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  • adrienne3636 2

    Vitamin D deficiency. My whole body aches, what can I do?

    I went to the doctor for muscle pain in neck, upper back, kidney area, buttocks, and thighs...basically all over and had blood work done. My vitamin D is 10 (extremely low), CPR is elevated, 10.2 and CPK is 142. Is there a link between Vitamin D deficiency and inflammation? I'm in so much pain everyday....

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  • melissa92963 2

    vitamin d deficiency

    I'm all too familiar with vitamin d deficiency I had it shortly after having my gall bladder removed i.have reason to believe I'm going thru it again I'm showing all same symptoms as before, my question is I had a cbc blood test done all was normal but vitamin d test is separate isn't it?

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  • Ruthie31 2

    Recovery - Vitamin D deficiency

    Hi all, I Would like to hear about other people's stages of recovery with vit D deficiency? My sister has had 3yrs of issues gall bladder removal, acid reflux, IBS all resulting in her becoming less mobile and becoming bed bound she did manage to bounce back for a short period (6mths) then went all...

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  • kimber123 1

    Vitamin D Levels

    About a month ago I was told that my vitamin d level is 7.  Yes, my legs hurt, knees specifically, and yes I'm tired often.  These were questions asked by my nephrologist.  I had a transplant in 2013, and quite frankly I'm accustomed to not feeling "normal."  I do not remember what normal feels like. ...

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  • taro93814 2

    Vitamin D deficiency success stories

    I am in the midst of this deficiency trying to recover from the horrible symptoms that it can cause. I want to hear from people who have overcome this deficiency and how they did it. If there was adverse affects of long term use of vitamin d supplements. How long did it take to make a full recovery...

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  • harrison48092 2

    Does massage therapy count as exercise ?

    I've been attending massage therapy sessions for my back pain for a while now. I'm having weekly sessions with my therapist and its helping. Does this count as exercise? Should i do any other simple excersices along with this ? or should I increase the number of visits to my therapists ? 

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  • kelly79051 1

    vitamin d deficiency

    Hi I have been having pain in my ribs and arms and shoulders for 4 months I don't seem to be getting anywhere with doctors I do have vitamin d deficiency and was Just wondering if it's anything to do with that doctors won't give straight answer please help

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  • Gem1384 4

    Vitamin D Deficiency and Bone Pain

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficency 9 weeks ago. My level was 25. My dr prescribed 1 tablet twice a week of the D3 20,000 IU tablets. My symptoms were fatigue, bone pain and a mildly elevated ALP level (110-118). My bone pain comes and goes but when it hurts it really hurts. At the moment...

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  • k11990 2

    Recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency

    Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after years of pain and tiredness. I have quite a long history but have had surgery twice on my right foot. The first time was a straght forward bunion op and the second one I am now wondering if was caused by Vit D Deficiency as I was in so...

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  • taro93814 2

    Vitamin b6 toxicity

    After having symptoms of fatigue, weakness, numbness in hands, heavy legs, brain fog, lack of concentration, lightheaded and muscle weakness for 9 months with no answers. A doctor had some sense to test my b6 after describing my symptoms to her. My level was at 47 (3-30) from only taking a multivitamin...

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  • Ed12321 1

    I have symptoms of lactose intolerance but not all, any help?

    I have gotten very flatulent and have started to create body smells that are like sour milk or some other sickly smell which sticks to my bed sheets. I don't experience Nausea or headaches or swelling of the bowels like lactoe intolerence and was wondering why I had these symptoms.  

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  • clark92154 1

    Soda Pop Displacement Therapy

    I am completing my 3rd week and the results are phenomenal!  I used to drink 6 Diet Cokes per day and now I am down to only one.  This therapy works by having you drink one can of soda pop, then for the remainder of that day you substitute a can of seltzer water, club soda or sparking water.  The carbonation...

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  • Wins24 2

    Vitamin B12, D, Iron deficient!

    Hella All, I got my blood test report and here are the values Cholestrol:175 mg/dl Range:130-220  HDl - 40 mg/dl Range:40-60 LDL - 120 mg/dl Range:0-150 Iron- 36 ug/dl Range:45-165 Creatine- 0.6mg/dl Range:0.6-1.1 FT3- 2.69 pg/ml Range:2.00-4.20 FT4-1.21 ng/dl Range:0.80-1.70 Ferritin-27 ug/dl Range:10-120...

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  • Rangers3131 3

    lack of vitamind

    Hope someone can help i was diagnosed with lack of vitamin d level was 18. Was put on 20,000 iu a day for 15 days by the 6th day couldnt even walk my whole body just gave up was taken into hospital loads of test done scans all clear apart from vitamind levels took 10days to get back to where i was before....

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  • lucas18 3
  • joanne29680 2

    Help with dietary advise

    I have had stomach and bowel issues for around 18 years and am finally having enough. When I tried to get help from the doctor he said that dietitians were mumbo jumbo and he wouldn't refer me. I am going to try with probiotics and apple cider vinegar to get my gut healthy as I can't lose weight and...

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  • yara15336 1

    what exercises should i do?

    femele/ 22 years old i used to have an injury that effects my nerves on my lower back. For 3 months I couldn't walk, but now I'm better and I walk again. However, I feel my legs are weak and i can't walk too long. I can walk 10 minutes and then I lose my balance and walk weirdly, sometimes i feel like...

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  • anthony57342 2

    Vitamin D deficiency and smoking.

    An unusual question. I've recently found that I'm severely deficient in vitamin D, as low as 10 nmol/l. This is likely to have been for several years. Could there be any connection between this, and feeling dizzy, losing my co-ordination and balance during and after smoking a cigarette? I can feel...

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  • karishma123 3
  • patrick45945 2

    How healthy is Gatorade G2?

    Up until I recently became dehydrated on my 30 mile daily bike ride, I used water only for hydration. My next ride I tried Gatorade G2 (low calorie) and was impressed how well it kept my hydration level as well as maintaining a good energy level throughout my ride. In the past I would fade the last few...

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  • vlinder 1

    What to eat before a 3 hour long exam

    I have a written exam in 2 days for my professional qualification where I have to perform my very best for 3 hours. I have sat similar exams before and I have found that I run out of steam about 2 hours in. Usually at work I would snack on some filling stuff throughout the day in small portions, e.g....

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  • helenab 2

    Vitamin D deficiency

    I've been unwell for on and off now for almost a year. I remember phoning off sick a couple of times before feeling tired and 'achy'. I thought I was just being lazy and this was psychosomatic. Then I started getting really ill when I developed a sudden onset of neck/shoulder pain which is still an on...

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  • Mglitter 1
  • sarah40069 2

    Vitamin deficiency not under NHS

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday as I'd been struggling with a cold for over 2 months and feeling anxious on top of it and generally unwell. I asked whether I could have a vitamin deficiency and was told the NHS don't deal with vitamin deficiency. Is this true? The doctor said it was up to each...

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  • anthony57342 2

    Severe symptoms of vit D deficiency?

    Hi guys. I have a level of <20 nmol. I DO NOT have any disabling muscle or bone pain. My main symptoms are dizziness, nausea and weakness. Loss of co-ordination (tripping, loss of spatial awareness), irritability, inability to think straight, at worst times I find it uncomfortable to even talk as my...

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  • Impi-ben 2

    Vitamin D

    ive been told today I need vitamin D tablets which my doctor has done for me, my question is besides fish and things like all bran what can I eat to help with this as I don't like either. Thank you

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  • rumur 2

    Can you get used to supplements?

    I've been taking Seven Seas multi vitamin fish oil tabs for 3 days now. I have a cough and sore throat but I doubt its related as I've taken fish oil before and been fine. The pills have made me bloated and gassy but they've also helped make going to the bathroom easier so i don't want to stop them....

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  • scarlett43295 1

    Vegetable supplements, do they work?

    What are people's opinions on vegetable supplements? I struggle to eat veg, and I definitely do not eat enough, would they be a good option or are they just a con? Would they actually benefit me or would it be a waste of money? I would be extremely great full of any help, thank you.

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  • Jcarrigan0 2

    Eating right, very active, no weight loss?

    So for starters, im a 205 pound male, im 5'7. And am pretty muscular. I powerlift 6 days a week and do cardio about 4 days a week. The one day that i dont powerlift is dedicated to cardio. My job is pretty active, im a team lead at a movie theatre and walk all day long. I count my calories and try to...

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  • lauw0203 2
  • donald89437 2

    Returned from the Mayo Clinic

    I have been struggling with pain in my body since 2011. I have had doctors tell me I was vitamin d deficient and that was causing my problems. They stopped there until last year when a new endocrinologist actually diagnosed me TIO. At first, he thought it Phosphatemia but then confirmed TIO with additional...

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  • nniieevvee 2


    So I dropped down from 91kg in Jan 2016 to 86kg in September 2016 through minimal exercise and dieting here in there. I started my proper weight loss in Sept and I am now at my lightest, 56.65kg today in April 2017. This started off with me visiting the gym for an 1hr5mins on the crosstrainer and eating...

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  • SamCat666 1

    Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

    Hi there I'm not keen on excercise and I try to eat a balanced diet, however, I have been taking the following supplements for over 5 years and wondered if i was actually wasting my money? I'm 47 years old and a bit chunky for my height, my BMI is bordering on 30!!!! This is the list of supplements...

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  • james64908 2

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    In March 2016 I was tested for Vitamin D after complaints of aching/weak legs and hips as well as headaches, strange vision, extreme tiredness and a fullness in my head like it was filled with expanding foam. The results came back and my level was 14. It took another 3 appointments and 2 months before...

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  • frances02122 3

    Vitamin D deficiency, hyperparathyroidism and heartburn.

    Hi can anyone relate to having muscle and bone pain with being deficient in vitamin D ?   I get severe pains in muscles down my back and this has spread into my shoulders and up my neck into my head at the back. The pains come and go but i always feel tender and stiff in these area's. I get sharp shooting...

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