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Abdominal Disorders

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  • jake2468 2

    Best diet for gastritis

    Hi I'm wondering what the best diet for gastritis is? I'm talking like only 2 or 3 foods to eat. Has anyone cured gastritis eating a diet with little variety? Thanks

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  • jennyjames 2

    Smelly gas like sulphur and rotten eggs

    Hi all. So embarrassed but don't know what else to do. I actually am getting seriously depressed as It Is so bad. I have been getting really bloated and pass the most foul smelling gas ever, it stinks and lingers in the room. I'm having to air my bungalow every evening. I eat relatively healthy,...

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  • nperskine 1


    I was recently diagnosed with gastritis after about 5 months of stomach pain. Since it's been chronic gastritis, a couple of the doctors I've seen have said that they think this has been the main culprit for my left lower rib pain and left back pain that I've had for 5 months. I have also noticed that...

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  • andy29076 1
  • naeri 2

    Constant distended stomach

    Hi! Around 2 months ago I started having issues with my stomach I had 2 major pain attacks after some burgers and since then it has been hurting me after every meal. I went on a diet to relieve the stomach and it got better but since then I have problems with constant bloating and distended abdomen....

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  • Xtreme ck 2


    Since march last year felt pain in my abdomen which moves within my hurts very bad when below my right, left ribs and also when it centered below my spreads to the center of my chest which makes me feel like vomiting but have never vomited something stabbs me in both...

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  • joey 52339 1

    Gastritis which went away and then came back

    I was recently told I had gastritis after the worst stomach and back pain after a few weeks. I was put on ranitidine for 10 days as well as implementing a much healthier diet (cutting out alcohol and dairy and eating more fruit and vegetables). I thought I was getting better however every morning since...

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  • autumn57064 1

    For 3 months my stomach has caused me excruciating pain

    Okay for three months my stomach has been hurting so bad that I've been in tears. I don't poop very often, even when I try I can't and I feel nauseous all the time. It hurts every time I eat or drink and whatever it is has been making my depression to through the roof on a lot of days. My mom thinks...

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  • jake2468 2

    Chronic Gastritis. Please help

    I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis following endoscopy. Negative for H Pylori. and I don't consume NSAID's. My main symptom is bloating which makes it hard to breathe. I have had this for almost 3 months now. It all started with a esophages spasm from an ice cube going in my throat and feeling like...

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  • francisco71641 1

    Link between stomach and sinuses

    I have been haveing chronic diarrhea for months now after stopping my medication that I was on for about 4 years I've been off the medication for about six months now and over the past two months I've developed chronic sinusitis I'm experiencing chronic fatigue and dizziness my ears feel cloged at times...

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  • caroline 10180 2
  • lisa71123 2

    How long does it take to schedule gallbladder surgery?

    Hi, I live in the US but am moving to Scotland in 6 weeks. I just found out I need gallbladder surgery. It will be $4000 here. I am thinking of waiting until I get to the UK and on the NHS, but I would like to get some idea of how long the process of going to a GP, getting referred to a gastroenterologist...

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  • JessArt 1

    Internal Scar Tissue Is Ruining My Life!

    Around 3 or 4 years ago I had my appendix removed as they thought it was inflamed, they inflated my stomach and put a camera through my belly button to see if it was and it actually was not but as a safety precaution they removed it anyway to avoid it happening, the surgery was key hole. The surgery...

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  • deb42962deb1960 3

    Intestinal Metaplasia

    hello has anyone been diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia and chronic moderate gastritis? If so, I was wondering how frequently you are supposed to have endoscopies? thanks deb

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  • kd49562 1
  • jenna06200 1

    Suspected gall stones

    So my husband rushed me to the A&E Tuesday night as I honestly thought I was dying might sound a bit melodramatic but I've had 4 Kids piercings tattoos and thought I had a high pain threshold but this was the most intense pain of my life and I was in this pain for 7 hours straight with no pain relief...

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  • brian56193 2

    Gastritis help - at wits end :-(

    Hi all, new to the forum but just wanted advice. First of all I have to say I am a worrier and suffer with anxiety and have suffered with mild/moderate depression as a result. I currently take Sertraline for this (100mg) daily. Had it since 22 years old and am now 35 Anyway, around November last year...

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  • tee65873 2

    why do i constantly feel nausea?

    I am constantly feeling sick!! it doesnt start first thing in the morning but throughout the day it just emerges. its now at the point where i choose not to eat if i feel sick because i completely loose my appetite, which is making it worse because im then hungry too( but eating just makes it worse)...

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  • jay71299 2

    I'm 25 and absolutely terrified i have Stomach Cancer!

    Hello everyone, for the past 3/4 weeks i've had this constant dull abdominal ache that only goes away when i'm asleep. I've gone down from 13 stone 7 to 12 stone 11, and i've lost my appetite almost completely. I don't bring any food up but i have had constipation with on and off bleeding. I've been...

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  • andrew14788 2

    Left side bottom ribs stick out

    Hi. Just joined this group tonight. Back in late 2014 had a vary bad episode at a wedding after a few drinks, vomiting , foul smelling diarreah but no pain. In 2015 i noticed my ribs on my left side sticking out. I thought i had a stomach bug as i was in Caracas at the time. Now turns out i may have...

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  • matt38065 2

    Advice on stomach issues

    Hi guys would like some advice, for the last few weeks I have been experiencing stomach cramps and twinges all over my abdomen area, down flanks either side of belly button and can go round back. I have lost my appetite which was pretty big, I was 17 stone which is too big anyway but am down to 16 now,...

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  • rachel74421 2

    Any advice?

    I literally just made an account so if I am posting this in the wrong place feel free to send me a link to where I should be asking this. Thanks!  I've been sick with ulcerative colitis since I was about 2 (currently 21) for the past 8 months or so I haven't been tolerating food very well. When I eat,...

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  • dan48682 3

    Nausea waking up

    Feel sick all the time but especially these last few weeks it's unbearable when I wake up. Gradually gets better sometimes but even if I doze off for a hour I wake up feeling absolutely dreadful

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  • ang123 2
  • sohkknox 2

    Chronic gastritis, can it turn into something more???

    I've had this condition for five years now, and though I try to manage it as I can with Rabeprazole in the morning I can't seem to wean off it. The chief symptom is a burning sensation in the stomach during meals. If I take 10 or 20 mg of Rabeprazole in the morning I can stay symptomless, but if I don't,...

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  • carrie000 1

    So scared by all these symptoms!

    I've never posted in a forum before but boy have o read a lot of posts these past few weeks!! My problems started in April. I developed a strange hollow sensation in my stomach that made me feel like I was starving. It was irritating more than anything as I kept feeling the need to eat just to make it...

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  • Taylor1042 2
  • Lvlaz 2

    can you diagnose my problem from my symptoms?

    Bio, history and symptoms: 30 year old female - weight: 46 kg - height: 163 cm Dizziness Sometimes nausea Suffered from constipation for 8 months but then my stool got too soft for months. Now sometimes I get dirreha. Bloated belly Sometimes I feel pain around my belly button but not very often...

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  • Notthatginger 3
  • Squeaks 1

    Stomach chest back

    Stomach chest back The past few weeks I've been getting horrendous pain starts in my back close to my chest that my stomach not and I don't know but it happens after I eat laying down someone please help I can't take the pain

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  • maz61 2

    Severe abdominal distension for over 2 years. What is going on?

    Hi. I'm a 55 year old female weighing 8 stone 9 pounds and have an active lifestyle. For over 2 years I have been suffering with severe abdominal distension and varying levels of pain/discomfort. I am getting near the end of my tether with frustration at what is going on with my digestive system. The...

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  • damian1973 2

    Pain under ribs on right hand side

    Hi, for 5 months now I have been experiencing a stitch like pain under my ribs on the right hand side. I had my gall bladder scanned, all was ok. Had liver function test, all ok. Kidneys scanned - all ok. Test for ulcer - all ok. The pain is intermittent. Not sure if it is connected, but five months...

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  • jeffrey01036 1

    Hi all can u help me viginal bleeding after 3 years

    Good day can u help me my mother is 56 years old now and her last bleeding when she is 52 years old and that was her menepousal period she said last june 19 2017 he encountered bleeding until june 21 2017, 3 days total.what was that i am jeffrey her son help me please

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  • andy16458 2

    chronic stomach pains

    I've been in pain now for about 4 months, like, everyday. I feel as though there is a very tight belt around my mid section. It doesn't make me feel nauseous really, it just hurts quite a lot. It doesn't seem to be there in the mornings, but throughout the day it will emerge and it will more often...

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  • jamie012 2

    Moderate left flank pain

    The other day, I started having some pain on my left side right below my ribs. The pain is continuously getting worse and it hurts to move, take a deep breath and trying to sleep is impossible. I've been unable to finish a full meal also, even though I'm crazy hungry. Trying to get over yet another sinus...

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