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conker conker

recovery time after cortisone injection

I'm having my first injection next week after trying everything available it's in my left heel I've heard few things as 2 days to 2 weeks how long should I refrain from going to work after having it done

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  • ray62350 ray62350 conker

    I've had quite a few of those done !

    Off wlrk....depends on what work is.

    Most Docs suggest that 48hours to 10 days is the time necessary for cortisone to take effect but the only issue really is squeezing the fluid out of the area that requires the cortisone. One doc wanted me to rest for the full 10 days to make sure it lasted in the required area, another said I should get some indication of +/- in 48 hours - I reckon it depends on how much you would be on your feet at work.

    • conker conker ray62350

      Thanks for that I thought it differed my employers are convinced that it's only like a cortisone in shoulder ill be fine in 2 days. .They have no idea you don't walk on your shoulder

    • conker conker ray62350

      I have a busy job however my employers have let me have a more seated role but this still requires me to get up and down and walk round quite a bit my physio is in contact with my job and has sent them a report on what I should avoid it just has annoyed me that my employers think you've got 48 hrs to recover that's it

  • j52763 j52763 conker

    I was told nothing when I had my injections, but as my foot swelled to double its size the next day I couldn't walk anyway and had to stay home. It took about 4 days for me to be able to put a shoe on and then the swelling would come and go, I had 9 injections in one foot in one session. It hurt a lot, and yes, I cried and screamed. But as we reach a desparate stage we start to try anything just to get some relief. I hope it all goes well, make sure you pee before you get it done as you may do it during the treatment. Good luck.

  • PremPod PremPod conker

    I am a Podiatric Surgeon and would advise that you reduce your activity for 24-48 hours post injection. Some patients exprience a steroid flare which essentially means you get a reaction to the injection which makes the area very painful. This generally lasts 5-7 days and you simply have to manage the pain levels with rest and analgesia - this is different to an infection post injection which is much less common.

    There is no scientific evidence that walking on the foot disperses the fluid more quickly and the effectiveness is very variable between individuals. Some get immediate reliefe, some it takes 2-4 weeks, others get no relief. It is a little unpredictable although some scnas can help to guide the potntial benefit.

    • j52763 j52763 PremPod

      Hi, is there any hope for us sufferers? My doctor has fobbed me off for 14 years with painkillers, without exercises or referals, saying it will just 'go away' I'm now at the stage where some mornings I can't actually walk and at 43 years old crawling on your knees first thing to the bathroom and hauling yourself up via the loo and sink is a grim as it gets. Its cheaper to buy nurofen plus, than a prescription and I walk on the outside of my foot which effects my knee, hips and back. I don't want to be in a wheelchair and when the pain was really bad a few years ago I considered ending it all. My doctor told me to just get rest and rub on anti inflamatories and I'd feel better soon. I'm now paying to go private to see a consultant, hopefully my life will not be dominated anymore by this condition, and if this works I can help others who share this rotten condition.

    • PremPod PremPod j52763

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    • PremPod PremPod j52763

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    • tina80082 tina80082 PremPod

      So I have morton's neuroma started in my right foot just had a cortisone shot on Friday - should it be better by now?  My left foot is actually more painful than my right on the top (the bottom is worse on my right); supposedly I have multiple in my left - would that cause numbness on the top and pain in the top.  Just weird It all happened all of a sudden wtihin the past month.  I am/was a runner - ran 6.5 miles everyday for 20 years.  I have no idea what to expect as of yet noone has really explained anything to me..........

    • haley12345 haley12345 tina80082

      I had Mortons Neuroma in both feet years apart and did cortisone, and on my left foot did the open surgery and NOTHING works for MN except for cryosurgery where they go in and freeze the nerve, its a miracle worked for both my feet and its the easiest procedure like a 20 min in ofice visit by a good podiatrist, not many podiatriast do it but there is a great one Dr. Katz in Tampa and another I went to in Encinitas Podiatry Group (near San Diego, CA). I hardly ever write in these types of forums but I know your pain and wish someone had told me about cryosurgery before I went through all the injections and open surgery. Hope this helps you. 

    • yorkbridgers yorkbridgers PremPod

      I am in crazy pain since my injection - 10+. I have a neuroma sitting on the nerve on the ankle which has caused  issues at night mostly for 5 years - but it is manageable , sometimes with cortisone which has been very different that this last one -- (different doctor too) I had not had an injection for 3 years, then yesterday when injected I almost passed out -- I can't walk, or think, putting ice the foot and on pain medication -- wondering: can the doctor have hit the nerve and caused damage there? I am active and healthy yoga teacher- this is the worst thing I have ever been through in terms of foot pain. could this be damage or just a reaction ?

    • jana89782 jana89782 j52763

      Have you tried wearing the boot? I have severe pain in one foot due to injuries to my ankle. I was given the boot about a month ago I sleep with it on every night and in the morning wake up with very little pain and tightness it works great. Of course I can't sit longer than 40 minutes without having pain, but man the mornings are the worst. I go in tomorrow for the shot have you tried that? Did it work?

    • della28415 della28415 PremPod

      I've had an injection Monday morning and it still hurts. I was told by my podiatrist doctor to get Vionic shoes and Salonpass icy hot and rub your feet with ice bottle and it helps. But I have 90% of my home is tile, I got a pair coming in the mail vionic house slippers to walk around the house. What is your suggestions? Also I take Tylenol arthiritus.

    • Ms. Vick Ms. Vick j52763

      Omg.. Doctors! So..I've struggles w/ health issues for 7-8 years now...and the last 1 yr to 11/2 I have pain in my feet!! When i get up to go to the restroom in morn., im holding on to things! Makes it a bit hard to live like this! I just was told i have plantar fascitis..but its not just my heel..he says it can gad it tears ago in just my geals! It's from if i could control my addiction to sugar n carbs..i might kick it..but i can't!! Its all part of the health issues..weight gain..joint random pains. Vertigo..etc..i also want to feel normal 38..w three teens..single and work full time w kiddos.

    • joycepost joycepost Ms. Vick

      Hi Ms Vick,

      I feel so sory for you, theres no immediate solution for PF its a long hard struggle, ive had it now for nearly 4 years ups and downs, and the truth is when I lose weight (which is so hard and very rare) it does go a lot better, I wear medical insoles which are specially made for my problem and I have to wear trainers all the time.

      I have a nice office job and like to dress nice, but now my whole wardrobe has had to change to suit my footware and my stupid feet. I hate it....

      Ive been to several specialist and Ive had every treatment in the book there possibly is for FP but nothing works. not for me anyway. Ive had cortisone injections twice. (would defo not recommend) knowing now what I know. 

      At night i put 2 ice packs on my feet to sooth the pain after walking about etc. but I am never pain free.

    • Jadajag Jadajag joycepost

      Joyce, I am sorry you are suffering from PF.  It is horrible. I have it in both feet and have had pain for years after walking or standing a lot but it has gotten worse the last couple months so I went to the foot dr and have braces on each foot and was told to do stretches and I got a cortisone shot in each foot (very painful) and then they wrapped my feet in medicated guaze and I was told to keep my feet wrapped for 2-5 days. My feet don't feel any different, they said it would take a couple days to feel better,  but the shot area doesn't hurt. I'm wondering why you don't recommend the shots?

    • zanylany zanylany Jadajag


      What a complex complaint PF is.  Nothing seems to be the same as in treatment, just the pain which is nothing like other pain.  What sometimes works or suits 1 doesn't another.  I had a Cortizone injection 2 months ago which didn't improve.  In general I am told to wear gel heels and then for me I find they make it worse, no matter how soft they are.  I find soaking my feet in ice is like being in heaven and temporary relief is the taping recommended by the doc.  It takes a lot of the discomfort away.  Go onto U Tube to see how to do it. I did pay privately to see a Podiatrist and he sorted insoles out  to the shape of my foot in some trainers.  They are the most comfortable things I can wear. It seems to be a complaint that is in curable.  Sometimes I am told it can just disappear.

  • louiselost louiselost conker

    I was put out for manipulation and injections of the foot, and find a week later it's still painful and tender.  You go in for a procedure to reduce pain - that's ironic.  Will call the specialist's assistant and see if I can get some information to see if it's a steroid flare.  I'm sick of feet.

  • christophe77444 christophe77444 conker

    Have you tried Indometacin, Iv'e had pain in the heel for 6 months but when I started taking 25mg capsules for my knee the plantar fasciitis pain went away within a day and I am now back to walking several miles with no pain' just wish it had worked on my Knee as well.

  • Miketammy16 Miketammy16 conker

    I had cortisone shots yesterday in side of foot & was sore yesterday,but, so much relief today. But can not stretch foot for 2 days, ice 20 minutes every hour for 2 day,stay off as much possible so cortisone can settle. I will not lie & say it was not painful,because it was. But if I can handle it you can,because I am a big baby. He used the numbing spray as he was doing,but,still felt the initial needle stick ( not bad) but after that nothing. Let me know how it goes!

  • oras740508 oras740508 conker

    I have had the cortisone injections on both heels and it extremely painful! The doctor told me to go about my day, but what he didn't expect was that it bruised both my feet; slightest touch made me cry! 1 wk later I go to another foot specialist (still in unbearable pain) she went more into detail on the cause of my pain. Not only the spurs but pinched nerve in one and tightened ligaments on both. Treatment for now is physical therapy 3x wkly for 3 wks, expensive running shoes, good arch supports and off my feet for a total of 3 wks. God bless!

  • joycepost joycepost conker

    I didnt ge told any recovery time just that it would be fine straight away. how wrong were they the next day it was twice as painful and I couldnt put my foot on the floor, I was so bad I didnt go out for about 3 days then it eased off a lot.

    I WOULD NOT have any more injections as the pain gets worse after 3 months when it wears off....

  • kaz29019 kaz29019 conker

    Hi I've just had cortisone injection in my ankle been 3 days still very painful and sore and swollen anyone know how long recovery is? Thanks

    • christophe77444 christophe77444 kaz29019

      I have injections in my Knee every three months and they give me a pain free life  with no pain killers. It varies each time but I know how effective it will be as they inject, the more it hurts the better it will be and the doctor says he can feel the needle going in to inflamed tissue and I say don't I know it but carry on you have hit the right spot. It is sore for a day or two but after that it is a win, win situation with it lasting up to 2 months and then the pain starts coming back so I have to resort to pain killers untill I am allowed another jab, only allowed 3 a year. Injection work's best on the Knee and vary's on other joints but they are well worth a try. They reach there most effective within a week and if they do not work for you then worth trying again as it is important to get it in just the right spot and the ankle is a much smaller joint.

  • amanda96442 amanda96442 conker

    So I have had 3 surgeries on the same foot in the last 10 months. I am very frustrated. I went back to work a few days ago than today got my 9th cortisone shot. I was told by my Dr that if I don't wear these special braces for the rest of my life I will end up on disability. The problem with the braces is that I have to put a deposit down of $300.00 for each foot. Than I he can't guarantee that it's even going to work. I am very frustrated. I work two jobs both require me to stand can't use a stool job won't allow it. I have no idea what to do at this point. Anything we try doesn't seem to work. I definitely don't have that kind of money especially since I have been out of work for 10 months for something that I should've been able to go back after 6 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions I am very frustrated at this point. Looking to get a second opionion.

  • latashanw76 latashanw76 conker

    I just had my first knee injection I really didn't feel pain until 30 mins after. I went to work right after.My Doctor sent me home with an anti immflamatory meds which don't work. My knees feel kinda funny but I think I will know if it actually worked till a few days.

    • pamela63192 pamela63192 latashanw76

      My knee injection was painful and I had two days off work. Thecdaycafter I had them done I noticed a dramatic change in my knees I could walk down stairs properly and get up without the usual agonising pain . It has lasted roughly 2 months

  • jana89782 jana89782 conker

    I am having my first injection tomorrow, at 1 will I be able to go back to work? I ask because I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks

    • christophe77444 christophe77444 jana89782

      You will be advised to rest for the rest of the day to get the best result from the injection and it only really hurts as the steroid is injected so you could work as long as you rest the foot at a desk job. I find with each injection i get better results that last longer, its 4 months since my last knee injection and its just starting to hurt again so 4 months pain relief is well worth a few minutes of sharp pain. As yours is in the foot you should be offered something to numb it so may be worth it.

  • sheila81682 sheila81682 conker

    I used several ice packs - each pack for 20 mins. This helped a lot. I was able to move around after two days. My injection was given for knee pain. The injection might affect the heel somewhat differently. I recommend checking in with your doctor -

    but ice packs surely help.

  • toni07149 toni07149 conker

    Just had the injection today in my hip and ever since i cant stop peeing even when ive been to the toilet i still pee a little uncontrollably is this normal? Also has anyone here been told they have fibromyalgia? Just been told by the same dr i show alot of sines of it but i dont quite understand it and i was to embraced to stay and ask due to wetting myself constantly after the cortisone injection

  • bill41435 bill41435 conker

    Man makes plans and god knee doc said some just learn to power through.  Have had many injections and find that relief should come fairly quick or it may not help. Couple days.. to everyone on this site I say keep the faith, it sucks getting older and those who haven't had this type of pain including doctors won't understand. Best advise is realize that you need to slow or change activities that upset and agrivate the joint.  Once arthritis sets in short of replacement you've got to take it easy on the joint.

    • jennifer32285 jennifer32285 bill41435

      Hi there, I had the injection over Chrismas did I was told and only just have a little pain but nothing I can't live with compaired to what I was going though. It is amazing. It has helped the pain all over , has ezed it so I can have a good life for now. With god's help may it last. Still learning I am not 21 any more haha and need to learn to slow down. Have a great day always.



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