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Abdominal Disorders

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  • bluebsh 2

    Upper middle abdomen pain, what is this?

    Back in Janurary I went to the ER with what felt like someone punching me in the epigastrium region happened three times over the day, caused a mini panic attack each time but then went away. They did an ECG, Lipase, Metabolic profile, CBC, abdomenal x-rays. Basically told me it was constipation,

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  • debahuti19615 2

    Stomach pain and tenderness, can it be just Gastritis? Plz help

    Hi! I have been suffering from stomach pain and stomach tenderness since 7-8 months now. The pain is a very sore pain( doesn't wakeup from sleep). I have lost quite a lot of weight since then, weight sometimes goes up if I eat desperately and then again goes down suddenly. I had all kinds of test, endoscopy,...

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  • Becky-Louise 3
  • valerieb 1
  • tee65873 2

    why do i constantly feel nausea?

    I am constantly feeling sick!! it doesnt start first thing in the morning but throughout the day it just emerges. its now at the point where i choose not to eat if i feel sick because i completely loose my appetite, which is making it worse because im then hungry too( but eating just makes it worse)...

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  • omar57888 1

    Peptic Ulcer with H pylori

    My doctor said I have got the type of peptic ulcer which is assisted by h pylori bacteria. So, he prescribed triple therapy (Pylotrip in my country) for me. After having each dose I feel bloating in my abdomen area, pain in the left side of my abdomen and along with that I feel bitter taste when I

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  • marie99158 2

    Am I just being overly paranoid ?

    For about 8 months I've been having stomach issues. It started with bad pains in the right side of my abdomen and spread to all over, my doctor was convinced it was indigestion and gas pain, but I'm. It so sure. I was tested for h pylori which was negative, 6 months ago I had several abdominal

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  • kimmy19999 2

    Please help me

    I never thought I'd be writing on a website for help but I have no idea what else to do. For the past year I have been going to the Doctors because of the pains I've been having in my stomach that I once thought were only there after eating, now I have a dull ache all the time. I have been told

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  • selphie85 3

    Can I know what happen to me?

    I admitted to hospital 2 days ago due to pain at epigastric + blood in stool. Ytd done endoscopy and ct scan with contrast. Come out result all normal. In same day evening, the pain come back with radiate to my Is not my gallbladder, my gallbladder removed on last year. Today, another blood

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  • rani15692 2
  • Janay1223 1

    What is going on in my stomach or digestive tract

    If anyone had these issues please help. By Sept. 2014 I was told I have Gastropresis. My doctor suggested for me to get the gastric sleeve to help the Gastropresis issues, the IBS, weight loss. I had the gastric sleeve surgery Aug. 31st, 2015. Ever since I have had the worst stomach pain

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  • David94001 2

    What is wrong with me??

    Hello! For 4 Years I have been dealing with undiagnosed chronic pain. I was diagnosed with IBS which I have under control and gastroparesis which I also have that under control. To tell you a little bit about myself I am 18 years old I am male and I don't smoke/drink. And I have had my appendix

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  • marcus4101 2


    Been ill for a few months now symptoms started out as heart palpitations which ended in several trips to er ekgs which stated that I had possible left enlargement. Then followed by blood work, chest X-rays, 48hr halter monitor, echos, and stress tests which all came back normal.. I was then

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  • Abbeyman 2

    Abdominal pain at right and left sides

    Hello all, I need your help. I have abdominal pain for over 5months now. Initially I did endoscopy which showed mild gastritis and moderate hpylori. I have been on ppi and antibiotics for several weeks yet the pain does not go away. Antacids and proton inhibitors(ppi) does not relieve the pain. ...

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  • oliver28072 1

    Thailand stomach pain, cough, white stuff in stool

    Hi guys I'm travelling Thailand at the moment I've only been here for around 2 weeks been in Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and now in Krabi, but when in Koh Tao I started to lose my appetite a bit and even a bit in Koh Phangnan, I put it down to the heat but I was still eating even if I wasn't hungry,...

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  • harry04007 2

    Abdominal concerns - any advice or ideas?

    Hi, I have been suffering from abdominal discomfort and pain since Tuesday. It began as a tightness in my upper abdomen and occasional pains under my left and right ribs and so there doesn't seem to be a specific location. At first it didn't affect my appetite, however I  now constantly feel full

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  • alexander04446 2

    Abdominal/Oesophical issues not sure if me or anxiety.

    Before I start, forgive me for rambling. Understandably, mentioning anxiety, this could go in that forum rather than this, however, I feel this is the right place for me to get feedback. I'm 22, and for about 4 years, possibly 5, I've had issues with my abdomen, an example of some of the symptoms

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  • SRR 2

    Total thyroidectomy help

    Hello my name is Sean, I'm a 39 yo man who was diognosed with Hoshimoto's and thyroid carcinoma.  In February of 2016 I had a complete thyroidectomy.  They put me on 175mcg of Levothyroxine and within a month I was experiencing horrible sideffects.  Come to find out I only needed 106mcg to get my

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  • Phoebe604 4


    nausea 24/7 for 4 weeks just feel like I have got off a roller coaster.  No vomiting poor appetite.  I have health anxiety so off course my anxiety is off the scale.  Thank you in advance

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  • kmbigoni 1

    Nausea and Vomiting

    Since October, I have been having severe acid reflux and vomiting 10-15 times a day. I had an ultrasound, blood tests, and breath tests which showed no abnormalities, and an endoscopy, which showed inflamation but no other issues. If there is any pressure on my stomach, I immediately get nauseous

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  • bethany36199 1


    Over a year ago I started suffering with lots of symptoms to do with my digestive symptoms. As a result I had lots of blood tests done, all came back fine except being low on vitD and having a high ESsr (which indicates inflammation in the body). I had my suspicions of gluten intolerance so

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  • bb123 3

    Stomach hurts when bend over. Gastritis?

    In 2014 I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and I've been diagnosed with GERD, Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia. Been having troubles this past year to current with stomache pains, on/off scapula shoulder pains and now a stabbing that started between my breast bone and went through to my back towards the

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  • joyce50224 1


    What a nice glorious site ,may God bless all the admin just new here .

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  • Star789 1

    Why do I wake up with abdominal pain every day

    Every morning I wake up with left abdominal and back pain, it's located between my spine around to my navel. The pain is in the exact same place every morning and wakes me from my sleep, iv had it for 6 years now had various tests and nothing has helped. I get depressed too and I think it's linked

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  • nic26695 1

    Heavy Headed, Weak Legs, Infammation Cramp Right Ribcage

    I have had this for months now. I went to the doctor had blood test and ultra sound and no results. However I still have this heavy head feeling, weak in the legs. Infammation which won't go away in the right rib, cramp feeling in the centre. I have no idea. I am not on any medcine however I was on

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  • ang65087 2

    Unexplained Nausea

    For about 8 weeks now I've been dealing with on and off nausea, which started one night after going out to eat with friends. That night I was shaky, nauseous, and felt a lot like i could vomit. I never ended up vomiting and still haven't to this day, but starting that first week I felt hungry and

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  • lindsay74688 2

    Extreme Dizziness and Nausea

    someone please help! I'm very scared about this and miserable.  Last night I was starting to feel pretty dizzy but I just ignored it and figured it would go away in the morning. But I  woke up this morning and got up, tried to start getting ready for school but I felt so dizzy and so nauseous. What

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  • kieran1993 3

    Eyes yellowish

    Ok so late last year I was seeing a gastrointestinal specialist and nothing was found except and I quote a letter from the specialist here "i note routine tests including full blood count U & Es, LFTs are normal with a slightly elevated bilirubin which may well be Gilbert's syndrome. I have

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  • david15622 2

    My wife needs abdominal help

    Starting in October of 2016 she would tell me she felt like her ovaries are trying to claw their way out just before her period, as soon as the flow started pain was gone. November was the same. December was the same except for December was spotting not really any flow. January 2017 started with

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  • davidlamb 2

    Constant nausea, bloating, stomach pains and acid reflux

    Ever since i was 7 years old, iv been feeling constantly sick, i will go a couple of years of feeling really sick 24/7 then a couple of years feeling fine. It just comes and goes over long periods of time. This time i have been feeling constantly sick, anxious, bloated, acid refluxes and stomach

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  • kit4410 2

    Pain/discomfort under right rib cage.

    I have been experiencing this for the last few months, I have been searching the web looking for answers.  I am a 45 year old female, in good health, I take no medications, thin, active, I eat healthy, so I am at a loss. I have this feeling like there is something under my right rib cage as if

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  • sarah1863 2

    Severe upper abdominal pain comes in waves with nausea

    I am out of town on business but am in desperate need of help/advice! I will get straight to the point. I have always suffered with nausea my whole life; it comes and goes but rarely escalates to vomiting. Well last night it got the point that I had to vomit and it was very projectile-like! I felt

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  • joe47197 2

    I've been feeling nauseous for almost 2 months. What is it?

    I am a 17 year old male who has had no health problems in the past, although my diet is not the healthiest. I have been feling nauseous and dizzy for 2 months now. It began the morning after a party. I was feeling dizzy and vommited twice, I assumed it has a hangover. I have been feeling nauseous

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  • marko16136 1

    Itching below ribs

    Hi, well i dont know where to begin . I v been having stomach problems for over a year now, constantly bloated, anything i eat. I v been to my country to four different doctors, one said i v got h pylory the other one said i v got bronchitis, the third one said i v got food intolerance that i

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  • ariel00018 2

    Can someone PLEASE help me the doctors are doig anything!!

    Ok so I'll be turning 17 tomorrow and I've been sick for past 2 months.. I'm not eating, so i have to drink nutrition shakes in order to get something in me. I had to get hospitalized a couple weeks back, I was so dehydrated, nauseous and I was shaking and having irregular heartbeats. When they put

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