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  • Jcarrigan0 2

    Eating right, very active, no weight loss?

    So for starters, im a 205 pound male, im 5'7. And am pretty muscular. I powerlift 6 days a week and do cardio about 4 days a week. The one day that i dont powerlift is dedicated to cardio. My job is pretty active, im a team lead at a movie theatre and walk all day long. I count my calories and try

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  • lauw0203 2
  • donald89437 2

    Returned from the Mayo Clinic

    I have been struggling with pain in my body since 2011. I have had doctors tell me I was vitamin d deficient and that was causing my problems. They stopped there until last year when a new endocrinologist actually diagnosed me TIO. At first, he thought it Phosphatemia but then confirmed TIO with

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  • kelly79051 1

    vitamin d deficiency

    Hi I have been having pain in my ribs and arms and shoulders for 4 months I don't seem to be getting anywhere with doctors I do have vitamin d deficiency and was Just wondering if it's anything to do with that doctors won't give straight answer please help

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  • nniieevvee 2


    So I dropped down from 91kg in Jan 2016 to 86kg in September 2016 through minimal exercise and dieting here in there. I started my proper weight loss in Sept and I am now at my lightest, 56.65kg today in April 2017. This started off with me visiting the gym for an 1hr5mins on the crosstrainer and

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  • SamCat666 1

    Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

    Hi there I'm not keen on excercise and I try to eat a balanced diet, however, I have been taking the following supplements for over 5 years and wondered if i was actually wasting my money? I'm 47 years old and a bit chunky for my height, my BMI is bordering on 30!!!! This is the list of

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  • james64908 2

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    In March 2016 I was tested for Vitamin D after complaints of aching/weak legs and hips as well as headaches, strange vision, extreme tiredness and a fullness in my head like it was filled with expanding foam. The results came back and my level was 14. It took another 3 appointments and 2 months

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  • taro93814 2

    Vitamin D deficiency success stories

    I am in the midst of this deficiency trying to recover from the horrible symptoms that it can cause. I want to hear from people who have overcome this deficiency and how they did it. If there was adverse affects of long term use of vitamin d supplements. How long did it take to make a full

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  • k11990 2

    Recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency

    Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after years of pain and tiredness. I have quite a long history but have had surgery twice on my right foot. The first time was a straght forward bunion op and the second one I am now wondering if was caused by Vit D Deficiency as I was in

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  • helenab 2

    Vitamin D deficiency

    I've been unwell for on and off now for almost a year. I remember phoning off sick a couple of times before feeling tired and 'achy'. I thought I was just being lazy and this was psychosomatic. Then I started getting really ill when I developed a sudden onset of neck/shoulder pain which is still an

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  • frances02122 3

    Vitamin D deficiency, hyperparathyroidism and heartburn.

    Hi can anyone relate to having muscle and bone pain with being deficient in vitamin D ?   I get severe pains in muscles down my back and this has spread into my shoulders and up my neck into my head at the back. The pains come and go but i always feel tender and stiff in these area's. I get sharp

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Heart rate when walking?

    Hey guys! I'm 22year old female, no significant medical problems I'm aware of lol, I weigh 167& I'm 5'4. I am out of shape but I've been losing weight (down from 196) and starting to exercise from walking to playing catch. Anyways my resting heart rate is in the 50's and dips into the 40's when

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  • anthony57342 1

    Symptoms of Vit D deficiency

    Hi there. I've recently had blood test results that show <20 nmol vitamin D, very low. B12, folate, liver function all returned normal. I am young, active and have a reasonable diet. I'm yet to discuss the results with my doctor but I assume I'll be tested for underlying causes because it'

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  • nicola66824 2

    Vitamin D deficiency

    hi, I have just been told that I have a level of 20 and I am deficient. I have been prescribed 20000 unit of fultium d3 daily for 15 days then 800 daily for 60 days before a repeat test. The Dr has given me a repeat for the 800 as she expects me to need it for at least a year. My symptoms are

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  • helenemiles 3

    Vit d deficiency

    I have recently been made aware that I am vit d deficient , following feeling extremely rough for a considerable period of time .  Symptoms have included: severe pain in my shoulders , elbows ,hips  loss of muscle strength poor coordination , very wobbly at times exessive sweats  fluctuating body

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  • andrea34591 1

    recently diagnosed with VIT D Defiency at 6

    I am 52 year old and I have suffered with a lot of issues for 20+ years, having to leave my original job due to chronic tenosynivitis in my right hand, in total I have had 3 operations on this one being for carpal tunnel syndrome, I was then diagnosed with cervical and lunbar sponylosis in 1996 and

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  • jess13508 2

    Vitamin d deficiency or something worse?

    Hi, So around 8 weeks ago I woke up one day and was extremely dizzy all day. This has never happened before since then so was a bit concerning. After 3 days of dizziness I went to doctors and was told it was an inner ear infection. Anyways from that I've since had gradual tingling in the tips of

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  • ZoeRPM 2

    Why is there so little promotion of dance as a form of exercise?

    There is very little information on the NHS or BBC websites about dance as a form of exercise, and yet it is often the most economical social activity that provides regular exercise and can help to prevent obesity and heart disease. I know there are some charlatans around but this only serves to

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  • Gem1384 4

    Vitamin D Deficiency and Bone Pain

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficency 9 weeks ago. My level was 25. My dr prescribed 1 tablet twice a week of the D3 20,000 IU tablets. My symptoms were fatigue, bone pain and a mildly elevated ALP level (110-118). My bone pain comes and goes but when it hurts it really hurts. At the

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  • lucas18 3
  • tracya01 2

    Vitamin D deficiency

    Hi my 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiencey of a  level 17. and this has been diagnosed  over the last 4 weeks. She is feeling sick constantly and does not get out of bed during the week she has been off school for over 3 weeks now and I am very concerned. On an evening

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  • paul75665 3

    Pro D3 20,000 IU Side Effects

    Hi All Just wondering if any of you can tell me if there are any side effects from taking Pro D3 20,000 IU? I've been prescribed one of these, 3 times a week, as after a blood test it was noted that my Vitamin D levels are very low. The blood test was a routine test, plus looking at Vitamin B12

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  • chris52254 2
  • steven70982 2

    Just curious if my diet is nutritious?

    So for the most part my diet consists of all these things combined in some way shape or form. And I'm just curious if I should incorporate anything else in my diet or take anything out. Most of my foods are fresh except like the OJ or pasta  Breakfast: 3 eggs, orange juice, banana, and a fiber one

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Tingly feet after walking?

    So I just started walking. Literally today is my first day. Of course I walk around but not actually "go walking". I'm 22female. 5'4 at 174. I've been in the process of losing weight (25 pounds. I don't have any medical conditions except I just had my lipid panel done and my HDL was

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  • lisa77424 2
  • raneem95766 2

    how much vitamin d do i need?

    femele/ 23 years i do have vitamin d deficiency and my level is 5, the doctor was shocked at my d level, prescribed 12,000 iu per day, i've been taking it for two months. is it too much? and how long do i have to take it?

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  • clare02625 2

    Sharing the experience

    My sister put me onto this forum and felt like I wanted to talk about my experience of vitamin deficiency. After over a month of feeling tired, aching all over having no energy at all, not to mention the many trips to the nhs walk in centre and my doctors, after being told it's just that time of

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  • emma76343 2
  • anon private 3
  • smita09547 2

    Muscle numbness and sleep issue

    Hello All, I got married last Feb 2016 and than came to UAE on April. From June I started with UTI visited several docotors they said all ok nothing to worry than I got gastric took gastric medication , in between I had panic attacks fear feel like suicide and there is something in my hand or

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  • alabama231 2

    too much exercise - pain in calves

    So after years of inactivity I decided to join an exercise class (power hoop), the next day I Went for a swim and the next day I walked around London all day being a tourist. Needless to say my calf muscles are now protesting and are so sore and painful when I try to walk upstairs or flex in a

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  • dean30360 2

    Is all this due to vit d deficiency?

    Hi  for the past 6 months I have been experiencing the following symptoms and all tests from msk, cardiology and the vascular department have all been apart from my vit d levels. They came back at 21 and im told anything below 30 is deficient. Symptoms have been pains down arms, chest pressure,...

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  • joelle1992 2

    Vitamin D deficiency, but...

    Today I got a call from my drs office giving me the results of my blood test. The nurse said my Vitamin D levels are at 25 when they are meant to be at 35-100. She told me to take 1000 IU a day and it should help but the thing that confused both her and I is that I take 2000 UI a day. What should I do?...

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  • Carolineq8 4

    Multi vitamins intravenously

    Hi I was wandering if anyone has had multi vitamins or any vitamins through an IV drip and what the results where, I have heard of vitamin c to help boost your immune system so very interested to hear from anyone whose had this treatment, thank you 😊

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