if that was the case! My refusals are so fast now that I think they know it's me (again!)

      When you say private doctor, do you mean as in a BUPA doctor..??Im not sure how to find one that would prescribe what I am after. I woulnd't want to pay for a private consulatation just to be told to talk to my own GP. 

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      Bupa doesn't have the monolpoly on private doctors, but in essence, yes, that sort of doctor. Put 'Bristol private doctors' into Google and you'll see plenty. Because you are a paying customer, they are a lot less likely to refer you back to your GP.

      The alternative is to buy from abroad, which is what I did (different medication, but same thing). Wait and see if Joanna comes up with anything helpful.

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      Hi, sorry for the delay in replying JustNow, it takes me a couple of hours to do the research.

      Firstly, some good news for you.  Naltrexone (which is pretty much every bodies prefered choice to nalmefene) is approved in the Avon and Wiltshire area for those abstinent to help with cravings AND for those still drinking to control/reduce use.  This is very rare!

      I am going to send you a PM with a link to the pathway (instruction) for the Avon & Wiltshire area.  It's basically a flow chart.  Read it, then print it out and take it to any appointments with you.  I cannot give you the link in this post as it would get moderated, so I will PM it.

      Basically, naltrexone is an 'amber' care drug in your area.  This means that your doctor should have referred you onto your local alcohol specialist team for them to assess you for the treatment.  Sometimes you can refer yourself to them and miss out the doctor.  It might be worth ringing your doctor and asking the receptionist to confirm which alcohol recovery team are appointed to do this.  I think it could be the specialist physician at Bristol Roads but I am not 100% sure, so best to check and that will know.

      When you know, if you an self-refer yourself to them, then do so.  Your first appointment with them will be to see someone to gather all the information.  This is where a print out of this link will help you, as you need to tell them that you want to see the specialist physician to be assessed to see if naltrexone is a suitable medication for you.

      Hope that all helps, and if there is anything else you need, please just ask. 

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      I need help finding naltrexone for my boyfriend to take. We aren’t finding much luck in our area and we need help! 
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      I replied to you a bit further down this thread. No problem doing a not of research for you but I need to know where you live so please PM me. Thanks.
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    A lot people on here are very helpful, if you contact JoannaC3Europe she will be able to advise you best, as yes you may find that your antidepressants are contraindicated.

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