19 years old with "Persistent Plantar Fasciitis"

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as you can see from the title, i have been diagnosed with persistent plantar fasciitis, I've had existing pain for coming up to ten years but as a child it did not seem very serious because all my family have very high arches and i just assumed as any child would that it would sort itself out and there wasn't anything wrong.

i was diagnosed around a year ago and so far I've been signed off physiotherapy because it is a "natural injury".

i have tried many treatment options including; Physiotherapy, Reflexology, arch supports, heel supports, massage balls, ice treatments, compression socks, shockwave therapy, insoles.

all health care professionals and private specialists i have seen all seem to tell me different things.

I'm currently on a 6 month waiting list to go and look at more treatment options but i am desperate, as it says in the title, I'm 19 years old with this condition and some days i struggle to walk, i collapse and I'm in pain i wouldn't wish upon anyone.

the pain itself is always present.

if anyone has any suggestions or treatments they have tried i would be very grateful.

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    I feel your pain, I to have had over ten years, I'm 50.

    Most Dr's ect believe it's all in my head!!!!

    It's not till I started private consultants I've had proof

    Ie ultrasound, which revealed chronic damage, the podiatry said he had only seen such damage to the plantar fashia both feet

    Only in extreme endurance athletes, its radiated up the body and all tendons are tight, I have paid £1000's in shoes, special made insoles ect.

    Best relief I found was to go to a trade catering supplier who stock shoes and cheap good insoles, I were 2 pairs at a time.

    I'm also looking at major trainer makers like Adidas, Nike ect who are starting to custom make trainers

    I'm currently looking at Germany 300 euros a pair

    But I'm sure other manufacturers will be onto this, as insoles don't suit every type of feet problem

    An mri scan is vital

    Best of luck

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      you went private?

      i know exactly what you mean about people believing its all in your head. until they experience it they dont understand.

      i have wish i had the money to go private but im hoping that i can save enough to go private in the next 6-7 months (hopefully)

      could you tell me a little bit more about your process with a private consultant

      i know its different for the different countries ( i reside in the UK) but i am curious to know what was said to you in comparison to normal doctors and podiatrists.

      best wishes, Emily

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    I can certainly understand . I have fought the same thing for almost six years . And done all the samr things you have listed and more . Only thing i hav'nt tried is a heel release and until im in a wheel chair i wont . Have talked to a few people who have and said dont,there worse shape than before. Try some HOKA shoes. I have had the best luck with BONDI 5 model . There hard to find because its a BONDI 6 now but you maybe fine with them,just s little to high of arch for me . They have the same cushioning . Ive been using them about a year and a half, and my feet are 40-50 percent better . Still have to very very careful not to kick jump or walk on anything uneven or soft. Cant even walk on my own lawn . But still have to rest my feet different times during the day. I have tried about 30 differentt shoes.

    And try a STASIS sock, thought just another gimmick but I do find they relax my feet some. I Tried about five different Hoka shoe models but the Bondi is about the best for me but I know everybody’s feet are different. I dont know where you live but I live in Canada MEC and the Running Room have them or order on Line. But much prefer to buy in store because then I can try them at home for a few days and take them back if they don’t work and not have to pay shipping.

    let me know how you make out good luck I know it’s a REAL PAIN

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      thank you for your suggestions,

      i reside in the UK but with the amount of pain i am in all the time i'll do pretty much anything for a tiny bit of relief!

      i will have a look and will certainly let you know the outcome

      many best wishes to you and i hope you start to feel some form of relief

      good luck, Emily

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    We all know how you feel. I feel for you as you are so young. I have had pf in both arches for 7 yrs I got it after having my second child. I have tried all the things you have but still no change and consultants just say cannot do anything they say if u have been suffering long time try the facia release but I have also heard that can make things worse and I am always advised not to. As u think things can't get worse but they can! I have just learnt to manage the pain as I have exhausted all options. I drive an automatic which helps if having day out I sit in wheelchair, I am now trying Cbd oil but too early to tell if working I don't feel any worse and I feel its helping somewhat. My 10 Yr old has foot pain so I worry how she will manage when she is older, like you.

    I don't know what else to say. I have nerve pain on and off over the years. Maybe try Cbd oil, research it. Has to contain Cbd to work don't go for hemp oil. Its not same.

    I hope you find something that works for you. I know how hard it is. My work have accommodated me over the years but now I am being made redundant and obvious it's down to my disability so I won't get another job. Sounds like I have digressed but my point is find a job that is desk based or u can do Sat down so u don't suffer in the future.... Goodluck

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      i'm so sorry to here about your job, i know how you feel, i got turned down from jobs because of the condition, i was very lucky i managed to get a job with a team of people who have become a support network for me, my manger herself has debilitating conditions which meant she understood and was willing to take me on.

      i am always trying new things and i will keep a list and my opinions if you ever need some possible options for your daughter.

      hoping you and your daughter find something that helps

      all the best wishes, Emily

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    Emily, this is a copy of an earlier response I have given on plantar fasciitis: I am so sorry to hear about your suffering with this disease. I am a retired physician and plantar fasciitis patient. I got plantar fasciitis around February 2016. After about four months, it completely resolved.

    Here's what I think. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone, and/or some minimal tearing of the plantar fascia - just a few fibers - that results, naturally, in inflammation . . . like a "pulled muscle." Inflammation hurts until it heals and resolves.

    So what's so difficult about curing P.F.? Well we walk on it!!! Let's say we take 5000 steps a day. Imagine inflammation of your elbow, (i.e. tennis elbow). Imagine taking your sore "tennis elbow" and wacking it against the wall, 5000 times a day. Think it would heal quickly? I don't either.

    So my cure for plantar fasciitis is cushion, cushion and cushion!!! That's right - cushion the heel. Here's what I did. First, I wore the plantar fasciitis "relief bridge" gel-heel innersole in my shoes - that I got at Walgreen's for about $11. Make sure your innersoles are soft and preferably made of gel. (I plan to use mine indefinitely in my shoes.) Then I wore a pair (usually) of nice thickish sox. On my heel I wore fasciitis therapy wrap padded supports that I got on the internet for about $13. (I don't wear them any more.) So when I had my PF, under my heels I had 3 cushion layers. I wore this about 24 hours a day - except when in the shower or swimming. And after about 4 months, the PF was totally gone. And I would suggest to you, have patience, not surgery.

    That's what I think. I hope this helps you and the many other sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Good Luck to you, doknabox/JerryR

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      ive been following the post as i too have this in both feet for the last 3 years. i totally sympathise with how ur feeling Emily as it does impact on ur day to day life ive tried so many things i could probably start my own company with the products. the first year i didnt have any relief from it at all but now can have a day here and there that i dont think about my feet. as we know its there from the minute you wake if u get to sleep with it at all.

      ive been really bad again the last few months so im going to try the extra padding i have insoles from the hospital but more cushion would help. i have constant red hot burning in my feet and it goes up my legs like a tingling feeling i cant sleep with it ive tried all the packs etc but is there any recommendations for this from anyone.

      i wish i could suggest something that would help u but ive not found anything that makes a great difference. i would love to be able to say mine had healed so i have hope that people do actually get this to heal.

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      Thank you for your comment, i try and pad my feet as much as i can, i try to have as much patience with this condition as i can i will look at your recommendations, i have nothing to loose ive already spent so much on this condition, more wont hurt.

      i wish you all the very best and hope you never have to suffer with this condition again

      good luck, Emily

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      Bless your heart, its an awful condition that very often gets overlooked by many, the only thing that has ever given me even the slightest bit of relief was reflexology, you should be able to buy stuff online as i dont know where your from. i live in the UK where i sort out a private reflexologist but the price i paid (around £50) and the time i went without any pain (approx. 20 mins) was not worth it.

      i do hope you can find something to help.

      best wishes, Emily

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      thanks emily i live in the uk too and until i got this i hadnt heard of it. now hearing from people who are going threw the same thing is good as i dont think people really understand how bad it is. they just think you have sore feet sit down for a bit and u will be fine. if only that was the case.

      im going to try reflexology a few people have recommended this now to me. ive had a few months that ive just been in constant pain and have felt whats the point nothing works. but im going to get back to my exercises ive been given and wearing my insoles everyday although i feel they did help they must do something as ive been in agony with every step.

      its the weirdest thing to get. i feel silly complaing about my feet when family members have serious conditions but it really does cause so much pain. ive tried to joke and say we all need to learn how to walk on our hands.

      i hope so much that u find something that helps u especially at such a young age u dont need this holding u back. x

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      Plantar fasciitis is inflammation, you are correct and your opinion on "walking healing" is quite intriguing. I was also using gel-heel innersoles, I think I have already a ton of these. Though I was also thinking to buy a specific gel-based shoes just for walking because I can barely run. I heard a lot about Asics ones and planning to test it with your layer method. I hope it will help me.

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    Hi ya after nearly ten years of suffering in both feet I can not stipulate just how important it is to get an ultrasound, xray, mri

    My Dr's didn't take me seriously and offered to blindly inject souls of feet

    But after paying privately for £50 ultrasound, the podiatrist,said he had only seen such damage before in extreme endurance athletes as the fasia has become like knotted strings, (chronic plantar fascios)

    Not much is known about it

    It's not just inflammation

    In children it's called severs desease, both my big toes were clicking at age 14,and told not to worry, now 4 decades on both big toes are stiff, with pain radiation through out body

    I would strongly urge anyone to go privately if they can, and get as many insights as possible

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    Hi Emily and all,

    I've also suffered for a long time now approx 15yrs. I've always said as soon as I put on a bit more weight and had a job where I did lots of walking, carrying and standing that my pain has never gone away.

    Your post title caught my eye as with the diagnosis of 'persistent PF'

    I've done all but surgery tbh the most intrusive being cortisone injections into the arches, also useless.

    All the meds, all the orthotics, stretching is no use as I have been told I'm hyper mobile. I've found my only relief is to really limit my time on my feet. I'm currently using preagablin and clomazapam and I vape cbd oil. My feet constant burn and crack with disturbed sleep if I've 'over done it' on my feet. I went private via health insurance after getting advised to a neurologist for all nerve checks and full body mri scans - no diagnosis ever established just meds and acknowledgement that I have extremely high arches but no doc has ever mentioned 'persistent PF'

    It's horrid when it interferes with everyday life so much then at night too I'm close to requesting major surgery again or a different specialist.

    Wishing you all the best, a frozen bottle rolled on the arch helps but then the trip to put the dam thing away kinda ruins it eh 😕

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      For me i find that regardless of whether im active or not im in pain all the time its just not always a ten.

      Its only recently been described as persistent because of a discussion with my GP where its been decided that actually my condition doesn't respond to treatment and just gets worse.

      Im debating going private but after mixed reviews on it i think I'll only know by doing it myself

      I do hope that those suffering find some relief or a solution to this condition

      All the best


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