Gastritis- please help?

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Has anyone else experienced gastritis? About a month ago I began to experience on and off upper stomach/rib pain, that I was, at the time, able to ignore. I also noticed I was burping a lot and feeling nauseous. This started to develop daily, so I spoke to a doctor, who prescribed 20mg of Omeprazole daily. 2 weeks in I felt no better, so again phoned the doctors and they said to continue on 20mg and use Gaviscon, if needed. I still feel no better- I would say the only thing is the rib pain isn't so severe. I am a teacher and I am finding it hard to be in work at the moment as I just cannot eat and feel constantly bleugh. Can anyone give me some good news? Will the Omeprazole start to kick in? Does this usually take a while to settle? I'm worried to phone the doctors again as it was only 6 days ago when they told me to continue the Omeprazole and add Gaviscon.

Thank you in advance 😃

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    Hi! I've been dealing with gastritis for almost three months now.

    My symptoms are: constant upper abdominal discomfort (especially in the centre below the ribs- everyday), burping, occasional nausea (sometimes) and weight loss (is that a symptom?)

    I've been on PPI's for the last few weeks but the abdominal discomfort just doesn't seem to get better. Yesterday, I visited another doctor and he changed up my medications a bit so I'm gonna try and see if that helps. Also, he recommended lifestyle and dietary changes. Mostly avoid spicy and oily food, preferably just have bland food. Walking at least once a day.

    I'm planning to get an ultrasound done soon. I'll update here if that helps!

    Also, I'm gonna insist on getting the

    h. pylori test done if possible.

    If you find any solution or anything that brings relief, please share here!

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      Thank you for replying. I also have lost weight purely because I have had a real lack of appetite from it. What PPI are you on and how has the doctor changed them? It is really starting to get me down (i'd also love a prosecco to cheer me up but noooo!) I am making dietary changes but again it gets me down not being able to enjoy food with my partner.

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      Yeah I had lost my appetite completely at the beginning of September for some time which caused me to lose weight. I actually had to take supplements which made me hungry so that I could eat without feeling slightly nauseous.

      I was on esomeprazole 40mg twice but that wasn't helping in fact it caused me to burp like crazy. So now I've been prescribed pantoprazole capsules and gaviscon syrup. Hopefully that'll help.

      It's really frustrating for me too. I've given up on coffee and processed foods for months now 😦

      I really want to push them for a h. pylori test but they just ask me to see if medications help first lol

      It gets me down a lot too because I have to compromise on a lot. I'll keep you updated if that helps!

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      That would really help thank you!

      It is nice to know you're not alone when feeling like this. x

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    Hi, just wanted to chime in and let you know yes it does take time for the medication to have a noticeable effect and for gastritis to heal. It took a good two months to really see any improvement it was so slow. I had daily nausea, then stomach pains and horrible reflux. I have had this just over four months now and can say now I am waaaay better than I was at the start. I don't have daily nausea anymore or that horrible unsettled, upset stomach feeling that would wale me at night and keep me awake. I do have some stomach pains still and some reflux but it's improving i think. Get tested for H pylori and cut processed foods. I did not quit coffee ( I have just one/day) as I dont think mine is food related. I could eat bananas and oatmeal or rice for days and have the worst flareups and then have chocolate and extra coffee and been fine, it's weird. I do eat in moderation now and nothing heavily seasoned. Hope you get better soon, and have a lot of patience!

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      What kind of stomach pain did you have? I have this weird upper abdominal ache which is dull and feels like some kind of pressure and doesn't cause any sharp pain and it's there all day everyday except for when I sleep.

      I used to have nausea but not anymore and lost weight. I've cut down on processed foods and diary for now. I'm not sure what caused this though. Thanks.

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      Thank you so much for your reassuring reply. I also treat myself to one coffee a day or i would go mad. I'd say for the past day or two I have felt almost normal but i seem to have developed tender ribs and they're tender to touch. I can deal with this better than constant nausea but just wondering if this is something you also experienced?

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      yes i think i did have sore tender ribs on the left side right where my stomach is. i had that early on. not sure what it means. i wonder if it means ulcer? the thing is my h pylori test was negative so it's odd i'd have an ulcer! i would also go mad without a coffee!!!

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      i had every type of stomach pain you could think of! sharp, sudden, burning. it would be different as the illness progressed. i remember early on I just had a horrible, indescribable ache/uneasiness. i couldn't sleep for days because of it! felt like my stomach was eating itself basically. pray i never go through it again!!!! how are you doing these days??

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      it's the same for me!! i have this weird ache/uneasiness in my upper abdomen (below my ribs) and it's still here. it's almost been three months now. i'm not sure what foods trigger it. i heard black tea helps but it got worse when i had it. i have given up on coffee and i'm positively going crazy without it.

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      Hi! I just read your symptoms, on the pressure below your ribs. I have that same pressure, started on left side, but now it is all accross below my ribs. I suffer from IBS D about 14 years ago, but it was always under control until 4 mos. ago. I believe my symptoms were triggered by a statin, which I stopped after a month, because I was fine before. I now have constipation, flatulence, undigested food, some mucus in stools, flushing in face with some acne, stomach gurgling, and extreme weight loss (30 lbs in 4 months because I am hardly eating). I changed my diet and all tests (xrays, blood, urine, ultrasound, CT scan) are normal, but still not eating. But the pressure under the ribs is constant and only feels better standing or when I sleep. It feels like something is bloated or something is being pushed in under my ribs., and when I eat, the pressure increases., and I hear and feel like liquid moving along area of pressure. I am very uncomfortable and do not know what is happening to me.

      Please reply if you have any relief. Thank you.

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      Thanks for this assurance. I'm new here. Hi all.

      I too have been diagnosed with (mild) gastritis. I've had it since April last year. Mine was caused by having to take a higher dose of Naproxen without PPIs. I don't tolerate omeprazole or lanzoprazole and I wasn't at the time informed of other drugs in the family that I could take to line my stomach (Difficult when you're in pain and desperate).

      A few months ago I had an endoscopy which showed mild inflammation to the lower esophagus. All else seemed clear. I was also given a h.pylori test which was negative.

      To begin with in April I was given Famotodine and Gaviscone which I took for a couple of months and didn't notice any improvement worth noting. I then decided to try a more natural route which worked out to be too expensive although it did seem to be calming down my symptoms. I couldn't afford it any longer so I did a little research to find out there are several PPIs in the same family as Omeprazole and found I can tolerate Esomeprazole so I started on that whilst I still take probiotics and Gastroflux, I really miss my aloe vera juice as together with the other supplements and medication things were really calming down. I can afford aloe vera juice for about a month more and that's it so I guess I will ha e to try the combination of a higher dose (if permitted by the doctor) of esomeprazole and using it in combination of Gaviscon .

      anne5321 Can I ask what medication and doses, specifically you found effective? That would be so helpful.

      Thanks. Angela

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    I've actually been wondering if I have gastritis even though Urgent Care, the ER and my own doc keep saying "anxiety". I've had two chest x-rays, bloodwork and a lot of "I don't know". My pain is transient throughout the day and pretty much upper abdomen and all across my chest/ribs. I get chest pressure, sometimes, following meals but I don't have those classic acid reflux/heartburn symptoms. I do seem to be burping more, but sometimes I wonder if that's just my imagination. You know when you don't feel good suddenly you notice EVERYTHING.

    Personally, I've tried Nexium and Prilosec. Nexium gave me upset stomach/constipation, so I stopped that, and Prilosec did nada for me. You're not alone in your mystery symptoms. Do you have the kind of insurance where you can request an abdominal CT? That could be a nice peace of mind. I'm currently trying to get the same for myself before I go an endoscope route.

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      Hi! I've been told that it's all in my head too but I'm not sure if anxiety can cause upper abdominal discomfort ALL THE TIME. I've been diagnosed with gastritis but I did not have a test done so I'm not sure. Most medications aren't helping me much but I've never been so stressed for it to actually start showing symptoms. So I don't think it's anxiety but I've been overthinking a lot of my symptoms which makes me wonder if it's all in my head. Idk what it is. It's crazy.

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      Gastritis can definitely give you anxiety! The symptoms are not "in your head". you'll heal eventually, take PPI and eat anti inflammatory foods. I've been eating lots of blueberries, strawberries and broccoli and I am getting better!!

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      It's great to hear that you're getting better!

      I just want this upper abdominal discomfort to fade away because it's really annoying. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

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      Hello everyone, I don't know how to participate in a forum so please bear with me.

      I am 70 years old and have what I am told is chronic gastritis for 5 years now.

      Basically I have gnawing stomach pain and some belching anytime my stomach is not occupied with food. I have been on 80mg omeprazole and 20 mg famotidine per day.

      I am not sure it helps much but a scared to stop. I've been trying a bland food diet recently and getting maybe a little relief but still have to eat several times each night to get back to sleep. I've been on non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for about 25 years and that's what the doctors blame for the gastritis. My attempts to quit the anti-inflammatory meds is too painful because I have serious Osteo-arthritis.

      Anne, I appreciate you diet advice above. I am planning to ask my doctor about pantoprazole sodium too. Have you got any advice for an old guy?

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      hi doug, sorry to hear you're part of this club, it is no fun is it? there really should be more warnings with the anti inflammatory drugs that they can cause severe stomach problems! from what i understand and have read, chronic gastritis can heal it just takes a long time. so don't lose faith! i am not fully better yet not by a long shot. going through a flare up again at the moment and almost feel back to square one. my one bit of advice would be to actually not go crazy with cutting out foods as i don't believe they affect it that much.... you have to have some enjoyment in life! i still have a cup of coffee every day but i have cut out processed foods and excess sugar etc. and included more healing foods. keep posting, it's good to have this forum for support!

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