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Oesophageal Achalasia and Spasm

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  • Guest M

    I am 32 year old from Belfast in Northern Ireland and ha...

    I am 32 year old from Belfast in Northern Ireland and have recently been diagnosed with achalasia after over a year of going to see doctors and them telling me I had heartburn and generally saying there was nothing wrong with me! Eventually following 2 endoscopies and persistance with going back

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  • maya2452 2

    What Pre-op Questions to Ask Surgeon?

    I'm new to this forum. Live in Texas and have had achalasia for 16 years. It is now so bad that I need surgery. I'm desperate!!! I wrote up a few questions to ask my surgeon at our consultation on June 5 and wonder if some of you with more experience having had a Heller Myotomy with fundoplication

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  • wendy83249 2

    POEM Surgery

    Hi, its been 14 months since i have had my POEM surgery and have been very happy with the results.  Is there anyone who has had it done longer than 2 to 5 days.  I am  curious to know if they had to repeat the surgery or do they contiue to be ok.  

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  • callmesonia 2

    POEM procedure

    Has anyone gotten a POEM done? My doctor suggested for me to get it done now that my my throat has been starting to close up again after my ballon dilation. I'm due for another dialation in the meantime as I wait to see the surgeon who specialIes in POEM procedure. My doctor said said that this as

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  • DJ-RN 3

    Open Discussion on Primary Esophageal Alchalasia

    This discussion is primarily focused on those who are living with Alchalasia. Even though Alchalasia can occur anywhere along the GI tract, for this discussion we will focus on primary esophageal achalasia. Esophageal achalasia is an esophageal motility disorder, also thought to be an autoimmune

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  • d69818 2
  • little pea 2

    I think I may have Achalasia going to have a Manometry Test

    I so pleased that I came across this forum and the more I read post about this condition the more I think Ive got it. Before I start to tell you my story (sorry its going to be a long one) I also want to add that I also suffer from Rheumertoid Arthritis (RA) which is an auto immune condition.  ie

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  • Cowgirluc 2

    Hope seeing docs today

    Sitting waiting for a picture of my gut so the docs a gastro surgen at OSHU he's a professor here ,so maybe he's got better news than well we dont know what's it is maybe IBS lol. Well I will keep you all posted on what goes on .

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  • d69818 2
  • R2351 2

    Living with achalasia.

    Hello to all. First let me say to all that I know exactly what you're going through. I don't have this disorder, my son does. I'll try to be as thorough as possible so all questions you might have will be answered. My Son s 19 years old. And after numerous tests and doctors appointments he was

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  • Maz Maz 2
  • Maz Maz 2
  • RichM 2

    Have I found the right place?

    Hi all, I'll try to keep this simple. I have gallstones and since I had an endoscopy of some sort (around 3 years ago) to attempt to remove the stones I have been having problems with breathing and swallowing. Symptoms include food sticking in my chest, it feels like it wants to come straight back

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  • Sam12084 1

    Globus Sensation / Tightness in neck / Strangling Sensation

    It started on August 2011 the 8th around 8pm I was eating but had some difficulty getting it down . The discomfort in my throat & neck quickly spiralled out of control and I had several panic attacks with a constant urge to keep swallowing. I paced up and down like a nervous wreck for over 12 hours

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  • alison 64461 2

    Not sure I am in the right place!

    Last year I was diagnosed with acid reflux though I have rarely had any acid coming up into my mouth. I was getting heartburn, which, for me was a short lived pain in the chest that would go through to my back. I was put on omeprazole but never felt it worked well. Then one morning I had this

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  • sjones369 1

    Life after hellers cardio myotomy and partial fundoplication

    Hi I have Achalisia and had the heelers op 3 years ago. the first year after to op everything was ok but the subsiquent years i've had either diarrhea or constipation, continusously. Ive had all the checks for bowel cancer etc which were all clear. My doc puts it down to IBS. I also have trapped

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  • dorsetgirl 2

    I've been diagnosed with Achalasia

    reading through the discussions re Achalasia it mentions loss of weight if that is part of the symptoms why is it that I do not loose any weight I struggle with eating and the pain,  I puree my food or mash well. I'm constantly swollowing to keep my food down I also burp a lot, I do have an

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  • melissa77 1

    Problems swallowing, GP believes it is anxiety but...

    For the last year I have had severe problems swallowing, anything more than soup, porridge or tinned mince and powdered potatoes causes me terrible problems, I have lost 6 stone in this whole year. I have been for endoscopy -clear, barium swallow-clear- and a stomach scan which is also clear.

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  • Pipsqueak 1

    Swallowing Difficulty - Desperate

    God this is really getting me down, to point I have been wondering if I am ever going to eat again and I am frightening myself with the thoughts I am having. I just cannot swallow solid foods, it started 4 weeks ago. i was happily eating some chicken and all of a sudden my throat 'closed' and I

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  • DJ-RN 3

    What Fundoplication Should I Have?

    After 15 years of being treated with GERD, and after 5 esophageal dilatations I was finally diagnosed with having Stage 3 Alchalasia. Spastic in nature. I've been an RN for two decades and had never even heard of this disease. Although I worked strictly Cardiology. It's been a hell of a ride to say

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  • mattio88 1

    Which Achalasia treatment for a 28 y.o?

    Hi there, I've been diagnosed with Achalasia and am due to have a balloon dialation treatment for it soon. Having looked into it myself and spoken to a number of friends and family (some of who are doctors and nurses) I'm in doubt that the dilation is the right choice to take. I am 28 years old, male,...

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  • timispussiecat 2

    Problems with bowel movements

    Hi all has anyone had any experience with bowel movements similar to what you would expect from sheep and rabbits i.e many small pebbley masses .i have been diagnosed with Achalasia 3 months ago and have been prescribed a medicine usually used for Angina ,which seems to relax my eosopagus and allow

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  • gallopinglawyer 1

    Recurrence of Achalasia after Heller Myotomy

    Hi I'm now 38 and was diagnosed with achalasia in 1998. The condition stated in late 1997 and progressed very quickly. I was unable to eat any form of solid food and every meal had to be accompanied by buckets of water! I had the myotomy and a fundoplication in Sept 1999. However, the symptoms

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  • Guest M

    Tips for coping with Achalasia

    Helpful Tips Collated from Fellow Achalasia Patients NB These have not been vetted by the medical profession but are what have worked for some of us Tips for coping 1 Eat smaller meals more frequently. 2 Eat slowly and chew well 3 Don’t eat too late 4 Beware of eating when feeling stressed 5 Eat

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  • CoconutMiracle 1

    Achalasia & Alzheimer - Improvement after taking Coconut Oil

    Hi my name is Chin. I'm from Singapore. I have the same discussion topic under "Dysphagia" but I should actually post it under "oesophageal achalasia". Here is my story. For over 5 years I have had swallowing difficulties. Initially it was solids then semi-liquids and cold liquids. I would

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  • OPA_AlanM 5

    Achalasia Patient Group

    Some of you may be interested in joining our Achalasia Patient Group if you would appreciate talking to other people direct and exchanging experiences, hints and tips and so on. The Achalasia Patient Meet Up Group is run by Amanda Ladell and normally meets monthly on a Sunday afternoon in central London.  ...

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  • JoyAsh 2
  • DJ-RN 3
  • s.93300 1

    Undiagnosed problem swallowing food or pills

    This started 2 months ago, when I was swallowing a multi-vitamin and another hard-coated pill. Seems like it went down wrong tube, no coughing as such, but landed on left side back of throat. Went to ER and they goobed gel in my nose and went down both pipes and it slipped down. Nothing to see by

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  • Raellen 2
  • andrew10227 2

    Double aortic arch

    Hi guy's ive been to hell and back over the past month long story short for a while now ive been having chest pains taken to hospital on more than 4 occasions now it turns out i was born with a double aortic arch im 55 seems it should have been picked up at birth but wasn't it explains so many

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  • Recoverandheal 2
  • neil32387 2

    Calcium Channel Blockers

    Hi all, It just dawned on me that I should probably share my thoughts on use of calcium channel blocker medication to help with Achalasia. These are fairly serious drugs used to relax and widen blood vessels for angina/ hypertensive patients. I knew that some success had been had with these for

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  • kayla19404 2

    End Stage Achalasia

    I had a conversation with a doctor about one of the goals of treatment is to avoid end stage achalasia and be able to keep my esophagus as long as possible. Since then it got me thinking, how can I avoid end stage achalasia from happening? Are there ways to prevent that?

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  • gayle14m 3

    Difficult in swallowing food in last 3 weeks

    Im having difficulty swallowing food . It feels like its stuck in my oesophagus and im having severe chest pain. No heart burn or acid reflux. The pain last through the day and night. Ive had my gallbladder removed and taking PPI medication. Nothing is helping.

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