Gastritis- please help?

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Has anyone else experienced gastritis? About a month ago I began to experience on and off upper stomach/rib pain, that I was, at the time, able to ignore. I also noticed I was burping a lot and feeling nauseous. This started to develop daily, so I spoke to a doctor, who prescribed 20mg of Omeprazole daily. 2 weeks in I felt no better, so again phoned the doctors and they said to continue on 20mg and use Gaviscon, if needed. I still feel no better- I would say the only thing is the rib pain isn't so severe. I am a teacher and I am finding it hard to be in work at the moment as I just cannot eat and feel constantly bleugh. Can anyone give me some good news? Will the Omeprazole start to kick in? Does this usually take a while to settle? I'm worried to phone the doctors again as it was only 6 days ago when they told me to continue the Omeprazole and add Gaviscon.

Thank you in advance 😃

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    Hi, 37 female, Looking at everyones symptoms and comments i think i have the same! Its very frustrating. I have had this strange feeling,dull ache started on my left side, then went to middle then right side under my ribs. Makes me burp lots, but only really during the day as i seem to sleep fine, occasionally i get unsettled at night not often. Slight weight loss, thinning hair, tired (not always but defo more than i used to be.

    I have had lots of tests, xray, heart monitor, blood tests, stool tests, H Pylori (tested positive took antibiotics and it cleared - still pain) abdominal scan, camera down my throat, re did h pylori test negative. omneoprazole, reduflat innovance, innovance glutavance, innovance probiovance, probiotics.... nothing worked....

    Then i did a food intolerance test via blood work and it turns out i have many food intolerances, my body cant handle gluten, eggs, figs, dairy, rice, beans, cocoa the list seems to me endless, nevertheless i have tried to stick to a diet not including these for months ocassionaly slipping up as i love chocolate... but its now a little over a year and i'm no further forward... My digestive doctor told me there was nothing more he could test, i had exhausted his resources!!!

    So yes im keeping connected here to see if anyone has a breakthrough.... cheers:)

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      this is very similar to my experience. it all started with a dull ache in my left upper abdomen and it moved to the middle and the right upper abdomen. I've been taking my PPI's but it doesn't seem to improve. it's been here for almost four months now with no sign of healing anytime soon. I get occasional heartburn too and a burning sensation in my upper abdomen. I get bloated really easily too and burp quite a lot. I used to get really anxious when all of this started but I've calmed down considerably. these days I'm just sad about it but not really anxious. I get these weird headaches too which don't exactly hurt but feel like goosebumps in my head (does that make sense?) but I'm not sure if its related. I had my ultrasound done which came out pretty normal.

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    after 5 days of feeling pretty normal the nausea and stomach pain is back:(

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      hi, how are you doing now? i seemed to be getting worse after a few months until very recently where I now have more good days than bad. A very painfully slow process and I am not even certain I am truly getting better. The PPI did help me although for months it didnt seem like it. I'm still bot ready to come off them yet. I know your pain!!

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      I too now have good and bad days and still struggle to eat anything but bland food. I am having a H-Pylori test on Friday so i've been off PPI's for nearly 2 weeks, It was horrendous at first but seems to have settled slightly and just some heartburn now at night. Have you had this test?

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    hey i had this diagnosed over a year ago but i only realize what it was recently, i have lost so much weight, like a 100lbs over a 2 yr period i feel cause i am restricted from alot of food, like fats especially, oily or spicy or salty food. i have so much anxiety from this, i have severe acid reflux, i feel like this is eating my stomach slowly, lots of burning and gurgling in my stomach am going back to my gi dr this is too much, i didnt even know what was causing my weightloss until now, drs couldnt tell me either, i did the h pylori test and it was negative.

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      hi, I've been having this upper abdominal discomfort for the past four months and occasional heartburn. I used to be very anxious but now my anxiety has died down a little bit but it does take time. So healing is possible but it'll just take some time. I lost a lot of weight but I'm trying to eat more healthy now. Just don't lose faith and keep trying. It does get better.

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      tzumi how are you doing these days? my stomach uneasiness is back and im feeling pretty discouraged about ever healing....

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      hey! im in the same situation as you. my discomfort is back full force and i know its really hard to stay positive in these situations. im sure it'll get better.

      stay strong! stay connected.

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    is your pain worse at night ? morning ? in between meals ? i had gastritis and think it once again is acting up. attacks can last 2 days to s month on and off and some days will be better than others. i think when first prescribed meds it took 2 weeks to feel normal. mine was as you described and would go away with laying / sitting. And would be completely gone in the morning.

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