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Hello to anyone reading this, my name is Sam and for over a year I have had problems swallowing. It mostly happens when I eat hamburgers/hotdogs and the like, but it can happen with other foods aswell. I'm kind of a neurotic when it comes to diseases but recently on a long spur of mayo clinic look ups I noticed something called Dyphagia. I realized "well I've had this for a while now". I have no other symptoms, only problem swallowing and if I think hard enough, feeling of a lump in my esophagus. I haven't lost weight or anything, I've always been long and skinny. It feels as if food gets caught near the base of my neck then goes down after I take a quick gulp of whatever drink I'm having. When I was younger i had the occasional acid reflux, but now i only get a little burning feeling in my esophagus maybe once every month or so. I'm 16, and a guy.

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    Oh also a couple of minutes after finishing a meal if I move around i begin to have a wet cough for a small amount of time, I've had that for longer than the problem swallowing.

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    Sam you are too young but hopefully it does not get worse since you had it for a while. I have had crazy Dysphagia alchalasiq for past four months and it completely stopped everything in my life . Btw do you chew until your food liquidfies. ? If I were you I probably will go to a good GI doctor and get diagonosed. Don’t wait man you can make it worse 
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      Hey Eric, I am planning on going to the doctor soon and I am going to ask for an Endoscopy and possibly a CT scan. I actually saw your post, and I'd like to ask how you are doing?

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      Not too good . I am visiting my 4th doctor on Monday for the test results. Make sure to do the monametry test and barium test. ct and endoscopy will only tell you a structure of your body. So do all those as soon as you can. Waiting for an appointment won’t help you good luck 
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    Hello Sam. I was misdiagnosed for 7years. They told me all kinds of things, mostly that it was all in my head. I finally found a doctor that knew something about Achalashia, as I have type 3. My first procedure after a multitude of tests was to remove the valve at the opening to the stomach. Mine would not open to allowfood to enter my stomach until it had backed up in the esophagus almost to my mouth. Then it would have to push very hard to get all the backed up food to go into my stomach and everytime I thought I was having a heart attack. Dead center of my chest and severe pain. The next problem was that now since the valve was removed there was nothing to stop the stomach acid from traveling up my esophagus when I slept. Now I would wake every morning with a burning in my throat , so much so I couldn't even talk. It would take me drinking a half gallon of milk or more just to say a few words. Then I saw a terrible doctor who told me how good he was and how he was going to fix me for 2 hrs my first visit. I checked into the hospital and had surgery. I found out after I woke up he had used me as a experiment. I was only the 2nd person he had done this new procedure on but was never told this. I lost it on this guy. After I was feeling better except for the acid I was told to see this other doctor. He ran more tests , tells me my gall bladder needs to come out and we'll do a toupee fundoplication, which is pulling up your stomach wall and placing it 280° around the esophagusand attaching it so it blocks the acid from coming up my esophagus. Success!!! After 8 years of torture I could eat again, wake up and be able to talk.

    You may want to chew the hell out of your food,like the other perdon said. I also cut my food into pieces smaller than an inch..

    Doctors told me to put peppermint oil in a cup of tea every night. Did nothing. Took all kinds of prescription meds , no help. I was taking 40mg of pepcid when i woke up, before every meal and at bedtime. Life stunk.... I know how you are feeling. Did I mention that my entire ordeal started just exactly how yours has, felt like everything was getting stuck in my throat, right under the adams apple. Most likely because it took so long to know what was wrong it was too late.

    As the other person stated..... get tested, ask questions. Don't be a Guinea pig. See a gastro doctor that knows how to do POEM Surgery. He or She should know what they are doing and be able to help you. Keep in mind some of the test are not very pleasant. When I was in the hospital I met a young man of 18 having poem done and you guys are too young to deal with this your entire life. Good luck. If you have any questions just send me a message. Be well

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    Hi Sam.   I do not think that you should be rushing to think you have achalasia, notwithstanding that teenagers do suffer from it because it can develop at any age.

    It will all depend on exactly where the blockage occurs. 

    Usually, with achalasia, you can swallow food initially, and then it gets stuck in your chest area.   This is because the sphincter valve (a bit like your backside) between your oesophagus and the stomach, remains closed, and food starts to collect in your oesophagus because it will not go down.   It sounds like your issue is the swallowing mechanism higher up towards your throat.

    It  might be some form of tension or lack of relaxation in your throat, or possibly some form of soreness in your throat if you have had a lot of reflux, perhaps?

    If you are eating on the go, hamburgers etc, are you eating and standing / walking around?   It can help to sit down, trying to relax when you eat.

    But this is all speculation on my part, and the only way to find out is to visit your doctor.

    I think that in your position I would make sure that I chewed everything thoroughly and did not eat too quickly.   This helps generate the saliva that lubricates things and helps the food go down.

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    If you are planning  to go see a doc, see a doc who is experienced with poem or other achalasia procedures. THe reason I have seen 4 diff docs because past three docs had no clue. They will eventually tell you you are too anxious or it is cause by stress. Whichever doctor is open for you sooner might be the suckie ones so keep calling the good one to pull your appointment sooner. But if your symtom is not too bad do some researches to cure it naturally before it become beyond where u can’t take it
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    You really should talk with your parents and get to you Dr so you can be diagnosed properly. But I too lived for years with this issue without treatment but by doing so it only made problem harder to control. I have achalasia surgery October 19 2017 and my symptoms are already starting again. So the sooner you can can get treatment the better.

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