Positive for H Pylori and swollen lymph nodes

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on here.

last week I tested positive for H pylori after suffering from the usual symptoms so I'm on the triple therapy.

my question is can H pylori cause swollen lymph nodes as they started to sell under my chin 3 weeks ago and are abit sore to touch? 

Thank you

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    If I were you I would google h pylori and lymph nodes and read up whatever those posts say.
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    I have googled the subject but some websites say it is not possible for H pylori to cause swollen lymph nodes but other websites say they can.

    Has anyone experienced swollen lymph nodes with this infection?

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    Hi mark


    Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium, found in the stomach, which mimics symptoms of a stomach ulcer. The usual treatment is combination therapy of two or possibly three antibiotics taken at the same time. When you doctor diagnoses you ailment he or she should explain the risks associated with combination anti-biotic therapy. A small number of patients run the risk of diarrhoea which may last for a few days or even years. Unfortunately, I am one of those whom has suffered from constant diarrhoea for more than 4 years to date.


    Sure I have had extensive tests, scans and barium meals but I still suffer; some medics like to call it IBS since it has all the same characteristics for example; excess wind, lower abdominal pain, cramps and blotting of the stomach. Shape and size of the stool vary immensely from liquefied stool, rabbit droppings to comma shape. There are nine types in all and no doubt you have all experienced all of them.


    To survive 2mg capsules three times a day helps you to control your bowel movements but it is not guaranteed but you have to find your own management techniques. I sometimes can control my symptoms for 20 days until they all re-appear and I have to start again.


    A daily high dose of vitamin B complex, 2 or so peppermint capsules, rehydration treatment to replace natural salts and fluid balance are some of the treatments I use, no doubt other sufferers may have a similar approach.


    I hope this is helpful to some of you out there.



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      Thank you very much for your reply. It was very informative. 

      My triple therapy will be ending this weekend and I have to say stomach/bowels are getting a lot better. I'm also a lot less gassy although still get pain from time to time.

      Have you ever suffered from swollen/painful lymph nodes in your neck/under your chin or armpits whilst suffering from H pylori or know of anyone else who has?

      I'm going back to the doctors very soon to retest to see if I have eradicated the bacteria and to get booked in for an endoscopy. 

      I have been suffering for really bad heart burn for the past years now and I think it has all been related to H pylori so I hope it hasn't done any long term damage within my gut. 



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      Hi Mark

      Heart burn, ingestion  go hand in hand with Helicobacter pylori a simple remedy from your GP will make you feel much better.


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    My lymph nodes under my chin were swollen when I first started to have acid reflux and the were also painful.  The reflux got better and the nods went down.  I then

    had another tooth abcess and had to take amoxicyllin again and the reflux and nodes came back though not so bad.  Today I finally had an appointment at hospital to see gastroenterologist and he thinks I may have ulcer and is organising a gastroscopy.

    I asked him if the acid reflux would cause swollen lymph nodes and he said it would so if you can keep your throat clean and brush your teeth a lot.  Hope this helps.



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    Hello I know this an old post.. But I wanted to see how you're getting on? I feel really bad on triple therapy? Wanted to know how your experience was
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      Hi yasmeen, how are you feeling now, i hope to get my results at the end of next week, i dont seem to feel any better after the first lot of triple therapy i seem to have swollen lymph nodes and slight sore throat at the moment.
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      Hello Ella,

      I have same thing one week into the triple therapy. Swollen Lymph nodes comes and go away.

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    Hi All,

    I know it has been a long time, but I'm having the same problem. Has been tested positive for H pylori after suffering from a very hard, bloated stomach and swollen lymph node / front neck / left side. 

    Doctor doesnt think the 2 things are related (swollen lymph and h pylori). What was the outcome of your appointments? I would be very greatful if you could let me know. Thank you 

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      Hi I have exactly same thing had bloating and burping, and had pain in left side of neck, doctor kept telling I have nothing serious, recently found h pylori and geting treatment for it now. Sorry for distrubing, could you share your experience please, I would like to discuss it in more details?
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      Hi zohrab.mammadov,

      I'm not sure if this info will help you, but my symptoms return every so often: very hard, bloated stomach and swollen lymph node / front neck / left side. My GP tested me again for H pylori and the result was negative this time, so he believes it's not related. He said that it's possible that the swollen lymph node comes from acid reflux, even though I don't have any heartburn. He recommended me to take acid reflux tablets and avoid chocolate, fizzy drinks, coffee and spicy foods.

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      Hi ClairB

      Now what are your worries is only swollen lymph nodes in neck or acid reflux as well.

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      Hi Rihanna, my woory is swollen lymph nodes, acompanied by hard, bloated stomach.
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      im was having some chest/below rib pain. doctor tested me for h. pylori via blood test. came back positive at 3.4. she put me on on the antibiotics treatment (so many!), now having a swollen lymph node in the back of my neck. doctor says i should wait 3 weeks and see if it goes away.

      wondering how ya'll are doing now? i know it's been 6 years since the latest activity on this post.

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