Magnesium Chelate has "by chance" helped my Achalasia

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Hello everyone, I thought I would share this with you fellow sufferers of Achalasia.

Long story, but I had to have a heart monitor fitted 6 weeks ago, due to having an odd ECG reading (I have always had an erratic heartbeat).

Anyway, I was looking through some old hospital notes from 10 years ago and that is where I found I have Achalasia, it was picked up on a CT and MRI scan, but no-one had ever mentioned it to me - it stated in the report the patient has Achalasia of the Cardia.  I guess as I was undergoing more important treatment they felt it irrelevant at the time.

My (now I know) Achalasia has been with me since I was about 14 at a guess, always suffering indigestion, periods of feeling extremely full after 2 mouthfuls of food, having a ritual of getting up from the table, walking around, drinking water, and as my husband puts it - doing a tortoise impression!  As I feel the need to stretch my neck!.  Sometimes I regurgitate food, and I hate it, but have learnt to cover it well when in amongst company.

Anyway, the Cardiologist said I have an eptopic heartbeat, but it's nothing to worry about; I just need to be mindful - He informed my GP that I may have anxiety issues!!  

My GP said look we don't want to go down the route of medication, so suggested I try Magnesium vitamins between 400 and 800 Elemental Magnesium.

So for the last 5 weeks I have been religiously taking Magnesium Chelate two capsules in the morning and two before bed, total of 400 elemental.  So what are the benefits - well, firstly I feel quite chilled, normally I can get annoyed by the slightest thing, but I don't know it seems to work.

Secondly, my skin seems clearer, I have Psoriasis, and it is less scaly and itchy.

Lastly, I can count on one hand the times I have had to get up from the dinner table and carry out my ritual.  I have had the least indigestion in 25-30 years.

So I thought I would let you all know that Magnesium Chelate seems to work, at least on my Achalasia.  

Now you can get cheaper brands of Magnesium but they can have the affect of Diarrhea.  Likewise IF you were to take too much magnesium = the same effect.  

For those at the end of their tether it may assist you, there are no other side effects of intake magnesium apart from the diarrhea if you take to much, but always consult a GP if you are unsure.

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    Chelate means 'firmly attached' and refers to amono acid compounds. When chelated they are absorbed by the body together.

    Magnesium is a macro mineral meaning we need plenty of it in our diet. However this is often lacking as it is found in many nuts, seeds and dark chocolate. Substances achalasia sufferers may avoid.

    Magnesium needs calcium to ensure correct absorbtion.

    It can combat fatigue, stress related symptoms, nervous system, help correct abnormal heart rhythms and increase muscle size and tone.

    Be careful if you have kidney problems

    Glad this has helped you

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      Actually I wanted to share some information and results I have had with chocolate..especially"Dark Chocolate" therapy in the future for Achalasia.

      I have always had great success with chocolate milk and ALL forms of chocolate. It has been proven that the "Flavanoids" in dark chocolate relaxes the sphincter muscles in the lab and will possibly become a future treatment for us.

      I am a big fan of natural solutions and was impressed to find out why my body had such good results with it.

      Milk by itself is good because of the soothing effects if has on heartburn etc..

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      Thanks Carol36376, well I am entrusting my GP, he knows of my medical history now, so I am guessing he knows what he is doing.

      But I definitely feel the benefit from this 7 weeks on. :-)

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      Yes I tried milk but I still found at the time I regurgitated to the point I would throw up, so gave that up as a bad idea,  But am liking the idea of Chocolate!!

      Interestingly I am juicing as well, I have one small glass of juice a day (Orange, Apple, Pear, Watermelon, Kiwi, Carrots lots of!!) and this is helping also.

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      I happened to stumble upon chelated magnesium as well as the solution to my achalasia. My grandfather and father both had achalasia, and I have had the symptoms that required regurgitation for 10 years. I tried niphenipine with limited success. When I started taking chelated magnesium for other reasons, the achalasia symptoms were quite manageable! I take one per day. While I eat a very healthy diet, it may be that my body cannot absorb magnesium well. A deficiency in magnesium includes spasms in smooth muscles, and the esophagus has smooth muscles. Hence, I deduce that the higher ingestion of magnesium is reducing the smooth muscle spasms that may be the underlying cause of achalasia. Thanks for posting this! I wish I would have seen it 7 years ago!

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    I'm sure this will be of benefit to others, glad it has been such a help to you. Hopefully you will continue to benefit.

    What a way to find out though. In the UK we don't have access to our medical notes.

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      Thanks Trisherbell, I am originally from Sunny Southampton!!  So when I came to live in Australia, before leaving, I paid for a copy of my health records to bring across with me.  Well it certainly paid off! smile
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    Hello thankyou for sharing your information about Magnesium Chelate. I have been thinking about taking magnesium, so this has confirmed my thinking. I am so glad that you have found it helpful. I live in Australia too. Thanks heaps for your input. I will let you know how go. Best wishes.


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    I wonder if the improvement is to do with being more relaxed, or having less tension?
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    Magnesium has an anti stress effect and it is probable relaxing your whole system, good for you to find a natural help.
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    Thanks !!!!

    ​I will definitely try this. I have suffered on and off since 75!! i have tried many things .

    Sounds promising !!!! I wish you luck on getting better soon . Gwenconfused

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      Magnesuim also relaxes the muscles and can aid cramps as well as relaxing (potentially) the sphincter x


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    Dear Goldcoastwestie

    I have been now taking Magnesium for a month so far I have not noticed a lot of difference unfortunately with my symtoms. Whereas you have seen a lot of changes in a month. However, I am going to persist with the magnesium. I have other chronic health issues Bronchiectasis and an autoimmune problem as well so my system may be a bit slower to respond. My continued best wishes for your improvement. 


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    I have been taking magnesium for some time.  My cardiologist recommended its use for arrythmia.  However, after reading the post on Manesium Chelate and achalasia I have started to take the Magnesium Chelate.  Hopefully, it will help with some of the problems associated with achalasia.  I will let you know in a a week or two if it has helped

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