Plantar fasciitis

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I 've had chronic plantar fasciitis for over a year now - treatment via physiotherapist included massage, laser, acupuncture and steroid injection at Dr's. The pain is excrutiating and not improving I think I have nearly every type in shoe insert and kinetic tape none of which have helped. I am absolutely at rock bottom with the pain and have no idea where or who to go next. Please help.

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    Hi, I've had PF for over six years.

    Like you, I'd tried everything, and nothing worked. I was in pain and miserable.

    My daughter read that it could be because you're out of alignment. I was desperate, so I made an appointment with a chiropractor and at around the same time I starting seeing an acupuncturist. It's the most relief I've had in ages. It helped SO much!

    I did the two therapies together so I can't say which one did the most good.

    Hope you get some relief soon.


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    Valerie, I am a retired physician and plantar fasciitis patient. I got plantar fasciitis around February 2016. After about four months, it completely resolved.

    Here's what I think. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone, and/or some minimal tearing of the plantar fascia - just a few fibers - that results, naturally, in inflammation . . . like a "pulled muscle." Inflammation hurts until it heals and resolves.

    ?So what's so difficult about curing P.F.? Well we walk on it!!! Let's say we take 5000 steps a day. Imagine inflammation of your elbow, (i.e. tennis elbow). Imagine taking your sore "tennis elbow" and wacking it against the wall, 5000 times a day. Think it would heal quickly? I don't either.

    So my cure for plantar fasciitis is cushion, cushion and cushion!!! That's right - cushion the heel. Here's what I did. First, I wore the plantar fasciitis "relief bridge" gel-heel innersole in my shoes - that I got at Walgreen's for about $11. Make sure your innersoles are soft and preferably made of gel. (I plan to use mine indefinitely in my shoes.) Then I wore a pair (usually) of nice thickish sox. On my heel I wore fasciitis therapy wrap padded supports that I got on the internet for about $13. (I don't wear them any more.) So when I had my PF, under my heels I had 3 cushion layers. I wore this about 24 hours a day - except when in the shower or swimming. And after about 4 months, the PF was totally gone. And I would suggest to you, have patience, not surgery.

    Valerie, that's what I think. I hope this helps you and the many other sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Good Luck to you, doknabox/JerryR

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    Hi Valerie,

    I too have PF which I try and manage by cushioning the heel with thick gel heel pads in all my shoes and walking boots. Over the last 5 years the pain has come in two forms, the first felt like a nail just in front of the heel and recently it is a swelling across the front of the heel and the instep and I could not walk for the pain. The only answer was too rest, take painkillers, rub anti- inflamatory cream into the area and I wore a orthopedic boot that my wife had when she broke her ankle. It is a boot that straps on a bit like a ski boot and transfers your weight to the calf rather than the heel. With it I was able to walk around the house pain free so worth a try.

    After a couple of weeks I am now pain free and thinking or trying to walk the dog again.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Valerie, I've had what's been described at bilateral PLANTAR FASHIOSIS, nxt stage from plantar faciitis, diagnosed with ultra sound, podiatrist said he had only ever seen such damage in endurance athletes, I'm not by the way, just worked hard all my life.

    Basically the ruptures/tears heel up causing scar tissue like nodules, thease can tear again and so on, in my case the calf muscles are extremely tight constantly also affecting the lliotibial band to hips, not everyone will be as severe, but it maybe a good idea to get ultrasound, dry needleing using anaesthetic can help to break down scar tissue wish you best with finding a level of comfort

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    Have you tried stretching? I use a slant board and a dog leash. Slide the part of the leash you would normally hold while walking the dog over the top of your foot just below the toes. I a sitting position with both legs extended, pull back on the leash and hold for a minute so the ankle and toes are pulled backward. Do 15 reps three times a day. Don't forget to use the slant board as much as possible.

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    clearly you have been at the end of your rope. and so frustrating that docs cannot help us. your story is all to familiar. i went thru the whole nine yards of treatments like you describe for several years. i struggled with injections , podiatrists, custom inserts, therapy, ice feet ... to every shoe insert i could find. i started making my own,not much luck . i also have worn out the natural fatty padding on the bottom of my feet. every step felt like i was walking on spikes barefoot.

    i did find that rest, massage and staying off my feet helped a little but all along the feet were unbalanced and horribly painful much like the bottom of my feet the bones were bruised.

    there is shock wave treatment available if there are a heel spurs. i didnt have spurs. i had fallen arches and no padding left on the bottoms with pf.

    but walkfit inserts with adjustable inserts for arch height and soft heel pad finally helped. all my shoes have them and i rarely have issues unless i walk barefoot or use shoes without the walkfit inserts. they are available on line . they are 20 bucks a lot less than custom archs made at some stores or podiatrists. that was 10 years ago and i still use them . maybe worth a try. just google walkfit arches.

    it is so miserable to have painful feet. it effects the whole body and wears you out. also mbt shoes online with springs in the heels take several lbs per step off the feet. helps my knees and hips, body alignment balance also helpd joints with osteo arthritis. the shoe takes the pressure of the joints and feet. i walked up and down and thru the grand canyon with the inserts and spring shoes with no problem. it was really nice to have a life again.

    anyway, sorry so long . thats my story and maybe it can help you too. sending foot angles to help you on your healing journey.

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    i have had PF for over two years and am now finally turning the corner into recovery. I tried everything possible. As I could not walk, I took up bike riding and I am sure this has helped. As I am riding my heel is naturally stretching down while my feet are on the peddles. So while riding I am doing the all important stretching needed to recover and at the same time not actually walking and doing more injury.

    I also noticed I received some relief when I went out and sat at a bar stool or chair with a rung which also stretched my heel downwards for a lengthy period.

    I have also started only wearing very good running shoes with the orthodics or boots with a small heal. From my experience I suggest



    firm supportive shoes

    cushion the heel

    compression sock



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    Hi, I really sympathise, with all, you good people, IT'S A HARD LIFE..... BUT AT LEAST IT'S REGULAR!

    After nearly 18 yrs, I'm finally getting, an mri,scan, ultra sound indicated damage, podiatry had only seen in extreme athletic endurance, I really hope every one on here gets more thoroughly checked out, plantar fascitis, is wrongly named as inflammation, I think in too many, cases, best of luck too all x

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