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Plantar Fasciitis

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  • rhonda47609 2

    Plantar Faciitis HELP!!

    My mother has had Plantar Faciitis for several months, and she can't get any relief.  She had this many years ago, and had insoles made, and it finally went away. This time though, nothing is working.  She can't take any pain relieving drugs, (ie Tyelnol, Ibuprophen)  She is a breast cancer survivor...

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  • eva14910 1

    Plantar fasciitis

    Its been since friday ive had my steriod injection my foot worse then it was to begin with now i feel like fluid is building up resting it doesn't help and moving around makes it worse any suggestion

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  • sydneyhenderson 1

    I have had plantar fasciitis for about 8 years, hasn't gotten better

    Hi everyone, so I've had plantar fasciitis for about 8 years now. I'm an 18 year old female, 150 lbs, and I've had PF since I was about 10. I can't know for sure how I got PF in the first place, but I believe that it was because I ran without warming up first. My feet have always been pretty cold, so...

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  • T-Girl 1

    What should be my next STEP?

    I am a plantar fasciitis sufferer now for about 8 months now.  It started with minor heel pain which I didn't much think about, until I started an extra seasonal job for the holidays and was on my feet for 6 hours straight 5 days a week.  The pain got to be so bad that I would spend my time off in bed...

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  • liyah98770 1

    Wearing heels helps my heel pain??

    Ok so this is weird. I have had this throbbing pain for few days now under the bottom of my foot. However I wore some heels today as I read somewhere heels can ease PF anyways if completely worked! No pain whatsoever but the min I take if off and walk barefoot the unbearable pain comes back.

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  • liyah98770 1

    Plantar fasciitis or not

    Hi everyone, I am a healthy (a bit overweight tbh) 28 year old female.. last week I went on a hike and slightly twisted my ankle but there was no pain at the time and I carried on. Few days later I was at work when I had a shooting pain at the side of my left foot. I couldn't even walk so I had to...

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  • yasmiina 2

    My plantar fasciitis is getting worse

    I am a very active and sporty female who has had plantar fasciitis for a month now. It all started with me sitting in a chair and trying to curl my toes upwards when I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my left heel. At first I thought that it was a cracked heel but was puzzled at how on earth it would...

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  • cheeseburgler 1

    Plantar fasciitis is getting worse

     I am on my feet for 2 nights a week for 10 hours and that's torture for me. At the end of my shift I can barely walk to the bus stop. My feet pulse and ache a lot. I have oversupination and have purchased insoles made for this condition and trainers with good cushioning but don't see an improvement....

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  • Smithbunch1416 1

    Severe pinched nerve in left foot

    i have a severe pinched nerve in my left foot. I have now been given some type of shot and it is really hurting 10 hours later. Is there not a surgery they can perform to release the pinched nerve?

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  • Noni T.1 3

    who know the tests for planter fasciitis?

    What does x-Ray show for planter fasciitis? Who knows the tests should be done for diagnose and confirm planter fasciitis? Including blood tests and any other diagnostic procedures.. I have it for more than five years and I don't have any treatment..

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  • rosiegirl 2
  • awilson5512 1

    Ball of Foot Pain?

    My PF started out in the heel of my foot but just over two weeks ago I started to get severe pain in the ball of my foot. There was concerns of sesamoiditis but that's been ruled out. Have any of you experienced plantar fasciitis in the ball of your foot?

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  • Noni T.1 3

    what to do?

    Can planter fasciitis last for years? Like more than five years? The problem is the pain is in the middle of my foot and also laterally And I'm not on any treatment What causes it? In both feet? So please help... what to do?

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  • Beccah250 2

    Not sure what to do

    Hi, I went to the Drs back in 2013 with foot pain and they straight away said I had PF so they referred me to physio where they tried all sorts of things from stretches to insoles to acupuncture. After a year of the pain still being there and no improvements I got referred for an ultra sound. At the...

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  • kim08822 3

    What to do next

    After having 3 stress fractures in feet i developed pf. At first it was an annoying pain first thing in the morning. Over the last 2 and a half years ive seen 4 different podiatrists been to pain management and have seen an orthopedic surgeon. Ive had 4 cortisone injectiions which have made it worse....

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  • sharon59520 1

    Radiation Therapy

    I finished three weeks of radiation therapy for plantar fasciitis and my feet continue to burn even more lately and can't sleep. Anyone else going thru this and any suggestions you can provide?

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  • frales 2

    Plantar faciaitis insoles are crippling me.

    Hi I work in a supermarket for 6 hours 4 days a week.  I am constantly walking and standing.  I recently developed plantar faciaitis and have tried changing shoes fitting insoles including memory foam all to no avail.  I have done all the excercises and still have severe pain.  I eventually went to a...

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  • sproutz76 1

    plantar fasciitis has ruined me

    I am going on almost 2 years of aganizing pain and its to the point that i do not even want to walk anymore, there is no gettng up in morning and it going away, i is on the go all day. Pain meds dont work and i am not wantng pills anymore, i want relief. You think a doctor would be good with someone...

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  • mary lou01774 2

    Heel pain shooting up leg

    Anybody have the heel pain shoot up leg. I barely can stand never mind walk. I have been off work all week . But i work this weekend and on concrete floors. Last time i was at work i fell apart due to extreme pain. I clean rooms at a hotel. I end up using chair with wheels to dust room because pain was...

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  • jenny24657 2
  • faith32161 1

    Leg swelling after cortisone shots

    Got a shot Monday in my heel for heel spur and plantar fasciitis. The shot area is very tender. Yesterday I noticed my calf is sore and today calf is swollen. Actually my whole leg is swollen. Anyone ever experience this after shot?

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  • JerryR 3

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I am a retired OBGYN MD and a plantar fasciitis patient.  I have had plantar fasciitis for about 2 months and have researched extensively on the subject.  I am not a podiatrist, and I am not a chiropractor.  I think most of the stuff you read on the internet is a bunch of untested crap.  I don't believe...

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  • tracy13033 1 answer....

    I've come to terms with having of for year and half!....I am accepting one more year of it to finally I'm not stressing anymore...let it take its course!  Ive probably over excercised for all this Tim!  Arch bands, all inserts from Amazon, balls for arch rolling, rolling pins and massage rollers...

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  • mary lou01774 2

    Trying thera bands

    Has anyone tried thera bands for syretching heel and foot. Had this extremely pain from planter faciitis. I couldnt walk now i camt stand. What works for anyone. Doctor put me pn pain mefs last week and nothimg

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  • julia 00615 2

    What does your Plantar Fasciitis feel like?

    Sometimes I wonder if I have plantar fasciitis. I've had foot pain for over a year, but only for a few weeks did I experience pain first thing in the morning that most ppl with plantar fasciitis have. My pain starts after just a few minutes of standing and the soles of my feet feel like they are burning,...

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  • christine91943 1
  • dawn31985 2

    Can gel insoles make PF worse?

    Hello, I have had PF for over three years now. I have tried many insoles and am struggling with pain at the moment. I have a pair of gel insoles from the NHS, but are wondering if they can make the pain worse. I find, although they are soft, my foot moves all the time, ever so slightly. Anyone else...

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  • conker 2

    recovery time after cortisone injection

    I'm having my first injection next week after trying everything available it's in my left heel I've heard few things as 2 days to 2 weeks how long should I refrain from going to work after having it done

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  • streesy 2

    PF and Metatarsalgia - what next?

    I have been struggling with foot and ankle pain for over 3 years. My GP has recently concluded it to be a combination of PF and Metatarsalgia. Everything fits, especially the impression of a shortening of the Achilles' tendon. The main symptom of Metatarsalgia being almost constant pain similar to that...

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  • elaine71676 1

    Heel ease

    Has anyone with Plantar Fasciitis tried this treatment, which costs £32.99 online? Any comments, positive or negative would be appreciated, to alleviate the pain from this condition. Thanks

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  • tyler101 1

    Myofascial Release

    I've just had an amazing breakthrough in my treatment for plantar fasciitis and I'd like to spread the good word about it. I visited a massage therapist who specializes in myofascial release technique. There are a few videos on it online but I think what this guy did was perhaps a little different. Regardless...

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  • Juke 1

    Heel pain if I don't wear orthotics, but knee pain if I do!

    Hi, I've had plantar fasciitis for a good few years. I have tried lots of different types of orthotics, but they all seem to give me knee pain! I have tried custom orthotics, and they seemed to be the worse. I have tried to build up use of orthotics, but they didn't seem to help. Does anyone have...

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  • nikhil61663 1
  • seanconnery 1
  • jmckay2013 1

    Just Diagnosed with PF

    I have worked as a clerk and cashier for 4 years and for the past 6 months work it's so painful I am barely able to walk. Once I am home I am barely able to stand let alone walk, my Dr gave me a muscle relaxer but it doesn't even touch the pain it's unbearable. I have a return appointment next Tuesday...

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