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Oesophageal Achalasia and Spasm

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  • OPA_AlanM 5

    Triggers and remedies for spasms

    We have an achalasia patient support group meeting coming up in a few weeks time and thought that we would try and gather some information about spasms with a rough-and-ready questionnaire.   We think we know quite a few of the issues, but I would like to canvass a wider audience. So my questions...

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  • Cowgirluc 3

    Achalasia and intestinal issues

    I have type 3achalasia and have IBS also. I just had my robotic heller for/dup. Surgery a d just in to my 3wks on that post nessin diet a d well had a bad acute colitis, that put me in hospital for 5days. It was the worst pain ever. I now know that I can not throw up anymore. I dry grave only..So is...

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  • nick77034 2

    Could me GERD actually be Achalasia

    I was diagnosed with gerd over a year ago. I have my ups and downs. Recently I have been having this problem where food and liquids are being regurgitated soon after eating and sometimes up to a few hours after. I have had the following tests done in the last year: Endoscopy Chest X-rays EKG Blood...

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  • wendy83249 2

    POEM Surgery

    Hi, its been 14 months since i have had my POEM surgery and have been very happy with the results.  Is there anyone who has had it done longer than 2 to 5 days.  I am  curious to know if they had to repeat the surgery or do they contiue to be ok.  

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  • donna15310 3

    Managing Achalasia [type 1]

    I am now almost 8 months post-Heller Myotomy & Fundoplication surgery, and almost 4 months since the balloon dilation.  I am in the 'managing' phase of Achalasia, type 1.  Went to my Dietician to discuss how to get more 'nutrition' into my body.  She did make suggestions,...

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  • Guest M
  • DJ-RN 4

    Open Discussion on Primary Esophageal Alchalasia

    This discussion is primarily focused on those who are living with Alchalasia. Even though Alchalasia can occur anywhere along the GI tract, for this discussion we will focus on primary esophageal achalasia. Esophageal achalasia is an esophageal motility disorder, also thought to be an autoimmune anomaly...

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  • una31344 2

    Post Op and alcohol??

    Hi all. I had my POEM surgery in April 2016, so far I've had no major problems. I've had to start taking PPIs which was expected but overall I've been quiet well except for when I drink alcohol. I usually have a couple of drinks on a Friday or Saturday night. I've tried all different...

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  • britt 1

    oesophageal spasms

    hi im just 21 and recently diagnosed with the nightmare that is oesophageal spasm. I have been getting sharp pains from a young age and the older i have become the worse they get and longer they last. I have been given nitrolingual spray (usually for angina) from my doctor, however i no there are bad...

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  • callmesonia 2

    Finally had POEM done for achalasia

    I had my procedure done yesterday evening, mind you let me add in a bit of backstory. As well as my on going achalasia since November 2016, my symptoms after my balloon dialation in March had gotten worse to the point where I was severely dehydrated from being unable to drink even a sip of water without...

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  • gallopinglawyer 1

    Recurrence of Achalasia after Heller Myotomy

    Hi I'm now 38 and was diagnosed with achalasia in 1998. The condition stated in late 1997 and progressed very quickly. I was unable to eat any form of solid food and every meal had to be accompanied by buckets of water! I had the myotomy and a fundoplication in Sept 1999. However, the symptoms...

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  • emlou487 2

    Swallowing difficulties!!!

    Hi,    I went out for a meal just over 2 weeks ago and had trouble swallowing some steak,since then I can't seem to swallow anything dry or large,sticky etc.It feels as though my throat closes up and it is going to get stuck! I am going for an endoscopy soon,which I hope will show something,as...

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  • david75395 3


    I feel the need to have to swallow for no reason at all , especially when I've not eaten or had anything to drink , when I do my head automatically goes to the left , I'm really confused as to why this is happening , does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Any replies would be really...

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  • Recoverandheal 2
  • Cowgirluc 3

    Post-op of Robotic Heller w/partial Dor fundoplication

    I had my surgey on June 13th at the OSHU hospital in Portland ,Oregon. Dr. Dolan did my procedure, and was a great surgeon so far and his team that he is training was so nice. I had one resident that was really interested in my condition and I helped teach her all I could. As far as I feel , well...

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  • m03987 1
  • s091a 2

    POEM or Heller Myotomy? What are the pros and cons?

    Hi all, I decided to have the Heller Myotomy and got sheduled to have it on Wednesday.  The reason I chose this over POEM was due to the fact the POEM is a new procedure, and there are no long term studies on it.   I talked to the POEM surgeon on the phone yesterday, and what I heard him...

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  • teresa 08485 2

    Spasams newly causing hours of suffering

    I've had achalasia for years and the HM 3 years ago. Spasams are my worst enemy. Lately, following a spasam, I am so bloated in my stomach and feel just sick for like 6 hours or more. This happens with each spasam lately. I cannot burp, haven't been able to for many years. I wonder if this...

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  • Screamer59 2

    I have achalasia

    I was diagnosed after 2 years of starving and living on tea laced with sugar and cream. My weight was never an issue as I had weighed 134 pounds for most of my life. After starving for 2 years I was down to 85 lbs. I finally found a doctor in Toronto who didn't want to cut me open. He performed a...

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  • trent52394 2

    Same symptoms here.

    About 3 months ago I had a feeling of a lump in my throat that has now turned into clicking from Adams apple area when I swallow. Only on left side.

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  • Guest M
  • AAR20 2
  • Guest M

    just had esophagectomy for achalasia

    Hi Due to achalasia and having a mega esophagus that was bleeding and damaged after 3 previous ops, I had my esophagectomy on Feb 18th. i am doing really well. I am a bit cautious about appearing too blaise about the op as I am aware that some people have huge problems and complications after it. ...

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  • mandy89 1

    painful oesophageal achalasia

    my son of 14 yrs was diagnosed last yr, since then he has had 3 dilations. hehas now been diagnosed with achalasia reflux. he is in so much pain, oes anyone know how to relieve this as the 4 different types of medications arent helping.

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  • D.Hayashida 2
  • stephen46443 1

    Tips for life with achalasia

    Hi. I'm new here, and I'm sure I could find this info by browsing through a ton of other discussions, but who has time for that? I'm currently dealing with achalasia, or at least that's what my doctor suspects. I'm waiting for test results to come back to let me know for sure....

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  • JoyAsh 2

    Barretts and Achalasia

    I have achalasia and due to a misdiagnosis years ago, have now also been told I have Barrett's esophagus disease. Anyone else been diagnosed with both and if so, what lifestyle changes, medicines, coping mechanisms have you taken??? I had the HM w/dor fundiplication in 2012 and have had several endoscopies...

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  • kayla19404 3

    Post OP Experiences (Heller w/toupet)

    Is it strange that I never really feel hungry anymore? I will eat just to eat but I never really ever feel a point where I'm hungry. If anything I mostly feel like I had just eaten a light meal and that feeling stays throughout the day. Why is my stomach feeling this way? Also I have the feeling...

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  • donna15310 3

    Acid reflux, Heartburn

    I would like to hear from those of you with Achalasia, who have had the Heller Myotomy, Fundoplication, Balloon Dilation, etc., who are having issues with acid.  Quite a number of months ago, there was a discussion re: PPIs , the prescribed drugs for acid.  The discussion was the pros and cons...

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  • maya2452 2

    What Pre-op Questions to Ask Surgeon?

    I'm new to this forum. Live in Texas and have had achalasia for 16 years. It is now so bad that I need surgery. I'm desperate!!! I wrote up a few questions to ask my surgeon at our consultation on June 5 and wonder if some of you with more experience having had a Heller Myotomy with fundoplication...

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  • justjannely 2

    Possible Dysphagia and acid reflux

    Hello, I need suggestions and help. I am 28 years old and started having the symptoms a week ago, after my birthday. First, I had short breathness and difficulty to eat. I felt a lump in my throat and was unable to sleep properly cause I was afraid to not breath again. I went to emergency two days in...

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  • matthew69390 2

    Life after heller myotomy

    Hey guys I'm scheduled to get my heller myotomy operation in a couple of months however I have a number of questions about this operation. 1. I'm an active guy and take part in many sports, could this survey affect me taking part in these sports ? 2. If surgery isn't as effective, can you...

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  • Cowgirluc 3

    Achalasia and the pyloric sprincher

    Does any body experience pain in the lower chest at the pyloric spincher. ,after food goes through stomach ? I'm not sure on what stage my achalasia ,still waiting on call back. When food get pass the upper spincher to stomach I get bad bad pain also in the lower pyloric spincher it cramps just as...

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  • k84461 2


    Hi. I am a 46 yr old. I had a helleirs myotomy and funden nisopllication when i was 12 yrs old. Ever since the op i have had trouble getting most food to pass into my stomach without the aid of a drink. Things started to get worse in the last few years so i went to my G.P. He referred me to a specialist...

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  • Mpeters2345 1

    Achalasia affecting job ???

    Hey guys I have recently been diagnosed with achalasia the last month depsite suffering from the symptoms for around 3 years now. However I'm afraid this condition may affect may career. I've recently been accepted into my local police force and I have to undertake a medical in the next couple...

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