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Substance Misuse

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  • brianthesnail 3

    There is light at the end of the tunnel

    Hi guys          I just wanted to post this to give hope to recovery opiate addicts ....and allthough ive told some of this before heres the full story           for 8 years i was taking methadone of varying amounts ( average 40mg daily ) .. however after a medical scare 2 years ago i was convinced it...

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  • dthompson94581 1

    Need to get my friend into detox

    I myself an addict have done countless detoxes and 6 residential rehabs. Without sounding like a snob I've always payed privately and stayed at the priory or similar, I now believe that is why it took me 6 rebabs as it was like a hotel. My last rehab was awful up early doing jobs, cooking etc but It's...

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  • elma1989 2

    Codeine phosphate addiction for 3 years what can i do?

    Hello fellow forumers, Im elma from london and about 3-4 years ago i discovered co-codamol in pharmacy for painful periods i started taking it as i was told to and when i noticed the pleasant sensation that follows i started swallowing more and more until i reached about 2 packs of 18 per day but about...

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  • torrie4matt 1

    can a doctor in the uk prescribe subutex or suboxone?

    hey, i'm 21, not proud of it, but i am an addict. im addicted to pain meds and have been since i was 16 years old. for the past 8 months i've been doing everything i can think of to try and get 'clean' on my own and with the help of some family and friends as i was too embarrased to tell other people....

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  • pompeyfan84 1

    Co codamol

    Hello Bit of advice please I broke my ribs roughly about a year ago, since then I have been taking a whole pack of co codamol a day so 32 a day minimum! I'm starting to realise I have a problem now when pharmacy staff are starting to recognise me and refusing to serve me I have also on occasions taking...

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  • kay8827 2

    My ex-husband is a drug addict and he is coming out of jail

    My ex-husband has been in and out of jail since he was 16, I didn't know this before I married him, he told me he got "in trouble" when he was younger, I figured it was something minor or a DUI. I found him doing Ketamine one day, and he told me the truth about all the deep issues he has, big drug addiction,...

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  • Guest M


    I was prescribed Methadone in 1990 in Coventry and received my free doses from a pharmacy for 2 years which help me to finish my studies and HND diploma. Then I came back where I yet to live, Istanbul. Since I came here there is no methodone or such treatment in this Country. So I struggled with life...

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  • bob01849 2
  • louise18971 2

    Precipitated withdrawal

    Took 4mg subutex and went into full blown rattle so scared of this and changing to methadone tomorrow as i cannot take withdrawals is this the right thing to do

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  • laurie03887 1

    Living with s herion addict

    I would be grateful if somone could help in some sort of way .. i met a lad a couple of years ago and to be honest he was on a methadone programme on consume and still is ... before xmas he was carryin hes coat around every were and one day he left it so of course i was suspicous and i went in hes coat...

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  • toni49524 1

    Finally off Sertraline!!! There is hope.

    Just thought I'd share my story since I used this site a lot to get reinforcement of some of the things I went through with this medication. I was put on Zoloft about two years ago exactly and what started my anxiety, I have no idea! I just remember going to a chiropractor to have my neck checked out...

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  • elie24 1
  • 2chr2015 5

    What is first step to get help

    My son is addicted to cocaine. If he will agree to get help, what is our first step? Do I take him to a doctor? He has insurance. I think there is an outpatient drug place in town. I just don't know how to get the ball rolling. Thank you

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  • pam34048 4

    The dr prescribed me tramadol

    from what I have read this is an opioid, he gave me 20 100 mg tablets,  I have never taken a pain killer,  I took one of these and still have the chest pain, lol even still had period cramps just feel a bit buzzed.  Like having a drink,  should I just take these bake to the pharmacy.  I really don't...

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  • Tez22 3

    How do I get off subutex

    I was prescribed subutex 11 years ago for a 400mg codeine addiction I'm sure I shouldn't have been prescribed this especially without being told about the side effects I was prescribed 8mg and over 8 years weaned down got to 2.8mg and went for a 2 week detox omg the horrific symptoms that followed were...

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  • jack71893 1
  • pam34048 4

    Methadone pain patch

    i have copd and get really bad chest pains.  I have to hold my chest before I caugh.  Anyways I have suffered with this for nine months..  I think I have only gone half a day without pain and I could actually smile.  I never have asked for pain medication before I am 50 anyways how do I go about getting...

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  • Broncooobabe17 2
  • vyvyan 97383 1

    Robotrippers? Anyone?

    Hello... I am looking to hear from anyone who trips on or has previously tripped on DXM frequently. It's rather embarrassing for me to bring up now, but a decade ago I used to trip HARD. Pretty much every day for an entire year plus more. There is a very small amount of research done on the long term...

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  • intreatmnt 2

    Titration in Methadone Treatment:Pros & Cons

    For those of us on Methadone maintenance, I believe unless we have ongoing chronic pain or health issues etc that we need to keep in mind that 'titration' or slowly becoming drug-free is an essential part of the program or should be anyway.Are you the type of addict who would like to stay on the program...

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  • danielle30102 1

    Codeine OTC

    I have been addicted to codeine realistically about 2 years (buying over the counter codeine products for nearly a year). Started taking 30/500 solpadol once a day back in 2014/15 then took it once ever other day for abit, started when I was experencing a lot of discomfort in my legs from long hours...

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  • PerfectCircles 2

    NHS prescription for Selincro

    I'm looking for information about obtaining the prescription for Selincro from NHS doctor. Do you get your prescription on your first consultation or is there a process you have to go through? Also, will one have to attend counselling? I'm considering making an appointment, but I'm a little bit apprehensive...

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  • ldm2016 1

    Confide in GP or not.... personnally I never would......

    personally would never confide in my GP as its then always on your medical records. The GP is not duty bound in confidentialy.. Doctors are obliged to give this it to social workers, health social care jobs and also if you want to just volunteer!  ​   A friend who was going on mild...

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  • diggory91110 2

    I'm 15 and had "brain fog" for about two weeks...

    Hi I'm 15 and have been experiencing brain fog for the last two weeks. During the past year I stupidely got in to a sort of "party life" using a LOT of MDMA(monthly use), smoking Cannabis(weekly use) and also drinking. The last time I took MDMA was about 4-5 weeks ago but in a very small quantity and...

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  • philippa25331 1
  • apostoloss 2
  • redfishsteven 1

    The cure for heroin addiction

       I didnt know where i could share my expierience and make people aware that there is a possible cure to heroin addiction. So i figured i would write a forum and let people find my discussion. About 2 months ago I was put into the hospitol for 2 weeks so i could be treated for a bacteria infection in...

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  • holly23811 1

    I need to kick out my 30yr old son

    Hi I'm in desperate need of advice I'm at my wits end with my son. He has just turned 30 and has been staying with me mostly all his adult life. He has an on going problem with drug taking all sorts if I'm honest going away at weekends coming home wasted clearly on what ever he can take ranging from...

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  • tara64175 2

    Nurofen Plus (low doses)

    Hi, I've been taking Nurofen Plus for awhile now and I've developed a bit of an addiction. It's gone from a couple of pills a day up to about 12 every day. I see in these forums and elsewhere that some people take up to 30/40/50 etc pills per day so I'm certainly not at that level but I'm still concerned....

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  • jewels53 1
  • Dja101 2

    Painkiller addiction - can't handle the lies

    Hi, when I started dating my partner he had a Valium & painkiller addiction i wasn't aware of. I found out about this and he has stopped taking Valium however the painkiller addiction is extremely bad. We have spoken about it and he had admitted he knows he has a problem and wants me to go with him to...

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  • ted46777 3

    Bad methadone treatment

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone here has had a bad experience from treating doctors or clinics on methadone? I have read scare stories (admittedly on less reputable websites) about people testing positive and getting their dose reduced from 180 to 100 to 0! I understand all stories are individual...

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  • 2chr2015 5

    Concerned my son is doing cocaine

    I have no experience with cocaine abuse. I know he has been smoking marijuana for several years now. He is 26. I heard a rumor a couple of months ago that he was doing cocaine, but my other son assured me it wasn't true. Today I found a small blue baggy that looks like something that would be for...

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  • carrie92844 1
  • Guest M

    Methadone Maintenance Treatment

    Methadone treatment is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would highly recommend it to anybody addicted to opioids. The staff at the clinic I attend are also amazing and I couldn't have done it without their support and the support of my family.

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