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Became very fatigued, weak, depressed, BP spikes, ed etc... quickly 10 months ago.    2 month ago was found to be vitamin d deficienct.   Thought great,  it’s figured out now and I’ll recover. 

That hasn’t happened symptom wise.  Numbers did go from 15.2 to 44.9 in 7 weeks.   Don’t feel any better.  Actually worse because I’m scared because of not feeling well.  Magnesium and calcium are good.   Am on trt too.   That was great before I have whatever I have.  Hopefully only D deficiency.   Thyroid panel looks to be ok according to dr.  

Does thIs happen where numbers are better and symptoms take longer to subside?   Does your body and physical symptoms take longer to improve? 

Getting really worried because I don’t feel good as numbers are getting way better.    Worried I have something else and wasting my time on D deficiency. 


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    It depends what the cause of the symptoms is - the symptoms of vit D deficiency resemble those of several other things, some of them autoimmune disorders. And vit D is often low in autoimmune disorders. Vit D deficiency is often something to be ruled out first before looking elsewhere - but even so, it can take some time for symptoms due to vit D deficiency to improve, it isn't always instant. But it isn't worth getting worried - just take it all one step at a time and they will find out what it is. I know it is easy for me to say.

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      Thanks Ellen.   

      I told myself to remain patient and this will be ok.   After researching I immediately found it probably takes months to recover.    I guess once I saw my levels quickly rise I have expected immediate recovery and very let down and worried about not feeling “great” again.   

      I imagine it took a long time to get symptoms so it probably takes a long time for body and mind to heal.  I hope that’s the case anyway.  

      Thanks again. 

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     I was found to be vitamin D deficient and was put on 10 week course of 40,000 iu vit D per week . This made me feel progressively worse, finally making it difficult to stand and walk. After 6 weeks the doctor said that I can give up because of the side effects and after that time the deficiency should have gone. I feel better but am seeing a neurologist this Tuesday in case I have another ailment affecting the muscles. I am 70 year old man so may have more than one thing wrong with me.   Rhodri.
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      Interesting.  I just read your other thread.    

      Do you really know that high doses were making things worse other than raising levels into range?   What did your levels get to?   What dosage are you doing for maintenance now?   

      I’m pretty sure I’ve felt worse at 50,000 a week of D3.   Like you said though not sure if it’s from too much D3 or still effects from the deficiency.  

      I’m in range now at 44.9 now and dr wants me to take 2,000 a day now.   I was going to keep taking the rest of prescription of 50,000 a week to raise level farther up and then go down to smaller daily dose.   

      Maybe I should just do that now.  I’m just afraid levels will drop again.  

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        After six weeks my legs were so weak That I could not get out of cinema seat without help and then later get up from a chair in a restaurant without someone pulling me up. I spent he next day on a pair of crutches I had in the garage. I got an appointment the day after with the doctor who said that I was right to stop taking the pills because of the side effects

      ​I have come across several people on Patient when I put in side effects of high level vitamin D who have said that they were suffering from side effects even when their doctors had claimed that there were not any. The trouble with me was they were progressively getting worse. I was prepared to feel bad over the ten week course but feel that I had no option to stop when I did. It is the first time I have used Patient so I do not know how long they keep the discussions up for The best advice is to ask the doctor. My doctor  said that after ix weeks the deficiency which was quite small should have cleared up. I converse with about four people on patient who complained of tiredness and aching bone. One ended up in hospital because walking problems and another , a girl of nineteen was feeling ill after just a week. Best of luck. Rhodri..

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      You and your doctor are right for stopping vitamin D supplements. I wish more doctors and people are more aware of the consequences of hormone vitamin D before supplementing.

      Unless you are fortunately optimal in your minerals and vitamins then you should be able to tolerate vitamin D. But most people run low on minerals and vitamins because of stress and soil depleted of nutrient ect.

      High doses of vitamin d completely screws up the human body. I've done it and am paying for it and working on reversing it.

      It harms the body in several different ways:

      1: increases calcium which slows the body

      2. Depletes magnesium, the very mineral needed to hold vitamin d in the body.

      3. Crashes potassium, the thyroid and other functions are involved here, very bad idea. (BP issues and heart)

      4. Increases H202 (oxidative stress)

      5. Lowers ATP, energy in the cells (fatigue)

      6. Depletes retinol vitamin A in the liver, the very nutrient that your immune system can not function without.

      7. Lowers ceruloplasmin, that is your immune system.

      Low storage vitamin D means too much iron and too little magnesium in the liver, that together causes inflammation.

      Trust me your doctors will not have a clue because they only manage disease and have no knowledge of vitamins and minerals. When all tests come back normal they tell you that you have chronic fatigue or fybromyalgia and wash their hands and tell you there is no cure. You are left to your own demise or push you with more meds to manage the symptoms.

      It took me over a year to comprehend and wrap my head around this with alot of research. I've been on a protocol to rebalance this mess. It doesn't happen over night. I'm on month three and it usually takes 18 months or more depending on your situation.

      I wish you and jeff well and that you recover from this soon.

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      I have no idea where your research was done - but whatever ceruloplasmin is, it isn't your immune system. It is an enzyme involved in copper transport in the body and is an acute phase reactant - an indicator of inflammation somewhere in the body. 

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      Please go to magnesium advocacy group or look up Morley Robbins. There is such a wealth of knowledge that we have been misinformed.

      I used to put doctors on a pedestal and the information and research was hard to digest but until I experienced it myself and did the testings and sure enough it was true, the numbers don't lie.

      BTW ceruloplasmin is a copper and iron transporter, if your ceruloplasmin is under 35, that right there indicates iron and copper dysregulation within the body. Instead of it being transported safely where they need to go to be utilized, instead they go rouge and the body has to store them in the liver and other organs in the body. If ceruloplasmin is high that indicates inflammation.

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      I think I said that. I certainly don't put doctors on a pedestal - I have been in patient advcacy for far too long for that. But does it ever occur to you that some of the claimed "research" is unreliable and misinformation as well?

      But I wish you well. I don't wish to get into this discussion any further.

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      I was refering to myself, I used to put doctors on a pedestal and did what was told because they know best. Trust me I don't believe everything I read, but it answers alot of questions when doctors don't have a clue. I apply it to my own situation and see if the protocol is actually working and it makes sense.

      I forgot to answer your question as ceruloplasmin is our immune system. It regulates copper and what does copper do, it improves immunity, prevent the growth of bacteria, improves brain function and boost energy. What is needed to make ceruloplasmin, vitamin A and vitamin A is needed for hormonal balance, immune health and gut healing.

      Low ceruloplasmin is an indicator of vitamin A deficiency. I'm talking about retinol vitamin A not betacarotene.

      I do hope you at least look at the website and read it and just maybe see it in a different perspective. It might change your mind.

      Take care


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