17year colon cancer?

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Im having IBS issue from past few years.A sudden urge of clearing stool usually comes with abdominal pain.After passing stool pain gone.I changed my diet and dramatically my issue was fixed.But from past 3days this issue came back with worse symtomps.Im having bright red blood pigments in some parts of my stools,some mucus is there, persistent abdominal pain and light dark patches very lighter.Dark patches are worrying me more.It means im bleeding in upper GI.Im totally feared.I Googled it bit and got extremely feared.The first thing came that it was colon cancer.By seeing this i got emotionally distressed and thought im going to die now.I should have consulted a doctor with my IBS issues.My stools are yellow and bright red and veey lighter dark patches on it.I dont have any weakness or fatigue.I don't have anaemia symptoms which relieved some of my tension.Im 17year old is this colon cancer? there were no deaths from colon cancer in our family.I don't wanna die.Please provide some good news.

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    You know that some gut infections can cause you to have blood (old/black, new/red) in your stool? My 3 year old poor thing suffered salmonella and with the yellow slime came lines of blood visible in it.

    (having fresh blood because of fissures in it, is a pure mechanical 'scratch' of rectum or hemorrhoids)

    If 'black' is only dark brown stool = bile changed chemically by bacteria or due to old blood, is often hard to really distinguish. Make sure you have not eaten blueberries or iron rich food, they tend to always go black.

    Anyway, let's say it is human/your blood, the cause for blood in stool is not always cancer anyway, any benign ulcer or ripped blood vessel can do that.

    When you are not digesting well, stool looks very odd. Pure poor indigestion (be it because of stress or infection) can make your stool look really odd, it doesn't mean the pancreas was inflammed as the only reason.

    It doesn't have to be the worst news. Y

    et, yes, see your doctor, maybe have even a colonoscopy, a stool test for parasites of all kinds and ease your mind please.

    Also think that way, if anything was found, it can be tackled. I have nothing but colon cancer survivors around me. People with gastric ulcers and treated.

    Chin up please, 

    and please see a doc, but there are 100s of explanations, not just the one and only worst.

    All the best!

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    The only thing that will put your mind at rest is a colonoscopy as that is the only definitive diagnostic tool although a simple stool sample would be the first test. 

    It would be millions to one to have colon cancer at your age far less die from it.

    Which country are you in?

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      Im from india.And i heard that Colon cancer is lesser here than western countries.
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      The fatty western diet contributes to it. New Zealand is evidently a bad country for beacuse of the ammount of lamb they eat.  
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      im a sub-vegeterian.I only eat chicken meat every sundays.it means 4days in a month and i only eat home made foods :p

      what about you?

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      I'm mainly a meat eater although we have fish twice a week and chicken sometimes. I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit as we are encouraged to eat five of them a day. 

      I come from a family with a long history of colon cancer but all on the female side.

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      In my family there were no colon cancer deaths but my father and grandfather is ibs sufferer so do i :p
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      Ya quite a lot they suffered a lot from digestive problems :P so do i now

      my dad also had colitis sad

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    India ranked 117 in colon cancer deaths all over the world and in india colon cancer ranked 34 in colon cancer deaths.Whoof!thats a relief smile

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      Japan probaly is way down the list but they evidently have a high incidence of stomch cancer due to their high salt diet.
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    Hi I'm in the same position as you blood in stool and flat stools and bloated a lot,google is the worst literally create health anexity in a click of a button 😂 But anemic is also a big sign of it which we both haven't got,also at are age it's microscopic to have colon/bowel cancer just very scary when u see blood

    My advice would be go see your gp take a poo sample wth you don't request one,also get Another blood test done Maybe full count one

    Then either pay to see a specialist or get referd to one if it's still happening!

    Also which doesn't help with me is the stomach is a big nerve ending and if ur stressed/anexity can make a real impact to ur symptoms/mushy stool,stomach ache can all be stress

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      thanks charliee for your precious advice smile

      I will do the blood test Tomorrow also i consulted a doc.He will evaluate me 2days later.

      Risk is very very low but still :p

      what about you?same thing happend to you?

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