15 years old with severe pain under right rib cage! Doctors said it was a pulled muscle? Help!

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I've had a server pain under my right rib-cage for 5 days now. It started on Thursday night & went away the next day, until Friday night after my dinner it came back even worse and it hasn't gone since.

Sunday I went to hospital to check it out. I did a urine sample and there seemed to be a slight infection. The doctor thought because of the pain it was kidney infection and I got given 6 tablets (take 2 each day) 

I got the antibiotics and was taking x2 500mg cocodamol as well every 4 hours and it still was hurting. (My mum had a kidney infection in the past and knew i should've been feeling a lot better by then) 

I feel very sick and tired all the time, I know when i'm hungry but i've lost my appetite and can't seem to eat because every time I eat it makes the pain worse. Sunday when i got my temperature taken it was 37.5 degrees but today it was 36 yet i'm always cold & my head feels hot, for me.

The pain is always there, a slight dull ache almost feels numb under the rib cage and sometimes radiates to the back, and lower back.

The doctor said it seems to be a pulled muscle. I'd believe him, but this pain is seriously bad to the point where i can't go to school because i have to be so drugged up. And the nausea is horrible i feel like i'm going to throw up at any minute. (I haven't thrown up at all.) 

Any ideas? 

Thanks x

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    Sorry forgot to mention, the pain is a dull numb ache, but randomly it turns into this sharp stabbing pain lasting for a few minutes. Nothing particular causes the sharp pain.

    Haven't had any tests apart from urine 

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    Hi Melanie 

    i would go go back to the doctors .or if very bad the hospital .could be gallstones.

    hope you feel better soon 


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    Hi Melanie

    Dont think you have recieved a very thorough investigation hear, sound like it could be  gall bladder or liver inflammation going by the symptoms and the postioning of your pain, i think you would have known if you pulled a muscle! although you are very young to have gall bladder problems i must say.  id go back to your doctors and try and see another dr. in the practice if you can, i wouldnt let this go on for too long. could have whats known as afatty liver but a ascan would confirm this, id insist on having more investigations. hope it gets sorted for you soon.


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      Thank you very much Susan for replying.

      I was wondering why haven't they tested this more.. I've researched about gallstones and my grandmother has a server history of getting stones. Also i've recovered from anorexia this year and lost a lot of weight. 

      Thank you again!

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    Pulled needs rubbing and a hot pak..so they are talking nonsense..Especially if you are nauseated and tired. Have your thyroid checked and yes you may have had a pulled muscle but sounds like something else is going on.Docs need to take their time and do a blood workout.. 
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      Thank you, i think that now all of you have basically said the same i think i might do more to push further.. Just worried if nothings wrong and I kinda pushed for nothing. But i guess i'll find out lol. Thanks again. 

      I think they didn't do a blood test because i had one done a couple of months ago. Idon't  know if that would mean anything?? 

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    HI, Melanie 70871

    I had this same thing happen to me My DR sent me to the hospital to blow into a baloon, What this will show if you are having an infection of the lining of your stomach,my test came back postive for infection and I had to take antibiotics for 2 weeks I hope this helps you ,

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      Oh really? How does the balloon show this? Thats a very strange but obviously useful way to test it wow haha. 

      Thanks again!smile

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    It might be an idea to check whether your bladder is retaining urine; the bladder doesn't always empty; and you are none the wiser. We can drink a lot of fluids and not realise it; and our kidneys then have a lot of extra work to do when we eat and drink ; to filter waste .. the retention can go unnoticed for years; and can result in pain when you eat and drink..... it is also of course kidney related and can cause kidney damage if left untreated.. when the fluid backs up..

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