17 years herion and methadone free but

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hi I'm from here but I've never noticed this subject but I thought I'd put my two pennies in .

I last used heroin July 2002 so it's been 17 years .I can honestly say I've never once wanted to use heroin in that 17 plus years .

I'm on subutex still it's a long time but subutex feels like being normal as a non opiate addict so I've used subutex very easily unlike my methadone script back 20 years ago .( I hate methadone)

my dose of subutex has gone up and down over the years I'm reducing again but I'm going down 0.4mg monthly I've halved my dose .

just wondering how everyone else has found subutex?

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    great work

    i qm opiate free entirely. as an addict that has been on many scripts including subs i would warn you your cravings may come back once off subs. part if what it does is stop cravings. worth being aware of

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    I have been free from street drugs for over 20 years and have been right down to 1 temazepam 10mg nightly to get sleep. Now because of various aches and pains I am taking 8 dihydrocodeine daily, 30mg temazepam and 5mg diazepam. Would dearly love to come off the dihdrocodeine but have tried so many other medication for pain but nothing seems to help. Just wondering is subutex would help?

    Am I right in thinking that subutex is the same as temgesic that was out 25-30 years ago but got banned because of the abuse it caused?

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    hi , I'm not sure if subs or a similar drug was banned back in the day but I know alot because I'm very close to my drug key worker ( where I get my script subutex)

    I've been at the same center for 17 years I'm the oldest member who's off drugs and have never had a positive drug test because we've to provide a urine sample or saliva sample every now and then .

    my key worker and I was actually discussing this subject about the fact subutex is being given to codeine addiction I didn't know that until the other day but my opinion is going on subutex surely is going onto a stronger opiate .

    That's my opinion but subs do give you no high unless someone isn't addicted to opiates then they'd get high but me and you wouldn't get high by subutex and you live a normal life I suppose that's a good thing.

    I suppose I just think subs should be for heroin addicts and the same with methadone herion addicts only .

    I know methadone in the US is given out as pain relief i don't agree to that either .

    these drugs are hard to come off and doctors just throw them at people in the UK.

    I've done a codeine withdrawal in 2001 and it lasted 3 days but a methadone withdrawal took me 3 months to feel normal so when I relapsed in 2002 I made dam well sure I'd not go back on methadone so I went on subs and i never touched that sh!t again .

    They work for us heroin addicts but codeine addicts I dont see the good in that cuz your swopping a 3 day withdrawal to a months withdrawals off a stronger drug .

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    btw I'm on 5 other meds I've Borderline personality disorder and im on antidepressants antipsychotics and diazepam 4mg daily ( crap dose lol)

    and zolpidem 10mg tamazepam did nothing for me I prefer my zolpidem .

    I've also had benzodiazepines addict recently but I'm off all that now I only take my diazepam when I go out which isn't a lot as I'm I'm agrophobic also .

    crap times .

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    I've just looked up subutex and yeah its the same ingredient as temgesic back in the 80's. Thats what I started taking when I first started taking drugs. They were very easy to dissolve and so were easy to inject. The government banned them cause they were getting abused so much.

    Is it still the same where you put the wee pill under your tongue to dissolve?

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    I'm a typical script junkie never drugs or alcohol.

    I went through some personal stuff in 2013 which led to me abusing valium big time.

    funny thing is I've been on valium more times than I care to remember and I never abused them its 23 years since my first prescription at 16 .

    I started buying valium and other benzos off the net .

    I'd say my valium addiction was worse than heroin use mentally .

    I've embarrassed myself to everyone from friends to my hairdresser and their staff to exes to Facebook friends and school friends I cringe thinking about it .

    heroin never ever made me do the stuff I did on vals lol .

    subs came out when I was in rehab in 2001 next year I got prescribed.

    they ain't bad like methadone I think they are great Ive done a codeine withdrawal I've done methadone and heroin and valium withdrawals codeine was easiest but I've never done a sub withdrawal

    but I dont believe they should be given for codeine addicts cuz I think it's not right someone who had a codeine addiction end up in something more strong it makes no sense .

    I heard in jail they love them and pay alot then go and snort a subutex so the drug can be abused like methadone .

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    Yeah I went from snorting temgesic/subutex to injecting them.

    Yeah know what you mean by embarrassing yourself while on valium. I used to think that I was invincible when on them.

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      you injected subs ? I only ever injected smack and before that I was snorting heroin , I don't know how to use foil and smoke it lol

      22 years ago someone I knew had a really good doctor and he use to get opiate solution he use to call them Amps and they were for injections only .

      then he was methadone and codeine and benzos all off one doctor until the doctor went private.

      I wasnt using so I never tried these injection amps .

      I've taken a snow ball crack and heroin together.

      valium ... I could tell you some stories about them i think I did worse to people on valium than I did as a heroin addict lol ive heard stuff off other sites about their antics on valium one story was giving his dog a b******b or something lol TMI sorry 😂

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    i am on methadone from 2005 and still use it. Now i take 10mg but i wish to stop. Before methadone i was on heroine . In my country don't have rights to drive cars when you take methadone . Wasn't like that when i start take this pills. This law start being apply from this year. I work like a driver and keep my family and my kid at school with this job. Now I'm trying hard to stop using methadone but it is very hard. I made big efforts to reduce the dose. I was on 80mg and now I'm on 10mg but i can't stop it. Any advice is very welcome. Also i wish to know, what does the law say in your country about driving cars when you legally get methadone. Are you allowed to drive a car?

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      you could jump off 10mg to subutex ( if you get can prescribed subs) or go down to 0mg and start the process and it's really difficult I wont lie it took me 3 months in rehab to feel normal but I wasn't on 10mg I was on 40mg and I just stopped and that was a mistake I should of tapered first .

      I remember once I was trying to get off heroin and a friend gave me 50mg of methadone ( I didnt have a script) he said take 10mg for 5 days and i did that and day6 I was fine no withdrawals nothing.

      I probably suffered in rehab for 3 months because I jumped off .

      I wouldn't say withdrawing from methadone was unbearable because it wasnt ..yes I had sleepless nights and I felt like crap but I could manage it .

      if you go to 0mg I'm sure you would cope also .

      I just kept busy and soldiered on it's all can you do .

      in the UK I don't think we ban methadone addicts from driving.. to my knowledge any way .

      USA are pain in the arse for this stuff I'm learning ( if your from.the USA im just assuming )

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