Loss of appetite for nearly one year.

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 I am a 49 year old male & have been suffering from Osaphagitis(grade A), Gasritis, Duodenitis & have a small hiatal hernia for the last 10 months. It started with Acid reflux & was prescribed acid suppressing meds. I have almost a total loss of appetite, trouble swallowing & trouble speaking. Pain in my stomach & burning pain.I have loss of taste & a total emptiness of enzymes from throat to stomach. I am  on a bland diet consisting mainly milk, cereals & bananas, just eating forcefully.Suprisingly I have'nt lost too much weight, but feel very weak & trouble carrying out daily activities due to fatigue. I had 4 endoscopies, ct scan, ultra sound of abdomen nothing other than inflammation found. I have been on antibiotics because they said it might be due to h pylori infection, but no relief. Tried alternative meds, no relief. I am unable to eat or even drink sometimes. My gastroentologist does not know what to do now. He thinks my symptoms are in my mind & also possibility autoimmune in nature.But if they found inflammation surely it is physical. It has got to the stage where I am avoiding people and feel very isolated and don't feel there is anything anyone can do about this. This has been going on for the past 10 months.They have ruled out cancer but the symptoms are similar. I greatly hope someone can please please help within this forum.

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    Okay I kept thinking you said you had a lost of taste of food you mean loss of appetite I just reread. You're sure you're not lactose intolerant. To see if bloating and gas symptoms go away. Didn't you also say you have a hiatal hernia this will cause nausea in problems swallowing right. But you also said sometimes problems speaking can you elaborate on that. No possibility of past stroke and haven't fully recovered and has impaired your esophagus. And when the doctor says its in your mind there is some truth to that but we don't know if our anxiety has caused the symptoms or the symptoms are causing our anxiety and they can't prove it either so just keep going on that fact but your vagal nerve does play a part in it read up on that possibly can make you feel not hungry and if you're drinking more liquids they say the vagal nerve well because it runs so close to your your stomach
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      Fireid, think discussion may have got confused! i was responding to YOUR post under diplo's original post! You said I must have a good doctor & asked what conditions I had, how they were diagnosed & treatments when we were all talking about 2nd opinions a day or two ago under this discussion. xx
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      Yeah you're right I responded to Diplo & I meant to respond to you with that above response the one about being lactose intolerant I guess you're sure you're not. But you're going to lose weight if you don't eat the calories so maybe you should get on a high calorie nutrition shake and work out when you can are you male or female and how old are you and no other medical conditions. Thanks for all that info on your tests and stuff I'm going to have to do some more research on all that and see how it may pertain to me I don't understand a lot of the physiology of what would cause a problem breaking down sugars I don't do high fructose corn syrup im Organic GMO free and stay away from preservatives and I'm lactose intolerant. Also I just found out that I am iron deficient and started a whole food iron supplement and does make me feel better but do you think or have learned that just having IBS causes fatigue and that's just the way it's going to be for me for now on I guess, i am a male firefighter paramedic with plenty of stress and always been pretty fit pretty hard on me to realize I'm not going to have the energy level anymore to work out and stay in shape. You mentioned some medication I'm not familiar with does that have any side effects short or long term any worries I'm going to look into them. I don't really ever get diarrhea but I think I have a motility issue just had a scan of my small intestine of which they say takes a different barium to drink to look closely at the small intestine. Been reading some articles that show small bowel overgrowth could be overgrowth of good flora too and its supposed to stay in your small bow not get out there's a lot to try and understand and when you're not a doctor it's pretty tiring to figure out. But on the flip side these doctors are supposed to know all this and they overlook it and treat you as you have mental issues and it gets really old. I finally found a doctor that listens to me and is on the same page I have a follow up Tuesday I have been on diflucan for a possible Candida outbreak with leaky gut syndrome hope that's the only reason I've been losing iron and nothing more serious I've had all the scans and blood work to prove no cancer at this point that's a biggie. But please keep me updated I know it can get tiring talking to people you don't know but at this point it seems like all we have and more more people seem to have the same problems hey to you to use the word conspiracy but maybe it's just stupidity these doctors just don't know what the hell they're doing in this area.
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      Also I don't know your activity level but for me the past couple of years I have noticed my appetite has diminished and not to sound gross but the urge to move my bowels isn't like it used to be it's kind of like I wait too long but if I sit there for a while it will happen but they are pretty much normal and I drink plenty of water and I take soluble fiber organic and food based also probiotics among iron magnesium multivitamin. I do you feel better on this stuff but constantly have that slight bloating feeling in my stomach and from what I read that alone will cause you to have less of an appetite but I try to exercise to increase my need for calories but of course if I overdo it I get worn out. I mean if I really work out hard I feel totally drained I do feel better on this stuff but consoling have that's like loading feeling in my stomach and from what I read that alone will cause you to have less oven appetite but I try to exercise to increase my need for calories but if course if I overdue it I get Warren out. I mean if I really work out hard I feel totally drain not like a normal muscle soreness like a used to be at like this are wait on me pretty scary feeling would dress anybody out if your used to working out and staying in shape. Yes I have malnutrition and malabsorption syndrome going on but need to break it down and figure out exactly what's going on kind of like you did
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      Thanks for the info about the vagal nerve. I have tested negative to Lactose intolerence. The clear diagnosis is osaphagitis, gasritis, duodenitis & a small hiatal hernia which showed up in the 2 endoscopies. I imagine these are causing my ongoing symptoms but my gastroenterologist says that I shouldn't be experiencing such severe symptoms as I describe. I have had no stroke or any other problems in my abdomen area previously. In fact I was very health conscious last year till out of the blue these coditions developed.
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    Hi. Realise this is a very old post, but I wondered if you got to the bottom of this?

    I have been going through the same for 3 years now. No answers.

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