Zopiclone - could it cause bladder problems?

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So, I had a bout of insomnia around 1 month or so ago, and the doctor prescribed Zopiclone. I took one tablet and slept 13 hours, the effect was great! The next day I decided not to take one, but didn't sleep all night, then around 6 am I had to pee excessively and got bad shakes. I went to the doctor and they examined my urine and said there was a possibility I had a bladder infection, and I was given antibiotics. I continued to take the zopiclone and the antibiotics, and the bladder problem went away eventually, although I got other side effects such as dizziness from the zopiclone. 

After 2 and a half weeks of zopiclone use, the doctor prescribed me 15 mg of Mirtazapine for just sleep problems at the time, although I was suffering from depression as well, mostly because of the lack of sleep. It worked a charm, and after around 5 days of what I think was withdrawal dizziness from Zopiclone, I had a good solid week and a half of sleep and feeling back to normal.

Then, around a week ago, I couldn't sleep again, so I decided to take zopiclone again, simply because I had to work a lot and couldn't afford not to sleep. Around a day or two after I started the zopiclone again, I needed to wee a lot again, firstly simply because a lot of urine was coming out, then constantly needing to go with little coming out every hour. It's been around 3-4 days since this started, and now I still need to go a lot, and I now have pain in my lower abdomen, sort of cramp-like. 

So, it seems kind of odd that both times when I started taking zopiclone, bladder problems occured, could it be a side effect, or could it cause a UTI to occur? I am a guy in his mid-20's, so UTI's are uncommon in my category. 

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    Hi tom69054

    It would be a good idea to read the instruction leaflet that came with the medication....and see if there are side effects relating to excessive urination.....best wishes...

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      Thanks for the reply, there is nothing in regards to urination, I have heard it is a very rare side effect, but only effecting something like 1 in 6000. 
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    Zopiclone is  a sleeping tablet so if you sleep for longer then it is natural that your bladder will fill itself. So I would say that you probably haven't got a bladder problem because it has already cleared up unless you have been unlucky.  You just sleep longer before realising the need to empty your bladder.

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    Hi Tom. I can't really help you with the bladder problem except that I agree with richards comment about sleeping longer/bladder filling. I was just going to suggest a good alternative to zopiclone is lorazapem. lorazapem is actually a tranquilizer, but i have it now & then for sleep problems (which my doc recommended for). i only take a 1mg tablet, but mostly just half a tablet (split with a pill splitter) was enough to turn off my overthinking brain at night, & allow me to get a better night's sleep without feeling groggy in the morning or any side effects. might be worth you talking to your doc about if you're having problems with zopiclone. when i need it i just take half a1mg tablet about 20mins before going to bed, & it does the trick. you can buy pill splitters btw from most chemists or vets! hope this info helps.

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    Thanks for your post, Tom.

    I'm on cloud nine! I'm in paradise! For 20 years I have had bad sleep because of my bladder "screaming hysterically " almost on the hour every night, although when I've got up to pee (on the hour) very little has come out. NHS consultants have said my bladder has a gauging problem. They prescribed me a number of drugs which had no good effect, and some bad effects like indigestion, increased chances of alzheimers and so on.

    In the last few months I have suffered from serious insomnia. So I begged a doctor for a sleeping pill and he agreed to prescribe me just 14 Zopiclone. I have taken two of these and have now had two blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep. I had feared that I would wet the bed hourly while deep in sleep but the Zopiclone seems to have shut down the urine-gathering process during sleep because when I wake in the morning after eight hours' in deep sleep there's very little in my bladder!

    I am prepared to take the Zopiclone rarely and even to stop taking it, but I want to continue the excellent effect it's having on my bladder. What IS it in Zopiclone that shuts down my bladder at night? Is it harmful? Could I take it separately?

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      i have always had what i describe as a small and sensitive bladder, which is irritated by caffeine, alcohol, cold weather and sometimes sex in certain positions which bump the cervix area. Whenever I go to bed & get comfortable I will inevitably have to get up at night, sometimes several times. I've even experimented with drinking just plain water, to try and go less but even that just goes through me. I haven't had any children so that's not made it like this .

      But the crazy and unexpected bonus I've discovered is : when I take Zopiclone I hardly feel the urge to go for hours and urinate how I imagine it must be for the rest of the world ! Today is the first time I've ever tried to find out why this could be.

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