Loss of appetite for nearly one year.

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 I am a 49 year old male & have been suffering from Osaphagitis(grade A), Gasritis, Duodenitis & have a small hiatal hernia for the last 10 months. It started with Acid reflux & was prescribed acid suppressing meds. I have almost a total loss of appetite, trouble swallowing & trouble speaking. Pain in my stomach & burning pain.I have loss of taste & a total emptiness of enzymes from throat to stomach. I am  on a bland diet consisting mainly milk, cereals & bananas, just eating forcefully.Suprisingly I have'nt lost too much weight, but feel very weak & trouble carrying out daily activities due to fatigue. I had 4 endoscopies, ct scan, ultra sound of abdomen nothing other than inflammation found. I have been on antibiotics because they said it might be due to h pylori infection, but no relief. Tried alternative meds, no relief. I am unable to eat or even drink sometimes. My gastroentologist does not know what to do now. He thinks my symptoms are in my mind & also possibility autoimmune in nature.But if they found inflammation surely it is physical. It has got to the stage where I am avoiding people and feel very isolated and don't feel there is anything anyone can do about this. This has been going on for the past 10 months.They have ruled out cancer but the symptoms are similar. I greatly hope someone can please please help within this forum.

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    How do you know you're not producing sufficient digetsive enzymes?

    If you're negative for H-pylori, the burning sensations and inflammation suggest acid hyper-secretion. What medication are you on? and what dose?

    If you've had endoscopopies, they would have shown any existence cancer clearly so that can be ruled out - but the symptoms you've described are not those I would associate with cancers of the upper digestive tract.

    Are you anaemic? Have you had blood tests?

    It is also easy to develop a kind of depression which can result in prolonged lethargy.

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      Thanks for your advice. I have been on 20mg omerazopole twice daily for most of the time & also been on Lanszaprazole same dose with little effect The dietician has also put me on fortisips food supplements but I also struggle getting that down or I have to force myself. When I do try any solid foods theres no taste & just a bland feeling and no enjoyment of it at all, a kind of emptiness, hard to describe. I have had many types of blood tests & nothing abnormal has shown up & no anaemia has been detected.. I have also had up to date B12 injections. Yes I am worried in regards to the fact that there is no reason for such a prolonged  loss of appetite, but I wouldn't say I am severely depressed. I am under the gastroentologist & he is at a loss what to do.
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    I feel really sorry for you.

    But with four Endoscopies behind you and under treatment of a Gastroenterologist I doubt you are going to get much valuable advice here.

    Didn't quite understand the H.pylori therapy " because you might be suffering from H.pylori". I have to take it that you were H.pylori negative but they gave the therapy a go in the face of lack of other responses to your problems.

    Though of course your Gastritis is physical rather than mental, bear in mind that stress can aggravate the situation.

    Do I take it that the cereal is porridge rather than some of the salt and sugar laden rubbish. Surprisingly milk can sometimes cause problems. Do you find simple antacids such as Calcium Carbonate to be helpful.

    Smoking is an absolute no-no. and alcohol causes irritation.

    As far as alternative medication is concerned some people have found relief in Garlic capsules, Turmeric or Circumin, Ginger capsules, and Lactoferrin (the highly effective antibiotic in the Colostrum that new born babies receive from their mothers in their first few days). Amazon stock it.

    No easy for you but do try to take some relaxation therapy to ease the stress.

    Best wishes

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      Thanks derek58875. I have had biopsies for H. pylori & they have been negative. The cereal is  generally porridge & milky drinks like ovaltine, horlicks in the evenings. I don't drink alcohol or smoke at all. I avoid fizzy drinks & all artificial drinks. I avoid spicy & too sweet foods as they cause burning pain in my stomach & duodenem.Like stated a very bland diet to stay out of pain relatively.I am going to ask my gastro for a abdominal ultra scan at my next appointment to see if there are any problems elsewhere. I will look into the alternative meds you have suggested. Many thanks again.
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      Hi when did your lost in taste start where you want any antifungals prior to that they can cause you to lose your taste for foods also any stomach disorder can make you lose your appetite look into gastroparesis and if you're deficient in b12 figure out why possibly leaky gut syndrome or you're so inflamed with gastritis you're not digesting well which leads to a lot of other things. Also do more research on the proton pump inhibitors that might be likely the reason you're low on b12 bacon cause b12 deficiency as well as folate I believe look into that and you will cause a lot of side effects
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    PS  I forgot to mention that Mastic Gum is also an alternative that many say that they have found to be beneficial.
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    Hi mate try slippery elm it is helping me not a great reply but I feel for you hope you get well soon
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    Hi, sorry you are going through it at the moment. I would ask your gastroenterologist to refer you to a fellow gastro consultant/colleague for 2nd opinion. my own gastro doc offered this to me in the past, but it wasnt needed in the end as he finally got to the bottom of my illnesses(colitis, ibs-d, fructose malabsorption & bile acid malabsorption.) he said sometimes another colleague's view/fresh pair of eyes on prolonged undiagnosis can pick up something that hasnt been considered or overlooked. take care, hope this helps.
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      Hi it sounds like you have a good doctor do you mind me asking what your treatments are for each one of those diagnosis, that would really help me I think I might be in that same boat. A lot of things are pointing towards that but need to know which test they did to confirm those and treatment please
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      Hi, I got the diagnosis after having my first endoscopy in January they found some inflammation in the osaphagus, stomach lining and duodenom. The problem is how and what is causing it as I don't drink alcohol or smoke, I am on a bland diet which isn't very helpful.I have had B12 shots, blood test etc.But the worse part is loss of appetite & taste.The main treatment for this is acid suppressing meds. like omerazapole. But if the cause is infection then they would prescribe antibiotics.
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      Thanks looloo43. I have had a sort of second opinion from another gastro but they seem to look at my records & just go along with the same diagnosis symptoms. I am going to request having a ultra scan in the lower abdomen area as this area hasn'nt had a thorough examination.It's the loss of appetite & taste that is really worrying, I just don't feel hungry at all & a feeling of total emptiness.This affects me psychologically too & has a massive impact socially with my family & friends.
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      Yes but when did your loss of taste start and I think I asked did you ever do any rounds of antifungal and have you looked into parasites like flukes along with the symptoms or leaky gut syndrome. And have you had blood work done to prove your b12 or iron or anything else is low
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      Hi Fireid,

      colitis-diagnosed by sigmoidoscopies & colonoscopies incl biopsies. treatment on balsalzide daily at present & recongnizing when too tired/extra rest required to prevent flares. ibs-d moderately controlled with diet & nexium 20mg daily for acid reflux-not much veg, no fruit, no fibre, no high fat foods, no over spicy foods, keep stress as low as poss, get adequate rest. do have blips of cramping, diarrea but on the whole moderately managed & take symprove probiotic daily(google it) which has made things a little more stable & less bloating. fructose malabsorption - diagnosed with hydrogen breath test done at home through my gastroenterologist privately - have to avoid fruit & foods that contain fructose often labelled as high fructose corn syrup on foods. bile acid malabsorption(bam) - diagnosed through sehcat scan at hosp on nhs-well controlled with questran sachets (cholestyramine) daily. this condition is often overlooked with people who have colitis & ibs-d. hope this helps x

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      forgot to add fireid that I still suffer lack of appetite during day think this goes hand in hand with ibs to a degree, i make myself drink half a pint of 1% fat milk if i cant make myself eat brekkie or lunch as milk is a nutritious food in liquid form & soothes the stomach (for me anyway). i eat a normal evening meal everyday, but often find i have no appetite during day & would make me nauseus if i forced myself to eat when not feeling hungry so milk the answer for me,.xx
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      What do you think has caused you to have no taste of food.
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      I am not sure what is causing this loss of taste & loss of appetite. I have tried discontinuing or limiting the omerazapole but it makes no difference, I just don't naturally feel hungry at all, even after many hours, I can't understand it. sometimes I forcefully eat something even though I don't feel like eating.
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      When you say loss of tast do you mean you cannot actually tast any food or you just mean you have no desire for certain foods.

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