16 and scared I have colon cancer

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Hello I'm 16 male and deathly terrified I have colon cancer. My lower left stomach has been hurting for a couple days and sometimes when I wipe there is small dots of blood and I've been crying and freaking out about it. I told my mom and she's going to take me to the ER but I'm so scared that I'm dying and can't stop freaking out about it I haven't really been feeling tired or anything and it doesn't hurt when I poop or anything. Please help I'm so scared

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    At your age, colon cancer is rare.  Are you constipated? If you are straining for a bowel movement, it can cause fissures or haemorrhoids which can produce bright red blood. Ask your doctor to examine you for that and do not worry; stress makes abdominal complaints significantly worse.  Concentrate on simple, non threatening causes such as those that I have mentioned and trust and believe in what your doctor tells you. 
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      I just did some feeling around and I'm pretty sure I do have a hemmoroid I'm still going to go to the ER and see why my stomach has been hurting.

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    Hi Daniel

    The fear of cancer can be crippling, and we can lose touch with reality.  Please try and calm yourself.  As Pippa said, colon cancer at your age is practically never heard of without previous major colon disease.  She is also right about small fissures or haemorrhoids causing bleeding.  I have often had small spots of blood after a bowel movement.  This is as common as having a bit of blood when you spit out after cleaning your teeth, or a bit of blood when you blow your nose hard.  The blood vessels in your anus are very close to the surface, and bleed pretty easily.  If you had bleeding from the bowel due to cancer, it would likely be partly digested, and be blackish in colour.  The common description is that it looks like coffee grounds.  I would just guarantee that you don't have bowel cancer.  Take a breath love, and try to relax.  You may have a bit of irritable bowel for some reason - maybe a virus or slight food intolerance.  Quite possibly, the ER will find nothing to explain your pain, and it might be something you experience in patches throughout your life.  I have this, and have had it for about 12 years.  I have recently had another colonscopy, my 2nd.  Nothing nasty, just a few diverticular, which happens with age.  So some of us just have colons that get a bit upset now and then for some reason.  I have tried cutting out various foods for long lengths of time, but nothing seems to make much difference.  I have months with no pain, and then i go through a few weeks of pain again.  I can live with it, now that i know it's nothing that needs further treatment, and just use pain killers if it gets too bad.  All the best Daniel.  Rest up mate, and do some relaxation exercises.  They will probably help your bowel pain too.  xo


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      Thank you so much for responding im pretty sure I have a hemmoroid I just got scared because the stomach pain and the fact of the blood and when I googled the first thing to pop up was colon cancer and I just freaked out and the stomach pain comes and goes and isn't really debilitating so I might just have an infection but I want to get confirmation from a doctor so I can have some piece of mind

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      Hi daniel22891

      It is almost certain you either have an anal fissure or haemmaroid. It usually shows itself when you have a bowel movement when it bleeds. Stop panicking and go to ER with your mum to get it confirmed..

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    Hi. Rule number one is... Stay calm, otherwise you will get a panic attack and that just makes things worse... so take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you are fine. You are so young and it's very unlikely that you have colon cancer. My first thought would be that you might have had constipation before and part of the skin down there might have ripped. I have had that as a child a few times. It's nothing serious, just your skin ripped from pushing too hard. 

    To the left side that hurts. It could be that you are not drinking enough and eating the wrong food. Your muscles in your intestines have so much work pushing your stool through that it hurts. The large intestines is where the body absorbs the water from your stool and the muscles push it further. (the large intestines absorb about 1.5l every day .. so make sure you are drinking enough water) If you are dehydrated there might not be enough water to keep the stool soft enough. And on the left side (when you go about 1.5 inches down from your belly button and about 2 inches to the left)- there is the valve that connects the small to the large intestines - feel right there and it is probably tight. If so, press gently in with your finger until it gets better. That will relax your digestive tract as well. The other valve is on the right in the middle between your belly button and your hip bone. You can press there too if it is tight. 

    I hope this helps and make sure you are eating enough vegetables and drink enough water to keep your stool soft and avoid more pain. And in case you like junk food and sodas- stay away from it - that will hurt your body in the long run even more.. 


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    I'm sorry you are living in fear. I understand your dikkema, as we Ha v so much information at hand to read and "self diagnose" ourselves. You would need a colonoscopy to determine if you have any abnormalities in you colon. Our modern day diet wreaks havoc on our bodies. I truly believe you do not have colon cancer. You may have trapped gas. It accumulates between your bowels, when they are moving through your intestines, and can be quite painful. I speak from experience with this. Walking helps move the gas. You possibly have an internal hemorrhoid, which will bleed if you have a hard movement. It isn't a danger, but ratjer, a sign you need to keep water in your bowels. You can do that by drinking "miralax," a tasteless, odorless, powder, you dissolve in water, or your drink of choice. I recommend water, since we don't usually drink enough. It is 'not' a laxative. It just makes your stool have moisture, making it easier to pass without straining.

    Your body is designed to heal itself, when properly maintained. Try these things. Take gas x for bloating and pain. Good luck.

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    HUGE UPDATE: so I went to the hospital and they did a CT scan and everything is perfect in my body everything is where it needs to be. I'm SOOOOO happy and thanks everyone for your responses

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